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Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Cross Remains in Polish Parliament -- Kulturkampf Against Anti-Christian Powers

(Warsaw) A Warsaw court rejected the demand to remove the crucifix hanging in the Polish parliament. The Christian symbol will continue to hang in the parliament hall in Warsaw, because it "violates no law." The atheistic party Ruch Palikota (Palikot Movement) still wants to continue their anti-Christian campaign and are now calling Strasbourg against the judgment.
"Even if the cross is a religious symbol, you can not ignore its importance it has as a symbol of national identity and  Polish culture" and thus "no law is violated." The Warsaw court justified its ruling that the crucifix still hangs in the Polish parliament.

Anticlerical Palikot Movement Provoked Fierce Culture War

The decision ends an ongoing dispute since 2011, which the annticlerical, left-liberal Palikot Movement had launched (for backgrounds and origin of the Palikot Movementsee the report hangover to Poland-election - "Not a good day for the protection of life" - Anti-Clerical Phantom has a Face   ). It calls for the removal of the cross from the hall of the Sejm , the first chamber of the Polish Parliament.The Cross with Corpus had been installed on the initiative of Catholic deputy after the fall of the communist regime.
The Palikot party, named for an entrepreneur,  now wants to bring their anti-Christian campaign before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. It argues that the presence of a cross in Parliament "violates the right to freedom of conscience and religion".
The Polish judiciary is of a different opinion and rejected the application. It recognizes the Christian symbol's special historical and cultural significance, which is an integral part of the Polish identity, especially as concerns the role of the Catholic Church over the past two centuries for national unity, especially during the Second World War and the Soviet occupation to in 1989.

Prime Minister Tusk welcomes Court Decision

The decision was also welcomed by the liberal-conservative Prime Minister. Donald Tusk. He stressed that the secularism of a state should not be expressed in fruitless arguments about the placement of crosses in public space. One survey found that 71 percent of Poles are in favor of maintaining the cross in parliament. However, the aggressiveness of anti-Christian groups leads to the cross are becomingthe focus of  more and more of legal proceedings. The atheists strive in numerous methods in the hope of someday finding a judge who will make a breach in their favor.
The Palikot Movement concluded in 2013 with representatives of the post-communist left alliance Europa Plus, which wants to compete with left-liberal, pro-EU positions in the European elections in 2014 and offers itself as an alternative choice  for the entire left spectrum of the left-wing Liberals to the Greens and Communists .

Historical praise of the Russian Orthodox Patriarch  for Polish Church

40 percent of Polish Catholics regularly attend Sunday mass. 90 percent of Poles regard the Catholic Church as a central factor, "unifying  the people." Recently, even the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill I of Moscow praised  the "Catholic Church of Poland" because it is "at the forefront of the European Union and  defends Christian values".An award of extraordinary importance in view of the old historical enmity that has existed between Catholic Poland and Orthodox Russians.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Asianews
Trans: Tancred

Monday, October 28, 2013

Is the Vatican Going to Erect a New Congregation for Laity? Idea of Cardinal Maradiaga. Also of Pope Francis?

(Rome) The Coordinator of Pope Francis's C8 Cardinal Council wishes to establish a congregation of the Roman Curia for the laity: "There is the Congregation for Bishops, one for the priests and for the religious. But there is not one for the laity who are the most numerous."

The statement comes from Archbishop Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga of Honduras Tegucugalpa. He was made Coordinator of the 8 member council by Pope Francis, which advises the Pope on the reform of the Curia and the leadership of the Church. Cardinal Maradiaga previously called for the reform of the Roman Curia in a statement and is considered among the eight cardinals who desires the most far-reaching changes. Now he again took position and indeed in Logrono in Spain, where he was staying for a visit.

The Central American cardinal declared that "the departments in the Vatican will be adjusted". There has been "only a Pontifical Council for the Laity, but a Congregation for Bishops, another for the priests, another for the religious, but there is none for the laity, who are the most numerous." According to Cardinal Maradiaga a path of reform of the Curia should lead to appreciation of the laity, that their own congregation should be built. In this Congregation various Pontifical Councils could be incorporated, the Council for the Family to the Council for Health Pastoral Care.

