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Monday, April 10, 2023

Cardinal Müller: "The Pope Can Never Decide to Bless Homosexual Pairs"

Cardinal Gerhard Müller: The Congregation for the Faith should correct Bishop Johan Bonny.

“The blessing of rainbow couples is heresy. The Belgian bishops cannot legitimize them by referring to alleged statements by the Pope. Even if he had said so, it is not within his competence to alter revelation." Cardinal Gerhard Müller, who was prefect of the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith until 2017, put the coordinates in the Church in clear terms, revealing where there are serious undesirable developments, especially in Germany, but also in Rome. He also clarified: "To attack the ancient Rite is absurd."

Nico Spuntoni of La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana conducted an interview with Cardinal Gerhard Müller on the occasion of the publication of the Italian edition of his book "The Pope. Mission and Ministry”The German edition was published in 2017.

NBQ: Your Eminence, why did you characterize the words of Pius XI, who condemned the emergence of national churches, as "truly prophetic words that retain their meaning even in today's confrontation with media-driven totalitarian claims"?

Cardinal Müller: The national church is a complete contradiction of God's will to save all mankind and to unite all people in the Holy Spirit. One cannot reduce the faith to a single nation as the Orthodox do with autocephaly. This is not a Catholic principle. We are the Catholic Church, ie universal, for all peoples.

NBQ: The thought inevitably goes to what is happening in 'your' Germany. Do you fear that the results of the German Synodal Way could infect the next synod on synodality?

Just published Italian edition of “The Pope. Mission and Ministry"

Cardinal Müller: Yes, of course. The proponents and supporters of the German synodal path do not want to separate themselves from the Catholic Church, but on the contrary, want to become its engine. Their agenda has been known for more than half a century and is still that of the Central Committee of German Catholics. They are not the true representatives of the German lay faithful, but officials who have been fighting for decades against priestly celibacy, against the indissolubility of marriage and for the ordination of women.

NBQ: These proposals were presented during the synodal meetings as a solution to the problem of child abuse by clerics. Didn't the admission of guilt and resignation over their failure on this issue by German bishops who were key players in this path undermine the credibility of this narrative?

Cardinal Mueller: The truth is that in Germany these sad events committed by some priests have been used to a large extent to push through an agenda that existed before and which has nothing to do with this tragedy. On the other hand, the mainstream media in Germany do nothing but praise the changes in teaching promoted by the Synodal Path. For them, only the Frankfurt congregation is good in the church, while everything else is slandered, using labels like conservative or even fascist! The majority of the German press is for the Synodal Way, not to improve the Church but to destroy it. It is no coincidence that they have cases of pedophilia, committed by priests while remaining silent on those committed in sport, in universities or in politics [Or among other denominations and religions, like Judaism], where the percentage of crimes is even higher. Those who have always opposed priestly celibacy and the Church's sexual morality have now found in the tragedy of child abuse by priests an instrument to destroy what they have always wanted to destroy.

NBQ: Regarding the German Synodal Way, did you hear the intervention of the Bishop of Antwerp Monsignor Johan Bonny, who supported the blessing of homosexual couples by propagating the scheme brought to Rome by the Belgian Bishops' Conference? Allegedly, the Roman authorities told the Belgian bishops that it was their decision and even the Pope told them: "It's your decision, I can understand that".

Cardinal Mueller: Anyone who represents heterodox positions today tries to legitimize themselves by referring to alleged statements or interviews by Francis. But in doing so, they exceed their competence. There have been many heretical bishops throughout history. This pro-rainbow blessing scheme is clear heresy. To legitimize it, they cannot cite a moment when the Pope said something to them. Even if the Pope actually said so, they can never institute the blessing of same-sex couples as if it were marriage. That's absolutely impossible. It is not within the competence of a pope to change revelation and the basis of Christian and Catholic morality. And certainly, neither can bishops' conference do this.

NBQ: Do you think that the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith should intervene to reprimand the Bishop of Antwerp?

Cardinal Müller: Yes, it must intervene.

NBQ: If you were still Prefect, would you have intervened?

Cardinal Müller: Maybe that's why they no longer wanted me as Prefect because I would have intervened (laughs, editor's note). That is the task of the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. You can't just argue with political or diplomatic logic. The time has come to confess the truth.

