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Monday, October 16, 2017

900 Year Old Cistercian Abbey Closes in Trier

The only remaining six monks will move to another monastery of their choice.

Trier ( After almost 900 years the Cistercian abbey Himmerod is dissolved. The decision to dissolve came from the Mehrerauer Congregation to which the abbey belonged. The only remaining six monks will move to another monastery of their choice. The abbey property will be passed on to the Diocese of Trier.

The abbey was founded in 1134 by Bernard of Clairvaux. In secularization, the Abbey was abolished and rebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century and in Baroque style. The Abbey church is currently not renovated after a fire under the organ and therefore can not be used at the moment, has reported

The Heiligenkreuz Abbey - a Cistercian Abbey in the Vienna Woods - commented on their Facebook page with this message "very, very sad". The Heiligenkreuz monk continued to write: "We are thinking in prayer of the remaining confreres of Himmerod, whose convent is now being dissolved because there were simply too few new vocations. Please pray with us together for many new spiritual vocations and for a renewal of the faith in us in Europe, so that more monasteries will not have to be closed, but on the contrary, new ones can be founded and revived! May God, through such sad news, move our hearts, so that we may be more energetic and courageous in our faith and in the Church!" 

Trans: Tancred

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bishop of Trier to Withdraw Suspension of Faithful Pastor

By Christmas, the bishop should renounce the suspension.

Hamburg / Trier ( CBA) After the dismissal of a pastor in the diocese of Trier, community members sent an "ultimatum" according to a "Spiegel" report, to Bishop Stephan Ackermann. Ackermann. Before Christmas he should cancel the dismissal and stop "swinging the whip», according to the release by an initiative group. A few weeks ago parishioners who were demonstrating against what they called the "authoritarian and unjustified action from above" in front of the Bishop of Trier's palace and wrote letters of protest.

In mid-November, Ackermann dismissed the pastor in Beckingen, Saarland, Christoph Eckert, from his office. For his part, the priest filed a complaint at the Vatican. Until the local decision which is expected in a few months, Eckert may not exercise his previous office. He was provisionally transferred to another parish.

In a letter to the affected parish, Ackerman stressed that he had never previously resorted to such measures.

But only through this painful step would he given the chance for a fresh start. Eckert had his request for voluntary transfer rejected. Ackermann stressed that there had recently been "problematic developments" from a split in the parish community. Doubts had arisen whether Father Eckert had applied himself to his job and the "service of the unity of the church."

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Update: Vatican Removes Rainbow Flag from Its German Language Site

Edit: Yesterday, the Vatican German site posted a picture of two gomorrists holding a rainbow flag and kissing along with an article where the aberrosexual enabling bishop of Trier was lending his support to a same-sex lobbying group and their agenda.  The picture has been removed.  Someone at the Vatican news service must have an interest in promoting such ideas.  They should remove him or her too.

We also wish they'd remove Bishop Ackerman of Trier along with most of the bishops in the German speaking areas of Europe, but that is probably a bridge too far, or a pontiff too far.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vatican Website Proudly Waves the Rainbow Colors

Picture as it appears on Vatican website.
Homosexuality Must Not be "Cured"

Bishop of Trier, Stephan Ackermann views offers to "cure" homosexuality critically. For such initiatives, there is no official Church backing, Ackermann said on Wednesday evening in Saarbrücken. 

Recently, the newspaper "Die Zeit" had reported among other  about physicians that advertise in order to change sexual orientation, and apply it strictly in some Christian circles as an "insider tip". Ackermann addressed himself to the Lesbian and Gay Association (LSVD) a publicly  organized discussion in Saar, attended by around 100 people who took part. The two-hour meeting was the first of its kind in Germany.  On a smaller scale similar discussions have taken place with representatives of gays and lesbians, for example, in the diocese of Essen and Germany ahead of the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. which took place in 2011  in the Archdiocese of Berlin. 

