Saturday, May 26, 2012

Insensitive "Ale Mary's" Bar Owner Continues the Hate

Edit:   Here is one of the bar owners, Tom Rivers, with a smug and irrepressible grin on his face in a recent article in a local Baltimore paper. As of yet he hasn't said he will open up a Simonbar Schul and call it Mad Dog 20/20.

It's been interesting that despite the prima faciae hate speech being directed against the Catholic Church that it continues

In a way it's not surprising, since the bar owner has proven to be vulgar and disrespectful in the extreme as when the concerned forum owner of Fisheaters approached him in a very friendly way. I don't think he'd tolerate anyone talking to his female relatives the way he wrote to her by completely unnecessary verbal putrescence.

It's also not surprising that the media, both local and national has been unsympathetic and even disrespectful in their own right.  Local Baltimore Fox affiliate lied when it said that it tried to contact leaders of the group opposed to "Ale Mary's" blasphemy initially.  They still haven't contacted anyone.  They also weren't interested in Tom River's threatening and offensive behavior either.

Despite attempting to justify this farce, they've appealed to the Archdiocese which gave far less than a resounding endorsement, and claimed to have a certificate that justifies the objects use.  We've tried to respectfully contact the Archdiocese, but no further clarification has been given.  

We'll assume that is a green light for more prayer and fasting.

There is going to be a rosary said before the bar on the Sunday after Corpus Christi at 230pm.  All Catholics and non-Catholics who find this sort of thing detestable are invited to attend and show solidarity.

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Here's the back story from a local blog:

My eyes scan the ecclesiastical accoutrements of the surroundings and fixate on the pink Jesus statue on the center of the bar that appears to be watching over the inhabitants of this small earthly kingdom. During the course of the afternoon, our good-natured host and owner of the establishment, Mary Rivers, relates a story about a time when this Fells Point flock was deprived of its rubicund protector. Apparently some pub crawling philistine had the audacity to pilfer the good shepherd.

A thorough inquiry into the matter was conducted by Mary’s husband and co-owner, Tom Rivers. His investigation uncovered evidence that suggested the likely suspect had covered the expenses incurred that day with plastic. A careful audit of the receipts revealed the culprit, and an amount, proper and in keeping with the seriousness of the transgression was added to the offender’s credit card. Of course it wasn’t long before there was a call received at the bar questioning and protesting the apparent seizure of funds. But after a tactful interrogation a full confession was made, and a suitable penance was imposed. It was agreed that the attached monies would be returned if Jesus was restored to his rightful place, and that a public act of contrition be offered up to the local patrons. As to how this second coming played out, I can’t quite say. That part of the story got lost in the pleasant fog encountered after several pints of Brewer’s Art Resurrection Ale.


Anonymous said...

Crickets chirping !!! No one cares!!!

Tancred said...

Sure they do, Tom. But they really start to care when you make unauthorized charges on their credit cards.

Anonymous said...

We're praying for you, Tom. Since Jesus said to follow his example I ask Jesus to forgive you because you don't really know what you're doing. I hope you realize it before it's too late. God brings us back to Him with his kindness but please don't confuse it as weakness.. May God bless, and forgive you! I hope to see you in heaven!! <3

Anonymous said...

You fools have no life apparently, Jesus was a iberal and would love the patrons of Ale Mary's!

Anonymous said...

You steal his property, he has every right to charge you for it.