Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Incidents of Vandalism and Mayhem in Europe Involving Churches and a Mosque

Winterthur, 05/21/13 (Kipa) in Winterthur the minaret of the mosque of the Islamic-Albanian Association, the crescent was damaged and stolen by unknown individuals. The President of the Association, Memet Ulla Saliji, confirmed to the news agency Kipa the incident. This was reported to the police. The community is now waiting on how the situation evolves. In precaution, a surveillance camera is set up.

The incident occurred on the weekend. An unknown man climbed onto the roof of the Islamic-Albanian Mosque in Winterthur and tried to lift the tower of a good three meters high and 50 centimeters in diameter from its moorings. But the perpetrators failed. However, they took the crescent.
(Kipa / gs / bal)

And it Rome at St. Peter's Basilica:

Rome: A man climbed onto a ledge on the dome of St Peter's Basilica on Monday and unfurled a banner protesting against a "political horror show", an apparent reference to Italy's embattled coalition struggling with recession and high unemployment. Identified by police as Marcello Di Finizio, the man unfurled a white banner reading "Stop this massacre!

The political horror show is continuing," in English, scrawled in black and red ink, with "Help us Pope Francis" in Italian. He also waved an Italian flag as he balanced precariously above a small window near the top of the 137-metre dome.

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Man Shoots Himself in Notre Dame

(NEWSER) – Paris' legendary Notre Dame Cathedral was evacuated today, after a man shot himself in front of the altar, police tell France 24. The incident occurred at around 4pm local time, while the tourist attraction was open to the public. The man was described as middle-aged, appearing between 50 and 60 years old.



Anonymous said...

I have not confirmed this. I heard that the man
who shot himself at Notre Dame is an historian
and that this was his final protest against State sanctified abberosexualism. I'm waiting to
hear further. And thru your link to Newser I read a short article saying that Westerners are
becoming less tolerant of Muslims and Jews. It failed to mention less tolerance of Christians.

Tancred said...

I have to struggle to find instances of vandalism being done to Muslim properties. For all we know, they did it to themselves to garner sympathy.

Thank you for that information.

Anonymous said...

Do they have the Anti Defamation of Muslims League yet?
Or the World Muslim Congress yet? Or the Make anti Muslim
Semitism a Crime World Organization yet? No wonder people who aren't them or them are tired of it.

susan said...

That's what all their "anti-blasphemy" laws are all about...making it a capital offense to 'insult' islam, but perfectly fine to bash any other religion all day long, especially Christianity.

Anonymous said...

islam. the new "useful idiots" of Socialism.

Anonymous said...

You made a good point yesterday Tancred, about vandalism of
Muslim properties being rare. But today that might change.
Some people in Europe are getting very angry.

Consecrate Russia NOW said...

A suicide in a sacred place is not worse than what takes place in Novus Ordo churches every single day. Sooner or later even the "better" Novus Ordo turns into one of these sacriligious activities: http://pius.info/video/kirchenkrise/7944-tanz-flashmob-in-der-kirche

Now which even do you think offends God more? The suicide of a severely wounded soldier for Truth or the pathetic excuse for a priest in the link I provided? The suicide FOUGHT the Devil. The flash mob priest DANCES for the Devil. At least the man who committed suicide was Catholic. The flash mob Pied Piper to hell is certainly NOT.