Pope Francis considers "clericalism" to be a disease of the Church. A position that his predecessors represented and attempting to oppose the jostle of married men, homosexuals and women entering the sanctuary and in which he attempted to highlight the mission of Christians and their place. Absolutely with some successes, except in the progressive camp, where there is an urge to clericalism throughout the whole Church. Through the clericalization of everything, the declericalization of the Church will be accomplished. Women priests have issued a rejection of Pope Francis.

Following Cardinal Maradiaga's direction, provided they give the opinion of the Pope again and not just the personal opinion of the Cardinal, then the establishment of a lay congregation could be a possible way.

Pope Francis has confirmed the chairman and the secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Laity in office until the regular end of their term. President is Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, Secretary Bishop Josef Clemens, have both been in office since 2003. However, this term already ends with the year.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Sacri Palazzi
Trans: Tancred

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Assassination Attempt on Old Mass: Input by 6 Members -- Pretext?

(Rome) Six out of 800 members of the order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate (FI) have made a submission to the Roman Congregation for Religious. A small minority. Thus, they protested against the decision of the Order's leadership, to use the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite and to remain bi-ritual for the pastoral care of the faithful. Some of the six dissidents are now no longer in the Order, they were excluded because of disobedience and indiscipline. It may be argued that only a pretext was sought for the Congregation of Religious to take action against the exemplary order. The radical intervention shows a dreadful lack of liturgical sensibility. Only such a deficiency may explain a ham fisted methods of this magnitude, which deprives the heart of religious life for four branches with more than 100 monasteries and houses and it seems to be the opinion that the Old Rite being simply replaced by the new is desirable. Upon the disempowerment of the Founder and the imposition of a Commission is expected to prevent a reaction to this by the Order.

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 Text: Giuseppi Nardi
Trans: Tancred

 16 New Novices

There's also a similar case with the Johannites....


St. Sabina's Erects Shrine to St. Treyvon of the Purple Drank

Edit: today, we are told by a correspondent that St. Sabina's parish, run by the controversial and heterodox Father Michael Pflugger, has created a shrine to the non-Catholic Treyvon Martin,  who was shot and killed by a man defending himself on February 26th of this year.
How will Trey get his Drank on in the Afterlife Without Tussin?

Apart from the obvious objection that Treyvon wasn't Catholic and couldn't be canonized, there seems to be something missing from the altar which attempts to portray the assailant's innocence and goodness with the trademark skittles and watermelon tea.

What is omitted in the usual descriptions of these items is the fact that Treyvon also had Robitussin, an over the counter medicine used for common ailments, but also to make an intoxicating gangster cocktail    known as "lean" or "drank" which makes use of skittles and watermelon tea.

You forgot the tussin!

From the comments on AmericanThinker:

Trayvon, with his hoodie up, grabs two items from the shelves of 7-11.  One is the Skittles.  The other is Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail.  The media avoid the name of the real drink -- possibly because of the racial implications of the word "watermelon," but possibly to avoid probing the real reason for Trayon's trip. 
Trayvon, in fact, had become a devotee of the druggy concoction known as "Lean," also known in southern hip-hop culture as "Sizzurp" and "Purple Drank."  Lean consists of three basic ingredients -- codeine, a soft drink, and candy.  If his Facebook postings are to be believed, Trayvon had been using Lean since at least June 2011.   
On June 27, 2011, Trayvon asks a friend online, "unow a connect for codien?"  He tells the friend that "robitussin nd soda" could make "some fire ass lean."  He says, "I had it before" and that he wants "to make some more."  On the night of February 26, if Brandy had some Robitussin at home, Trayvon had just bought the mixings for one "fire ass lean" cocktail.
Thank goodness that Father Pfleger is in good standing with the Chicago Archdiocese.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Anarchists Attack Cathedral in Chile on the Patronal Feast: Mayor Leads Catholics to Defend it Against Them!

Edit: the coverage from the media was poor on this.

(Santiago de Chile) While Pope Francis met with young people from around the world last night at the Copacabana, the Cathedral Santiago de Chile, was profaned (On his feast, the 25th of July.). The sacrilege took place during the celebration of the Holy Mass by the Archbishop Ricardo Ezzati Andrello in honor of St. James the Great, who celebrated the eponymous saint of the Chilean capital.

