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Sunday, September 28, 2014

German Bishops Want a "Pastoral Aggiornamento" at the Bishops' Synod

Cardinal Marx at Discussion Forum in Magdeburg
(Rome) In a few days in Rome, the Synod of Bishops on the Family will begin. The unofficial theme is, according to the specifications of Cardinal Walter Kasper: "Communion for remarried divorcees". On which side the great majority of the German bishops are,  is already clear. The Rhenish alliance stands behind Cardinal Kasper and whose  bishops it wants to take things in their own hands at the Synod of Bishops.  The President of the German Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Reinhard Marx of Cardinal of Munich and Freising said that quite frankly at the "Discussion Forum" in Magdeburg two weeks ago.
Cardinal Marx  has experienced a boost in his career under Pope Francis. He has been DBK President for a few months, and starting in 2015  he will be Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community  (COMECE) and belongs, since April 2013, as  the representative of Europe to the C-9 Cardinal Advisory, which advises the pope on the management of the universal Church and the reform of the Curia. Also, the Pope also made him the coordinator of the new Economic Council of the Vatican.

German Bishops Want "Pastoral Aggiornamento"

Cardinal Marx belongs with the German church, as a weighty spokesmen for a "pastoral aggiornamento"  in order to bring justice within the family which have been in "situations unknown until a few years ago". The allusion refers to the Synod of Bishops on the Family, held under Pope John Paul II. in 1980 and was reflected in the Apostolic Exhortation Familiaris Consortio. It will  say that the majority of the German episcopate is of the opinion that Familiaris Consortio  is no longer on  "timely" because of how quickly and radically people  change  behavior.
This  Marx was told also by his German brothers of Cardinal rank, Gerhard Müller, Cardinal, Prefect of the Congregation, very directly and candidly. The meeting was "cordial" held in a  "benign" atmosphere. Head of the delegation, said Marx modestly,   was not he, but Bishop Franz-Josef Bode of Osnabrück.
Cardinal Müller  is considered, due to his position, as well as his German origin, as the main opponent of Cardinal Kasper's theses. Müller points out that the "mercy is  the completion of justice" and that therefore it could never be used to to remove the Ten Commandments or weaken the meaning and scope of the sacraments or even to override them. Otherwise there  would be a "serious manipulation of true charity." A hard accusation by the CDF Prefect of Kasper and Marx in the meeting without Müller calling them by name.

The Attempt, to Put Reigns Action on the Synod Itself

Marx announced in Magdeburg, however, that he personally, as soon as the Synod will have begun, as President of the German Bishops' Conference  has an already revised document he will present that will explain the position of the German bishops at the Synod. In any case the majority. The minority will probably have no voice at the Synod. Those German bishops who support the position of Kasper, Marx and his predecessor, Zollitsch, all are notable signatories of the document, so says the DBK-chairman. The ranks of the German bishops will be pretty close.
Marx left no doubt in Magdeburg that the document that was presented the front line of   the cardinal consistory by Cardinal Kasper in February. The announced document seems to be another part of a deliberate and planned strategy to  take control, one that harks back to the year 2013. In calculations perhaps up to the conclave. The detailed document prepared by Kasper and Marx seems to want to steer the discussion of the Synod of Bishops in a certain direction.
Excited about the prospects, are progressive organizations like "We Are Church". The President Martha Heizer who was excommunicated with her husband for arbitrary imitation of  Holy Mass, said: "Just a quick, compelling and anthropocentric reform" could help in its resultant sexual morality, could contribute to the  shortening of the distance between the traditional teaching of the Church and the reality of the lives of the Catholic faithful.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Diocese of Magdeburg (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nuncio Intervenes Against Mass-Farce in the Archdiocese of Vienna

(Vienna) Because the competent Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schönborn does not provide for order in his diocese, the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Peter Stephan Zurbriggen has intervened. The reason is a  Mass scandal in the Archdiocese of Vienna. In Lower Austrian Kottingbrunn, a liturgical  farce was posted on Sunday, June 2, 2013 which simulated  holy Mass.
With the consent of the absent pastor Walter Reichel,  a man and a woman simulated Holy Mass in liturgical vestments. The woman said even the Eucharistic Prayer. For one of the  faithful it was too colorful at  least at this point. He protested loudly in the church against the scandal and left the farce mass.  However, his outburst at the affair was of no avail. Archbishop Cardinal Schönborn acted as "ostrich" (Ariel Levi di Gualdo, see separate report Church is not Groaning Under Too Much but Too Little Authority - The Case of Martha Heizer, will be translated shortly.) and has remained inactive. Finally, the apostolic nunio has now intervened in Austria, Archbishop Zurbriggen has demanded that Cardinal Schönborn   take the necessary measures to stop the outrageous spectacle.
As it turned out, it is located in the almost 40 kilometers from Vienna Kottingbrunn where it is “customary" that laymen recite the Gospel and preach. The Mass scandal is justified alternately by the "shortage of priests" and the “appreciation of the laity."

Pastor Belongs to the “Disobedient" Priests

Pastor Walter Reichel is one of the signatories of the "Call to Disobedience" the priest rebels of the former Vienna Vicar General Helmut Schüller. Reichel was appointed in 1982 by Cardinal Franz König as pastor of Kottingbrunn, and who takes his rebellion seriously. In any “liturgy" he prays for an intercession of  "church reform.”  As to what that means, you may ask the Pastor’s Initiative.
After the excommunication of Martha Heizer, the chairman of the radically progressive club "We are the Church," with her ​​husband at home in the living room (Diocese of Innsbruck) celebrated a farce mass, so another scandal mass was made performed in Kottingbrunn. It is a signal that the bishops of Austria have lost partial control over their priests, and their visitation requirement is not yet fulfilled. When the Nuncio Archbishop demanded an explanation of Schönborn for the scandalous incident, he also had to admit that what had taken place  in Kottingbrunn  was an "unauthorized and misleading liturgy of the Word," although he found it difficult himself in the naming of the scandal. So wrote the cardinal, in which "worship” was spoken  in a "very misleading way, a kind of canon."

After the Heizer Case and Kottingbrunn: How Many Evils are There Diocese?

The simulation of a mass entails an automatic excommunication according to how case Heizer was revealed.
Above all,  to be cheated out of the graces of the Holy Mass and receiving Communion, because it is only a simulation, which is completely worthless in the substance, a farce mass for the faithful.
Pastor Reichel was finally quoted at the insistence of the Nuncio by Cardinal Schönborn in Vienna. As usual for Progressives he reveals nothing. It minimizes and insists that there had been a "Liturgy of the Word with Communion Celebration…  There were unequivocally  no spoken words of consecration,”  said  daily newspaper Die Presse, citing him .

Fraud with Mass Simulation - Failure of the Bishops

The fact that the liturgy of the word or “worship services” are a scam, is suppressed by the bishops.  It awakens  the impression equivalence in the minds of the faithful with a Holy Mass. This starts with the choice of words. In some parishes nothing  more than  “worship" is mentioned, so any difference between the Eucharist and Liturgy of the Word is equivocated. Outright fraud prevails when Mass offerings in memory of the deceased during “liturgies of the word" or “services" are accepted, as is detectable in the parishes as  practiced. The various stages of the simulation result in the pretense of grace flowing and cause confusion among the faithful. That in the case of Kottingbrunn the apostolic nuncio had to intervene to ensure that something is stirred which casts a revealing light on the state of the Austrian episcopate.
Text: Giuseppe Neared
image: Kottingbrunn
Trans: Tancred

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