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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Bergoglio Receives Award from Jewish Frreemasonic B'Nai B'rith

Bergoglio receives award from the B'nai B'rith 

Edit: this is from TIA.  I haven't seen this anywhere else in Catholic media, and until more Catholic organizations comment unfavorably on these kinds of events, nothing is going to change for the better.

In the photo above, we see the CEO of B'nai B'rith International Daniel S. Mariaschin giving Pope Bergoglio a gold chalice with Jewish inscriptions and symbols. This was a symbolic award to thank Francis for his constant support for this Jewish Masonic organization. This took place during a meeting in the Papal Library when Francis received a delegation of 27 members of that organization on May 30, 2022.

Commenting on the encounter, Mariachin told the Jerusalem Post: “From his years as Cardinal in Buenos Aires until today, Pope Francis has expressed a special interest in furthering Jewish-Catholic relations." He continued, “Our audience with him gave us an opportunity to demonstrate our appreciation for this support, to confirm our shared aspirations for peace and mutual respect." 

 In a formal speech, the president of the Jewish organization Seth Riklin asked for papal support for the Abraham Accords, which is a Jewish initiative to make Arabs recognize the State of Israel. This was an implicit request for the Holy See to exercise its influence over the Middle East Arab countries to accept Israel. This is what B'nai B'rith calls its work for fraternity and peace.


Friday, June 21, 2019

His Satanic Majesty

Edit: another thing that Malachi Martin was right about. I’m wondering, did it really take this long for  Andrew Greeley’s Dead man’s switch to get turned on, or is this from another source? I expect many of the powerful men Greeley claims to have identified as sexual predators are dead.

Meanwhile, what of characters like Bishop Robert Baron who drew so much support and inspiration from Bernardin?

Ht: Vox Cantoris


Saturday, April 27, 2019

Satanic “Church” Recognized by IRS for Tax Exemption

Satanic temple recognized as "church" and tax exempt.

(New York) The satanic temple of Salem in Massachusetts was classified by the federal tax authority as a "church" and thus tax exempt.

Based in Salem, a 40,000-plus city satellite organization, the satellite-host organization recently announced that it has received notification of its new tax status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the US Federal Tax Agency.

As the Temple of Satan also said, the tax exemption will help the organization in the legal battle "against religious discrimination.” The new tax status allows Satanists to apply to public agencies for subsidies granted on the basis of freedom of worship to guarantee them. It could now claim public land as other religious organizations.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) did not comment.

The Temple of Satan claims at the same time to be an "atheistic" union. The members are not devil worshipers. According to their own information, they want to use religious freedom to fight against religion.

However, the image material published on the Facebook page makes this thesis doubtful. Anyone who acts as a Satanist also seems to be a Satanist. On the other hand, it seems correct that the thrust of Satanist activity is anti-Christian.

The organization is responsible for temporarily erecting a Satanic memorial in front of the Capitol of the State of Arkansas to "protest" against the erection of a monument to the Ten Commandments.

Seat of the Satan Temple in Salem with aberrosexual flag.

In Scottsdale, Arizona, the Satanist organization demanded that members of the City Council should be banned from the prayer that traditionally begins each session.

It is "time" that they are recognized by the federal authorities as a "church", as the federal tax authority has just done, the satanists published on the Internet.

Their jubilation is great:

"The Satanic Temple is now the only federally recognized international religious Satanic organization".

Their slogan is:

"Hail Satan!"

Satanist festival in the presence of satanic sculpture.

They moved their seat according to own report to Salem, because a witch trial took place there in 1692.  19 people were executed because of puritanical hysteria for alleged pacts with the devil in the Puritan settlement. The subject has been repeatedly processed in literature since the early 19th century. This connection was brought to collective consciousness, in particular, by Arthur Miller's play The Crucible ("Witch Hunt"), which premiered in 1953. Miller was thus criticizing the defense against Communists by Senator Joseph McCarthy, which he labeled a "witch hunt".

Since then, the topic has been taken up by various authors, directors and programmers in books, films and computer games, with an upward trend in the new century. The city itself takes advantage of the macabre interest in ghost stories or "hidden forces" for tourism. Several witch museums have been set up and special events are offered on Halloween. [Maybe the Puritans were on to something?]

Text: Andreas Becker
Image: Facebook / Satanic Temple (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Friday, August 24, 2018

Guardian Reports of Monastic Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children by Witch Coven

Edit: well, it’s from the Groniad, one of the most evil purveyors of fake news there is. Gee, there’s a lot to unpack [sarcasm, I hate this expreasion] here, and maybe I’ll look at it later, but I noticed that the piece didn’t fail to mention the Irish orphanage with “400 graves” of children run by Ursuline Sisters.

What’s shocking about this is the implication of Satanic rituals. It’s unusual because for years the mainstream press has been denying the existence of ritual abuse. Of course, we never stopped talking about this.

Maybe if we had an Inquisition, we would be less squeamish about rooting out witches.

We thank Randy Engel for this, who says:

Hi Everyone – A few years back I did a series for John Vennari at CFN on the state of female religious orders in the United States with special reference to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR).  I made mention of the active lesbian networks that have taken over a number of these Modernist orders.  I had known about the network  from researching the Rite of Sodomy.  