Contested control in Employment Law for Church

The meeting in Saarbrücken addressed questions about the Church's handling of sexuality and the Church employment. A topic was the so-called loyalty obligations. Thus, employees in the ecclesiastical ministry, who live in a gay marriage and wish to register the partnership law, must expect a dismissal. The LSVD Saar called Ackermann for a "Saarbrücken appeal" to publicly state that "in his diocese, employees of the Catholic Church need no longer worry if they enter into a registered partnership about a termination of their employment." This should apply at least those "not identifying any professions," [If they're not officially Catholic for purposes of German law and State tax]  such as for doctors and nurses in Catholic hospitals. 

Ackermann called for understanding that the loyalty obligations for the Church as an institution are important. At the same time he acknowledged in some areas there is a  "tension", "which is not good." Currently, the bishops were in-depth discussions on how the loyalty duties were to be conceived in the future. The conversation in Saarbrücken hailed the Bishop of Trier as "honest". He wanted to be a "listening presence" and to contribute to mutual understanding on controversial issues. The organizers stressed that it would  serve to build bridges and to engage in conversation with each other. In that way, the way to dialogue [Destruction of Catholic doctrine and practice, to say nothing of lay confusion.] is still open. (kna 7/17/2014 mg) 

Dieser Text stammt von der Webseite
des Internetauftritts von Radio Vatikan 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Cardinal Brandmüller Complains of "Chaos" in the Catholic Church

Ignorance of Catholic doctrine among bishops and theologians is in the opinion of Cardinal Walter Brandmüller the main reason for the current "chaos" in the Church.

Rome ( / KNA) Ignorance of Catholic doctrine among bishops and theologians is in the opinion of Cardinal Walter Brandmüller (photo), the main reason for the current "chaos" in the Church. Given the internal Church debate on marriage and family the "unadulterated Catholic doctrine" is in danger, said the German cardinal and ecclesiastical historian of the Italian newspaper "Il Foglio" (Thursday).

Under bishops, preachers, catechists and "especially among moral theology professors", there is  often prevails an absence or lack of  clarity about the doctrine, complained Brandmüller. Adding to the resulting confusion are bishops who claim that the Catholic moral teaching is not up to date.

 Brandmüller also identified statements by Bishop Stephan Ackermann of Trier to a renewal of moral and sexual education. Ackermann might be right if he meant that believers are more motivated to live a life according to Catholic doctrine, and this needed to be better explained. He could, however, be wrong, if he wanted to have said that the Catholic doctrine no longer fits the times, says the cardinal. Ackermann told "Mainzer Allgemeine" early February declaring in an editorial interview with the that he saw the need for a change of morality and sexual ethics of the Church. It is no longer appropriate, to refuse divorced and remarried   admission to the sacraments permanently and consider premarital sex in general as a grave sin. At the same time Ackermann stressed he  is not about making fundamental changes in teaching. 

 The Augsburg Church Historian Brandmüller had been President of the Pontifical Committee of Historical Sciences from 1998 to 2009. He has belonged to the College of Cardinals since September of 2010.  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Ackermen: Throw Sexual Ethic Overboard, Tomorrow Doctrine?

(Trier) The "shocking" statements by Bishop Ackermann of Trier are currently in the ears and  bode little good for Germany's Catholic Church to expect. Whoever  today is willing readily to throw almost all of the sexual ethics of the Church over board, tomorrow will be ready to betray the whole of Catholic doctrine.  This conclusion was reached by Catholic journalist Mauro Faverzani, who reported for Corrispondenza Romana on the controversial Ackermann interview. Bishop Ackermann and in slightly different wording of Munich's Cardinal Reinhard Marx,   "wash my fur, but do not make me wet" seem to have found a new use for the saying. Given these and other omissions of bishops of the German-speaking countries, in Switzerland and Austria, things are quite similar, the question arises: Where  the Nuncios find only those bishops?


The Twisted and "Rewritten" Moral Teaching of the Church

The shocking words of Bishop Stephan Ackermann, Bishop of Trier, with the destructive effects of an overflowing   river causing suffering and pain: after they have broken through the dams of faith, they have devastated the Catholic doctrine, hurt the sensibility of the faithful and  confused everyone. All this with the usual complicity of an interview, this time by the daily newspaper "Allgemeine Zeitung".

