Sunday, January 12, 2014

Neo-Nazi Antifa Claim Responsibility for Burning Churches: Freiburg Prosecutor Can't be Bothered

Antifa gloat about burning churches and targeting their organs, which are often made from irreplaceable parts, a tremendous cultural loss, not to mention the works of art contained within the churches themselves.

I can't even round up the usual suspects on
this one.

Freiburg ( / idea)  With undisguised sympathy, the radical leftist group "Autonome Antifa Freiburg" reported arson attacks on churches in South Baden. On their website it says: "In Eimeldingen (in Lörrach) there was a fire on 26 November where the organ completely destroyed without the flaming rascal getting caught. In Uhlingen, birch village (near Waldshut) a sympathetic arsonist caused tremendous damage to the organ of the Catholic parish church of St. Margaret. " These crimes have been designated by the Antifa as "blessed acts" and were "in the spirit of Pope John XXIII", who once said: "Tradition means: guard the fire, do not keep the ashes." The police have received several references to the glorification of crime, said a spokesman for the Freiburg Prosecutor on request of the Protestant news agency idea.

It is being investigated whether they could bring criminal proceedings against the authors. "Tasteless publication" is still not a criminal offense. Similar reports had already been spread by the "Antifa". Two years ago, the prosecutor had come to the view that it constitutes "a tasteless publication," which, however, is "not criminally relevant". There was no request for a specific identifiable offense. The mention of institutions such as "the Church" or church buildings is not sufficient as a criminal offense.[What if they'd said Mosque or Jewish Schul?]

Moreover, it was not possible to determine the unknown author of the publication. According to police reports, the page is of an autonomous Antifa originating from an Icelandic company was made ​​available. A request for mutual legal assistance the prosecutor appears to be hopeless. Just because the "antifa" appears to have used a Freiburger info store as a contact, does not mean that this is responsible for the content of the message, said the Prosecutor's office.

Edit:  Well, it's a good thing they're not burning Synagogues and Mosques! Some will remember that Federal authorities were moving heaven and earth to find the identity of those responsible for, after the German speaking world's #1 Catholic website ridiculed an aberrosexual entertainer after he died.

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Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

The Traditionaphobia (Truthaphobia) continues.

jon pressley said...

Antifa are scum. They need to be hunted like dogs and exterminated. Not protected like they are in Germany, France, or England. I cant say I feel bad that a number of them have turned up dead recently in Europe.

jon pressley said...

Unfortunately the title of the story might lead people to believe that Antifa, or "anti-fascist action" are nationalists. They are not. They are leftist, red scum