You might recall that Rome selected a  traditional, competent nun superior  to carry out the 2009-2010 Visitation. In connection with my CFN series, I contacted the superior whose headquarters was in Connecticut . I sent her an e-mail explaining that the lesbian network had to dealt with. But it all came to naught.

The  long-suffering laity quietly paid all the bills for the Visitation which in the long run ended up exonerating LCWR and its leadership.  And the long-suffering Catholic laity was none the wiser for the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on still another papal misadventure. 

Like male homosexuality and pederasty, lesbianism in female religious orders is nothing new. Many saints, male and female, have railed against “particular friendships” down through the ages. 

My experience with activist lesbians, especially lesbian religious like Sister Jeannine Gramick, co-founder of New Ways Ministry who  dominate the Homosexual Collective, is that they are much more aggressive and vicious than their male counterparts. 

Since the McCarrick Affair came to light, I had a passing thought that maybe the Vatican will now be forced to clean out lesbian infested convents and houses of female religious formation along with clerical male homosexual- infested seminaries and male religious orders and dioceses. But, I don’t think that will happen. First Rome would have to face the issue of lesbians and lesbian sexual abuse in female religious orders, and I suspect that it will not want do battle with the more deadly sex of the homosexual species.   Randy Engel
The Guardian:
by Severin Carrell

Scotland editor

Police in Scotland have arrested and charged nuns and a number of other former staff in an investigation into alleged child abuse at a Catholic children’s home.
 The nuns are among 12 people who have been charged by detectives investigating detailed allegations of systematic physical and sexual abuse of children over many decades at Smyllum Park in Lanark.  

 Police Scotland said another four former staff at the Catholic institution would be reported to the Crown Office, Scotland’s prosecution service, later on Thursday.

The force would not release any further details about the identities of those charged or the offences they face, pending final decisions by prosecutors.

“Twelve people, 11 women and one man, ages ranging from 62 to 85 years, have been arrested and charged in connection with the non-recent abuse of children,” it said.
“All are subject of reports to [the] Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal. A further four individuals will be reported today. Inquiries are continuing, it would be inappropriate to comment further.”
 The allegations of abuse at Smyllum Park, including unsubstantiated claims of “satanic” rituals at the home, have been at the centre of a long-running official public inquiry into child sexual abuse at children’s homes in Scotland.

The Scottish child abuse inquiry (SCAI) has been told by former residents that lay staff and nuns at the home, run by the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul until it closed in 1981, repeatedly beat and punched them, verbally abused and humiliated them for wetting beds and left them without food and that some male and female staff sexually abused the children in their care.

It is alleged that at least one child, a boy aged six, died as a result of a severe beating that prevented him from recovering from an infection some days later.

Gregor Rolfe, a lawyer for the Daughters of Charity, told the SCAI last year that one male former member of staff may have sexually abused children whom he took on holidays. Those allegations were reported to nuns but not passed to the police.


Thursday, May 17, 2018

41 Year-old Mother of Six Murdered in Satanic Ritual

In the Honduran capital, a woman's body was found.  According to authorities, she was the victim of a Satanic ritual
(Tegucigalpa) Her name was Lizeth Izguirre Torres. She was 41 years old and mother of six children. Their hometown was the Colonia Smith in the district of El Carrizal in Comayaguela (Distrito Central) in Honduras, Central America. She is the most recent (known) victim of Satanism.
The woman's lifeless body was found in a vacant Corralitos building in Distreto Central.
The corpse sat kneeling in the heel before a kind of altar. There was a dagger in her chest. The whole body was "framed" by inverted crosses. There were clear symbols in the room. 

According to experts, a ritual was performed on the woman, and that of "very competent persons in the matter." The speculations go in the direction of occult, satanic rituals to "supernatural powers" or to gain the "favor of demons."
Tarot cards, black candles and a note with the English text lay next to the woman's corpse:
"With the power that the spirits of darkness have granted me, and for all that they have given me, today I offer my soul to Satan."

The crime scene
Witnesses are said to have seen the woman entering the building with five other people.
According to family members, on the morning of May 5, Lizeth Izaguirre Torres was forcibly dragged into a car and abducted. The vehicle could be identified by the police. The abduction took place in the Colonia Smith of Comayaguela, the hometown of the woman, when she left a grocery store. The body was found in the evening in the Corralitos area, near La Tigra National Park.
Comayaguela in the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa in the Distreto Central. The local people are concerned. Near the crime scene there are several schools, a hotel and restaurants. The municipal authorities were asked by citizens to demolish the building. It used to be a bilingual educational institution. The owner is INPREMA, the National Teachers Training Institute.
The mother leaves six children between the ages of 22 and 4 years.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Consecrated Hosts Stolen for Black Masses?

