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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Diocese of Mainz Promotes Evil Aberrosexual Agenda Under a Pastoral Mantle

The diocese of Mainz is shaken by a homophile fever. 
Concerned Catholics are protesting the "pastoral" cloak of gay propaganda

Edit: this reminds me of the German Language Section of Radio Vatican trying to promote sodomy behind the scenes.

(Mainz) The world should be cleansed of homosexual beings? One could think that when observing the feverishly overheated homophile activities, which are frantically carried out by the upper ecclesiastical levels, by prelates and Catholic associations, in some German diocese. Concerned Catholics are now protesting against the "queer-sensitive pastoral care" in the diocese of Mainz with a letter to their bishop.

Bishop Peter Kohlgraf, appointed Bishop of Mainz in 2017 by Pope Francis (in search of the most progressive candidates), is at the forefront. Since then, the Doctor of Religious Education has attracted attention for his “openness” to non-celibate “new forms of access” to the priesthood, including the ordination of women. His diocese is now openly conducting homo-propaganda under a “pastoral” cloak. There are indications that intolerant, extravagant church circles will no longer wait for the end of the withering "synodal path" but want to create accomplices of their own accord.

Meanwhile, concerned Catholics in the diocese expressed their concerns about "queer-sensitive pastoral care" to the bishop. Here is her letter verbatim:

Bishop Dr. Peter Kohlgraf –
Episcopal Ordinariate –
Bischofsplatz 2
55116 Mainz

Queer-Sensitive Pastoral"

dear Bishop Kohlgraf,

According to an announcement on the Internet portal of the Diocese of Mainz, on Sunday, October 9, 2022, you want to publicly commission a priest and a lay theologian “in a service with queer-sensitive pastoral work in the Diocese of Mainz and hand them their decrees”. [1]

We, orthodox Catholics, almost all from the diocese of Mainz, hereby demand that you cancel both this scandalous event and the immoral project of "queer-sensitive pastoral care". As a bishop, you have a duty to uphold the faith and morals of the Church without reservation. We hereby request that you fulfill this obligation.

Behind the seemingly harmless term "queer-sensitive pastoral care" hides a subversive plan that you and many of your German brothers in office are pursuing together with officials from Catholic committees and associations. The aim is to undermine the traditional Catholic sexual morality. It is to be replaced by a hedonistic ethical surrogate that also declares “queer” sexual practices to be normal and pleasing to God.

You are in the process of implementing this plan in your diocese. But the diocese of Mainz is not your property, it is not your property. You serve the zeitgeist and the "queer" scene with a "sensitive" pastoral. But where is your sensitivity to the orthodox Catholics in your diocese? Where is your sensitivity to the preservation of the depositum fidei?

For some time now, with your express approval, church “blessing ceremonies” for homosexual tandems and other irregular connections have been held in the diocese of Mainz.

You are not authorized to do any of this, Herr Bishop. You are abusing your office as bishop. You are breaking the oath of office you took when you were ordained a bishop. Here, too, one has to ask: Where is your sensitivity?

If you should actually carry out the planned "commissioning" today, you are doing something for which you have no competence whatsoever. Like the blessing of morally improper relationships, this "commission" is null and void. You have no authority to do this. The decrees you are about to hand over to the two "commissioners" are not worth the paper they are printed on. This does not change if you carry out the "commissioning" in a church as part of an event similar to a church service, as planned. 

Speaking of worship. You are definitely not serving God, rather someone else entirely. What you are doing is a pseudo-liturgy and the simulation of an episcopal official act. They desecrate the holy place and offend the real presence of God in the Eucharist.

The sermon that you have prepared for this “service” and the text of which has been on the Internet since Friday is entitled: “There must be an end to being forced into a life of lies.”  [2] No, Bishop Kohlgraf, the teaching of the Church does not force anyone into a life of lies. A lie in life comes from breaking with the teachings of the Church, blaming the Church for it, and demanding that it change its teachings. You yourself, Lord Bishop, are the one who, with your denial of a significant part of Catholic faith and morals and your turn to the heresy of homosexuality, gender and queer ideology, are creating a lifelong lie and want to draw an entire diocese into it by playing off your administrative power.

