Monday, April 2, 2012

Jewish Attorney Objects to Vatican's Judaica Collection

Edit: There are a number of double standards at work here.  Not least of which is a Jewish pressure group with the nerve to accuse the Vatican of obtaining Jewish religious objects and books by fraud and violence.

A Jewish pressure group insists that Jewish religious objects may be the result of persecution on the part of Christian society.  No mention is made of Jewish persecution of Christians, or the objects amassed by academic researchers.   Jews have persecuted Christians, most notably in the first half of the 20th century in Ukraine, Hungary, the Baltic states and the far East.    

It's interesting that in view of the obvious care the Vatican has undergone to preserve these artifacts for serious academic study that an outside body can suggest malice on the part of the Vatican with respect to these objects.

It's interesting in light of other events uncovered this week with respect to Baltimore restaurant owners and their patrons who not only have obtained Catholic objects under suspicious circumstances, but have even gone so far as to use these items in disrespectful ways that normative Catholic thinking would understand as blasphemous and defamatory to the Catholic religion.  The way the owner of the bar is amassing Catholic objects, is reminiscent of Roman armies carrying home Jewish sacred objects and abusing them after the sack of Jerusalem in 70 a.D..
Roman Soldiers Desecrating the Temple

The Roman soldiers who desecrated the temple after killing literally hundreds of thousands of Jews must have thought that they had destroyed the Jewish religion forever.

Clearly, there is a double standard at work and this is one more example of that at work here.

[Sun Gazette] The specific list of Jewish religious objects that lay in the Vatican's basement long has been disputed, but one local man, heading up a foundation named for his father, wants to see the items documented, catalogued and possibly returned to a representative of the Jewish people, such as The Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Local attorney Clifford A. Rieders, president of the Herbert Rieders Foundation for the Recovery of Objects Judaica, has been in communication with the Vatican in an attempt to learn what it possesses.

"I want the Vatican to tell us what's really there," he said.

Rieders hopes to be invited to meet with the Pope and Cardinal Farina, through whom he's communicated thus far, in the fall.

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Photo Source: Sacred Destinations


Dan said...

I guess you've gotta love Jewish impudence. You've either got to love it or be repelled by such unmitigated arrogance.

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