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Friday, December 20, 2013

Vandalism Against Catholic Symbols in Westphalia

Northern Westphalia: 40 crosses and statues destroyed.

Münster ( / idea)
A series of attacks against Christian symbols there has taken place in recent weeks in northern Westphalia: The  Münster police have registered since September a total of 40 cases in which religious statues, had the head was chopped off, bent or burned crosses and shrines and chapels were destroyed. This was announced by the press officer of the Münster police, Angela Lüttmann, on request, to the Protestant news agency Idea.


We assume that it is part of a series and thus a single  offender. There are no leads presently. It could be that the perpetrators acted out of pure destruction. It is also possible that they had religious reasons and therefore wanted to express their displeasure about Christianity. Since it is not inconceivable that it was about religiously motivated crime, Time determined and the state protection. Affected by the attacks are Ibbenbueren, Saerbeck, Hoerstel, Hopsten, Mettingen, Tecklenburg and Rheine.

 In most cases, there had been  roadside crosses on private property, according to the police spokeswoman. But it has also affected the Catholic St. Barbara's Church in Ibbenbüren-Dickenberg. There, standing on the church square is a statue of Saint Barbara, who is also the patron saint of miners, was beheaded. The vicar Paul Greiwe told Idea that he had never experienced this level of vandalism in such a short time. As the Münster State People's Daily (Rheine) reported that students of Ludgeri school in Mettingen (at Ibbenbüren) put a sign up against the destruction: They made ​​crosses during religious instruction and they hung them on  an undamaged procession house and wrote: "This is illegal. Stop with the vandalism. "

Trans: Tancred


Monday, June 4, 2012

Germany: Faithful Priest Cancels Nuptial Mass

"In such an atmosphere I can't celebrate Mass."

A pastor in the Diocese of Munster was not prepared to conduct a marriage  for a Godless public to play along with a show-Mass.

(  On June 1st a certain Irene Stock spread a blatant propaganda article against Pastor Heio Weishaupt.

Fr. Weishaupt is a pastor in a Catholic community of 38,000 population city Haltern am See in the Diocese of Munster.

In any event he celebrated his 25th priestly jubilee -- and was praised and celebrated by his community.

Emotions Instead of Facts

The emotionally drenched article by Miss Stock put emotions in the place of facts.

Fr. Weishaupt had "simply cancelled" a wedding Mass on the Saturday before last in the Sixtus Kirche.

This turned the "most beautiful day" in the life of a Halterner bride and groom into a "nightmare" -- howled the woman.

The pair were a Gladbecker grade school teacher with ecclesiastical responsibilities as a Catholic religious instructor and an active soccer player from Hamm-Bossendorf.

The priest refused the wedding party Communion and cancelled Holy Mass.

Erratic Allegations

Miss Stock's allegations against Fr. Weishaupt are erratic and chaotic.

The pastor supposedly "deliberately refused to use the microphone".  In that way he was hardly understood by community.

To start with the celebration by Fr. Weishaupt had been clearly "indignant",  because those present "were not participating".

The text for the marriage vows had been placed on the altar so that the bride could hardly read them.

The pastor announced "before the Eucharistic celebration" that he could not give out Holy Communion, "because she didn't go to Church".

He also -- supposedly -- gave no "concluding blessing".

"Very little interest"

Miss Stock didn't make any effort to hear the other side.

This was caught up on the website ''.

"I went to the celebration in a good mood and a sense of inner peace" -- said the clergyman concerned  according to the site:

"As I noticed the very little real interest in singing, responses and liturgical actions, my emotions were on a carousel."

Unnecessary Apology

For that reason he addressed the Godless present at the concluded wedding with the following words:

"The most important thing in this hour has happened, that the bride pair has received the sacrament of matrimony.  I also take it as true that what has taken place here is very unfamiliar to many here.  That isn't an accusation, that's the way it simply is.  I can not celebrate Holy Mass in such an atmosphere."

For that reason he concluded the wedding liturgy following the intercessory prayers, prayers for peace and final blessing.

Father Weishaupt has written the married couple in the mean time to apology -- it remains unclear why.

The pair has accepted his apology.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blasphemy: German Parish Displays Pornographic "Art"

Diocese of Münster:  The hate of the Conciliar Sect in the Church is put on display -- it shows itself in sexual depravity and an aversion to the holy.  In the Diocese of the Lion, no less..