Theft of consecrated hosts: A wrought-iron crucifix was used as a crowbar to break into the tabernacle.
(Rome) Late in the evening of March 22, consecrated Hosts were stolen in a church in the archdiocese of Ancona-Osimo from the tabernacle. The suspicion also falls upon Satanists. The responsible archbishop made the following statement the very next day:
"With deep sorrow I announce the news that on the evening of March 22, 2018 in the parish church of San Francesco alle Scale, unknown hands broke open the tabernacle and robbed two ciboria with the Most Holy Eucharist. This is a terrible act that insults God most severely and deeply offends the heart of our local church because there is nothing more precious in the Church of God than the Holy Eucharist.  
It is an outrageous act deliberately committed to steal the sacred species and misuse It for who knows what sacrilegious purposes. Anyone who has committed this act has incurred excommunication, from which only the Holy See, because of the particular gravity of the act (excommunication latae sententiae ) according to Canon 1367 CIC, can absolve.  
Our hearts are joined in reparation and adoration to pray for the conversion of those who have insulted our Lord Jesus Christ present in the Most Holy Eucharist. I call on all priests to celebrate Holy Mass this week for the remission of sins and to hold a moment of worship with the community, if possible on Holy Thursday, March 29th. On March 23, at 6 pm, I will celebrate the Holy Eucharist with the local parish in the desecrated parish church and adore  the Blessed Sacrament of the altar to worship the Lord and ask for mercy. May the Immaculate Virgin and the holy church patron be intercessors.
+ Angelo Spina, Archbishop of Ancona-Osimo. "

"The situation is clear"

The archbishop indicated in his statement what some media have stated more clearly: The archdiocese is greatly worried that the apparently, the deliberately targeted robbery of the altar sacrament - otherwise nothing was stolen - could serve satanic purposes. The Corriere Adriatico headline on March 24:

"Breaking in the Church: Black Masses with the Consecrated Hosts"
The exorcist, Don Paolo Sconocchini, shares the same view in an article in the newspaper Il Resto del Carlino of 25 March. The exorcist has no doubts: "The sacrilegious robbery" is aimed at "black Masses at Easter". The Satanists would ape the "Holy Mass but celebrate it backwards." Good Friday and the Easter Vigil are for Satanists the most important moments of the year.

Don Sconocchini is pastor of the Church of St. Charles of Osimo.
"The situation is clear. Since the consecrated hosts have no value for a thief as loot, the perpetrators have a different goal. The Satanists have a teaching that turns our faith upside down. The death hour of the Lord on Good Friday is a moment of joy for the Satanists."

Crucifix as a crowbar

He also said that a wrought-iron crucifix was used as a crowbar to break the tabernacle. The crucifix was badly damaged (see picture). Robbers have their burglary tool with them when they go on a heist. In this particular case, the enemies of the Church are at work who have sacrilegiously planned their crime in detail and pulled it off.

In recent years, there have been no similar incidents in the area.
"But it is an open secret that these groups, committed to the occult, gather in holy sites to celebrate their rites."
Satanism is divided into different directions. Also, the role that Satan plays in the different directions is different. Common to them, however, is the rejection of Christianity and the openness to Satan. This is expressed in their symbolism. For them, the number of the animal is important and positively occupied, the three times repeated "f" (the sixth letter of the alphabet, but also the so-called Nero cross, also known as the death rune, as used by the anti-nuclear and peace movement.

The pastor and exorcist speak of "dark powers that are at work in our time." Every generation has committed sins, but there is a difference "from the generation of our grandparents": "Earlier generations still had a clear idea of ​​good and evil. This distinction is becoming more and more unstable and blurred. "

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Youtube / Ancona Today (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Monday, March 27, 2017

Milan Priest From the Margins Makes "Mano Cornuta" Before Mass

(Rome) An AFP photographer, Giuseppe Cacace, immortalized a bizarre scene on the outskirts of the Pope's visit to Milan: a priest making the mano cornuta. The "horned hand" is considered a rather vulgar gesture in Italy to offend someone else, but it has even wider meanings right down to Satanism.

The "weirdly dressed guy with a colorful newsboy hat" (Corriere della Sera), who presented the Mano cornuta before the beginning of the Holy Mass celebrated by Pope Francis in Milan, is not a satanist who had become part of the priesthood but a priest and is known as Don Luca Raimondi. Don Raimondi, who by his conspicuous attitude "decidedly fell out of the circle of the priests present" (Corriere), is pastor in the diocese of Monza (church province of Milan).

The significance of the disparaging gesture can have numerous meanings. In Italy s a way to tell the other person that his wife / girlfriend is unfaithful to him, put on horns (adultery). The gesture also occurs in the case of a surprise, as a defense against a misfortune or a misfortune.

But the hand gesture is also seen as a satanist greeting, as a gesture of invocation or confession to Satan. Just as common, the Mano cornuta is a scene-typical pose in the hardrock subculture, known there as Devil horns or Metalhand.

Buddhism also knows it in the form of a mudra (hand gesture). This "persecution or deflection gesture" (Karana) has also flowed into yoga. "With the horns of a wild yak, the adept is going against the demon or opponent." This is an intensified "threat gesture" (Tarjana), which is directed against a demon or an opponent only with a raised index finger.

Don Luca Raimondi is considered to be a "priest at the margins". He attends to four parishes of a pastoral unit, which includes three places in Brianza.

