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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Francis Reminds Spanish Bishops About Concern for the Education of Priests

Vatican (Catholic news / CBA). Pope Francis has reminded the Spanish bishops to be concerned about the training of candidates for the priesthood. This aspect should be given "absolute precedence" by each bishop, he said Monday during a visit by Spanish diocesan heads at the Vatican. He required them to insist on a precise selection of the candidates and to ensure a good education of students and faculty. The Spanish bishops are at present on so-called ad limina visits to Rome to report on the situation in their dioceses. The Spanish Church is presented some major challenges according to the Pope. "Right now you have the hard experience of the indifference of many baptized and you have to defend yourselves against a secular culture, which wants to displace God in private life and exclude Him from the public space," said Francis. In contrast, the bishops should boldly proclaim the Gospel and find new ways thereby.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Rome's Massive Critique of the Absent Catechesis in Austria

The Rome Bulletin of the Ad Limina Visit of the Austrian Bishops
Contains a Massive Critique of their Activity,
Despite Schönborn's Portrayals. 

Episcopal Whitewash

Cardinal Schönborn is the white washer of his own failings. Just as he explains  the ad limina visit to Rome, as if the Holy Father had just held a contented little chat with the Austrian bishops.

Bulletin of Rome

The Bulletin of Rome for ad limina visit of the Austrian episcopate (VISITA "ad Limina Apostolorum" DEI PRESULI DELLA Conferenza Episcopale DELL'AUSTRIA, 01/30/2014 ) already significantly different, sounds like omission within the Church and diplomatic courtesies.
Subsequently, this is [our translation] the original text (in italics) with explanations of the underlying statements.

VISITA "ad Limina Apostolorum" DEI PRESULI DELLA Conferenza Episcopale DELL'AUSTRIA, 30/01/2014

Dear Brothers,
I am pleased that I will blessed through this intense encounter with you as part of your ad limina visit of the fruits of the Church in Austria and that I should give her something. I thank your President, Cardinal Schönborn for the courteous words that assure me that we will go the way of the proclamation of salvation in Christ together. Each of us is from Christ, the only mediator of salvation, the Church opens up its priestly work according to the senses after and thus helps to make the love of God in the world again presently.
  • Welcome and approval from the Holy Father that the Church in Austria, according to Cardinal Schönborn, still remains  united with Rome. Apparently assurance by Cardinal Schönborn was necessary to reduce doubt in the Vatican.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Gravedigger of the Church

Some demands of the German bishops, but also the reaction of Cardinal Schönborn on the occasion of the ad limina visit of the Austrian bishops, the task of the foundation as well as the meaning of the supernatural life of the Church.

Rome ad limina visit of the Austrian episcopate, 2014.[Bildschirmcopie ORF / ZIB]

The Foundation: natural law and divine law

All matters, marriage and the family and in a wider sense including ethics, belong in the area of ​​natural law and therefore also apply to non-Catholics and even the unbaptized.
Thus, the indissolubility of marriage, for example, anchored in natural law and not even a specific feature of the Catholic Church, such as Pope Pius IX. noted at the time (1864).
How much more are Catholics  who are also bound by  revelation and the Divine Law.
Also, the questions on the orderly transmission of human life at the latest by the encyclical Humanae Vitae of Pope Paul VI. (1968) definitively magisterial, so it would not have questionnaires or  still require a special debate.

The German Bishops' Demands: Theoretical Undermining the Natural Law

Therefore, when the German bishops demand, citing the result of the "questionnaires" in their dioceses, to question the attitude of the Church with regard to premarital cohabitation, birth control, remarried divorcees, and even homosexuals, not to be "unnatural", and so they replace natural law by the "explicit outreach" for mortal sins.

Cardinal Schönborn's Demand: Practical Disobedience and Creeping Protestantization

Although Cardinal Schönborn notes that for the doctrine of the Church, nothing will change. For him it's all about how to deal with "situations of failure."
But in practice the result is the same as the German bishops: They want - to put it in the words of Bishop Krenn in his opinion on Maria-Troster Declaration - an erroneous, deviation of conscience from the teachings of the Church  to grant a certain universality.
Thus,  this episcopate moves in the footsteps of the reformer Martin Luther, who put his ego and his personal opinion above doctrine and tradition.
The result was not only a schism with devastating consequences, but the reduction of the Church to a humane society without supernatural character.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

English and Welsh bishops discuss local issues with Pope Benedict :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

English and Welsh bishops discuss local issues with Pope Benedict :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Catholic Bishops are curious about the problem they face with vocations:

The British Catholic Herald also reported Bishop John Rawsthorne of Hallam as saying that "a shortage of priests would be a key issue during the visit" and expressing his wish to consult with the Pope on the matter, considering that many priests in his diocese will be retiring in the next decade.

Bishop Rawsthorne added that other issues on the agenda for the visit would be the new provision for Anglican communion, tackling the issue of legally-assisted suicide, addressing second marriages among Catholics and adjusting to the impact of immigration on the Catholic Church of England.

Perhaps they should be taking notes from this man in Belgium?

Archbishop Nichols is upbeat, however, and had a lot of positive things. Seems like there's a million more Catholics in UK than previously believed; windfall.

Churchmouse talks about the Tabeltistas [Postmodern Catholics who read the leftist and ever-erroneous Tablet] and complains that since they've had a lock on education, have muted Liverpool Catholics from having a true appreciation of the Mass, and therefore, almost no desire to have a Traditional Latin Mass. Perhaps they would want it if they knew it existed and understood some theology?