The 300 participants were anti-clericals from the march against life taking place just then, which was organized by supporters of abortion in Chile's capital. They demand a "right" to be able to kill unborn children. The violent abortion advocates destroyed confessionals, threw pews around, shouted blasphemies, insulted Christians and smeared hate slogans on the walls of the church and its altars, with an almost unsurpassable contempt, "such as if the graves, and the pillars of the cathedral were some minor concrete wall of a railway bridge or an industrial zone underpass" as Matteo Matzuzzi of Il Foglio wrote.

Numerous Mass attendees, among whom was the mayor of Santiago, Tohá Carolina, responded vigorously to the initial shock and drove the attackers out of the way. They formed a human wall around the presbytery and prevented the attackers from entering to the main altar.

The faithful finally succeeded along with the security of the Cathedral to pressure the abortionists out of the cathedral. In front of the bishop's church, the police broke up the demonstration and meanwhile made a number of arrests.

In Chile, there is already campaigning for the presidential elections in the fall. The political left has inscribed their banners with slogans for the legalization of abortion and "gay marriage". The spokesman for the Stalinist [Compared to the DDR of old in Germany], Socialist candidate and current UN Under-Secretary General and UN Women's President, Michelle Bachelet, was already Chilean President from 2006-2010.

The desecration of the cathedral of Chile has shocked Catholics. "But the perpetrators, heralds of death, blasphemers and vandals of the church allowed this because they are Democrats, they are social, for a just world, against this and against that ..." as a Catholic Chilean blogger commented on the raid.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Images: ACIprensa
Trans: Tancred

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Protest Against Castellucci's Blasphemy at Vienna's Burgtheater -- For Cathedral Rector Faber "Artificial Outrage"

Edit: it's no small wonder that the Mason-loving, Communist promoting Cathedral Rector of Vienna's most ancient edifice condemns Catholics who are outraged that the Faith is being disparaged at public expense.  It's more surprising that the Porno-Rector hasn't  invited Castellucci to perform the play in the Stepensdom itself, with the Danube Cardinal's full approval of course.

(Vienna) Romeo Castellucci's blasphemous piece about the Concept of the Face of the Son of God was listed at the Vienna Festival Weeks at the Vienna Burgtheater. On Saturday night there was at the premiere to massive boos and catcalls. As in Paris and Milan this had occurred because of the blasphemous scenes vehement objections from the public. In Paris, young Catholics had occupied the stage in 2011 and had been taken away by the police. Castellucci's piece is da Messina performed before an oversized picture of Jesus by Renaissance painter Antonello. The representation of the Son of God is smeared with feces and pelted with stones.  From the audience there resounded on Saturday: "Such a mess!", "Stop it!", "Shame on you!"
Castellucci is passed around since the protests against his God insult from the left Kulturschickeria. In Germany, he joined with another piece on already at the Ruhr Festival.
The author talks about a true to life representation of human existence. This also included the rebellion against an overpowering image of God, from which it suffers remanded to Castellucci.
This Sunday there was an "artist talk" between Castellucci and the Vienna Cathedral Priest Toni Faber.  Faber distanced himself from protesting Catholics, their displeasure which was expressed by booing against the insult of the divine persons. The Vienna daily Die Presse quoted the Parish Priest with the words: "I have respect for religious  sensitivities, but we must not  be too self-pitying." The public protests were, says Faber, "perhaps" through ignorance of Castellucci's play "excusable".  An insulted Jesus caked with feces doesn't represent a problem for Vienna's Cathedral Rector. The question was raised "for artificial outrage".
It was a different issue altogether for Berlin Archbishop Rainer Maria Cardinal Woelki, as the piece was performed in March 2012 in Berlin at the Theater Hebbel am Ufer. Cardinal Woelki described the piece as "indecent" because "what is important and holy to people is drawn from people's beliefs and dragged through the mud."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Sacred Palazzzi
Translation: Tancred

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Enormous Crisis of the Catholic Church in Belgium -- There is Danger in a De-Christianized Land

(Brussels) The Belgian church is facing financial collapse. The annual accounts of the dioceses have large losses in a country that was particularly affected by the pedophile abuse scandal. The Church of the ethnically divided land between Flemish and Walloons, which was a thriving Catholic landscape until half a century ago, is going through a serious crisis. The seminaries are largely empty, the number of practicing Catholics has shrunk to a loyal core. The bishops enjoy only a touch of prestige and weight in public life that they once had. Progressive bishops like Cardinal Leo Suenens, Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and the like-minded bishops promoted by him have brought the secularization of the country and the alienation of the faithful of the Church.

