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Friday, May 4, 2018

Saint Statues and Crosses Destroyed in Bamburg Churches

The Archdiocese of Bamberg speaks to about the "rash of violence" and says: "We can currently confirm 6 cases of vandalism in 5 churches"
Bamberg ( Saints statues and crosses have been destroyed in five Bamberg churches. Catholic churches and a Protestant church were affected. The spokesman for the Archdiocese of Bamberg, Harry Luck, told on request: "We are shocked and saddened by the violence in Bamberger churches. We can currently confirm 6 cases of vandalism in 5 churches. Sculptures and saints statues were overturned, pictures were torn off the walls and a pane hit. In consultation with the police we call the communities, believers, sacristans etc. to special attention. The police are investigating and will continue to inform during the day. Consult the press office of the police inspector Bamberg."

According to Bavarian Radio, the property damage apparently amounts to several thousand euros, the Criminal Police determined and have promised to give more information about it today.

The Association of Sacristans of the Archdiocese of Bamberg wrote on Facebook: "Keep your eyes open! Here in Bamberg yesterday and today. It was yesterday and today in the monastery church. St. Otto today and the Evangelical Church of the Redeemer also got it."

Trans: Tancred

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Vandalism Against Roman Churches: Suspect Captured

In Rome several churches have become the target of attacks - a suspect is already known, a 39-year-old Ghanaian - Pastor of the church concerned: "I thought it would be ISIS"

Rome ( In Rome several churches have become target of attacks. After two incidents occured on Friday night, just a few steps apart, the churches of San Martino ai Monti and Santa Prassede, on Saturday a rioter also beset  San Vitale and San Giovanni dei Fiorentin, according to police. According to physical descriptions by the priests, police have arrested a man in Rome. It is presumed to involve a previously known 39-year-old Ghanaian.

The suspect has since been questioned. Whether he is actually responsible for the actions and for what motive he acted, according to the police, is still unclear.

According to the report a statue of the saint in the church of San Martino ai Monti on the Esquiline was damaged on Friday night and a man had fled. Shortly afterwards, apparently the same person appeared in Santa Prassede and attacked two saints. The rector of the church declared then that about 15 present had chased the perpetrators, after a moment of shock, before he could set alight a crucifix. The man appeared deranged.

According to the Italian newspaper "Messaggero,"the priest of Santa Prassede said: There was a great noise, "I thought it would be  ISIS". The church was filled with pilgrims, who became panicked, "the people fled and ran. But I managed to stop him while he was on the altar, then other people came and helped me. However, he managed to escape. We were in fear and anxiety, because we did not know if he was armed."

In retrospect, explained the priest, he obviously does not know whether it was a terrorist or not. In any event, it is but "a great lack of respect for the religion. That was a very serious matter."

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Window on Aachen Cathedral Damaged Yet Again

Stone thrown through choir hall window

Aachen ( For the second time within four weeks unknown individuals have damaged the window of Aachen Cathedral. This time, stones were thrown in on Tuesday night by two choir hall windows on the north side of the cathedral, the chapter said on Thursday. Just at the end of January a disk pieces had been broken through by a stone's throw.

According to the information presented by Cathedral Master Builder, Helmut Maintz, the police have again been informed. He estimates the cost of repairs to around 3,500 euros. A window with ornaments in red and blue created by glass artist Anton Wendling 1949-1951 - it had to be repaired in January already. The other window was designed by the glass painter Walter Benner in the same period. The Aachen Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the burial place of Charlemagne and an episcopal Church. Mood Music Aachen Cathedral (short video) Trans: Tancred Link to AMDG

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Church Desecration: Tabernacle Broken Into and Consecrated Hosts Smeared with Excrement