Through the publication of the picture with the unusual gesture and the following storm of indignation, he saw himself forced to make an explanation. Yesterday the priest justified it to his faithful during Holy Mass with a story so unbelievable that he would have better saved it.

The short version: It was an hour before the beginning of the Mass. There was a cheerful, cheerful mood. It happened  in the priest's block. Then, on the cell phone, a woman called to him, who from a distance reserved for the faithful, motioned to him, joked with him about his newsboy hat, and said she wanted to have it. He had said no, and that with the raised index finger. When the woman insisted, he had then raised his pinky finger to say no. "These are the risks of communication," Don Raimondi said. Whoever believes it. Even if the story were accurate, the question would remain unanswered, as a priest loosely and without any connection, forms a hand to Mano cornuta.

"More importantly, I brought 200 people to Milan," said Don Luca. He had only raised the sleeves of  chasuble beforehand because of the "heat". A "cheerful, open mood," was ruling over the place, the priest said. It was just a "joking gesture." The AFP photo, however, does not seem to confirm this.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Monday, January 30, 2017

Exorcist: "I wish that one day a Great Exorcism will be carried out in the Vatican."

(Rome / Madrid) Father Gabriel Amorth, who died in September 2016, was severely criticized when he repeatedly said in interviews that there were satanic sects in the Vatican. Now another exorcist, "I wish that one day a Great Exorcism will be carried out in the Vatican."
In January 2008, Father Amorth said in an interview of Alexander Smoltczyk for the weekly magazine Der Spiegel :
"There are satanic sects in the Vatican. You can not see them. But there are."
Criticism of this statement also came from other exorcists. Father Amorth was exorcist of the diocese of Rome from 1986 until his death. From 1992 he was even the main exorcist in the diocese of the Pope (see Father Gabriele Amorth, the main exorcist of Rome, is dead - 30 years in the fight against the devil ).
Now Father Amorth was indirectly affirmed by another exorcist. Don Antonio Fortea, also priest and exorcist, said in an interview to the Spanish edition of Newsweek :
"I hope that one day a Great Exorcism will be carried out in the Vatican."
Don Fortea himself has already led aseveral large exorcisms . In one even "a cardinal" also took part.
The Spanish Don Antonio Fortea was ordained priest for the diocese of Alcalá de Henares in 1994. In the following years he devoted himself mainly to demonology. In 1998 he completed his studies of theology and Church history at the Facultad de Teología de Comillas with the work "The Exorcism in our time." When confronted in the course of his pastoral work as a priest with "problems of demonic nature", he deepened his studies on the subject and was awarded a doctorate at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum  in Rome with a thesis on "Theological problems of exorcism practice."
He developed his own form for the Great Exorcism, which is directed against the presence of demons in certain places, buildings or even whole cities. This form is not approved by the Vatican, according to his own account. This is true, but it is more important, if it is not "forbidden" by the Vatican or any other ecclesiastical authority, specifies Don Fortea. There had so far been no Church complaint. Even a Cardinal had participated in such a Great Exorcism. He is always willing to defend this form before the competent authority.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pope Francis About "Freemasons, Hardcore Anticlericals, Satanists" - Which the Media Hasn't Reported

(Rome) When Pope Francis recently visited the  Shroud of Turin, he also paid a visit on June 21st to the Great Mother House of the Salesian order in  Valdocco. In the Basilica of Maria Auxiliatrix the parent company a meeting  took place between the Pope and the Salesians to commemorate on  2015 the 200th year of the birth of its founder, St. John Bosco, who is buried in the basilica. That same evening a meeting  followed with the youth on the central Piazza Vittorio in Turin. What the Pope said has not found its way into the mainstream media. He spoke namely about "Masonic, hardcore anticlericals and Satanists".
Pope Francis also spoke to the youth about the epoch in which the holy Founder lived. Upon that the head of Catholic Church, explained that at the end of the 19th century Turin was a center of Freemasonry and Satanism. The Pope said:

Pope Francis talks about the esoteric network of Freemasonry

"In this country in the late 19th century  were the worst conditions for  growing youth: this part of Italy was full of Masons, even the Church could not do anything, it was full of diehard anti-clericals and even Satanists. That was one of the ugliest moments in the history of Italy."  A clear reference to the esoteric network of Freemasonry.
Pope Francis at the grave of St. John Bosco
However, this dark chapter of history said the Pope presented a surprisingly large number of saints who appeared at the same time in Turin and Piedmont. The appearance of the saints Francis contrasted in direct connection with the massive presence of Freemasonry, the anticlericalism and of Satanism. The increased incidence of saints was the answer. "If you want to do a nice piece of homework, then look at how many saints were born in this period! Why? Because they knew that they had to swim against the current of the culture, that lifestyle. [...] Remember the saints of this country and what they have done! "
As the Pope talked to the youth he said  the same previously the Salesians in Valdocco. He described Turin as "the center of the Satanists.  But how many saints have occurred! "However, this point is not included in the official text of the speech of the Pontiff, which was held in the Basilica Maria Auxiliatrix.

