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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pope Suspends Bishop for Being Too Catholic

Edit: it's not like there aren't other bishops out there who've put predators in charge of things and even expose children to their influence. It's just that other bishops, like +++Daneels, don't have the requisite political and religious views.

By his own ruling here, the current Pope should suspend himself.

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has decided to remove the Bishop of Ciudad del Este, Rogelio Ricardo Livieres Plano.

Below please find a Vatican Radio translation of the official Holy See statement:

After a careful examination of the findings of the Apostolic Visitations made ​​to the Bishop, dioceses and seminaries of Ciudad del Este, by the Congregation for Bishops and the Congregation for the Clergy, the Holy Father has proceeded with the replacement of Bishop Rogelio Ricardo Livieres Plano. He has appointed Ricardo Jorge Valenzuela Ríos, Bishop of Villarrica del Espíritu Santo, as Apostolic Adminostrator of the now vacant diocese.
The grave decision taken by the Holy See, under the weight of serious pastoral concerns, is for the greater good and unity of the Church of Ciudad del Este and episcopal communion in Paraguay.
The Holy Father, in the exercise of his ministry as "the perpetual and visible principle and foundation of unity of both the bishops and of the faithful" (LG 23) calls for the clergy and the entire people of God of Ciudad del Este to accept the Holy See’s decision with the spirit of obedience, docility and an open heart, guided by faith.
Moreover, he invites the entire Church of Paraguay, led by its pastors, to a serious process of reconciliation and to overcome any factionalism and discord, so that the face of the one Church "purchased with the blood of his own Son" is not wounded and the "flock of Christ" is not deprived of the joy of the Gospel (cf. Acts 20: 28).

(Emer McCarthy)
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Allegations of Police Corruption at Benedictine University

Edit: there's more going on at Collegeville lately.   A University employee has admitted to a criminal act, but the local law enforcement officials refuse to investigate any further.  Meanwhile, the target of a threat lives in fear for their safety.

This event gives some further credence to claims that County officials were deliberately incompetent in their investigation of the disappearance of Josh Guimond in 2002.

What's happening can only be described as Kafkaesque.

Gagliadi Only Sees Evil Abroad

[Eponymous Flower]  Collegeville is a small town which includes the decadent Old Liberal Monastery of St. John's Abbey and has a population of approximately 3,000.

Some may recall that football's most winning football coach, John Gagliardi, had hypocritically commented on the Sandusky scandal, ignoring the substantially more significant problem in his own back yard.

 Despite admitting that he himself has had knowledge about predatory Monks at the Modernist Abbey of St. John's Abbey in Collegeville Minnesota, he did not know “if there was enough punishment in the world for a guy like that" when it came to a softball interview for the national news at the St. Cloud Times.

It's easy to be brave at times like that. Yet this was his statement in view of Penn State's Jerry Sandusky, who was accused of 50 allegations of sexual misconduct.

Gagliardi has been in close proximity to over 16 credibly accused homosexual perpetrators who preyed on students for as long as he's been coaching at St. John's. As the Pine Curtain notes, they taught at the schools where Gagliardi's children were schooled, and one of them even drove the bus for Gagliardi's football team. Impossible not to know, and what if they'd molested one of his children? There is no comment.

Perhaps some level (a very feeble level), of professional loyalty is in play here, as we pointed out before. Surely, Gagliaridi has a certain responsibility to his employer St. John's University, but at what point does the institution to which you belong become so morally compromised, dishonest and corrupt that it tarnishes your reputation as well?

SJU Employee Terrorizes Alum

It's easy to make brave statements about how "shocked" you are at sexual abuse when someone else is at fault, it's almost as easy as making criminal and terroristic threats on Facebook, and almost as easy as getting away with it because your grand father is the football coach.

Normally, such transgressions would result in termination from a job, some jail time and possibly community service, but this is St. John's Abbey of Modernism we're talking about here.

Corruption in Local Law Enforcement?

In any cease, such observations were likely to arouse profound anger and hatred on the part of Gagliardi's family members. Recently, John Gagliardi's grandson, Johnny Gagliardi, admitted to making a threat on the Facebook page of a person who had made a point of posting about John Gagliardi's possible complicity in the sexual abuse at St. John's Abbey and University. Despite the fact that the target was concerned for their safety during a visit to the campus where the perpetrator worked in "Life Services", local law enforcement and the prosecutor have decided not to investigate the case. Pine Curtain writes:

On February 3, 2012, however, Stearns County Sheriff’s Department Captain Pam Jensen called the target to report that her office had decided to close the matter. Remarkably, she told the target that the suspect was still “angry.” [Incredibly, implying that the target is actually at fault]

On February 3, 2012, the target of the threat sent an email to Stearns County Sheriff’s Department Captain Pam Jensen, cc’ing Stearns County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Jon Lentz, Stearns County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Danial Winkels, and Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall.