(Milan)   Again the Catholic Church has been a target of sacrilege. The scene of the crime was the Holy Cross Church of San Giorgio su Legnano, in Lombardy. Unknown vandals broke the tabernacle and threw the consecrated Hosts on the floor and smeared it with human excrement, with which they also defiled the altar.
The statue of Our Lady of Sorrows they blackened with the soot of candles and hot wax was poured  over her head. The face of suffering Jesus and  the large cross was blackened, which is venerated in the church, and gave it its name. The perpetrators stuffed wax in the mouth, ears and eyes of Jesus Christ.
Pastor Luciano Premoli called the parish to atonement and prayer. "We have been faced with such a serious, indeed, unimaginable desecration of the Holy Eucharist," said the pastor. Because of the desecration, the   church remains closed for the time being. Many believers have expressed their outrage, sadness and affection for Christ and His mother by candles and flowers in front of the church door. The mayor and the local government  have offered a bouquet as a sign of solidarity. "To the perpetrators, I can only say: shame on you," said the mayor. 
On Sunday, the Rosary is prayed and the desecrated crucifix will lead the procession. Then the Episcopal Vicar Monsignor Gian Paolo Citterio will say the purification ritual  for the desecrated church.
The Holy Cross Church of San Giorgio su Legnano was consecrated in 1393 by the then Archbishop of Milan, Antonio de Saluzzo (1376-1401). In 1703 it was rebuilt in the Baroque style in its current form. The church belongs to the Archdiocese of Milan, and thus uses the Ambrosian rite of the Roman Catholic Church.
Police are investigating.  The investigators do not want to offer an opinion as to whether or not they are Satanists or not.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

Monday, May 5, 2014

Anarcho-Leftists Damage Famous Karlskirche in Vienna

(Vienna) Attacks and vandalism against churches have been mounting in Austria are piling up for several years. On Saturday night, the famous Karlskirche was show with paint pellets and daubed with slogans by left-wing extremists in Vienna. "Police said the damage was enormous," as the ORF reported. The perpetrators damaged several statues with their paint on the outside walls of the church. Anarchist symbols and a dripping font "from repression follows resistance" point to the extreme left-wing "autonomous" way. It is assumed that there are multiple perpetrators. The official line is that there is "currently" no evidence of the perpetrators. However, the left-wing extremist scene in Vienna is very well known to the police.

Arson Attack Against Mary Our Lady Church in Bregenz

Arson against Mariahilf heroes thanks church Bregenz

In Bregenz on Lake Constance unidentified perpetrators engaged on Saturday night in an arson attack on the Mariahilf Church. At about 1:20 AM, a 52-year-old woman discovered the fire. With the help of a a 62-year-old man, she tried to extinguish the fire. She had to be treated for suspected smoke inhalation in the State Hospital. The perpetrators had doused the church door with chemicals and set it on fire.

A canister was secured near the church door. The police are asking the community for evidence in both cases.

In March, several churches of Vienna had been damaged. A 37 year old man was detained and confessed to six acts he is alleged to have done on a "divine mission". The police suspect a single perpetrator in this case. The situation is different in the attack on the Karlskirche, which carries clear political handwriting and reveals hate for the Church.

The Karlskirche (St. Charles Church) was build by Emperor Charles VI. who took a vow during the last plague back in 1713. Its patron is Saint Charles Borromeo. The church was built from 1716-1739 by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and completed after his death by his son Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach. The church was under Imperial patronage until 1918. The church has been looked after since its construction by the Order the Cross with the Red Star from Prague. (A Lay association founded by St. Agnes of Bohemia) On November 4, 2013 Bishop Vitus Huonder of Chur celebrated a Pontifical High Mass in the Karlskirche in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

The Mary Our Lady Church in Bregenz is the parish church of the Vorkloster-Rieden district. It was built in 1925-1931 according to the plans of the architect Clemens Holzmeister. The parish church is also dedicated to heroes for the fallen soldiers in the First World War.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Neo-Nazi Antifa Claim Responsibility for Burning Churches: Freiburg Prosecutor Can't be Bothered

Antifa gloat about burning churches and targeting their organs, which are often made from irreplaceable parts, a tremendous cultural loss, not to mention the works of art contained within the churches themselves.

I can't even round up the usual suspects on
this one.

Freiburg ( / idea)  With undisguised sympathy, the radical leftist group "Autonome Antifa Freiburg" reported arson attacks on churches in South Baden. On their website it says: "In Eimeldingen (in Lörrach) there was a fire on 26 November where the organ completely destroyed without the flaming rascal getting caught. In Uhlingen, birch village (near Waldshut) a sympathetic arsonist caused tremendous damage to the organ of the Catholic parish church of St. Margaret. " These crimes have been designated by the Antifa as "blessed acts" and were "in the spirit of Pope John XXIII", who once said: "Tradition means: guard the fire, do not keep the ashes." The police have received several references to the glorification of crime, said a spokesman for the Freiburg Prosecutor on request of the Protestant news agency idea.