By “commissioning” you make yourself guilty, firstly, of the two “commissioners” because you mislead them into “pastoral work” that is not only incompatible with Catholic faith and moral teaching, but also a serious violation of it. You are also guilty of those people who are tempted to sin or encouraged to sin by this poisoned ministry. Thirdly, you make yourself guilty because through your heretical theses and deeds you divide both the presbytery of the diocese and the believing people and also encourage uncertainty in the faith and the serious sin against the sixth commandment. Fourthly, you are guilty of the orthodox priests of the Diocese of Mainz because you drive them into conflicts of loyalty and plight of conscience and expose them to the attacks of zealots, who are also incited to do so by your anti-Catholic course.

Bishop Kohlgraf, you are incurring the wrath of God. One day you will have to answer to God. What is at stake is nothing less than your salvation. Repent, make public atonement before God, and repent. Offer the Pope to renounce your episcopate. You are not suitable for this.

With Concern,

Gottfried Paschke, Bad Homburg v. i.e. H.
Brigitte Pelz, Friedberg (Hesse)
Adam and Ania Prendota, Niddatal Nick
Ramshaw, Wöllstadt Alicja
Warszawska, Mrocza (Poland)

Notes [1]‑9.10./ Accessed 10/9/2022.

[2] chof-kohlgraf/aktuell/nac hrichten/nachricht/Es-mus s-Schluss-damit-sein-in-e ine-Lebensluege-gedraengt -to-werden/?instancedate= 1 6 6 5 1 6 2 0 0 0 000 . Accessed 10/9/2022.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image : Diocese of Mainz (screenshot)

Trans: Tancred


Monday, July 18, 2016

Newspaper: Cardinal Müller to be Archbishop of Mainz

Media report: In a counter-move  
the Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn (71) is supposed to switch to the Vatican and take over the management of the CDF

Kuala Lumpur ( Accordjng to a report by the Malaysian Catholic weekly "Herald" Pope Francis plans personnel changes within the Curia. This suggests that the former prefect of the CDF, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller (68) will occupy the See if Mainz long since vacated by Cardinal Karl Lehmann. In return, the Viennese Cardinal Christoph Schönborn (71) is to switch to the Vatican and take over there, the management of the CDF, the Journal reported over the weekend, citing "well-informed Vatican sources" on its website.

There were indications that the pope also plans the appointment of Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko (71), Polish cardinal and President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, Archbishop of Krakow. He would assume the office of the 77-year-old Stanislaw Dziwisz, who has already reached the age limit for resignation.

The paper refers to a decree by the Pope, according to which the Council for the Laity and for the Family will be merged on 1 September into a new office. Its statutes were published by the Vatican in early June. According to "Herald" it will be incorporated into an office of pastoral health care. The new formation will receive the status of a congregation with the decision making power. As head of the new Congregation, the Honduran Cardinal Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga (73) has been selected, a close confidant of the pope and head of the Cardinal Council for a reform of the Curia.

Another of the personnel according to the  "Herald" referrs to the Congregation of the Causes of Saints. The Vatican Interior Minister, Archbishop Angelo Becciu (68) is supposed to replace the earlier head, Cardinal Angelo Amato (78). The director of the Vatican Secretariat of State is to be the former apostolic nuncio in Lebanon, Archbishop Gabriele Giordano Caccia (58).

(C) 2016 CBA Catholic News Agency. All rights reserved.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Cardinal Lehmann Thanks Gays For "Stopping"

Edit: The following translation and title sort of speaks for itself.  Not only does this seem to spell the end for, at least in its past incarnation, but it may spell the end for the pro-Roman and conservative Network of Catholic Priests, which will have to find a new spokesman now that Father Jolie has been severely and publicly humiliated for his association with  Network of Catholic Priests has probably embarrassed Germany's Old Liberal elites on everything from Church-tax, to its steadfast refusal to obey the Vatican's call for revising the Missal according to its guidelines.

Another priest from the Diocese of Aachen is trying to disassociate himself from as well.

It's also the case that nobody at this anti-Catholic newspaper cares about freedom of speech in present day National Socialist Germany.

The Bishop of Mainz, Karl Lehman is happy that "" is offline,  however defends himself from a wholesale condemnation of the Church.  At the same time there is substantial evidence that they have more with the agitation site that they will avow: in the criticism  there is a Pastor from the Diocese of Aachen.

Karl Cardinal Lehman has to soil himself in the internet sewer The intonation of the tirade can amplify itself well, as the homophobic vocabulary of the site has recalled terms like "Gommorrhists" and "gay perverts" which were still comparatively moderate as the site goes.