NBQ: In your book, you write about the Second Vatican Council that "there can only be a hermeneutic of reform and continuity". A few days ago, to justify the restrictions against the so-called Tridentine Mass, Cardinal Arthur Roche said that "the theology of the Church has changed". How do you judge these words?

Cardinal Mueller: As a theologian, I am not happy about this statement by Cardinal Roche. The belief is always the same. We cannot change beliefs. Theology evolves, but always on the basis of the same faith. The Second Vatican Council did not change belief in the Sacrament of the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the sacramental representation of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the real presence of Jesus Christ. Only the liturgical forms have developed from this good idea of the active participation of all believers. The external form of the liturgy has evolved, but there are no substantive changes. I think to express oneself, one should do so with a deep understanding of the theology of the development of the Mass and the liturgy. The great councils on the Eucharist - the Council of Trent and the Second Vatican Council - teach that there has never been a single rite in the Catholic Church.

NBQ: So you see no threat to the unity of the Church in the so-called Tridentine Mass?

Cardinal Müller: No, not as such. There are some who say that this is the only orthodox form and that the form developed after Vatican II is invalid. These are extremists. But one should not react by wanting to hit a few extremists in an extremist way and punishing the great majority of these communities who love the Church, the Pope, and the teachings of the Second Vatican Council. There are extremists on both sides: on the one hand, there are those who say that orthodoxy depends only on the Rite. So the Greek Catholics don't have a true Mass? That is absurd. These public statements are made without deep thought.

NBQ: Would you advise the Holy Father to withdraw the restrictions in the Rescriptum ex audientia signed by Cardinal Roche?

Cardinal Müller: It would be better to follow the line of Benedict XVI. to hold, the greatest connoisseur of the liturgy and also the greatest theologian. The supreme authority of the Church must always seek reconciliation. It takes a dialectic to find a path to peace. In Christ, the Church is the symbol of the unity of mankind. And I'll add something else.

NBQ: Please...

Cardinal Müller: These communities, linked to the so-called Latin Mass, suffer from the prejudice that they are enemies of the Second Vatican Council. But there are bishops in Germany who openly deny Vatican II! They question it or say it's just a stage in the past. They do not accept the teaching of the Council.
What is Rome's reaction to this? Why is there a reaction against one side with all authority, while against the other side - which promotes the blessing of homosexual couples, for example - there is practically no reaction?

NBQ: In 2022 the long-awaited reform of the Roman Curia saw the light of day, decided in the General Congregations before the Conclave in 2013. In your book, you write that "waiting for a plan from experts in politics, finance and economics to reform them misses the mark". So you don't agree with the innovation of Praedicate Evangelium that lay people can also become dicastery leaders.

Cardinal Müller: If you look at the dicastery as a kind of civil institution of the Vatican, the layman can also be a minister. But the Roman Curia is different from the Vatican City State. It is a Church institution. The congregations are now called 'dicasteries' to avoid an ecclesiological term. I am against the secularization of the Roman Curia. The head of the communication department can be a competent layman. But a clear distinction must be made between the institutions of Vatican City, which is a state and which the Church cannot govern. The Vatican has nothing to do with the Church.

NBQ: In plain language: a layman can be governor of Vatican City State but not direct the former Holy Office?

Cardinal Müller: Exactly. The basis of the Roman Curia is the College of Cardinals. There is a Roman Curia that serves the Pope in his ministry to the universal Church. I think those who designed these innovations didn't think about all of this. We've looked at the financial scandals, but haven't thought enough about what the Roman Curia really is on a theological level. Vatican II speaks of the Roman Curia, but as an ecclesiological body: what touches the Church is the business of our congregations and of the Pope as Pope, not as head of state.

Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
Image : NBQ

Trans: Tancred


Sunday, September 28, 2014

German Bishops Want a "Pastoral Aggiornamento" at the Bishops' Synod

Cardinal Marx at Discussion Forum in Magdeburg
(Rome) In a few days in Rome, the Synod of Bishops on the Family will begin. The unofficial theme is, according to the specifications of Cardinal Walter Kasper: "Communion for remarried divorcees". On which side the great majority of the German bishops are,  is already clear. The Rhenish alliance stands behind Cardinal Kasper and whose  bishops it wants to take things in their own hands at the Synod of Bishops.  The President of the German Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Reinhard Marx of Cardinal of Munich and Freising said that quite frankly at the "Discussion Forum" in Magdeburg two weeks ago.
Cardinal Marx  has experienced a boost in his career under Pope Francis. He has been DBK President for a few months, and starting in 2015  he will be Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community  (COMECE) and belongs, since April 2013, as  the representative of Europe to the C-9 Cardinal Advisory, which advises the pope on the management of the universal Church and the reform of the Curia. Also, the Pope also made him the coordinator of the new Economic Council of the Vatican.

German Bishops Want "Pastoral Aggiornamento"

Cardinal Marx belongs with the German church, as a weighty spokesmen for a "pastoral aggiornamento"  in order to bring justice within the family which have been in "situations unknown until a few years ago". The allusion refers to the Synod of Bishops on the Family, held under Pope John Paul II. in 1980 and was reflected in the Apostolic Exhortation Familiaris Consortio. It will  say that the majority of the German episcopate is of the opinion that Familiaris Consortio  is no longer on  "timely" because of how quickly and radically people  change  behavior.
This  Marx was told also by his German brothers of Cardinal rank, Gerhard Müller, Cardinal, Prefect of the Congregation, very directly and candidly. The meeting was "cordial" held in a  "benign" atmosphere. Head of the delegation, said Marx modestly,   was not he, but Bishop Franz-Josef Bode of Osnabrück.
Cardinal Müller  is considered, due to his position, as well as his German origin, as the main opponent of Cardinal Kasper's theses. Müller points out that the "mercy is  the completion of justice" and that therefore it could never be used to to remove the Ten Commandments or weaken the meaning and scope of the sacraments or even to override them. Otherwise there  would be a "serious manipulation of true charity." A hard accusation by the CDF Prefect of Kasper and Marx in the meeting without Müller calling them by name.

The Attempt, to Put Reigns Action on the Synod Itself

Marx announced in Magdeburg, however, that he personally, as soon as the Synod will have begun, as President of the German Bishops' Conference  has an already revised document he will present that will explain the position of the German bishops at the Synod. In any case the majority. The minority will probably have no voice at the Synod. Those German bishops who support the position of Kasper, Marx and his predecessor, Zollitsch, all are notable signatories of the document, so says the DBK-chairman. The ranks of the German bishops will be pretty close.
Marx left no doubt in Magdeburg that the document that was presented the front line of   the cardinal consistory by Cardinal Kasper in February. The announced document seems to be another part of a deliberate and planned strategy to  take control, one that harks back to the year 2013. In calculations perhaps up to the conclave. The detailed document prepared by Kasper and Marx seems to want to steer the discussion of the Synod of Bishops in a certain direction.
Excited about the prospects, are progressive organizations like "We Are Church". The President Martha Heizer who was excommunicated with her husband for arbitrary imitation of  Holy Mass, said: "Just a quick, compelling and anthropocentric reform" could help in its resultant sexual morality, could contribute to the  shortening of the distance between the traditional teaching of the Church and the reality of the lives of the Catholic faithful.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Diocese of Magdeburg (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nuncio Intervenes Against Mass-Farce in the Archdiocese of Vienna

(Vienna) Because the competent Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schönborn does not provide for order in his diocese, the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Peter Stephan Zurbriggen has intervened. The reason is a  Mass scandal in the Archdiocese of Vienna. In Lower Austrian Kottingbrunn, a liturgical  farce was posted on Sunday, June 2, 2013 which simulated  holy Mass.
With the consent of the absent pastor Walter Reichel,  a man and a woman simulated Holy Mass in liturgical vestments. The woman said even the Eucharistic Prayer. For one of the  faithful it was too colorful at  least at this point. He protested loudly in the church against the scandal and left the farce mass.  However, his outburst at the affair was of no avail. Archbishop Cardinal Schönborn acted as "ostrich" (Ariel Levi di Gualdo, see separate report Church is not Groaning Under Too Much but Too Little Authority - The Case of Martha Heizer, will be translated shortly.) and has remained inactive. Finally, the apostolic nunio has now intervened in Austria, Archbishop Zurbriggen has demanded that Cardinal Schönborn   take the necessary measures to stop the outrageous spectacle.
As it turned out, it is located in the almost 40 kilometers from Vienna Kottingbrunn where it is “customary" that laymen recite the Gospel and preach. The Mass scandal is justified alternately by the "shortage of priests" and the “appreciation of the laity."