Bishop Ackermann wants to throw Catholic sexual ethics overboard

According to a recent survey, the Catholics of the German dioceses would consider the sexual ethics of the Church as unworldly. Asked for an opinion, made Bishop Ackermann no secret of wanting to throw in the truest sense of the word, the entire rules and commandments overboard: "We need to strengthen the sense of responsibility of people, but then also respect their decision of conscience". One marvels and wonders when and where Jesus Christ may have probably taught his disciples. On the question of the admission of divorced remarried to the sacraments the bishop said: "We are here to make suggestions," just as if not to be all set since always clear and distinct.
For premarital sex Ackermann said almost apologetically: "We can not completely change the Catholic doctrine, but develop criteria by which we say: In this and this particular case it is justifiable. . It's not that there is only the ideal on the one hand and the condemnation on the other side "Obviously, playing what the Catholic Church teaches, for the German bishop not matter ... to family planning and contraception, he said:" The distinction by natural and artificial contraception is somehow artificial. I'm afraid that no one understands more. "

Appeal to a Sense of Responsibility and Respect Decisions

And as for homosexuality should the Church, according to Ackermann, appeal to the sense of responsibility of the individual: "The Christian view of man goes by the polarity of the sexes, but we can not simply say that homosexuality is unnatural."  But homosexuality should not be lived in promiscuity and gratification. Where the bishop may have only won his findings? Although the church emphasize the uniqueness of marriage between man and woman, but if a registered partnership, distinguishing by loyalty and responsibility, "then we can not ignore this responsibility," said the Bishop of Trier. After all, it is amazing, the blessing of homosexual couples as among the Protestants is  still yet  "not our solution." Truly a disconcerting bishop.
Priestly celibacy is still canonically "no dogma", but he was in favor of maintaining it. As for the future, however,  he  says he could not predict,  weakly added  the bishop immediately.

"Excessive Benevolence" for Project "Gay and Catholic"

What is certain, however, today, is the ambiguous and provocative behavior of the German Church, especially in matters of morality. On this theme,  the German Dioceses have put on the accelerator pedal and keep trying to stir up new conflicts to give rise to fault lines and tear open breaches. A sentire cum ecclesiam with the German side is no longer apparent.  Not surprisingly it's just in Germany and indeed in Frankfurt am Main in the parish of Maria Hilf there is a presently self-constituted community of homosexual believers. The whole thing runs under the motto "Gay and Catholic," but also stands open for "lesbian, bisexual, and transgender." The result was the "Project" to "reduce pain" those who had been inflicted on homosexuals by the teaching of the Church. The Church authorities are accused of a lack of understanding and only because it teaches what is the teaching of the Church as it was entrusted by tradition and written for Her  by God. The outlandish Frankfurt "experiment" was endorsed by the Emeritus  Bishop of Limburg, Franz Kamphaus. The homo-believers and the associations supporting the Catholic ground staff in Frankfurt cared not a whit to the heavy criticism that has been voiced by his successor, Bishop Franz-Peter van Elst Tebartz against the special community. [At last, some insight as to the true reason for Bishop van Elst's treatment by the "Catholic" press, as insidiously in the service of the enemy as always.]

There were Columns of Flame from Satan Coming Through "Cracks"  in the Church: Paul VI.

For the theologian Gregory Schorberger took all the more extreme, even excessive benevolence of the gay community and catholic project. In his dissertation he described it as important that homosexual believers possess a recognized place where they know they are also accepted by the local clergy. There are already efforts to set up similar special communities in other German dioceses. In 1972, Pope Paul VI. in a prophetic moment, described the cracks through which the "smoke of Satan" had entered the church. These columns show itself as large cracks and the smoke was only the first sign of that destructive activity of the infernal flames that caused these cracks.
Introduction / Translation: Corrispondenza Romana / Giuseppe Nardi
image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

Friday, February 14, 2014

Liberal Bishop Criticizes His Brother Bishops Over Ackerman's Controversial Statements

Edit: Bishop Ackerman made controversial statements contrary to Catholic teaching and a surprising number of voices have been critical of him, but others are also critics of the critics, like the Old Liberal Bishop of Magdeburg.