But since the beginning of December, is no more.   And for this Bishop Lehmann thanked then --  the gays!  That a German Bishop has dared this, is signifies something unparalleled.   In Sunday's published edition of Glaube und Leben [Faith and Life] of the Church newspaper of the Diocese of Mainz, Lehmann wrote:  "It is shameful for the Church that it was at first the initiative of the Bruno-Gmünder Verlag [Publisher of pornography]  and the interest of the Federal Crimes Office together with open debate prepared the way for the unholy goings on."  The Church has not done this with its own means.  "For that reason why all thank, who have contributed clarification, even though they are not friends of the Church."

It is still indeed not decided yet, so long as the Public Prosecuting Attorney have still not been able to determine the operators, and self-described insiders of the recent departure of the site tell of a new appearance on the internet.  But Cardinal Lehmann, 76, has not yet breathed deeply over the preliminary end of the "damaging intrigue".   Why the German Bishops' Conference, who he led till 2008, did not support the proposal "Stoppt" of Homo-Pornographer Bruno Gmunder, was something that Lehmann was silent about. This initiative had inflamed media interest and fanned the police investigation.

Lehmann Criticized the General Suspicion Against the Church

Instead the Cardinal accuses the activists of turning the Church into a scapegoat.  Because characterized itself as Catholic, several informants, authors and if possible, site administrators came from the clergy, even from the Roman side which has raised the suspicion of some critics of the Church.  Lehmann only criticized this: The opportunity has "been exhausted in an all encompassing criticism of the Church. The deplorable behavior was only less equal than a large swamp. The whole Church is dilapidated..."  In contrast, on the one hand, Lehmann defends calls for the Church to an "examination of conscience of itself at all levels". [Only on his own Old Liberal terms]

And he defended his own actions against a Pastor of his Diocese,  to whom he extended clemency, even though the Bishops' Conference had demanded administrative legal steps against collaborators of the incitement site.  He has given the defendant the benefit of he doubt, wrote Lehmann.  Yet where  is the doubt, if, as he himself says, "that he had participated in the monstrousness, generally in the organization, which had instigated such a hate campaign."?  The Pastor [Father Hendrick Jolie] had lied to him and to the public about his journalistic activities, and only confessed after he could not refute the allegations.  It might have been part of the arrangements with Diocesan authorities that he withdraw from his anti-reformist Catholic Priest Network (KNP).  His post as speaker would no longer be exercised in any case.

The Network now has only two speakers in Germany.  One of them is [Father] Guido Rodheudt, pastor of Herzogenrath, Diocese of Aachen.  He argues in written submissions, denying any complicity with  However, he acknowledges that he has read the site regularly.  In an interview not yet broadcast by WDR he said, with it was "like a dunghill, which is next to a trash heap in which there are still some edible tomatoes that have really lost something there."  When looking for a tomato in a manure pile, one is worse off.

Apart from that, more evidence has emerged that [Father] Rodheudt had more to do with the hate site than he now knows or wants to admit.  An activists from "Stoppt" says [Father] Rodheudt has a much more combative temperament than his colleagues in Mainz.  But yet he who decidedly expresses himself in interviews on the theme of the faith, yet has only read and never written there.

WDR asked Rodheudt about an internet link between and the website of the NKP (Network of Catholic Priests).  Such links are based as part of a partnership: demanded that if they put their advertising banner on the hate site, that in return they link to

But the NKP didn't just put up a single link to its page.  It even put up a live ticker, which means that the headlines of new posts of the anonymous users in question, were sent from the hate site to the site of the NKP.   On the equally devout Catholic site, there is an interview with Guido Rodheudt where the live ticker from is still active.  It was already in January of 2009 that NKP told the Süddeutsche Zeitung that this live feed had stopped.  A colleague had asked his "dear brethren" to delete this connection.  He referred to the intervention of two professors who had complained about the "corrosive anti-Church venom of".

The NKP spokesman wrote:  "Dear Brother, thank you for your input, we will address those concerns and take down the news ticker from our homage!."  Until that day, there were titles up like "Jacob made a threesome", "The Holocaust ideology downplays the abortion of children" and "Pope John Paul II -- The Antichrist?"  Scores of these messages ran on the Priest Network page, while was then already in the sites of the media.

Guido Rodheudt says the Priest Network had deleted the link itself.  The site had changed and the style and content of had become unbearable. But the network had already long been cooperating with a "dunghill":  One only needs to look at posts from 2007, which put through titles like "Sodomistic Fornication", the "Homo Concubinage" and "The Homo-Ideological Manipulation."  That was obviously unsustainable for [Father] Guido Rodheudt.