Pastor Belongs to the “Disobedient" Priests

Pastor Walter Reichel is one of the signatories of the "Call to Disobedience" the priest rebels of the former Vienna Vicar General Helmut Schüller. Reichel was appointed in 1982 by Cardinal Franz König as pastor of Kottingbrunn, and who takes his rebellion seriously. In any “liturgy" he prays for an intercession of  "church reform.”  As to what that means, you may ask the Pastor’s Initiative.
After the excommunication of Martha Heizer, the chairman of the radically progressive club "We are the Church," with her ​​husband at home in the living room (Diocese of Innsbruck) celebrated a farce mass, so another scandal mass was made performed in Kottingbrunn. It is a signal that the bishops of Austria have lost partial control over their priests, and their visitation requirement is not yet fulfilled. When the Nuncio Archbishop demanded an explanation of Schönborn for the scandalous incident, he also had to admit that what had taken place  in Kottingbrunn  was an "unauthorized and misleading liturgy of the Word," although he found it difficult himself in the naming of the scandal. So wrote the cardinal, in which "worship” was spoken  in a "very misleading way, a kind of canon."

After the Heizer Case and Kottingbrunn: How Many Evils are There Diocese?

The simulation of a mass entails an automatic excommunication according to how case Heizer was revealed.
Above all,  to be cheated out of the graces of the Holy Mass and receiving Communion, because it is only a simulation, which is completely worthless in the substance, a farce mass for the faithful.
Pastor Reichel was finally quoted at the insistence of the Nuncio by Cardinal Schönborn in Vienna. As usual for Progressives he reveals nothing. It minimizes and insists that there had been a "Liturgy of the Word with Communion Celebration…  There were unequivocally  no spoken words of consecration,”  said  daily newspaper Die Presse, citing him .

Fraud with Mass Simulation - Failure of the Bishops

The fact that the liturgy of the word or “worship services” are a scam, is suppressed by the bishops.  It awakens  the impression equivalence in the minds of the faithful with a Holy Mass. This starts with the choice of words. In some parishes nothing  more than  “worship" is mentioned, so any difference between the Eucharist and Liturgy of the Word is equivocated. Outright fraud prevails when Mass offerings in memory of the deceased during “liturgies of the word" or “services" are accepted, as is detectable in the parishes as  practiced. The various stages of the simulation result in the pretense of grace flowing and cause confusion among the faithful. That in the case of Kottingbrunn the apostolic nuncio had to intervene to ensure that something is stirred which casts a revealing light on the state of the Austrian episcopate.
Text: Giuseppe Neared
image: Kottingbrunn
Trans: Tancred

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pope Francis Excommunicates President of 'We Are Church'

Martha Heizer has been simulating masses regularly together with her husband. Now Rome has cracked down and excommunicated both - Faculty of Theology Innsbruck: Heizer is expected, due to a lack of studies to renounce her self-designation as "theologian"

Rome ( Pope Francis has excommunicated the President of the anti-Roman platform "We are Church," Martha Heizer (67), and her husband, Gert. This was reported by the "Tiroler Tageszeitung" on Thursday. Because the two Tyroleans regularly simulated Eucharistic celebrations, which is a serious offense ("delictum gravius") so were faced with excommunication, ie, they are excluded from the Church's sacraments. Bishop Scheuer wanted yesterday evening to deliver Rome's decree, but this was rejected by both. The President of the platform "We are Church" and those who helped launch the Church referendum were "shocked by the intervention" of Rome.

Already in 2011 Jozef Neviadomski, Dean of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Innsbruck and professor of dogmatics, pointed out that Frau Dr. Heizer is "presented in public media, 'as a theologian'". Such qualification confers on it "the aura of expertise, which she still - at least in an academic context - has never earned". Neviadomski pointed out that Heizer has "neither theology nor religious education studies," but she was been employed "for many years as an assistant in the area of ​​religious education at the Theological Faculty of Innsbruck" as a PhD educator. The Dean stated: "Your teaching has been considered quite valuable to the Faculty but was characterized by systematic usurpation of competences in things theology, a process that was not legitimized by an appropriate effort in study. The fact is that parts of the faculty had advised for years before the rejection of the self-classification as a theologian, that this had the potential for conflict, even as the affected person was its origin."