The Encounter with the Waldenses

The Pope did not mention the Waldensians  in his speeches. A part of the descendants of the "Masonic and hardcore anti-clericals", were the Waldensian pastors Teofilo Gay, Carlo Alberto Tron and Matteo Prochet to name a few, whom he met the next morning in Turin Waldensian Temple. In his address to the Waldensians, Pope Francis spoke  conversely neither of the dark chapter in Italian history nor the saints that have occurred, however. Even Saint Don Bosco was not mentioned in "his" city.
There was a reason: committed Masons and anticlericals had converted in the 19th century to the Waldenses  as "true Christians" to demonstrate their opposition to the Catholic Church. Among the Freemasons and anticlericals of Turin were numerous Waldensians, who even sought after the life of St. John Bosco.
Freemasons and Waldensians: Meeting on 100th Anniversary of the Grand Orient of Italy (2008)
In an article published in the 2007 Book 1  Antonio Panaino is quoted as saying: "[...] in the Grand Orient we Protestants, Catholics, some Muslims, many Jews, many Waldensians (...)". Paiano is not only Professor of Iranian Studies at the University of Bologna, but also a leading proponent of Grand Orient of Italy (Grande Oriente d'Italia) and scientific director of the Masonic magazine Hiram.
Relations between Waldensians and Freemasons are so close that the Grand Orient in 2008 conducted a meeting at the Waldensian University in Rome for its 100th anniversary  and among whom was one of the deans of the Waldensian Faculty of Theology among the speakers. As an aside it is noted that the meeting was held symbolically on 20 September, the day of the conquest of the Papal States.
For "dark chapter" about which  Pope  Francis spoke, was this open struggle of the Waldensian, Freemasons, anticlericals and Satanists  in the area against the Catholic Church. Against them were a number of saints, among whom St. John Bosco stands out.

Waldensian and Freemasonry: Abolition and Suppression of the Catholic Church

The Piedmont Waldenses took part in the anti-Catholic unrest from 1796 with the arrival of the French revolutionary troops, until 1870, the end of the liberal-Masonic-run Italian unification. According to historians, the first tangible contact between Waldensians and Freemasonry took place in 1787 in Turin. At that time, the Danish theologian and Freemason Friedrich Münter and the Waldensian Pastor Pietro Geymet met. Geymet was the lodge  founder.
Leading Waldensians, including the historian Giorgio Spini and his son Valdo, who coincidentally bore  the name of the founder of the Waldensian Peter Valdes, were also main representatives of the anti-clerical left and secularism. They supported each anticlerical law vehemently, like those abolishing all orders and confiscation of all monasteries and orders' goods through the new state. Some historians see it as an understandable "revenge". However, considering the overall historical context, it becomes clear that their intentions go much further beyond. The attitude of the Waldensians aimed to the de-Catholicization of Italy, and even on the abolition and suppression of the Catholic Church.

Waldensian Pastor 1870 Present at Storming of Rome  - with his dog "Pionono"

Pope kisses Waldensian Bible (Turin 2015)
As at September 20, 1870, Italian troops at Porta Pia had struck a breech in the walls of Rome and entered the city, a Waldensian pastor was there in the frontline. So great was the hatred of the Papal States, which he wished would be eliminated.
The Waldensian Pastor Luigi Ciari took his dog with him in penetrating the Eternal City, whom he had called for contempt "Pionono" after the then reigning Pope Pius IX. He carried Waldensian Bibles on a cart, as a work of "Liberation", with whom he attempted to spread protestantism among  the Romans, saying he wanted to "liberate it from the thousand years of darkness of Popish tyranny."  
The "heroic deeds" of the Risorgimento, imprisoned en masse, deported or killed bishops and priests, committed  thousands of arbitrary acts against the Catholic laity, the real anti-Catholic racism with which the new Kingdom of Italy treated its Catholic population, particularly in southern Italy and in Venice, must not be neglected at this point. The persecution of Catholics under the former Masonic-anticlerical state doctrine continues to act in a highly distanced attitude of Italians towards their country today.

Francis knows the story and yet sat on the first step

Pope Francis gave the Salesians and the young people to understand that he knows the historical context in the area accurately  that is the place of origin of his family. Nevertheless, when meeting with the Waldensians all this went unmentioned. Instead, the Pope generously took their hand. He spoke a mea culpa , in which he apologized for everything that was done by Catholics throughout history Waldenses.
That  the Pope unsolicited, kissed the Waldensian Bible, brings another in a series of unsuccessful, spontaneous papal gestures towards  other faiths that give rise to endless discussions for several decades. Even the words to the Salesians and the young people on the one hand and the Waldensian other hand reveals   a certain lack of consistency.
Thus   the Pope began on the first step. A step that has not been reciprocated by the Waldensians. Instead, the official Waldensian representative called in his speech to the Pope in Turin  he spoke of   "Eucharistic communion" with the Catholic Church "regardless of the interpretation of the Sacrament."