It is being investigated whether they could bring criminal proceedings against the authors. "Tasteless publication" is still not a criminal offense. Similar reports had already been spread by the "Antifa". Two years ago, the prosecutor had come to the view that it constitutes "a tasteless publication," which, however, is "not criminally relevant". There was no request for a specific identifiable offense. The mention of institutions such as "the Church" or church buildings is not sufficient as a criminal offense.[What if they'd said Mosque or Jewish Schul?]

Moreover, it was not possible to determine the unknown author of the publication. According to police reports, the page is of an autonomous Antifa originating from an Icelandic company was made ​​available. A request for mutual legal assistance the prosecutor appears to be hopeless. Just because the "antifa" appears to have used a Freiburger info store as a contact, does not mean that this is responsible for the content of the message, said the Prosecutor's office.

Edit:  Well, it's a good thing they're not burning Synagogues and Mosques! Some will remember that Federal authorities were moving heaven and earth to find the identity of those responsible for, after the German speaking world's #1 Catholic website ridiculed an aberrosexual entertainer after he died.

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Abortion Fanatics Attack Midnight Mass in Spain

(Madrid) Leftist abortionists and feminists disrupted a Midnight Mass in Spain on Christmas night to demand "full and free abortion". The incident took place in the parish church of San Felix in Sabadell near Barcelona.
The abortion fanatics wanted to act as Herodians and chose therefore targeted the Creche, in which the birth of Jesus is celebrated. As the antithesis of the happy birth of a child, and specifically of the Redeemer, they demanded "full and free abortion". They interrupted the Sacred Liturgy with a banner and chant. The church vandals and anti-Catholic "action" was videotaped and posted on the Internet. The sacrilege was conducted by  the "Anti-Sexist collective of Sabadell."  The video was published  on the website "Justa Revolta". About 50 pro-abortion invaded the church during the Mass, shouting slogans for abortion and against the Church. The "action" was described by the attackers as a "reaction" to the "capitalist, patriarchal and Catholic offensive."
The Mass was interrupted by the  disruption for fifteen minutes. Even before the arrival of the police the Mass attendees urged the vandals with their placards out of the church. Outside the church, abortion advocates continued with their chants.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Vandalism Against Catholic Symbols in Westphalia

Northern Westphalia: 40 crosses and statues destroyed.

Münster ( / idea)
A series of attacks against Christian symbols there has taken place in recent weeks in northern Westphalia: The  Münster police have registered since September a total of 40 cases in which religious statues, had the head was chopped off, bent or burned crosses and shrines and chapels were destroyed. This was announced by the press officer of the Münster police, Angela Lüttmann, on request, to the Protestant news agency Idea.


We assume that it is part of a series and thus a single  offender. There are no leads presently. It could be that the perpetrators acted out of pure destruction. It is also possible that they had religious reasons and therefore wanted to express their displeasure about Christianity. Since it is not inconceivable that it was about religiously motivated crime, Time determined and the state protection. Affected by the attacks are Ibbenbueren, Saerbeck, Hoerstel, Hopsten, Mettingen, Tecklenburg and Rheine.

 In most cases, there had been  roadside crosses on private property, according to the police spokeswoman. But it has also affected the Catholic St. Barbara's Church in Ibbenbüren-Dickenberg. There, standing on the church square is a statue of Saint Barbara, who is also the patron saint of miners, was beheaded. The vicar Paul Greiwe told Idea that he had never experienced this level of vandalism in such a short time. As the Münster State People's Daily (Rheine) reported that students of Ludgeri school in Mettingen (at Ibbenbüren) put a sign up against the destruction: They made ​​crosses during religious instruction and they hung them on  an undamaged procession house and wrote: "This is illegal. Stop with the vandalism. "

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Eucharistic Miracle in Sri Lanka? Buddhist Vandals are Forgiven by Cardinal Ranjith

(Colombo) A group of Buddhists devastated the Catholic Church of St. Francis Xavier in Angulana, in the Archdiocese of Colombo in Sri Lanka. The vandals smashed a 143 year old statue of Mary. However, their goal was the Blessed Sacrament. The perpetrators tore the tabernacle with the Blessed Sacrament from the altar, broke it up and set it on fire. According to police, at least 30 liters of kerosene were poured over the tabernacle, to put it on fire. However, by some miracle the consecrated Hosts did not burn in the tabernacle which was damaged but remained intact.