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Trans: Tancred
Edit: But they're also sending a visitor to the Sister of the Immaculate, according to Rorate.
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Will the Heretic Hans Küng Euthanize Himself?

In an interview with Swiss Television, Küng said he was
ashamed to belong to the Catholic Church [Screen Shot SGR SSR]

Model Heretic

Originally from Switzerland, the shoe salesman's son, assigned as an ostensibly Catholic theologian, had his permission to teach withdrawn, because of continuing to spread of heresy in 1980, by Pope John Paul II, whose canonization progresses in the Church.

In an interview with a Swiss radio station on the 20th of December 1979, Küng was completely surprised "of such an action," which puts him in the vicinity of “heretics” (said the interviewer).

Küng is considered to be the mouthpiece of the modernists who seek the protestantization of the Church.

At the same time, the examples of his person shows how far the “Catholic” university has removed from the theology of Catholicism and the (Catholic) Church.

Inferior Opponent to Cardinal Ratzinger

Küng has been hyped by the Left to be the contra-part of Cardinal Ratzinger. Küng, who was transferred early and without teaching certificate at the known Left University in Tubingen as professor of fundamental theology, had already after 1960 made his demand for the abolition of celibacy, who called ecumenism, the destruction of Catholic teaching content, the killing of children in the womb and the ordination of women and promoting the lay chalice.

Demands, which ever since then have been repeated like a neoprotestanten mantra.

Surprisingly, Küng did not transform to the Protestantism of Luther’s fiery anti-Semitism, who has so long ago fulfilled all of  his demands.

When Cardinal Ratzinger was elected Pope, Küng had, according to his staff "became ashen, is supposed to have had beaten over the head with his hands." No later than the election of Pope Benedict XVI., he spoke an opinion on the work of Kung.

Visual impairment and Parkinson’s

According to his own report, Küng is suffering from Parkinsons, and could barely write or even read any more due to an eye injury.

Although he was not suicidal, he was “lived long”.

Since now his imagined volume of his memoirs is thus also the last, he would be retiring from public life.

Even Abortion as Publicity Stunt

To enable the advertisement of this last work of the die hard theologian, Küng has addressed himself to suicide attackers (for his own behalf).

What is "a scholar who can not read and write," asks Küng of himself.

The suicide pills of Swiss euthanasia institutions have particularly impressed him. Perhaps he will even be the protagonist of a "self-abortion camp" inspired by a U.S. TV station - with live broadcast of course.

Shallow Grave in Tübingen

Küng has already even picked the shallow grave.

At one time the Church buried the bodies of suicides and representatives of the "dishonorable professions” (like executioners) just outside the church cemetery, for good reason.

SSPX as a Last Resort Before the Descent into Hell

If God deems to treat kindly with Küng, He might send him a priest of the SSPX for confession. As a last attempt to return him from his God forsaken way.

Link to Trans: Tancred


Monday, August 26, 2013

Who Had Altered Parts of the Holy Father’s CELAM Speech? -- Lifting Celibacy, Women’s Ordination, Enneagram …

(Rome / Rio de Janeiro) Pope Francis maintains a spontaneous manner in sermons and speeches. He makes additional thoughts and makes addendums in the prepared written statements, formulated by individual pages or from half or whole sentences. Of course it is the spoken word that is mostly transmitted by the media live to the world. The simultaneous translators have a lot of work. They receive, as well as with previous popes, the written version, which only has a provisional character. The translator must listen carefully, so as not to hear the spontaneous additions and changes of the reigning Pontiff. As for the translation, the one or other mishaps happen. has reported it. The final written texts are usually established in some major languages ​​later by the translation department of the Vatican, which correspond to the spoken word of the Pope.

It was not the case in the context of the Pope's address before the Coordinating Committee of the Bishops' Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean (CELAM). The meeting took place on the 28th of July in the study center of Sumaré in Rio de Janeiro. reported earlier with the article, Not Gnostic, not Pelagian, but Protestant - dangers that threaten the Church from within: CELAM speech of Pope Francis. The speech of the Pope is considered the most significant programmatically, which he held in his Brazil trips, even if other events had greater media interest. The speech has now been published by the Vatican in different languages ​​( see here ).