Magdeburg ( / CBA / red) The Magdeburg Catholic Bishop, Gerhard Feige on Thursday defended the controversial statements of Bishop Stephan Ackermann of Trier and criticized those bishops who he saw as publicly critical. "I think it is inappropriate, when bishops are manipulated by the media and turn against each other," Feige said to CBA. Several important German bishops had previously condemned Ackermann's remarks publicly.

Feige showed his solidarity with the Bishop of Trier and stressed that it was "about time to openly provide the unvarnished reality and to engage sensitively as well as to responsibly provide life-serving solutions in the spirit of Jesus Christ."

In view of the criticism leveled at Ackermann's theses, Feige said: "It does not help to always review only prohibitions or to present concerns.»

The bishops Konrad Zdarsa (Augsburg), Heinz Josef Algermissen (Fulda) and Wolfgang Ipolt (Görlitz) and the spokesman for the diocese of Eichstätt and Regensburg, apparently on behalf of their bishops, distanced themselves from the statements of the Trier bishop, to Catholic Internet newspaper "". Recently the Roman Curia Cardinal Brandmüller also leveled his criticism of the statements.

  Bishop Feige's Contact

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hasenhüttl Sees No "Serious Movement" In the Direction of Progressive Demands Under Francis

(Berlin) The suspended priest, theologian and critic Gotthold Nathan Hasenhüttl sees no "serious movement" under Pope Francis   towards progressive demands and cites as an example that Franzikus "strictly refuses women to the priesthood". Hasenhüttl said, leading to  an interview that the Saarbrücken newspaper on the occasion of his 80th birthday.
The former Professor of Systematic Theology at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Saarland  became  known when he  celebrated Mass in  support of the Ecumenical Church Council in Berlin, where he also expressly invited  Protestants and non-Catholics to the reception of the Holy Eucharist, and which he in the current interview referred to as the "most beautiful church service I have held in my life."  2004 saw his suspension from the priesthood by the Vatican, 2006, the withdrawal of permission to teach by the then Bishop of Trier, Reinhold Marx. In 2010 Hasenhüttl , who considers himself  "through and through Catholic", departed from the Roman Catholic church, since he felt "much the same as before," he told the  Saarbrücken news. He is proud that he had "frequently met students,  that I had freed from a Catholic corset."

Hasenhüttel Proud of his Theology Students From Having "Catholic Corset"

Hasenhüttl admits the new Pope is indeed "sympathetic in his way. as he approaches people" . But he misses the next "new momentum", which are the actual reforms as Pope, "you have to look exactly at what he really does. So far, there are mostly announcements. Particularly bad says Hasenhüttl , that  Francis does, is the encyclical "Lumen Fidei" signed by his predecessor, Benedict XVI.: "This is a very reactionary encyclical which repeats what the theology in the 19th Century has said. "
When asked which of the six popes who Hasenhüttl  liked the most  since his ordination in 1959, and his "views on the next" coming, he exclaims "without a doubt. John XXIII. He then yes also considered whether to lift the celibacy law",   the suspended priest claims to know. He continued: "As we all had high hopes that the 2nd Vatican Council  would be that something would happen in terms of openness and new movements. John XXIII. has opened the windows and doors of the church. But the popes have not only closed a window to others, but even bricked it in part. In this way, the reactionary forces have prevailed in the Church. "
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Rorate Caeli
Trans: Tancred


Monday, May 7, 2012

SSPX Storms Trier: Reconciliation Imminent

No Room in the Cathedral
Yesterday the Holy Robe experienced being stormed by the largest group of pilgrims.  The summit:  they were there as pilgrims and not as tourists.

(  On Sunday 2,500 Traditionalists pilgrimaged to the Holy Robe of Trier.

The Old Liberal Diocese refused them Holy Mass in Trier Basilica or in another house of worship.