At Cardinal Suenens liberal church de-Christianized society follows

Since the Second Vatican Council, when the Cardinal Suenens was included as part of the Rhenish alliance as one of the big "makers", propagated in Belgium even church leaders such as the Dominican theologian Edward Schillebeeckx a "rising in the modern" church. Pedophile child molesters, such as the former Bishop Roger Joseph Vangheluwe of Bruges, who abused his nephew even after his episcopal ordination, did the rest.  Symptomatic high point culminated in June 2010 with the development of a scandalous desecration of the tomb of Cardinal Suenens in the Cathedral of St. Rumold Mechelen, worse copy than Dan Brown  by a special unit of the Belgian police in search of incriminating material in connection with the pedophile scandal. Nothing was found. What the competent Belgian court did not prevent, later  declared the desecration of the rest of the dead to be legal.

Declining Inhibition of Hostility Toward the Church

To get out of this crisis is difficult. For this reason, Pope Benedict XVI appointed the Bishop of Namur, Andre-Joseph Leonard as the new Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and thus Primate of Belgium in 2010. Leonard was the only Bishop with significant growth in priestly vocations. With the appointment an anti-Church campaign was discharged with an unprecedented aggressiveness.  Feminist extremists are only the most visible, but by no means the most important point.  The cake attacks and recently, a scandalous attack by bare breasted FEMEN-activists  against Archbishop Leonard, however, helps to undermine the reputation of the episcopal dignity and to reduce the threshold in dealing with the ecclesiastical dignitaries. The attacks against Archbishop Leonard are meaningful. The archbishop, who had nothing to do with the abuse scandal, except his energetic work for "maximum transparency", would have actually pleased indignant citizens. But he is, as a faithful representatives of the Church, an eyesore. This creates the bizarre situation that he of all people is the scapegoat of  Church hostility, which is justified by the abuse scandal. The pedophile scandal seems to many only to serve as a welcome springboard to be preachy to rise above the Church and renounce her. Using the example of Belgium can be seen that a de-Christianized society is not "neutral" but is morally acidic and anti-Church.

Revenues decrease, expenses increase due to pain and suffering payments to abuse victims

The numbers posted by the Church center to address the abuse cases are  interestin. 72 percent of reported cases involve Flanders and upwards of 80 percent of the men were born for the most part in the 50s and 60s. The data confirms that the "opening" of the Church to the world as it propagated the atmosphere during and after the Second Vatican Council, and the meeting with the contemporaneous "sexual revolution",  has hurt the Church. However, a discussion of these correlations with possible conclusions did not take place. Meanwhile, the Church must pay abuse victims for pain and suffering, as revenues decline.
The study L'iris et le Croisssant by Professor Felice Dassetto of the Catholic University of Leuven, the Belgian Church also sees problems through rapid changes in society, which was rebuilt in many multicultural cities. The proportion of the native population and the proportion of Catholics has rapidly declined in many Belgian cities.

Multicultural reconstruction of society means loss of traditional identity and rapid growth of Islam

According to the ACS report, 25 percent of the inhabitants of Brussels are Muslims. It's a  rapidly rising trend. In the Belgian capital, there are already 77 mosques.
In this climate of radical social reconstruction through the loss of local traditional cultural identity and different religious immigrants from other cultures, comes  the new phenomenon of increasing violence against religious institutions. For example, the arson attack on the Church of Begijnendijk in Couvin in the diocese of Namur or damage to seven churches.
The attack against Archbishop Leonard during a discussion on the topic of all freedom of expression at the State University of Brussels by FEMEN activists has already been mentioned. The feminists have accused the church of "homophobia".