It is striking that the provisional version of the CELAM speech was published as a final version. The spontaneous additions by Pope Francis were missing, including some that are not of minor importance. In Chapter 4, "Some temptations against the order as a disciple and missionary," Pope Francis discussed the danger of “Gnostic" ideology. In the official version of the speech it reads:

c) The Gnostic solution. Closely linked to the previous temptation, it is ordinarily found in elite groups offering a higher spirituality, generally disembodied, which ends up in a preoccupation with certain pastoral “quaestiones disputatae”. It was the first deviation in the early community and it reappears throughout the Church’s history in ever new and revised versions. Generally its adherents are known as “enlightened Catholics” (since they are in fact rooted in the culture of the Enlightenment).

In his speech, however, the Pope went beyond the written version of this and called some concrete examples of what he means by a new Gnosticism. To the Latin American Bishops Francis said that he meant those who enthusiastically congratulated him after the election, then immediately addressed demands on him:

"So that the priests are allowed to marry, that nuns are ordained priests, and that the remarried divorcees are to be admitted to Communion,"
is the only way the Church is to become "modern" and it is high time. On the video recording of the speech, hearty laughter of the Bishops is heard after the second demand.

The three topics specifically mentioned by the Pope belong to the central list of demands by progressive church groups, especially marginalized schismatic groups and impact how we are Church or the pastor initiatives. The rejection of these claims by the Pope are of considerable importance for the current debate in the Church. Therefore, the misappropriation of this passage in the official version of the speech was surprising. It was all the more surprising because at least on one point Pope Francis clearly rejected the ordination of women, even in the improvised press conference on the return flight to Rome.

In the same way the papal criticism was leveled against the fraudulent Enneagram method. As a danger to the Church from within, Pope Francis also named "psychological reductionism" and as a concrete example of the negative Enneagram method as a darkening of Christian spirituality. The Enneagram method was invented at the beginning of the 20th Century by Russian mystics Georges Gurdjieff (">see Enneagram instead of cross - Esoteric and occult lead Catholic religious orders astray ).

It is due to ACI Prensa that the video recording of the Pope's speech has since been published in full on the Internet.

Thus, questions remain: Who is responsible for the omission of the spontaneous speech by Pope Francis? Why were they altered? How to interpret the omission?

 Text: Giuseppi Nardi Trans: Tancred

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Patheos Blogger Gushes Enthusiastically for Call to Action Import

SPLC Blogger Priest
Edit: What hath Patheos to do with Jerusalem? It's pretty clear to a lot of people out there by now that the Neocatholic crowd, which strikes a conservative front, is deep down, truly hostile to Catholicism and loves to attack personalities while it promotes personalities and anti-Catholic agendas like the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Indeed, this penchant isn't the sole province of Patheos bloggers, but other long-standing termites at work on the Barque of Peter. In light of Catholic Answers' recent attack on "traditionalism", Patheteos Blogger attacks from "Father" Longenecker and here, among others, it is interesting to note what a former Buddhist and exponent of centering prayer has to say about dissidents and their deviant doctrines, which are usually sidestepped or minimized by other Neocatholic bloggers on Patheos and elsewhere. Let us point out, also, as the author does, that the Austrian dissident priest, Helmut Schüller, is in good standing with the Catholic Church while others, like the Society of St. Pius X, are not.    It's a good thing that Patheos bloggers, even if they aren't particularly orthodox, are also, at least, in good standing with the Church!

Thus we address the recent story about the dissident Pastor's Initiative which is headed by a renegade Austrian priest, Father Helmut Schüller, on a Patheos Blog called On the Way [Or "In the Way"?] by Phil Fox Rose. Fox begins by blandly describing the activities and background of the Pastor's Initiative, which is Austria's Call to Action crowd, some of its reasons for being, and even explained that he himself had attended one of these anti-Church conferences. While he goes to great lengths to describe and enthuse about, Schüller's work, particularly his attacks against the authority of the Church, promotion of aberrosexualism and defiance of Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna, he makes his own allegiances much more clear when he later expresses his disappointment at the fact that most of those in attendance are over 60. He laments that Schüller is restricted to speaking at Protestant churches and believes this is a message Catholics need to hear. You will remember that Cardinal Sean of Boston doesn't even want this Austrian carpetbagger around.