In November 2007, the contribution of a Holocaust denier, contained the following sentence, "Even apparent inconsistencies are forced upon citizens as truths of faith -- whether in connection with gas chambers, Jews allegedly turned into bars of soap or with the actual numbers of casualties." And this stood right next to a banner of the Church Music Association, Sinfonia Sacra.  As he was and is the chairman of this organization, [Father] Guido Rodheudt, was just a priest looking for tomatoes in a manure pile.

Link to Süddeutsche...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Hunt for Continues: Victims Will be Created

Diocese Mainz:  Father Jolie Regrets "rash and ill-considered actions"

Statement by the Diocese of Mainz on the discussion with Father Hendrick Jolie over his connection with  The public should respect clarifications and Father Jolie will not make any more dehumanizing statements in connection with [Hopefully, he can make them with us.]

Mainz (  The Diocese of Mainz has published and offered a statement about its discussion with Fr. Hendrick Jolie because of his "relationship" to, that was participated in by a discussion with the Diocesan General Vicar Prelate Dietmar Giebelmann, Herr Canon Law Professor Micheal Ling and Personell Department Head Honorary Cathedral Chapter Klaus Forster.  In the discussion the Diocese expressed the notion that Fr. Jolie had made contact with the (remaining anonymous to him) redaction of and contrary to earlier statements even offered texts to them.

The statement verbatim is as follows:

This concerns till today "current state of the church and judgments, indeed over ecclesiastical persons". To that extent, in conversation to assess the diocese of Mainz in the statement of 16 November confirmed the nature of the involvement of the pastor Jolie.

The representatives of the Diocese of Mainz have left no doubt that those contacts that have brought unacceptable violations to a number of people, even without formal involvement with other pronouncements by, are unworthy of a priest, and in addition to the persons concerned and have also damaged church.

Cardinal Lehmann of Mainz and Friend
Pastor Jolie has participated in the following the meeting with the representatives of the Diocese in a letter dated 23rd November to the Bishop of Mainz, Cardinal Karl Lehmann, and it expressed his regrets of "an unwise and imprudent action personally to great harm to the diocese, and for me". He has attempted to express himself using erroneous opinions, in serving the faith of the Church, and and sought means of expression, which are contrary to the Christian faith. He apologizes and asks for forgiveness. He wants to rethink his public witness and draw conclusions therefrom.

The Bishop of Mainz has accepted this request. He thanked the participants for their contribution to the call for clarification, but also Pastor Jolie for his willingness to critically reversal. He exhorts him to continue to deal sensitively with the public statements of any kind. The Diocese of Mainz offers pastor Jolie for any assistance.

The Diocese of Mainz asked the public to respect the clarifications after this conversation and not to associate Pastor Jolie with other defamatory, punishable and inhuman manifestations of Therefore according to current knowledge, there is need of any further action.

Mainz 27, November 2012

 Diocese of Mainz

Edit Note:  Wow, it's a good thing Father Jolie wasn't selling pornography or trying to promote the Traditional Latin Mass!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

German Archbishop Says Interest in Old Mass Very Small

Archbishop Zollitsch Underrates the Old Mass

Germany. With the Motu Prorio 'Summorum Pontificum' the Pope wants to show that he is doing "everything possible in order to avoid a definite schism." The Old Liberal Bishop Archbishop Robert Zollitsch said this in an interview with the newspaper 'Welt'. He fears that the reconciliation aims "God have mercy" will not be reached: "Point is that the interest in the Old Mass is much, much smaller in the Church than it looks like from the discussion."

  New Mainz Auxiliary Bishoop?

Germany. The Mainz Cathedral Rector Hans-Jurgen Eberhardt might shortly become the successor of the deceased Auxiliary Bishop Werner Guballa oof Mainz. Prelate Eberhardt is considered to be an Old Liberal protege of Cardinal Karl Lehmann.

A form of lifestyle?

Germany. Homosexual soldiers "should stand by their convictions as much as possible". That's what neo-conservative Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck of Essen recently told a soldiers' pilgrimage to Lourdes. One must be careful "not to be formed by public opinion" -- he cryptically explained. This is valid not only for "this form of lifeestyle, but for others as well."

