Sunday, February 12, 2012

Belgian Bishops' Feeble Response to "Call to Disobedience"

Edit: Rorate reported on this recently and included the statement from Mark de Vries,  Considering the pernicious nature of the event, we don't know why it deserves anything other than a rebuke, but here is the current response forthcoming from the Belgian Bishops.

Although these "Call to Action" types are disobedient, and after Cardinal Schonborn's eye, even he was forced to suggest the possibility of stern measures, including excommunication be used against them.

One dimension of this which is not often covered in the press is that these mostly elderly dissident pressure groups get more positive attention from the media than they deserve.  Certainly, a conservative group in Austria called, "Call to Obedience" which has around two hundred priests signing in, isn't getting much attention.

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