Fox enthuses about Cardinal Schönborn's inaction:

Some of this, perhaps, is possible because of Cardinal Schönborn’s open-mindedness – it’s hard to imagine the same being tolerated in most American dioceses. In fact, because it’s been made clear his message is unwelcome and several local bishops have forbidden him to appear on church property, all the venues for Schüller’s American tour are Protestant churches or secular buildings except one, Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, which is hosting him in active defiance of Archbishop Chaput. As Schüller said on Tuesday at Judson Memorial Church in Manhattan, this is not a problem for him, but it is a problem for American Catholics. It is not a prohibition of him to speak — he can speak anywhere. It’s really an attempt to prohibit the Catholic laity from listening to his message.

He later expresses his pleasure in the comments to a dissident nun, that there are young people participating in this We Are Church disobedience.

Sr. Christine, I'm delighted to hear about the involvement of young adult Catholics. I was reacting to what I saw at the New York event as well as Fr. Schuller's own remarks on the subject, but it is encouraging to hear that there is a serious young adult component nationally. On the Eucharist without a priest present, I did understand that Fr. Schuller meant using bread previously consecrated by a priest. I intended the term "Eucharist" to refer to the consecrated host, not to the mass, and called it "communion services" elsewhere in the piece. I've changed the wording in that one case to avoid confusion. Thanks for pointing it out. I appreciate your comments. Peace, Phil

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gary Wills Denies Infallible Dogma on Colbert

Edit: Gary Wills might be a Unitarian posing as a Catholic to sell books, but his claims are as absurd as are his claims to categorically absurd. He denies several points of Catholic Dogma during the interview: inerrancy of scripture, the priesthood, and very notably, the dogma of transubstantiation. He even speciously accuses St. Augustine of not believing in it, which is manifestly false.

 A patheos blogger does some groundwork below the video:

I’ve never read any of Wills’ works, but I’ve read enough of St. Augustine to know that his assertion rings hollow. A quick search on the interwebs reveals a treasure trove of quotes from Augustine’s oeuvre to make Joe Six-Pack pretty comfortable in deciding that I’ll stick with Augustine (and Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Cyril of Jerusalem, etc.) and ignore the self-deceiving sophistry of Wills. Take a gander at the Augustine citations found on Early Christians on the Holy Eucharist, from the Apologetics Toolkit hosted by a website out of Columbia University. Here is the thought that Wills centered his comments around Augustine upon, assuming the rest of us are ignorant of the breadth of commentary on the subject written by the Doctor of Grace, St. Augustine, Explanations on the Psalms, A.D. 392-418, [98, 9]:

`Unless he shall have eaten My flesh he shall not have eternal life. [John 6:54-55]‘ [Some] understood this foolishly, and thought of it carnally, and supposed that the Lord was going to cut off some parts of His Body to give them … But He instructed them, and said to them: `It is the spirit that gives life; but the flesh profits nothing: the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life’ [John 6:64]. Understand spiritually what I said. You are not to eat this Body which you see, nor to drink that Blood which which will be poured out by those who will crucify Me. I have commended to you a certain Sacrament; spiritually understood, it will give you life. And even if it is necessary that this be celebrated visibly, it must still be understood invisibly.

Monday, May 21, 2012

CDF Favorite Calls Dissidents "Parasites"

Edit: where a Cardinal Bernadin or a Cardinal Schonborn have given an ear, advice and credibility to these groups, other Bishops are more critical.

Regensburg Bishop Müller has leveled serious criticisms against "We Are Church" groups:  "It can not be that people who bring nothing into being themselves, attach themselves to large events and become parasitic forms of existence.

Mannheim ( The Bishop of Regensburg Gerhard Ludwig Müller leveled sharp criticisms against various anti-Rman "We Are Church" groups.  These groups bring nothing into being and attach themselves to large events.  They are a "parasitic form of existence".  "It can not be that people, who bring nothing into being themselves, attach themselves to large events and become parasitic forms of existence,"  explained Müller.  The Church may not be a "social form" but must become "evangelical form".  Pressure should also not be exerted by decibel levels or applause.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Old Game: Rome Lets Itself be Extorted by the Left

Editor: the talk of schism continues.