The secret at issue is this: that one sacrifices the world with God's sacrifice, that the betrayal of the religion must entail also the betrayal of the culture after it. Western culture will live just as long as Western religion. 

 From the book "The Angel's Wreath" in the year 1946 by the famous author Gertrud von Le Fort (+1971)


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Critic of Vatican II Made Apostolic Protonotary

Bishop of Regensburg Congratulates with Personal Letter

Edit: after his scathing attack on Cardinal Kasper, and being passed over for a Cardinal's hat, he is to be a Apostolic Protonotary. Whether it is a functional or purely honorific title, we don't know. The following is an exclusive about the brilliant Prelate receiving a letter from the Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, rather than his own superior in the ultra Liberal Diocese of Mainz by Mr. Benjamin Greschner at 'kathnews.'

Mainz (kathnews-exklusiv) Already in December kathnews made an exclusive report that the naming of Dr. Georg May as Apostolic Protonotary would take place in the near future. The naming should, as kathnews learned from a reliable source, on the recommendation of Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller of Regensburg and not, as it consequently would be, on the recommendation of the Diocesan Bishop, in whose Diocese the candidate is incardinated, respectively is active -- in this case it SHOULD [emphasis ours] have been Cardinal Karl Lehmann as Bishop of Mainz. Now the kathnews-editor has received an exclusive letter from the Bishop of Regensburg, with which it congratulates Professor May officially on his naming as Apostolic Protonotary and the approach of the Papal letter of appointment.

Promoting the unabridged Catholic Faith

In his writings to Professor Dr. May, Bishop Dr. Gerhard Ludwig Müller explained that it was a "honor and a joy" for him to inform him about the coming Papal certificate of appointment. Finally, the Bishop went into the engagement and life work of the Professor. "For this high distinction, with which the Church values your decades long academic and pastoral efforts, your outstanding sentire cum ecclesia and bringing to expression your conscientious pronouncement of the unabridged Catholic Faith, I warmly congratulate you," wrote Bishop Gerhad Ludwig Müller.

Strengthening of Tradition in Germany

The naming of Professor May as Apostolic Protonotary is combined with a tremendous signal victory for ecclesiastical Tradition in Germany. May has been highly prized for many yeas as an incisive critic of the post-Conciliar development in Theology and Liturgy and is counted among the greatest friends and promoters of the Liturgical Tradition in the Church. On the side of the Diocese of Mainz there has been no official statement on the naming of Georg Mays as Apostolic Protonotary.

Professor May: A Life for the Church

After the Second World War Georg May studied Theology and Philosophy. On the 1st of May 1951 he received the Sacrament of Holy Orders for the Archdiocese of Breslau [Wrocław]. Other studies followed in which the priest graduated and was certified as a PhD. His teaching activity began at the University of Freiburg, ere he took the chair for Canon Law at the University of Johannes Guttenburg in 1960, he undertook civil law and Ecclesiastical Legal History. Since 1994, Professor May occupied this chair.
Click here to look at the letter by his Lordship.
Coming soon, some personal comments in an interview with Mr. Greschner.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cardinal Lehman to Remain in Office Past 75

Editor: Perhaps he's punishing Mainz, the Cardinal or both?

The Pope has once more given an impression on the street --- not in the sense of the renewal of the Church.

( Pope Benedict XVI has not accepted the resignation of Cardinal Lehman of Mainz.

This was announced by the General Vicar, Dietmar Giebelmann today in an e-mail release.

Cardinal Lehman had offered his resignation to the Holy Father for his 75th Birthday on the 16th of May.

Actually on 19 April the Apostolic Nuncio in Berlin has given the order from the Roman Bishops Congregation that the Pope has asked the Cardinal to remain in office past his 75th Birthday.

The letter added "donec aliter provideatur" -- till something else is decreed.

The General Vicar thanked the Pope for the correspondence and wished the Cardinal continued health and God's blessing.

Cardinal Lehmen is seriously ill.

In the past, he has had to be treated for colon cancer.

Read further...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Traditional Nuns Join the Society of Pius X

Traditional Reparative Sisters of the Holy Ghost have taken the consequences after a year long terror from the side of Conciliar Jacobins.

Website of the Reparative Nuns of Niedaltdorf

( The Traditional religious community of the Reparative Sisters of Niedaltdorf have established themselves under the Society of St. Pius X.

The Sisters explained this in an open letter to the General Superior of the Society, Bishop Bernard Fellay.