Waldensians Respond Triumphalistically with Unacceptable Demands

In addition to the self-humiliation of the Pope who asked for forgiveness, the Waldensian arrogance emerged even more clearly. Some things do not seem to change in history. The present Waldensians indeed  hail from  Peter Valdes, but since the 16th century it is largely a Calvinist sect. According to their interpretation, the miracle of transubstantiation doesn't depend on God, it depends on the subjective fideistic faith. Whether the Catholic believes or not,  the miracle is reality,  while the Waldensian does not believe, for him it is not reality. For the Catholic Church, where the transubstantiation is subject  neither to a desire nor to the projection of the fideistic subjectivism of the individual, this is an unacceptable position. For them, the Transubstantiation is an objective reality that is wrought by the Lord, the eternal high priest according to  the order of Melchizedek, which everyone can perceive with their senses and verify the various Eucharistic miracles.
It amazes therefore the ease with which the Protestant side  makes demands, thus violating the limits of ecumenism.  The meeting in the Turin Waldensian Temple was yet another example of this.
Against this background, it is also understandable what the well-known Catholic writer Vittorio Messori has written about his "beloved" Turin, where he lived for a long time: Turin shows the wounds even in the map that goes back to the development and city planning of the Freemasons, the order of the esoteric and initiatory symbolism shows the reverence that is in use among Freemasons. Likewise, when the Catholic philosopher of law and writer Luigi Copertino recalled that in the late 19th century Turin was a "center of Satanism."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Mil / Osservatore Romano / Udite (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Vatican Participates in Satanic Art Exhibition to "Dialog"

Giacomo Grosso - The Supreme Meeting - 1895
Edit: came across mention of the Venice Bienalle which is featuring artists which have been "sponsored" by the Vatican in the Guardian two days ago.  Since then, Father Ray Blake has given a fairly unenthusiastic review.  The Vatican is spending 750,000 Euro on this exhibition which features masters of decadence like Courboursier, and the money being spent (granted, from independent sources), features modern forms of self-expression which are difficult to credit with actually being art.  What's even more frightening is that Cardinal Ravasi plans on encouraging the increasing involvement of these immoral expressions in Church settings.  It's easy to see that the Cardinal has little appreciation for the incompatibility these expressions have with the Church's message, as reported in The Independent:
AC & Frieda Harris - Thoth Tarot "the devil" - Artwork exhibited at the Venice Biennale

"Our presence at the Biennale is the first step in a long journey that involves not only the building of churches in a contemporary style, but the creation of new liturgical objects," Cardinal Ravasi said. He confirmed that contemporary artists will be paid to design new altars, baptismal fonts, tabernacles and lecterns. [God help us]
Among his favourite architects, he said, are the Spanish Santiago Calatrava and the Japanese Tadao Ando, as well as past Modernist masters, Le Corbusier and Alvar Aalto. "We will get artists from all continents involved and in particular we need women artists; they have another language." A plan to fill one of the rooms of the pavilion in Venice with work by the Colombian-born sculptor Doris Salcedo, featuring flowers of the Amazon, was thwarted by incessant rain over the last week in the Italian city, he said.
It's difficult, moreover, to justify the Church's involvement in such an event, particularly in light of the overt Satanic dimensions of the Bienalle, which has been typically hostile to Catholicism in the past, is no less so now that the Vatican has decided to participate.  Blogger  Francesco Colafemmina at Fides et Forma blog actually points out the diabolical nature of the event by the presence of Tarot Cards designed by Aleister Crowley, whose name he only abbreviates as AC, so evil is this man's reputation. Colafemmina writes:

In this capacity, however, the Biennale will host some tarot cards painted by C.and Frieda Harris.  I quote the statement of the Ordo Templi Orientis (the entity created by AC esoteric initiation) published on its website:
"The international headquarters of the OTO and the Warburg Institute organized the inclusion of nine paintings of the Thoth Tarot (Thoth tarot cards NDT) of AC and Frieda Harris. [...] The Biennale is the first occasion on which he so many paintings of the Tarot will be exposed to the public for such a long period - about 5 months.  The participation at the Biennale has reached 400,000 viewers, so this occasion will be a way to introduce Thoth Tarot at a wide and sophisticated audience. We would like to thank Massimiliano Gioni and his assistant-curator Helga Just Christoffersen for the inclusion of the works, and the Warburg Institute, for having made possible the loan of works. It also adds that this year's Biennale includes works by two other  Thelemite painters (the pseudo-religion): Harry Smith and Xul Solar. "
I wonder, quite simply, how the Holy See may once again justify its  presence  in a similar measure from the decadent taste and irreverent fin de siècle. We are mutatis mutandis at the same level of 1895, the Patriarch Sarto Interdict, when the Biennale hosted the work of Giacomo Grosso "The Supreme Meeting." [Except fin de siècle artists were actually talented.] Set in a Church, it showed a girlie spread on a coffin ... After more than a century, we are still at the same point. But the struggle has become more thin, overtly occult, esoteric and ambiguous communications relaxations by a Vatican preaching more or less good and falling badly, very badly indeed.