Way Out of Crisis Through Renewal of the Church in Faith and Discipline - Bishops against Euthanasia of Children and Alzheimer's Patients

The way out of the crisis is not easy, but there has been a change in the episcopate, since Andre-Joseph Leonard has been primate. The bishops expressed their solidarity with him in the assaults of FEMEN.  In a statement, they said the violent and blasphemous feminists have lost "all credibility". They whose behavior stands to lead  "stark contrast to the topic of discussion and the style with which the Catholic Church in its dialogue with pluralistic society".
Archbishop Leonard promotes faithful groups and communities. A work in silence, where the church is truly renewed. The bishops with Leonard at their head have entered the ring against a legislative bill. The capital, Brussels, Belgium as well as the ruling Socialist party under the Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo and avowed homosexuals would like to expand the legalized euthanasia in 2002 to children younger than 15 years old  and Alzheimer's patients by law.
In Belgium,  life is mortally threatened in many ways. This is also a product of de-Christianized society. It's no easy stand for the Catholic Church.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Sancte Pater
Translation: Tancred

Friday, May 10, 2013

Vienna Elementary School Removes Crosses From Classrooms

For the firs ttime since the time of the National Socialists the cross of Christ is being banned from class rooms.
The cross as a sign of God is an eyesore to National Socialists, Communists, anti-clericals, 
Jacobins and Muslims. 
Totalitarian systems have always fought it [Image:]

The Cross is Hung in All Classrooms

The Vienna school law rules that in obligatory schools, in which the majority of the students belong to the Christian communion, a cross may hang in all classes.

What is not ruled is, what will happen to the cross if this majority is no longer present, respectively if this is not in the entire school, or if it is still in the individual classes.

Finally, in Vienna the mother of a female student has successfully appealed for the suspension of the cross.  That was last seen during the time of the Nazis.

She feels  "religiously imposed upon".  Clearly she is unteachable and is still placed in grade school instruction.

The mother has been bullying the school for a long time, till it finally gave in.

The socialistically governed city of Vienna (at present through a coalition of Socialists and Leftist "greens") has already been noticeable through its abolition of St. Nicholas Feast in kindergartens.

Atheist Advance

The Jacobin Atheist-Association is pleased to say "religion is a private matter".  Here is another indication that further action will be undertaken.

The president of this Association is Heinz Oberhummer, whipmaster and organizer of the soon to be complaining anti-Church-"people's" desire: "As a humanist I am for service to the humanity, not for service to God."

Counterposition of Freedom

The FPÖ- Education Speaker in the National Assembly was clear in his statement:  "It is already astonishing, how an individual person with her minority opinion can boss around the majority. ... Normally such questions must be decided by the school council. That on the other hand a single person can force a silent majority, has nothing to do with civil courage, but with a failure of mature democracy.  It doesn't mean that it is only his will what is imposed, who screams the loudest."

Parallel Case in Lower Austria

The attacks on Catholicism are not new.

Already in 2009 a "self-described" lower Austrian atheist demanded the removal of a cross in a kindergarten.

He wanted that his daughter, "be raised to religious maturity without a religious denomination, but committed to be open to the world and pluralism,"  he waffled.

He would have his human rights violated through this.  Through Thanksgiving and the Feast of St. Nicholas, the atheistic upbringing of his daughter was made impossible, although the participation was not mandatory.

Therefore his daughter is really not "open to the world", but raised in anti-clericalism (and even preventing the acquisition of Catholicism by the other kindergartners).  Perhaps he probably wouldn't have a problem, that his daughter also learns about Christian holidays.

ÖVP for the Installation of Crosses

At that time the standing ÖVP State representative Johanna Mikl-Leitner (now Interior Minister) in a positive statement for the installation of crosses explained:  "It is a proposal which goes against the foundations of the West."

In March 2011 the Constitutional Court recognized the installation of crosses in a kindergarten as constitutional.

Initiative comes from publicly visible advertising?

If the Church haters are consistent, a referendum against advertising in public space may be expected in the near future - so that the children do not "patronized" but can be educated as "open to the world".

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Hollande Refuses Speech at Art Museum Because of Christian Art Background

[Tempi] The location from which he was to have given his speech was in front of a large painting with Christian themes. When the museum officials wouldn't move or cover the "offensive" painting, Hollande then canceled his visit.

The Right and Left, the unemployed and protesters of gay marriage, all opponents of Francois Hollande had gathered April 28 in front of the Museum of Fine Arts in Rouen to protest against the policies of the socialist government. Here the French president was to inaugurate an exhibition on Impressionism accompanied by three government ministers two days ago, however, Hollande has canceled the visit.

