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Monday, September 12, 2016

Benedict XVI and the Case Williamson: "The fault was alone the Ecclesia Dei Commission"

The New Interview Book of Benedict XVI: The case of Williamson
was "alone the fault of the Ecclesia Dei Commission

(Rome) Over the recent week book by Peter Seewald with Benedict XVI., which went on sale on September 8, already reported, by many of the leading newspapers. One issue that stands out here is the Williamson case and the Holocaust.

Vatican Radio - German section, the Argentine newspaper La Nacion, whose Vatican correspondent is very close to Pope Francis, and others highlighted, an excerpt of the book, which deals with the case of Bishop Richard Williamson. The Briton Williamson was consecrated a bishop in 1988 by Archbishop Lefebvre without permission of Pope John Paul II. for the Society of St. Pius X.

Pope Benedict XVI. in early 2009, declared the excommunication of the four consecrated Bishops void, but statements of Bishop Williamson even threatened to be a stumbling block for the Pope, who was severely attacked for his gesture. Williamson had made statements on the Holocaust and questioned the figure of six million Jews murdered by the Nazis and also the use of gas chambers.

The opinion-leading media generated a storm of indignation, the less directed against Williamson, but was utilized as an additional opportunity by them to attack the little beloved, Benedict XVI. and his understanding of the Church. Benedict XVI. speaks in new interview book of a "huge propaganda war" against the Church.

The Vatican defended the pope at that time by saying that he was unaware of the relevant statements by Williamson who gave an interview for Swedish Television STV. The STV interview had indeed been recorded a few months previously, but was only broadcast in connection with the lifting of the excommunications. Above all, have his decision was unrelated to historical views, but related strictly to spiritual and ecclesiastical matters.

Benedict XVI. said the same to Peter Seewald.

In the interview book Benedict XVI. speaks of the "stupid Williamson case". Seewald on the events of 2009 that the predecessor of Pope Francis defended against criticism that he had lifted the excommunication of the "Holocaust denier" Williamson, who lived at that time in Argentina. Ratzinger now has said that he is not to blame for the Williamson case.

The blame was alone that of the Pontifical Commission erected for communities in the traditional rite in 1988 in the wake of the illicit episcopal ordinations by Pope John Paul II, Ecclesia Dei. They did not inform him about the positions represented by Williamson on the Holocaust. "I see the blame only on this Commission."

Ecclesia Dei was headed at that time by Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, who Benedict replaced a few months later with Cardinal William Levada. Officially, Castrillon Hoyos had reached his 80th birthday, and was expecting the change.

In 2012 Williamson was excluded from the SSPX because of "continuing disobedience," after he had spoken out against reconciliation with the Holy See and the canonical recognition of the Fraternity by Rome.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi

Image: MiL

Trans: Tancred

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Seewald: Vatileaks Isn’t the Reason for the Pope’s Resignation

Munich (  The so-called “Vatileaks” affair was clearly not the reason for the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.  This is according to the news magazine “Focus” on Saturday in reference to the German journalist Peter Seewald.  The betrayal neither threw the Pope off the rails, nor made him weary of his office.  This is what the Pontifex explained to Seewald during a one and a half hour interview in the summer residence in Castel Gandolfo in August.

The “Vatileaks” affair concerned the theft of confidential documents from the apartment of the Pope.  At the beginning of October found the butler of the Pope since 2006, a Paolo Gabriel guilty and condemned him to 18 months imprisonment.  Shortly before Christmas, Benedict XVI forgave his former assistant.

Seewald reported in Focus over several talks with the Pope.  He said on his glimpse on the betrayal of his Ex-butler:  It wasn’t so, “that I had fallen in any way under despair or world weariness.  It was simply incomprehensible.  Also when I view the person, I can not understand what he can have promised.  I can’t penetrate this psychology,” said the Pope according to Seewald.

As the author of the Pope’s Interview Book “Light of the World” wrote in Focus, it was important to the Pope, that in the deliberation of the case “in the Vatican, the independence of justice was maintained, that the monarch doesn’t say, now take him away.”

Seewald reports he had never seen Benedict before so exhausted and dejected.  With his last strength the German Pope brought the third volume of his Jesus work to and end. “My last book”, the Pope said of it.

The last meeting in the Vatican, says Seewald, was a good ten weeks before.  As to Seewald’s question “What more do you expect from your pontificate?”,  the Pontifex answered:  “From me?  Nothing much more.  I am really an old man, the power is gone.  I think that what I’ve done is sufficient.”  Seewald has written a biography about the Pope and met him for this in the last months several times.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Pope Directs Severe Criticism on Religious Instruction and Catholic Employees

Pope Benedict has criticized religious instruction in Germany in his book "Light of the World": "The Bishops must reconsider here how Catechesis can be given a new heart and a new face.