For our part, we remember meeting ++Ravasi a few years ago at an art event associated with a certain decadent Basilica which features the same kinds of diabolical associations.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Church Desecration in France -- Consecrated Hosts stolen from the Tabernacle in Vienne

(Vienne) in the French city of Vienne, there was a sacrilege. The parish of Naintré the tabernacle was broken into during the night from Sunday to Monday. The perpetrator or perpetrators forced entry into the Church and stole two consecrated Hosts from the tabernacle which served for Eucharistic adoration. The perpetrators broke most of the radial parts of the monstrance. They then set off in search of other consecrated hosts in another tabernacle in a side chapel, in which, however, no Most Holy Sacrament of the altar was reserved.

The pastor lamented that the media have not even taken note of the blasphemous sacrilege. "If someone had laid hands on a mosque, all would have been screaming for a media scandal. But what of it when it happens to a Catholic Church? ", As L'Observatoire de la Christianophobia reported. Satanists are suspected as the perpetrators.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: L'Observatoire de la Christianophobia\
Translated: Tancred

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sacrament Stolen From Tabernacle -- Satanists are Suspected

(Milan) In Missaglia in the Italian Archdiocese of Milan (Lombardy) unknown individuals violently forced their way into the parish church of San Vittore.  This church has the designation of a Papal Basilica Minor. They broke into the tabernacle and stole the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  Otherwise they took some sacramental upbeats, among them a bronze cross, a small shrine and the door of the tabernacle.

There is a weighty suspicion that the perpetrators were either acting for or were Satanists, because besides the Sacrament no valuable objects were stolen.  The object of the act was clearly the body of Christ.

Pastor and Community are horrified: “The financial damage is the least, only the door of the tabernacle door which was ripped off, had any clear value.  Most horrible is the sacrilege, the profanation of the Blessed Sacrament.  The perpetrators took with them what was most valuable for the faithful, the consecrated body of Christ.  An act, which is difficult to discuss and has wounded us deeply”, said Pastor Albino Mandelli.

The crimes took place on the 5th of April in the morning and was discovered by the sacristan.  The Diocesan authorities were immediately informed.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Dekanat Missaglia Link to Katholisches...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sect Expert Discusses Pedophilia and Violence in Satanic Cults

Cult expert Brigitte Hahn: "We need a much greater awareness of the issue." By Andreas Otto (KNA) 

Münster ( / KNA) The Münster sect expert Brigitte Hahn warns of the danger by Satanists. In their ceremonies they would expose children to extreme sexual and other violence, says the head of the "Working Group Ritual Violence” of the dioceses Essen, Münster and Osnabrück on Monday in an interview with the Catholic News Agency (KNA) in Munster. She called for a much greater awareness of the issue.

KNA: Ms. Hahn, you have a few days before a major conference on organized satanic cults.  Because of strong demand many experts could not attend. How widespread is the problem? 
Hahn: There are no solid figures, but substantial evidence. In 2005 there were less than 1,000 psychotherapists covered by health insurance in Münster and Dortmund were questioned. 120 have reported  clients who have had experiences with Satanic rituals. Polls in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland gave similar responses. My findings are based on numerous exit questionaires.

KNA: What happens when the rituals? 
Hahn: The sect regards itself as a chosen race and an elite society that worships Satan. All the rituals are done in his honor. The focus is on  violence, the more suffering and violence someone endures, the closer you are to Satan. According to this ideology, there are ceremonies in which children suffer extremes of sexual and other violence.

KNA: That sounds more like pedophilia and sexual excesses that are ideologically exaggerated ... 
Hahn: First and foremost it is about the ideology around Satan. Their business involves the sect but with illegal actions. They offer their children for sexual use and participate in drug and human trafficking. In addition to the enormous sums earned there, the sect offers the opportunity to blackmail the customers and bring them into their hand.

KNA: When and where are satanic rituals? 
Hahn: Preferably at night in private homes, castles and forests. And unfortunately, they are trying to use as churches.

KNA: How can you tell Satanists? 
Hahn: They tend not to openly reveal themselves and  hide behind a totally bourgeois existence.

KNA: Are the children found out in day care and schools? 
Hahn: Even the children will be coached to not talk about the sect. But symptoms may indicate a Satanic background: High absenteeism, fatigue, confused impression, forgotten things, bruising or a sexualized behavior. The crux: With such distinctive peculiarities, the parents, who may be members of the sect must intervene, according to the law. The sect retains absolute control over the children. The effect is that the children are punished horribly - and if they still continue to remain conspicuous, from kindergarten they are withdrawn or simply enrolled into another school.

CBA: Are there any missionary efforts? 
Hahn: Most people seeking advice were born into the sect. Moreover, there are children, adolescents and adults who have been recruited. An example from my consulting work: A teenager was approached on the football team, moving first to small offenses and later to serious crimes up to the killing of a person.

KNA: What can one do against such sects? 
Hahn: Above all, we need a much greater awareness of the issue. Many in the field of social worker come into contact with people who report on ritual violence. Satanic sects in the destruction of our democratic-Christian value system is the target. Therefore, all social entities are required to take  action. Even the Church. We need the political will to investigate these reports. For dropouts from these sects, we need expert therapists and doctors, qualified accommodation and trained police officers.