AVOID THE DISPUTE. The French newspapers have advanced two hypotheses for the cancellation of the visit. The first is political. To avoid disputes, Hollande preferred to postpone, given that among the demonstrators there were many unemployed people ready to accuse the socialist president that unemployment in France has hit a new record: 3,000,000 and 224,000 French people are looking for work, according to data released yesterday by the national employment poll.

RELIGIOUS BACKGROUND. The second hypothesis is of very different character. In view of the president's visit, a government delegation made a visit to the museum to check where Hollande would have to give his speech. Since the "pulpit" was placed right in front of a huge canvas with a religious background, Christian to be precise, the delegation asked the organizers to move it. Impossible task, given the size of the painting. He was then asked it to be covered with a giant blue canvas.

Hollande AND CHRISTIANS. According to some newspapers, Hollande would have canceled the tour in order not to talk behind a Christian painting. Assumptions are unconfirmed but that would not be a unexpected, given that the socialist president is less than happy in his relationship with the Christian religion.



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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cardinal Schönborn Criticizes New Legislation to Attack Church’s “Privileges"

Chairman of the Bishops' Conference criticized controversy in the context of the referendum and refers to positive role of religions for public

Vienna ( / KAP) , Cardinal Christoph Schönborn (photo) has spoken for a more objective discussion about the fundamental question of the role of religion in the public sphere. It was "a simple matter to argue against certain groups and to stir up envy," as is currently done to the Church, noted the Cardinal in his column in the daily newspaper “Heute" on Friday and criticized that "in the context of the 'Anti-Church-Privileges referendum' much was said that was frivolous."

In contrast, the Chair of the Bishops’ Conference maintains that in Austria "all religions before the law have equal rights and duties" and the Catholic Church does not enjoy "special privileges" over other religions. "The good cooperation between state and religion in Austria is exemplary throughout Europe," says Schoenborn.

Biases and deficits in the debate are ascertainable from the perspective of the cardinal if the "huge wealth" of the Catholic Church is considered. Schönborn: "Then I would reply: Yes, the Church is 'filthy rich', rich in stone witnesses of the Christian culture of our country, which must be maintained. Did you know that the Church pays more in value added taxes for the renovation of its churches and monasteries, than they get in government subsidies?"

Overlooking numerous services of the Church to the community Cardinal Schönborn said, "It's true: the public sector financial support to Caritas, the Church's hospitals, the denominational schools but it pays here for services that would be much more costly for the tax payers, the state would have to provide these services themselves."

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Spanish Anarchists Set off Bombs Against Catholics and Bishop

[International Business Times] An anarchist group has targeted prominent Roman Catholics in Spain using bombs hidden in boxes of sex toys.

Two devices were sent by the anti-clerical Pro Sex Toys group, according to Spain's EFE News One agency, concealed amidst vibrators.

They targeted the archbishop of Pamplona, Francisco Perez, and the headteacher of a private school belonging to the ultra-conservative [sic] Legionnaires of Christ movement in Madrid.

One bomb exploded in a postal sorting office, leaving a member of staff with slight injuries.

"Please accept our apologies," the group said in an email sent to an anarchist website at the beginning of last month. "Next time we won't fail.”

The archbishop told EFE that he vaguely recalled receiving a package that contained powder that police removed. "We didn't give it much importance, but later it was said to be a bomb," he said.

The same group is believed to be behind a number of other attempted bombings.

Recently a bomb inside a pressure cooker left outside a public prosecutor's office was detonated by bomb squad officers.

Another bomb containing a gas canister, shrapnel and explosive powder planted in Madrid's Almudena Cathedral also failed to explode.

The anarchists, who use other names such as the Artisans Club for New Uses for Coffee, claimed to have made a bomb out of an espresso coffee machine packed with gunpowder and shrapnel that was planted at a bank branch, though they did not reveal where.

Police in Spain believe the group probably only has five members, but authorities have expressed concern that extremist groups could take advantage of widespread disillusionment as unemployment in the country hits 26 percent.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fox News Attacks Catholic Church, Again

Edit: Not to be outdone by others, Fox News wants to join in on the Pope Bashig. Some may recall Sean Hannity’s disgraceful interview with Father Eutener where he insisted that he could call himself a Catholic in good standing and yet practice birth control or at least provide a sinful amount of adulation for those that do. It’s been pretty clear since then that these semi or faux-conservative type publications are either openly or passively hostile to Catholicism.