For that reason the storm of pilgrims had to withdraw to the secularized St. Maximin Abbey church. [Another victim of New Springtime]

The Levites of the SSPX
In any event, the press speaker of the Diocese of Trier explained after the fact on the Diocesan website:

There "was a welcome to the pilgrims and pilgrimesses of this group."
Spouses of the Lord

Unity Doesn't mean Accommodation

The Abbey church was was completely full from the entrance doors to the transepts for the solemn levitical Liturgy.

Father Stefan Frey --- the Rector of the Society Seminary of Zaitzkofen near Regensburg -- preached for the feast.

It just so happened that he spoke about the negotiation of the Society with Rome.

It was there he assured the faithful that it did not mean that unification with the Vatican means that the battle for the Catholic Faith would be given up.

Another Drawer in the Conciliar Dresser

The piety of the faithful present was impressive.

In the sight of the struggle of the Old Liberal hardliners against the Faith, the pilgrims came to doubt in  the course of reconciliation with Rome on the pilgrimage.

Many fear that after the Society will be slowed down by an agreement with the Novus Ordo Conciliar Church and the German church-tax apparatus.

By contrast, Father Marc Gensbittel -- the Prior of Saarbrucken -- explained in a  lecture on Sunday morning that the Society will have a "reconciliation" with the Vatican, where they will have their own niche and have "freedom of opinion" in the Conciliar Church.

The Fears Remain

On the pilgrimage even academic Catholics showed themselves critical against the reconciliation.

The fear was aired that it could be accompanied with a betrayal of the faith and on the unbroken dogmatic tradition of the Church.

Too Few Places to Eat

The onslaught of the faithful was impressive -- although many Southern Germans and Bavarians were on other May Pilgrimages.

After Holy Mass there were even too few places to eat for the pilgrims in front of the Abbey church.

During lunch they were thanked privately by many of the older missionaries and priests,  who were drawn back to the time of their own priestly consecrations or encouraged again to remain true to them.

Linnk to original...

Also, from Cathcon, Liberal paper complains about SSPX taking over Trier.  Clearly, all were not welcome:

The arch-conservative SSPX makes a pilgrimage to Trier with about 2,000 followers. For critics, this does not fit the idea of ​an ecumenical pilgrimage - the SSPX among other things believe that all other religions are simply "wrong."

Saturday, May 5, 2012

This Sunday the SSPX Overwhelms the Holy City of Trier

Whoever can't begin with the middle-left pilgrimage motto "Fair sharing inistead of social division", is left behind with the Lefebvists.

( The preparations for the traditional Holy-Robe Pilgrimage to Trier is running at full speed.

The great even is being organized by the Saarbruck Priory of St. Mary of the Angels.

This comes from the website '' today.

From Three Countries

Almost twenty tour buses from Germany, France and Switzerland were ordered.

In addition there were 130 youth of the 'Catholic Youth Movement'.

They will conclude their German meeting on Saturday and Sunday in Trier and will take part in the Pilgrimage in any case.

The Church-haters Are Also Coming

The Society's German seminary in Zaitzkofen will come.

The schools in Schonenberg, Saarbrucken and Wangs in Switzerland have reported with  the largest number of participants.

For this Sunday, according to the current count, more than an additional 1,000 faithful are expected.  They are traveling by bus, train and private automobile.

Even the anti-Church media will report this great event.  The slanderous "Sudwestrundfunk' has promised to be there.

A Catholic Program

High Mass will be celebrated on Sunday at 9:30 am in the Church of the secularized Abbey of St. Maximin.

The church is being used today as sports hall for the (in name only) Catholic private school St. Maxim and for concerts.

At 12:30 the masses of Pilgrims will enter Trier Cathedral and venerate the Holy Robe.

The day of grace closes at 4pm with Vespers and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

All Welcome?

In the official program of the Old Liberal Holy Robe events there is not a word mentioned about the great Catholic Pilgrimage.

The motto over the Sunday's events reads:  "Today especially: everyone is invited and welcome!"

It remains to be seen if that's the case.

Novus Ordo Superficialities

The official pilgrimage web site informs us that the members from native language communities and from the pastoral concern of the police will set a "special accent".