KNA: Why is the Catholic Church in great demand? 
Hahn: The Catholic Church has  extensive outreach for the help for runaways and dropouts. Chaplains, volunteers, social workers, doctors, psychologists and counselors already support dropouts in many ways. Moreover, the Catholic Church is a particular target of Satanic sects. Our values ​​like charity, compassion, human dignity and the protection of human rights are to be destroyed. The satanic sects steal communion wafers, chalices and other sacred items. They are desecrated by being used in heinous acts. 

CBA: How do Satanists spread their ideology? 
Hahn: There are books available in bookstores and lots of information on the Internet. And in the sects themselves, members learn what they have to have to do. They learn that being the "Highest" the deputy of Satan, they have to obey absolutely.

CBA: Is there a way out of the cult? 
Hahn: Yes, there is a way out. Dropouts just need a good social environment and many professional people to accompany this difficult path and not to get confused by relapses. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Satanic Graffiti Found on St. Paul Cathedral

Editor: Once upon a time churches throughout the Western world were open, often all night long, no matter where you were. You could often find in the late hours, the succour of the confessional and the peaceful glow of flickering beeswax candles under the watchful gaze of Christ, His Mother and the Saints.

Truly, it's difficult to say that the late Twentieth Century's been much of an improvement, the hearts of men have grown colder and more brutal in the encroaching darkness of this age.

Are the police considering this a "hate crime"? It would be embarrassing to invoke such things as the Archbishop or his staff.

[KMSP, Minneapolis-St. Paul] The graffiti is gone, but the questions remain after satanic symbols were found on the Cathedral of St. Paul over the weekend.

Police say someone spray-painted white upside down crosses on five of the six main doors to the church off of Summit Avenue.

The incident occurred sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning.

Police are continuing to investigate.

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H/t: Stella Borealis

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hell's Procession: Spain

Editor:  As a child, I fell into a deep sleep after eating sweets, rich sweet creme cheese dainties, frosted with glistening quartz sugar, gingerbread men as large as small dogs, and slender cones filled with ice scream as tall as Cathedral spires while I listened all the while to tales that hadn't been sanitized by our authorities about dark castles, impenetrable enchanted forests and the dark things that moved the human heart to do terrible things from our gramophone in the smi-darkness of my childhood home.  Falling asleep, I was transported near a place not too far from my home on the edge of a river, where red Indians hunted their game in the summer and the sleepy oaks had seen the coming and going of hundreds of years.  As I walked along the road, I saw low fire ahead of me in the garden yard of a very small cottage, the kind in which an old widow might be spending her years to see a single dark figure sitting there, its wavering giant shadow cast rhythmically against the worn front of the tired old house which was more of a picturesque shed.  Its disrepair was clear even in the faint firelight, the only light which shone in the darkness of the neighborhood, the eves of the tall, elegant homes surrounding, visible against the faint stars of a moonless sky in the sepulchral silence.

Everything was silent, except for the gentle simmering of the fire over which stood another brazier, filled with red coals and the silent figure standing watch over it.  It was completely enrobed in black and I could see no face against the faint light of the coals and it made no movement or sign of recognition as I said, "hello".  Out of the darkness, I could hear the footsteps and hushed whispering of a very large throng of people moving up the street beyond, a joyless procession of lone voices occasionally called out from it, some I even recognized, a hopeless throng with occasional cries of despair, marching to or from the pit as it seemed.   I could even hear the voices of friends against the dark slump of hundreds of shapes lurching slowly forward, a weird procession of Hell it seemed. . Then I awoke and went to school, but never forgot the dream, even writing down in case my memory would change it in some way.

It comes to my mind after having read this passage on Arturo Vasquez's folk Catholicism blog, about a decadent who died in an accident in the street where he was struck by a garbage truck in the morning light as he stumbled from a brothel, an unconfessed, and lifelong débauché,, he has become for the increasingly irreligious majority of Spain a kind of anti-Saint, and his procession competes with the official one, according to Vasques. It is, a procession from and to Hell and it struck a chord which reminded me of the procession of my childhood dream so long ago.

Probably one of the more unique stories in the Spanish speaking world during holy week, this is a procession done on the night of Holy Thursday in commemoration of the tragic death of one of Leon’s most infamous clients of the bars and whorehouses there, Genaro Blanco Blanco, later known as San Genarín. At dawn on Holy Thursday, 1929, while completely drunk, Genaro was hit by the first garbage truck of the day while relieving himself on a wall. A few of his friends (later known as the “Evangelists) deeply appreciative of having known this bon vivant and figure on the bohemian scene of Leon, decided to have their own procession the next Holy Thursday, 1930, in which they went to all of the bars and whorehouses that Genaro once frequented. The legend then grew to include miracles attributed to “San Genarín”, such as a person being cured of a kidney ailment and a miraculous goal for the home team in an important game. The numbers in the annual procession grew until 1957, when it was banned by the fascist authorities, some say because it had more participants than the religious one.

After a twenty year hiatus, the processions began again, and continue to this day. They are complete with torches, statues of the people involved in the historical events, couplets celebrating the life of the “saint”, and offerings at the site of death. It is perhaps the only example that I know of where militant secularists have their own procession to rival the Catholic ones of Holy Week.

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