In this case, they’re simply declaring their allegiance to revolutionary principles like feminism and heaping the kind of contempt on the Catholic Church usually found only in America Magazine or the National Catholic Reporter.

VATICAN CITY – The Vatican's spokesman came to his press briefing Friday bearing flowers for female journalists to mark International Women's Day. "On behalf of all of us men, congratulations and happy Women's Day!" said a beaming Rev. Federico Lombardi.

A heartfelt gesture, to be sure, but one that came a day after an awkward acknowledgement: The upcoming election of the pope will be an all-male affair — except for the women who cook for, clean up after and serve the 115 cardinals who will pick the leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics, half of them women.

Lombardi's admission came when a reporter noted that one of the video clips the Vatican had provided of preparations in the Sistine Chapel featured a woman at a sewing machine, making the skirting for the tables where cardinals will sit. Aside from the seamstress, the reporter inquired, how many women are involved in the conclave process? Lombardi said the total number wouldn't be known until all Vatican personnel involved in the conclave take their oath of secrecy. But he noted that several women work at the Vatican's Santa Marta hotel, where the cardinals will eat and sleep during the conclave, which begins on Tuesday.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Irish Government to Confiscate Catholic Schools

Ed: the title of the Socialist anti-Catholic BBC reads, "Irish bishops may be asked to hand over Catholic schools”. It’s not a question of if, but when. Some may recall how this sort of oppressive behavior is proceeded by a hate campaign against the Church, in order to justify the confiscation of the Church’s wealth, and the diminishment of Its position in society. This tactic was also undertaken by the Nazis in the 30s as Goebels used charges of sexual indecency and child molestation against the Catholic Clergy then to build public support for closing Catholic Schools. The Irish State is using the same playbook here, which is not to say that they are Nazis, per se. Just goes to show that you really can’t trust Republicans no matter how Catholic they pretend to be.

Of course, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin hasn’t been much help here. He’s basically helping the other side achieve their goals.

[BBC}The government would like schools to be ready for transfer in six months.

An Irish government report has recommended Catholic bishops release school buildings to allow for the creation of non-denominational schools.

The department of education report calls for the establishment of 23 new multi-denominational primary schools to meet parental demand.

It follows surveys of parents of more than 20,000 primary-age children.

The report recommends bishops be asked to reconfigure their schools to free up buildings.

In some cases this would mean the amalgamation of a girls school and a boys school to allow the return of one of the buildings to government control.

The Irish minister for education, Ruairi Quinn, says he would like to see buildings ready for transfer to the multi-denominational sector within six months.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More Media Manipulation of Pope's Media Image by the Press

(Marktl am Inn / Rome) It's time again: When pictures lie. Or rather, if people alter a picture in a very different way than it was actually photographed in the content displayed and so that it manipulates its message. The Soviet Union was a master forger and the Nazi era is apparently excellent for manipulation, as not only since the controversial Wehrmacht Exhibition of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research of Hannes Heer and Jan Philipp Reemtsma and the major touring exhibition, images that lie in the Foundation Museum of Contemporary History Federal Republic of Germany are well known.

The prefect of the CDF, Archbishop Curia Gerhard Ludwig Müller said in an on 1 February published an interview with the daily newspaper Die Welt: “The campaigns which are specifically aimed at discrediting the Catholic Church in North America and Europe have led to clerics in some sectors being publicly insulted in a vulgar way. Here is fostered an artificially generated anger that recalls at times a pogrom atmosphere. Germany's Justice Minister Leutheusser-Schnarrenberg described the claims as manipulative in connection to the Holocaust, which was never mentioned by Mueller, described the statement as "tasteless."

What was truly tastily, and not for the first time, Pope Benedict XVI. has been targeted by the manipulators. Just a small example of what Archbishop Müller would have meant. The Pope is often assumed to have been a Nazi in his youth. Hence the accusation is derived, that the Catholic Church is headed by a Nazi, which is of course unacceptable. But first things first.