(, Münster) From the 26th of February to the 15th of April a pornography expedition was held in the church of St. Erpho in Münster, Westphalia.

The pornography expedition bore the misleading title "Between Caritas and Eros -- Love".

Really Infamous

One of the church sponored "paintings" features a woman raising her shirt to reveal her bare breasts that's been smeared on an old Mass book.  The page on which this is done is August 9th, the Feast of St. John Vianney.

Women are portrayed as playthings in various nakedly erotic themes in sick sex fantasies.  Of course, you can bet that the argument against philistinism will be employed.

Kreuznet goes into some detail about the various paintings and has pictures at its website, they are clearly pornographic and blasphemous.

It's one thing when those who are not Catholic mock our beliefs, but it's especially incredible when those who are sworn to defend and declare the Catholic Faith, as clearly the pastor of this parish was sworn to do, promote such blasphemy themselves.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bishop of Münster Lampoons 500,000 Earthquake Victims

Editor: the Primate of Belgium hasn't been the only one to make these comparisons between the sex-abuse hoax and natural disasters.  This Prelate, in the See of the Great von Galen, is licking the boots of Masonic journalists and helping to discredit the Church.

Msgr Felix Genn must, according to his mad sayings, apologize to the victims in Pakistan and Haiti -- and demonstrate that he has come back to his senses.

( On the 23rd of December Bishop Felix Genn (60) of Munster was interviewed by the German internet site, 'Der Westen'. The site delegated journalists Rudiger Oppers and Thomas Runker.

 Rüdiger Oppers (50) is the 'Chief Director of the New Ruhr / New Rhein Zeitung' and the Chancellor of the Grand Priory of Europe in the ecumenical hospital order.

Up until December 2007 he was associate Grand Master of the German Freemasons.

Since this didn't bring him to Grand Master, he resigned his office.

The homosexually distrubed German politician Guido Westerwelle dubbed him as "the most beautiful Journalist in Germany" in 2008.

 The Bishop Cracks Up

In an interview with the Bishop it was of first importance, therefore, to make a celebration of the rare abuses in a Church context.

Msgr Genn rose to the occasion with: "Yes -- and there we still weren't completely gone topsy-turvey" --  he let himself catch on that the local Bishop wanted the to exploit the abuse hysteria for a long time as work therapy.

The Bishop held forth with madnesses such as the following:  The abuse cases "have destroyed lives, like actual natural catastrophes, like in Haiti or Pakistan."

By the January earthquake in Haiti according to Church estimations, there were 500.000 who died.  A further 300.000 people were injured and 1,2 became homeless.

In Pakistan from September  2010 during the floods, there were an official l 1,738 Menschen. 1.8 Milliom homes were damaged and in total, there were 14 million people affected by the storms.

Comparatively the Diocese of Münster had between 1948 and 2009 about sixty priests, who were accused of --mostly trivial -- "cases of sexual force".

Statistically, there are less than the half are remaining after such information.   In total there were about 4.000 clerics employed in the Diocese.

Consequently,  it effects consequences at very different ratios 0.7 of the clergy.  That means that  99.3 percent of the priests of the Diocese were not accused of doing wrong.

He Works for the Enemy

Never the less the Bishop drove on as if obsessed with the abuse-delusion: "This year will remain an indelibly dark year in the history of the Church" -- he demonized.

As if on command, he passed in front of the two laughing  journalists in a self-conceived mess: The church has learned that these crimes must be atoned for much more.

  Bishop Genn cringingly explained a second time that the German Bishops' Conference had plans to eviscerate the hoax for a long time:

 "At the level of the Episcopal Conference, we are considering how it can create a structured dialogue.“ I will present some ideas for it in January. "

 Because the abuse hoax has such little focus on the facts, expect little, like Mgr. Genn: Genn expanded it:

  "It means, for example, respect for those who no longer believe that." This is important in a multicultural country such as Germany:

 "This is my answer to Christian fundamentalism, and also Muslim fanatics" -as the prelate continued to kiss the butts of the two journalists.

The Bishop starts to grumble: "Fundamentalism is not a religion but a quirky attitude."

The violence of abortion, homosexual ideology, the destruction of the family, the euthanasia program, or the Church's apparent decline, doesn't really bother him.