The 'Catholic Employees Movement' will pilgrimage in the shadows of the pilgrimage to Trier with  a some very  pointed political propaganda "Fair share instead of social divisions".

Otherwise, the Old Liberal Diocese of Osnabruck and Munster are present.

The Dress of a Concentration Camp Survivor

Among the numerous little events there is this example:  '>>Rock Bottom<< of the dress of a Concentration Camp Survivor'.

It has been organized by the 'Catholic Youth Study Group'.

Otherwise there is the immaturely inspired event "Way of Mature Faith".

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bishop of Trier Says Indulgences Frustrate Ecumenism

Edit: The Holy Robe is a Catholic sacramental.  The local ordinary of the Imperial City of Trier doesn't mind people visiting the Robe, even on a pilgrimage, but he draws the line at indulgences.  They're too Catholic and will impede the ecumenism, he cries.

Msgr. Stefan Ackermann is hardening himself in his scandalous decision to deny the faithful an indulgence. At the same time he is digging himself in behind Protestants and Old Liberal wobbly believers.

Bischof Stephan Ackermann
© Pressedienst Bistum Trier

(, Trier)Bishop Stefan Ackermann of Trier is standing by. At the pilgrimage to the Holy Robe on the 13th of April to the 5th of May, there will be no special indulgence.

The speaker of the Diocese, Stephan Kronenburg, in a written answer to convert and Catholic bloggerette, Barbara Wenz.

The response was published on the site ''. Msgr Ackermann has "abstained" from requesting an indulgence from the Pope.

The justifications, which the Bishop makes known through Kronenburg, have a lot to offer.

The Protestants Don't have such considerations

The possibility of an indulgence was "for the efforts of an ecumenical formation of the pilgrimage, a stone of contention" -- moralized Kronenburg.

He waxed nostalgically about the 16th Century: The teachings about indulgences are a central point of division in ecumenism.

The participation of Protestants on the pilgrimage was welcomed by the press speaker as the "highest good".

This could be supposedly endangered by a supposedly "undue stress on theologically controversial and polemical" themes -- what is meant is the fundamentally Catholic teaching on indulgences.

Initially on the 21st of January -- without any concern for false ecumenism -- their homosexual preachers promoted sodomy, which cries to heaven for vengeance, in their house of prayer in Saxony.

Misunderstanding is the Criterion

Kronenburg's second "justification" is still more painful:

"It is also the case that even among Catholic faithful, the practice of indulgence and the piety associated with it is not just uncommon, but increasingly misunderstood."

Actually: The same goes for the Holy Rock, or revolves around the office of the Bishop of Trier.

The two could be disposed of with indulgences.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Strained Situation for Traditionalist Nuns in SSPX

The incorporation of the Reparative Sisters of Niedaltdorf with the SSPX is not pleasing to all the faithful. For that reason I wrote the Society on 11th August. by Johanna Holzmann
Traditional Sisters of Niedaltdorf

( Last February the Reparative Sisters of the Holy Ghost in Niedeltdorf joined themselves to the Society.

For that reason the peoples' spirits in our small area was increasingly high, while many in the Society were inclined to be skeptical.

When the esteemed and well loved Father Manfred Jöckel of the Institute of Christ the King had to take leave, enough was enough.

Withdrawal of Incorporation?

The Mother Superior of the Order was asked repeatedly about the incorporation into the Society of St. Pius X.

She finally answered somewhat resignedly that this integration had already been withdrawn by a letter to the Society.

My questions are as follows:

If the explanation of Mother Superior is correct, why can't you read it on the Internet site of the Sisters?

And why then are the Priests of the Society assigned as spiritual advisers?

The District Superior Answers

I made inquiries of the German District Superior of the Society of St. Pius X, Father Franz Schmidberger, about the status of the Sisters.

He sent to me the following answer by e-mail:

"I am pleased to answer your e-mail post of the 16th of August. It is not known to me that the Reparative Sisters have in any way withdrawn their connection with the Priestly Society.

In any event, they are under heavy pressure from Trier.

In any case, for our part, our priests have been effective as spiritual advisers."

More photos of Sisters at link to

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