The target explained that he felt the threat was real and that the suspect’s “reference to ‘what is coming’ is worrisome, given his and his family’s influence and connections.” He wrote, “it is important that my (and my family’s safety never be in question, whether in my own home and community or on future visits to my alma-mater. That is not currently the case.”
[Note: Less than a month earlier, a member of the suspect's family was made aware that the target was planning to visit the area in early February.]

If the local authorities have dismissed any further investigation into the case, it is very likely the result of a conflict of interest. The Pine Curtain Writes:

The February 3, 2012 request for an independent prosecutor was denied. This request was made because:

1) Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall’s children attend Saint John’s Preparatory School.

2) Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall’s husband, John Kendall, is currently listed as a faculty member at Saint John’s University.

3) Janelle and John Kendall give money to the Saint John’s University Annual Fund.

4) Stearns County Sheriff John Sanner and at least one of his sons reportedly attended Saint John’s University.

5) Sheriff John Sanner has been a fixture on the sidelines at Saint John’s University football games.

Read further at Pine Curtain... 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Suppress Now: Jesuits Continue to Evade their Duty

How Jesuits Act When Liberation Theology is

Edit: There's an old maxim that the corruption of the best is the worst.  That's the case with the increasingly decadent and conforming Jesuit Society.

And you people complain about the Society of St. Pius X?

The writer William Blatty  , who wrote 'The Exorcist', has responded to them by invoking canon law.  The Jesuits have invited a pro-abortion speaker to have a position of honor speaking at their commencement ceremony.  It's nothing short of scandalous.  Imagine, having such a defining moment besmirched by the appearance of a Marxist operative like Sibelius.

Yet the Jesuits seem as determined as ever to ignore their duty as much as they ignore anyone else who tries to remind them of how much they've departed from their true function.

We were unable to get a statement from James Martin SJ as of yet.  He's too busy defending elitist, big charity nuns.

Even the Washington Archdiocese thought this was a bad thing.  How about an interdict?

We aren't the only ones calling for an exorcism, except, we're serious.  They really do need it and a quick visitation by Dominican Inquisitors.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baltimore Archdiocese Apparently Makes no Provisions to Protect Spiritual Legacy

 (Baltimore Sun photo by Kim…)
Edit: St. Peter the Apostle Church in the decaying Archdiocese of Baltimore  has been closed.   It was built over 170 yeas ago.   Now that it's been closed, there are serious concerns about integrity and oversight since it seems there is no coherent policy in place with respect to sacred objects of churches within the diocese which have been and are to be closed in futre.  Diocesan representatives are completely unaware of or at least uninterested in revealing what plans they have for disposing of a parish's res pretiosa.

It is legitimately feared that these objects will fall into the hands of those who have no respect for them. Especially since calls to the Diocese reveal that the staff has very little understanding of either the significance of sacred objects or their proper disposal and sale.  We'll quote again the appropriate canon: [cf. Western Catholic Reporter]
The law of the Church (canon 1171) indicates that blessed objects and those used for worship should not be put to inappropriate use, even if privately owned. These objects should be transferred to the diocesan offices where they may be given to another parish or otherwise properly disposed of. 
In the seventies, there was a lot of church building  and not so helpful renovation.  Now, after years of abortion on demand and a birthrate barely above replacement, Catholic institutions are being closed down and sold off.  Of course, the abuse-hoax doesn't help.   Also, many churches were denuded of much of their sacral character in this time period, as a new vogue of trendy ritualistic minimalism and a spirit of experimentation and curiosity took over the scene.

It needs to be said that no other institution, religious or otherwise, has had to bear the legal burdens the Catholic Church has.  Sex abuse scandals against public schools just don't get the attention, for obvious reasons.  Apparently, even the large publicly owned school districts can become targets for such litigation.

Litigation aside, Catholic Diocese are selling their properties and along with them, the sacred objects.  Unfortunately, these are not likely to be disposed of properly.  They are likely to be sold to secular parties who likely as no are eager to use the objects for disrespectful, indeed, sacrilegious purposes.

This was the case in Baltimore recently, where for the last seven years, a bar  called Ale Mary's has appeared which features Catholic sacred objects such as chalices, a monstrance, a holy water font which are used in a kind of faux-church setting where patrons often mock Catholic rituals, objects and personalities.