Rome (  Pope Benedict has directed severe criticism against religious instruction in Germany in his new book, "Light of the World".  Peter Seewald asked the question how it is possible that with the responsibility falling at the end of the day to the Diocese that the children might know Buddhism, but on the other hand know almost nothing of the fundamentals of Catholicism:  "That is a question which I've also asked myself.  In Germany every child has nine to thirteen years of religious instruction.  How so little can come from that, as it is expressed here, is inconceivable. The Bishops must reconsider here how Catechesis can be given a new heart and a new face."

Benedict also criticized Catholics in official positions, who live by their Catholic confession [if nothing else].  Peter Seewald posed the following question: "Even in the ecclesiastical media there is the infestation of a 'culture of doubt' valued as chic.  Whole editorial staffs take up the usual uncritical catch words critical of the Church.  Bishops follow their media advisers, who recommend a shallow course, so that their liberal image won't suffer any damage.   Whenever a religious book is removed from the main line of goods by the still large church owned media concerns -- it is then not problematic, to speak still about the New Evangelization?"  The answer of Pope Benedict is clear: "These are all phenomena which one can only view with sadness.  That these are so-called Catholics employed in official positions who live from their confession as Catholics, but whose flowing springs of Faith are in public almost completely silent, effectively in single drops.  We must really therefore strive that it becomes otherwise.  I observe in Italy -- where there are fewer institutional ecclesiastical businesses --, that initiatives do not occur for that reason, because the Church built something as an institution, rather because the people were themselves faithful.  Spontaneous outbreaks don't come from an institution, rather they come from an authentic Faith."

The  letter published on  13. July by a  fifteen year old student  about abuses in religious education in a school in the Archdiocese of Salzburg have made an enormous echo with the readers of, who have been moved to write us. will then continue to publish further reports about religious instruction in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. asks its readers:  How is it with the religious education of your children?  How are things with your religion teacher? -- Please send us any short reports to!  We would like to publish these extracts as well.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Clarification About the Pope's Statement in German Press

Editor:'s original title was "Condom-Pope Provokes a Sloppy Discussion.  So, they've taken this statement to heart and run with it.  We've never been real certain about where stands on a lot of things, but one thing, they've always been reliable about the information and news.  Perhaps this is one of those rare times when they're wrong?  In any event, the insult to his person will make it hard for us to justify translating their articles in the future and we'll certainly be more vigilant.

Of course, you wouldn't think that Father Z would be so shaken up, but there it is.

Slight amendation: here's Father Z's most recent contribution.  We hope you find it entertaining.

Catholic commentators are trying to correct the fact, that the Pope talked about a male prostitute in a weak-headed interview.  Pressesplitter.
Press Conference For Presentation of "Light of the World"

The decadent majority as a measure of the moral.

Swiss Television:  Mr. Seewald, do you see the Pope as having completely made a change of the Catholic sexual morality?

Peter Seewald:  "The Pope made it clear that he knows that the greater part of them do not practice the provisions of the Church, for which problem he foresees a need for reform:  "That is one of the greatest challenges. (…) That many have newly considered this area, so that it must be said anew again, is right."

Eldorado of Dirty Fantasies

"In the original Benedict referred to condoms in individual cases, 'occasionally when a male prostitute uses a condom, where this can be the first step to a moralization'.  In the English version, it is translated as 'male prostitute', in the Italian version it was clear that it was a [female] prostitute.  Now Vatican 'experts' are hot about whether or not this is a validation for homosexual prostitution." 

From an article of the website of the regional 'Südewestpresse".

The Pope and his Speaker entertain the idea of Transvestites

"I have asked the Pope personally if there were an important and serious ground for why he chose to mention a prostitute.  He told me: >>No.  The problem consists: that it is the first step, to take responsibility, to take consideration for the risk to the life of another  with which one has a relationship.<<  That means, whether one is a woman, a man or a transexual."

The speaker of the Vatican Press Service, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardo at a press conference in the Vatican today.

Being sold as private opinion  - but purchased as new teaching

The Pope wanted to make it known that he understands the realities and ways of life.  If for people in certain situations there is an foreseeable  need to use condemns, then therefore, this is can be portrayed as a "first step to moralization .. and responsibility".  Such expressions are not sensational, but what is really new, is that one has not yet today heard such a thing from a Pope.   I am very interested to know if Pope Benedict will further develop these thoughts, if they will some day be worked into the formal teaching of the Church and what they will mean for pastoral praxis."

Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg in a statement to today's book presentation in Rome

Condom as a Morlisator -- is that a fact?

"Perhaps the Pope has had a new view -- what it doesn't mean is that one can accept everything, that he says.  We need however a more open, more sensible debate and more factuality."

Book author, Peter Seewald in an Interview with the Regional 'Badischen Zeitung".