When the sacristan discovered the vandalism, he rang the church bells, so that the faithful flocked together. The Catholics of the Archdiocese of Colombo are shocked by the incident.

Many look to the integrity of the consecrated hosts as a miraculous intervention. A Eucharistic miracle, which should demonstrate the power of God, and shame the attacker, as it happened in Lanciano, Bolsena and many other places over the past 2000 years? "A great miracle has happened, mediated by Jesus in our country and it will give the attackers a message: No one can destroy Christ and His love. No one can harm Him," were the quoted voices of local Catholics by Asianews.

Pastor Christo Viraj Fernando and his chaplain Kasun Fernando condemned the violence. At the same time, they called on the faithful to remain calm, to thank God for the wonderful integrity of the consecrated Hosts to pray for the conversion of the perpetrators and to forgive them.

Cardinal Albert Malcolm Ranjith, Archbishop of Colombo has initiated investigations. The intact Hosts were brought to safety in order to allow the police, but also the church to inspect them. The Cardinal will perform the reconsecration as competent bishop for a church desecration according to church canons, before the church can be reopened for worship.

The incident occurred on 5 June at about 10 clock in the evening. Initially, Buddhist extremists were thought of as they have attacked Christians for months in Sri Lanka, but it may also be an attack from the Islamic minority. The attacks usually are a result of Buddhist extremist organizations Bodu Bala Sena and Sinhala Ravaya. A new phenomenon, the police and the public are faced with new challenges. Previously religiously motivated violence were a rarity on the island.

On Monday, the police arrested four teenagers. They are said to have done the deed while intoxicated. The facts did not correspond to the first suggestion, that there were two Buddhists and two Catholic perpetrators. According to police, all four perpetrators were Buddhists. Cardinal Ranjith has shown them the spirit of Christian love in public, such as the Sunday Times reported from Sri Lanka.

Text: Asianews / Giuseppe Nardi Image: Tamil Week Trans: Tanc

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Incidents of Vandalism and Mayhem in Europe Involving Churches and a Mosque

Winterthur, 05/21/13 (Kipa) in Winterthur the minaret of the mosque of the Islamic-Albanian Association, the crescent was damaged and stolen by unknown individuals. The President of the Association, Memet Ulla Saliji, confirmed to the news agency Kipa the incident. This was reported to the police. The community is now waiting on how the situation evolves. In precaution, a surveillance camera is set up.

The incident occurred on the weekend. An unknown man climbed onto the roof of the Islamic-Albanian Mosque in Winterthur and tried to lift the tower of a good three meters high and 50 centimeters in diameter from its moorings. But the perpetrators failed. However, they took the crescent.
(Kipa / gs / bal)

And it Rome at St. Peter's Basilica:

Rome: A man climbed onto a ledge on the dome of St Peter's Basilica on Monday and unfurled a banner protesting against a "political horror show", an apparent reference to Italy's embattled coalition struggling with recession and high unemployment. Identified by police as Marcello Di Finizio, the man unfurled a white banner reading "Stop this massacre!

The political horror show is continuing," in English, scrawled in black and red ink, with "Help us Pope Francis" in Italian. He also waved an Italian flag as he balanced precariously above a small window near the top of the 137-metre dome.

 Read more....Brisbane Times....

Man Shoots Himself in Notre Dame

(NEWSER) – Paris' legendary Notre Dame Cathedral was evacuated today, after a man shot himself in front of the altar, police tell France 24. The incident occurred at around 4pm local time, while the tourist attraction was open to the public. The man was described as middle-aged, appearing between 50 and 60 years old.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sacrament Stolen From Tabernacle -- Satanists are Suspected

(Milan) In Missaglia in the Italian Archdiocese of Milan (Lombardy) unknown individuals violently forced their way into the parish church of San Vittore.  This church has the designation of a Papal Basilica Minor. They broke into the tabernacle and stole the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  Otherwise they took some sacramental upbeats, among them a bronze cross, a small shrine and the door of the tabernacle.