The text is available on the website of the Society. [In German]

Niedaltdorf -- is a village in the community of Rehlingen-Siersburg in the district of Saarlouis located in the Diocese of Trier in Saarland.  The Sisters have been entrusted to run the elder home St. Antoniushaus.

In 2000 the Sisters were required to find a second house.

For the moment all the Sisters live in Niedaltdorf.

Worldwide there are twenty seven religious communities in the Society of PIus X.

Persecuted by the Communists and by the Conciliar Commisars

In their letter the Reparative Sisters thank "from the heart" and with "deepest gratitude" for their acceptance into the ranks of the Society.

Since their founding, it has been a goal of the Sisters, through the Old Mass, through prayer and service to neighbor to sacrifice and atone.

The foundress, Mother Cornelia Holewik, gathered her first daughters in Communist  Czechoslovakia between 1945 to 1966. 

The Sisters were inflicted with severe physical and spiritual torments during the Communist persecution -- explained the letter to Bishop Fellay:

"In true and real Catholic Faith for atonement for the mother house and enduring six years of factory work under the worst conditions, till she could travel to the Bundesrepublik after long, difficult battles."

In the Conciliar confusion the Nuns  " were exposed to many battles"  again:  "We have prayed all year for clear understanding."

They learned that  divine providence had led the Order in incorporation with the Society of St. Pius X  -- it went on.

There is "still where the true Catholic Faith is promoted and lived".

The Sisters of the Reparation invited Msgr Fellay to their house:

"Porae patent, magis cor"  -  "The doors remain open, even more so then the heart."

Link to original, here.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Priceless Gothic High Altar of St. Nicholas in Aachen Destroyed

Now the Party is Over

The good God had recently decided to take a church, which had been recently recycled as a Party-Hall, out of circulation.

The Destroyed high altar in the Aachen City Church from
a press photo of the Diocese.
[, Aachen, Germany]  In the night at the coming new year, a heavy fire in the gothic, medieval church St. Nicholas in Aachen, made its home.

The former cloister church has an apse which is fourteen meters high which is supported by twelve powerful pillars.

The  priceless high altar with three paintings from the Rubens school, made for a real attention grabber.

The church pews were removed by the Dicoese of Aachen in 2002.

The space has been being used since by the Evangelical Communion and the Catholic Church and also for a so-called "City Pastoral".

The new years fire destroyed the 17th Century high altar completely.

The three altar paintings were a total loss.

The gothic high altar and the old lead glass winders were severely damaged.

The spreading of the fire to the roof was prevented by the fire department.

A destroyed window of the church led the police to suspect that the fire had been caused by a Silvesterrakete.

As recently as 29 October, the Bishop Heinrich Mussinghof of Aachen had celebrated his seventieth birthday.

The smoking feast was organized by a caterer and collected the Old Liberal Nomenklatura of the Diocese from hither and yon.

The Old Liberal Cardinal Lehmann of Mainz held a gala talk.

Also present were the president of the German Bishop's conference and the Old Liberal Archbishop of Freiburg, Msgr Robert Zollitsch.

Translated from German, here at

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rome is Powerless in Germany

Most of the colleagues in 'Networks of Catholic Priests' are not prepared any longer to endure the patience-solutions, which have been proposed by the Roman authorities.

There are still only old Liberals coming in German, unscrupulous careerists in mitres.

( "As the Priest Network was in Rome for the Priestly Year this Summer and we have been in contact with various dicasteries,  we were shaken by the powerlessness and helplessness of the Roman authorities in the face of Germany's plight."

Hendrick Jolie (46) said this in an interview in the most recent edition of the Catholic monthly magazine 'Kirchliche Umschau'.

 Fr. Jolie is a Pastor in the Diocese of Mainz and member of the Spokesman Committee of the 'Network of Catholic Priests' [Netzwerks Katholischer Priester].

"It is not even so, that one doesn't know in Rome, what is going on in Germany." -- he continued.

The 'Network' has been on a visit to Rome preparing an appeal, as it brought its own dossier on conditions in the German Church: "The opposite was actually the case."

A Congregation answered that it is "still much worst" than portrayed in the dossier.

In Germany The Problems Pile Up

Especially in connection with the British Hero Bishop Richard Williamson Rome was schoked, that the Bishops themselves were not too shy to distance themselves from the Pope rather than defend him.

