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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Chile: Leftists Occupy and Desecrate a Church During Student Protests

Demonstrations against the education policy degenerate into anti-Christian vandalism.

Santiago de Chile ( KNA) In Chile unknown masked individuals have stormed a Catholic church on the outskirts of Santiago in the course of student unrest on Thursday. Video recordings show demonstrators bringing the cross with the figure of Christ from the church and destroying it on the open road.

Chilean Interior Minister Mario Fernandez denounced the riots. Such vandalism has nothing to do with freedom of expression. The images of destruction were cause for anger and protest in the social networks. In all of Chile, thousands of students took to the streets on Thursday to protest against the education policy of the government.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Abortion Fanatics Attack Midnight Mass in Spain

(Madrid) Leftist abortionists and feminists disrupted a Midnight Mass in Spain on Christmas night to demand "full and free abortion". The incident took place in the parish church of San Felix in Sabadell near Barcelona.
The abortion fanatics wanted to act as Herodians and chose therefore targeted the Creche, in which the birth of Jesus is celebrated. As the antithesis of the happy birth of a child, and specifically of the Redeemer, they demanded "full and free abortion". They interrupted the Sacred Liturgy with a banner and chant. The church vandals and anti-Catholic "action" was videotaped and posted on the Internet. The sacrilege was conducted by  the "Anti-Sexist collective of Sabadell."  The video was published  on the website "Justa Revolta". About 50 pro-abortion invaded the church during the Mass, shouting slogans for abortion and against the Church. The "action" was described by the attackers as a "reaction" to the "capitalist, patriarchal and Catholic offensive."
The Mass was interrupted by the  disruption for fifteen minutes. Even before the arrival of the police the Mass attendees urged the vandals with their placards out of the church. Outside the church, abortion advocates continued with their chants.

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