Monday, March 14, 2011

German Bishops Conference Snubs Catholics Loyal to Magisterium

"The Foundations of the Church must not be made subject to dialogue"

Editor: The Pro Ecclesia statement was made against the signatories of the Memorandum proposing married priests, women priests and relaxing the rules against divorced receiving Communion. The signatories of Pro Ecclesia stand against them and in fidelity to the Magisterium alongside the Bishops and the Pope. To date, 12,000 from all walks of life have signed it.

Petition Pro Ecclesia: Review in a Room at Welcome Hotel in Paderborn

Zollitsch will not personally accept the petition "Pro Ecclesia" -- The initiator of the petition maintains that the dialog article of over 12,000 Catholics is being considered as a "burden to the course of the Plenary Meeeting".

Paderborn ( More than 12,000 Catholics of all kinds, including prominent philosophers like Prof. Robert Spaemann and Prof Hanna-Barbara Gerl-Falkovitz, have signed in the meantime the "Petition Pro Ecclesia" for the Bishops, since it was initiated last month in response to the "Memorandum" of alleged Catholic theologians desiring a change in Church teaching to suit the changing times.

This petition will reach the gathered Bishops at their Spring Plenary Meeting. The president of the German Bishops Conference, Archbishop Zollitsch, will not personally accept the petition. His secretary, Father Langendorfer SJ, has explained this. He will propose the "Dialog Article" on Wednesday "in a room at the Welcome Hotel" in Paderborn where representatives of the German Bishops will receive it. It is, as Langendorfer wrote to the Team of Petition Pro Ecclesia, customary as usual, that the secretary receives such petitions, as "not to burden" the course of the plenary meeting. The initiator of the Petition Pro Ecclesia, Peter Winnemöller expressed his "frustration and surprise" that the Dialog Article of 12,000 Catholics should be described as an imposition.

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