There is a weighty suspicion that the perpetrators were either acting for or were Satanists, because besides the Sacrament no valuable objects were stolen.  The object of the act was clearly the body of Christ.

Pastor and Community are horrified: “The financial damage is the least, only the door of the tabernacle door which was ripped off, had any clear value.  Most horrible is the sacrilege, the profanation of the Blessed Sacrament.  The perpetrators took with them what was most valuable for the faithful, the consecrated body of Christ.  An act, which is difficult to discuss and has wounded us deeply”, said Pastor Albino Mandelli.

The crimes took place on the 5th of April in the morning and was discovered by the sacristan.  The Diocesan authorities were immediately informed.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Dekanat Missaglia Link to Katholisches...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Arson in Three Churches in Lower Austria as Yet Unsolved

Anti-Clerical incitement of hate in Austria for the last years has brought first "fruits".

On the 23rd of December 2012 three churches in the city of Amstetten were set afire.  The area with over 2,300 inhabitants it situated in western Lower Austria.

The most seriously damaged is the church of the Franciscan School Sisters.  The fire spread from the confessional to five pews.  The church will have to be closed for half a year for the clearing away of the burn damage and the complete renovation.

In the two other churches (city parish church and Herz Jesu Kirche) the damage is less.

A police drawing of the suspects has been published.

New Evangelization Necessary 

Diocesan Bishop Klaus Kung stressed in his sermon for the year's end of 2012 the necessity of "a renewed (new) effort for the spreading of the Gospel."

Thus is "everyone, who is close to the mysteries of our Faith know, what they require and correspondingly prepare", what is obviously no longer the case.

The superficiality of the knowledge of the Catholic Faith in the wake of the Second Vatican Council (or better: the abuses in the name of the Council) is no longer concealable by the Bishops any longer.

Also its "disquieting phenomenona" like the disturbing of the peace in St. Pöltener Cathedral by the ORF  recently about "Pussy Riot" -- as a copy or the people's eagerness against the alleged ecclesiastical privileges are a sign of a "certain change of mood" in the land.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

News -- A Powerless Church is Under the Power of the World

A powerless Church is under the power of the world -- Church vandalism: increasing bell thefts -- Jewish right-wing extremists bar Arab farmers -- A victim of the Conciliar Church -- 

A powerless Church is under the power of the world

Italy.  On Sunday the Italian historian Roberto de Mattei commented in the Milan news 'Il Giornale' on the occasion of the 1,700th anniversary of the Battle of the Milvian Bridge (312).  Then, the Emperor Constantine (+337) saw the cross in the sky.  He was victorious and led Christendom into Rome.  Mattei insisted that today's Old Liberals like the Communists are calling for a Christendom without power.  Only: when Christendom ceases to change the world, then it will be changed by the heathen world.

Church Vandalism: increased bell thefts

Germany.  Metal thieves are stealing church bells because of rising commodities prices.  The German bell museum in the 17,000 population community of Gecher in western Munsterland warned on Monday.  The museum asked for better security measures.  The perpetrators would destroy valuable cultural artifacts for raw materials.

Jewish Right-Wing extremists block Arab farmer out

Occupied Palestine.  A group of Jewish settlers blocked about ten dunums (10,000m^2) of farmland near Qarount in the vicinity of Nablus with barbed wire so the owner, Mohamad Najim (66) couldn't enter his unharvested fields on Sunday.  A so-called security post of a larcenous band of settlers warned Najim sternly of further approaches to his property and warned him of "attacks by robbers".  The Right-Wing Radicals had already cut down ripe olive trees 14 years before.  Then they informed the farmer that they wouldn't be responsible for his fat, if he attempted to enter his land.

Another victim of the Conciliar Church

Belgium.  The Carmelites in the 100,000 population city of Mons -- in the western Belgium Province of Hennegau -- must close its cloister.  The community is too old and has no growth.  In the next weeks the remaining sisters will settle in the other Belgian closter.  The Cloister in Mons has existed since 1607.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Enemies of the Church Don't Shrink From Using Violence

Not a Synagogue?  That's ok, then.

