Monday, June 21, 2010

Telegraph Makes Unfounded Accusation Against Bishop Mixa

The UK Newspaper joins attacks on Bishop Mixa of Augsburg. Although the news story contains no new information, it claims that there is a new round of accusations against him while he waits at his mansion for the decision on his resignation.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that Archbishop Zollitsch and Bishop Marx have stepped out of their way to feed him to the wolves. One thing this story is really showing up is how things are shaping up in the Church as Liberal Prelates become increasingly aggressive against Catholic Prelates, using the press corp as an effective bludgeon to destroy the credibility of the Church and the ongoing reform.

Meanwhile, the Vatican has agreed to cooperate with Italian authorities regarding the charges of corruption against one of its Cardinals. Sounds like this was the reason behind the Carabineri (Italian Federal Police) evesdropping "accidentally" on the Pope's phone conversations as reported earlier this Month. Speaking of scandal, wasn't it Damian Thompson who said the other day that we needed an outside to clean up the Italian dominated curia? The cleanup may well go on without the Australian Cardinal Pell who was said by various sources last week to have been bypassed for promotion to the powerful Congregation of Bishops owing to a smear campaign against him.

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