The Mainz Cardinal may continue his subversive activities.  by Katharina Faßschröder.

Karl Kardinal Lehmann von Mainz
Karl Kardinal Lehmann von Mainz
© Pressestelle Bistum Mainz MBN

 ( The President of the German Bishops Conference, Archbishop Robert  Zolitsch of Freiburg, supports the proposals of the Theologian Pamphlets.

He told this to the Old Liberal Theolgoians of the University of Freiburg at a meeting of the theological faculty.

The double-strategy of the Old Liberal German Bishops is public.

Rome has advised distancing to the proposals of the Pamphlet.

Back around the opposite strategy has been pursued: One is using the announced dialog process, in order to warm up the decadent Pamphlet and to interpose it as a German special right.

Msgr Zollitsch is a strawman in this play.

His Grey Immanence

The Grey Imminence is Cardinal Karl Lehman from Mainz.

He is the hub of the conspiratorial shadow hierarchy.

The Old Liberal song and dance in the Church is ideologically exercised in the church paper of the Diocese of Mainz, 'Glauben und Leben'.

In the past there have been a series of articles "Break-up in the Promised Land". In this manner of play the Old Liberal breakaway theologians can disseminate their ideas from yesterday.

The names of the authors reads like a "who is who" of ecclesiastical decline:

- the Frankfurt religion pedagogue and pamphleteer, Bernd Trocholepscy (59).

- the former school director Dr. Willi Belz and honorary President of the Hessian supplier firm for abortion business "Donum vitae"

- the Offenbacher Pastor Kurt Sogns, who is a member of the anti-Church society, "Wir Sind Kirche" [we are church] and has approved homo-Masses for the Frankfurt hmosexual community.

- the former teacher Angelika Fromm (60), the founding member of the anti-Church society, "Wir Sind Kirche' and 'ACtion lila Stola' and one who promotes the counter-Evangelical priestly marriage and women priests.

- the rabid Mainzer, Fromm, "feels herself called by God, as one who will part the sea of fear and traditionalism of the Church to lead people to the promised land" -- or to another harbor.

In the Mainz church paper Frau From is described as a "formed deaconess without ordination".

The Deaconess as a Fire Axe

Already in 2001 Pope John Paul II informed the Bishops to stop the educational course for the preparation of women to the diaconate.

The memo was signed by then Cardinal Josef Ratzinger.

Actually in the Diocese of Mainz Cardinal Lehmann took a hostile posture.

He allowed the self-described "Deaconesses" to write in the media and supported them in the meantime, Lila-Stola-Ideologues in their efforts.

In September 2010 the Cardinal explained that the question of the Diaconate for women must proceed with "courage and openness", before one could discuss the ordination of married men to the priesthood.

In the spring he lanced, however, a willful CDU-Politician's open discussion about the abolition of celibacy.

To support a non-existing Diaconate for women is something that belongs to Bishop Franz-Josef Bodie von Osnabrück and Archbishop Robert Zollitsch von Freiburg.

Even the Carnival Society was Active

The strategy of the Old Liberal Mainz networker appears to have been endanged by the possible resignation by reason of age of Cardinal Lehmann.

The Cardinal made it known many times in the regional media that he would happily go on.

At the same time the media polished its coverage of his episcopal achievements, for the public eye.

The unpastoral Cardinal -- who rarely took time to care for his Diocese -- was presented inaccurately as a beloved popular Senior Pastor.

He worked for thirty years as a "People's Bishop" for his flock and has for this reason, irreplaceable, said the mysterious media bosses.

The Mainz Ordinariat organized even petitions for his retainder and sent the petition to Rome.

For this purpose, the Mainz Ordinariat even mobilized a Carnival Society and the Mainzer Fußballverein 05.

Even the market ladies in the Cathedral Square went around with the petition.

the stooge successor of Cardinal Lehmann in the German Bishops Conference has pointed to large sums of money which the Official Church transfers to Rome.

Rome has allowed itself to be extorted.

The Cardinal may now paper mache himself a separate church..

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