Friday, December 20, 2013

Vandalism Against Catholic Symbols in Westphalia

Northern Westphalia: 40 crosses and statues destroyed.

Münster ( / idea)
A series of attacks against Christian symbols there has taken place in recent weeks in northern Westphalia: The  Münster police have registered since September a total of 40 cases in which religious statues, had the head was chopped off, bent or burned crosses and shrines and chapels were destroyed. This was announced by the press officer of the Münster police, Angela Lüttmann, on request, to the Protestant news agency Idea.


We assume that it is part of a series and thus a single  offender. There are no leads presently. It could be that the perpetrators acted out of pure destruction. It is also possible that they had religious reasons and therefore wanted to express their displeasure about Christianity. Since it is not inconceivable that it was about religiously motivated crime, Time determined and the state protection. Affected by the attacks are Ibbenbueren, Saerbeck, Hoerstel, Hopsten, Mettingen, Tecklenburg and Rheine.

 In most cases, there had been  roadside crosses on private property, according to the police spokeswoman. But it has also affected the Catholic St. Barbara's Church in Ibbenbüren-Dickenberg. There, standing on the church square is a statue of Saint Barbara, who is also the patron saint of miners, was beheaded. The vicar Paul Greiwe told Idea that he had never experienced this level of vandalism in such a short time. As the Münster State People's Daily (Rheine) reported that students of Ludgeri school in Mettingen (at Ibbenbüren) put a sign up against the destruction: They made ​​crosses during religious instruction and they hung them on  an undamaged procession house and wrote: "This is illegal. Stop with the vandalism. "

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Lynda said...

The Devil and his demons are roaming and acting freely. Many people are doing their bidding. Meanwhile the Church acts as if nothing serious happening - which is all part of Devil's work. Let us pray for each other, the Church and the world.