Fr. Jolie counted numerous problems in the German Church:

-  The Pro-Abort organization 'Donum Vitae'

-  The ecumenical scandal- 'Kirchentag' with its homosexual propaganda

-  The distribution of Holy Communion to unbelievers.

-  The 'Central Committee of German Catholics' with its unspeakable President

-  The infamous ‘Königsteiner Erklärung’

-  The so-called pastoral teams which bury the office of shepherd.

For Fr. Jolie it is "always the same little game":  "Rome writes an instruction, a reprimand or the Pope admonishes the Bishop personally, to correct certain erroneous developments, and what happens -- nothing!"

The Thread of Patience is About to Break

 In Rome they feel powerless to go publicly against the powerful German Church-tax apparatus:

"Letters, reprimands and directions from Rome are met by the local authorities with so much disinterest, that it takes your breath away, is what someone in the Secretary of State Office told us."

For Father Jolie nothing else can be done, "than either to wait for the disintegration of the German Church-tax Monster or even waiting for a >>biological soluion<< in expectation on a decision maker."

Then he finally adds:  "Most colleagues in the Network are not ready to put up with the "Patience-Solution" being proposed by the Roman authorities.

 Link to original,

How Diverting: A Witch's Night in Mainz Cathedral

The way through the Cathedral was accompanied by spooky owl cries, rattling, and the blasts of fanfare.

( Already last May the Catholic Educational Institute with the Society of the Friends of the Organ hosted a witches night in Mainz Cathedral.

This was according to 'Nachtrichten Blatt' for the association of Lower- Olm - ten kilometers south of Mainz -- on the 6th of May.

At the beginning the Mainz Cathedral organist Albert Schönberger greeted the almost one hundred guests to the unlighted church.

These went first -- with candles leading the way  -- to the crypt, where the "distant organ tones" were audible.

In the crypt, the group viewed the former house organ of the famous Mainz Church musician Heinrich Rohr († 1997).

The next station was the memorial chapel -- the former chapter house of the Cathedral Chapter.

There the house organ of the Mainz church musician Heinrich Rohr had found a new home.

On the way through the Cathedral, the participants were accompanied by spooky owl cries, rattling, and blasts of fanfare.

Even as the further path through the candlelit Cathedral there were sounds reminiscent of the strange sounds and noises by "the mischievous deeds of witches"  -- as the 'News Article" put it.

Read original,

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Does One Have to Obey the Disobedient Bishops?

"On the practical level it is often the case that the appeal of Papal instructions are not used by the pastor locally."

Should You Obey the Pope More than the Bishops?
( "How should pastors acquit themselves, when -- as it is mostly -- universal Church and particular-legal regulations contradict one another?"

Fr. Hendrick Jolie (46) asked this question in an interview for the most recent edition of the Catholic monthly 'Kirchliche Umschau'.

Father Jolie is a pastor in the Diocese of Mainz.

The clergyman is remainded then, that is at least in theory the particular law is subordinate to the universal: "On the practical level it is often the case that the appeal of Papal instructions are seldom used by the Pastor locally."

And what did the Cardinal say?

An example of this for Father Jolie is the incorrect translation of the words of consecration in the Novus Ordo Eucharistic Celebration.

The corrections that were ordered by the Pope four years ago have been thoroughly ignored by the old Liberal Bishops.

For this reason, the German 'Network of Catholic Priests' -- in whose executive committee Father Jolie sits -- had written to the Roman Congregation for Divine Worship.

They asked the Prefect of the Congregation, Antonio Cardinal Cañizares Llovera, to answer the question, "how we should conduct ourselves in this inner conflict".

Tactical Chess Move

'Kirchliche Umschau'  suggests that Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller of Regensburg recently pled for an implementation of the Papal wish.

Father Jolie held the push of the Bishop for a compromise, which the German Bishops and the Pope would consider a loss of face:

"Without wanting to step on Bishop Müller, the question is in any case allowed, why is it that it's been four years since this proposal has come to the table."

And:  "Why then these wordy explanations, when in any case, the new edition of the German Missal has already been tendered by Rome?"

For Father Jolie this progress is not understandable:  "There the 26 Diocesan Shepherds to complete a newly revised Missal  -- in which the they have a hearing where  "for the many" [as the Pope asked] is not, rather it remains "for all" still --  and finally one of these Bishops publishes an explanation in which he pleads for another translation of the words of consecration."

Fr. Jolie comments: "Here it appears -- if I may put it politely -- that there is not only a communications problem within the German Bishops Conference."

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