Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Prelate Makes St. Pius X Pilgrims Stand in the Rain:

Prelate Ludwig Limbrunner refused to allow the pilgrims to Altötting to use their Grace Chapel for adoration. Only silent prayer is allowed. As some suggested according to the kreuz.net article, it's a shame that other Faiths are allowed to use the chapel, but not Catholics.

[Kreuz.net]The Society of Pius X is to blame: had they been a homosexual friendly group of protestants, they would have been invited into the chapel to the fanfare of trumpets.

[kath.net]Prelate Ludwig Limbrunner forbid pilgrims of the Society of St. Pius X into the Grace Chapel of Altötting to venerate. Indeed, they were informed by Prelate Ludwig Limbrunner, that they would only be allowed to pray silently in the Grace Chapel and otherwise must leave their banners outside. Thereupon the Pius Pilgrims said their prayers, despite pouring rain, in the courtyard of the Grace Chapel. For a short time there were some tumultuous disagreements in front of the Grace Chapel, according to the Neue Passauer Presse.


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