The hate filled media pogrom against the Church is bearing fruits:  In NS-Germany a Church is repeatedly damaged on different occasions.

(  A view at the desolation greeted the visitoors on Thursday to the Catholic church oof St. Micheal in Oberndorf.

This was according to the website '' on the 18th of May.

Oberndorf am Neckar is a 14,500 population city in the vicinity of Rottweil in Baden-Wurttemberg.

In the Holiest Place

Unknown perpetrators raged above all in the altar space. (not really a sanctuary)

The Easter candle lay broken into individual pieces and strewn all over the floor.

There are two large puddles in the altar space.

The criminals sprayed water from spray cans taken from an adjoining room and in various places water was poured from the Eastern water font.

Were the Perpetrators Minors?

The church was attacked just before Easter.

Then one of the church vandals trod on an altar cloth and left a foot imprint.

"It wasn't especially large",  said the site, citing lay representative Helga Dlugosch.

She suspected that the crime had been committed by minors.

Vandalism Even DURING the Liturgy

Miss Dlugosch regularly appears in a grey alb with a green stole as a sash on the altar.

In this attire she plays the Deacness or standing co-celebratrix.

At the changing of bread and wine, she stands with her hands folded inclining herself in the direction of the altar.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bonn, Germany: Violence Against the Mother of God

Gewalt gegen die Muttergottes
Germany: Unknown persons have damaged a Marian Statue in the Rüngsdorfer Chapel. This was reported in Bonn's 'General-Anzeiger' on January 20th. Rüngsdorf is a municipality with 7.000 population in the city zone of Bad Godesberg in Bonn. Dean Wolfgang Picken is convinced of "intentional and religiously motivated vandalism". Nothing as stolen "The perpetrators had clearly intended to defile the place and damage the Madonna.", Explained the Dean. It is the fifth such attack against the Mother of God in five years. Image from Blickpunkt.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ongoing Vandalism in Munich Church

The St.-Georgkirche in the North Munich neighborhood of Milbertshofen: Youth disturb evening Mass, ignite paper and throw it on the pews, they even urinated in the baptismal fonts.

Munich ( The ongoing vandalism in the church of St. George in the North Munich neighborhood of Milbertshofen is becoming more than a nuisance. Youth have disturbed the evening Mass, ignited paper and threw it on the pews, they even urinated in the baptismal fonts. The youth are known by name, according to the "Süddeutsche". Pastor Olivier Ndjimbi-Tschiende has written a letter to local politicians in the area, receiving immediate support as well as the advice to turn to the police.

The Pastor of St. George, Olivier Njdimbi-Tshiende, had withdrawn an ad that described the church community as child friendly. Anton Peter of the church administration reported that the church community has tried to work with the families of youth, but these have shown "no interest".

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Satanic Graffiti Found on St. Paul Cathedral

Editor: Once upon a time churches throughout the Western world were open, often all night long, no matter where you were. You could often find in the late hours, the succour of the confessional and the peaceful glow of flickering beeswax candles under the watchful gaze of Christ, His Mother and the Saints.

Truly, it's difficult to say that the late Twentieth Century's been much of an improvement, the hearts of men have grown colder and more brutal in the encroaching darkness of this age.

Are the police considering this a "hate crime"? It would be embarrassing to invoke such things as the Archbishop or his staff.

[KMSP, Minneapolis-St. Paul] The graffiti is gone, but the questions remain after satanic symbols were found on the Cathedral of St. Paul over the weekend.

Police say someone spray-painted white upside down crosses on five of the six main doors to the church off of Summit Avenue.

The incident occurred sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning.

Police are continuing to investigate.

Link to KMSP...

H/t: Stella Borealis

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vatican II Changes Prompt Redecoration

St. Mary's Church was built at a time when the thrust of the Liturgy was the relationship with God and the Liturgy was a means of promoting this relationship.

One of the thrusts that Vatican II gave the Liturgy was the full participation of God's people.

With this change in focus, the parish council and Father W--- consulted with Frank Kazmarcek, a nationally known liturgical consultant. He presented observations and recommendations...

The lighting fixtures were removed and replaced with Quartz lighting recessed in the ceiling...

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