Manipulation 1 Ratzinger with Hitler at the Sports Palace

Anti-clerical circles have posted a picture on Facebook which is supposedly a young Joseph Ratzinger at a NS demonstrated standing directly in front of the "Führer". A moralizing accusation is offered on the photograph: "Look who we have as a Pope as he was 14 years old then shame on you pray spreading this [photo] before deleting it." The text contains a number of original spelling errors in Italian. "ignorance is a characteristic of  militant anti-clericalism" commented UCCR.The attribution of the photo is clearly manipulation. The photo was not taken in 1941/1942, as Joseph Ratzinger was 14 years old, but on the 3rd of September 1932 at an event of the NSDAP in the Berlin Sports Palace. Appearing next to Adolf Hitler is  Prinz August Wilhelm of Prussia, the fourth son of the last German Kaiser, Wilhelm II, who joined Hitler's Party in 1930. Joseph Ratzinger had been born in 1927, where the future Pope was five years old at the time the photo was snapped in Berlin. The one there could not be five years old, would have only a faint resemblance between the unknown SA-Man and today's Pope. Truly, hate is generally known to cause blindness. A fact, for the anti-Church hate for centuries now fills exhibition halls.

Manipulation 2: Ratzinger with Hitler Salute

Already for a few years there is a ripe manipulation appearing on the internet. A photo which shows then Father Joseph Ratzinger as a new priest with his brother Georg, as the faithful receive a blessing at a priest's first Mass and only shows the future Pope with his arms extended in blessing. Then it was alleged that the photo shows the young Ratzinger giving the Hitler salute. This time as the manipulators were anonymous users on Facebook, it was a Spanish Professor of Journalism at the University of Madrid, who published the photo in his first book in all seriousness. Hatred of the Church and manipulation do not even know educational or class boundaries.

It was the Facebook fan site of the Italian Postal Police, who have discovered the new anti-Church attack. Only Just a reminder: Joseph Ratzinger was born in 1927, in a Catholic home to a world that never adhered to Nazism. The future Pope was never a member of the NSDAP and SA, as the circled man in the photo (above) clearly was. At the age of 14, he was automatically drafted to Nazi service which service was compulsory by law in the Hitler Youth, like all German youths. At least on paper, the same was true for the young Ratzinger, however, he was never active in the Hitler Youth. By the War's end he was a 17-year-old conscripted to operate as an Anti-Aircraft Artilleryman.

Mark Twain wrote that the lie succeeds halfway around the world, before the truth has put on the shoes.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: UCCR

Monday, April 30, 2012

Arrest of Archimandrite Ephrem is a hostile attack against Athonite monks and Orthodoxy

Edit: for years there are forces in Greece that would like to minimize and diminish the influence of the Greek Orthodox Church. One of the most important targets to attack is Mount Athos, for monasticism has always been the living heart of Christian culture and mysticism.

Last week the court ruled to arrest Archimandrite Ephrem, abbot of the Vatopedi Monastery on Mt. Athos, in connection with a large-scale investigation into real estate deals between the Monastery and the Greek State initiated in 2008. On weekend the police came to the Vatopedi Monastery to arrest Fr. Ephrem. After medical doctors had examined the abbot, it was decided to leave him in the Monastery for health reasons. It was reported on Tuesday, however, that Fr Ephrem was arrested and taken away from Mr. Athos.

Metropolitan Hilarion, chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate's Department for External Church Relations, gave his appraisal of the actions of the Greek authorities in his short interview to Interfax-Religion.

- Your Eminence, the Greek authorities arrested Archimandrite Ephrem, abbot of the Vatopedi Monastery on Mount Athos, who has recently accompanied the Belt of the Mother of God in Russia. Please, give your comments.

- We do not and can not know all about the charges in abuses in real estate transactions made by the Vatopedi Monastery in the past filed against Fr Ephrem and other persons. Whether these charges are just, the Greek court will decide; we cannot interfere. However, it is quite obvious that detention under remand of Archimandrite Ephrem, who does not pose any danger, without considering the case on its merits and before a court ruling, is an extraordinary action that surprises us deeply. The authorities arrested nobody but the elderly and ailing priest. This ruling arouses grave concern of believers of the Russian Orthodox Church, puts her hierarchs on guard, and makes us ponder over its true reasons.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Holy Father Breaks Taboo in Mexico, "Viva Christo Rey"!

(Mexico City) After a moving encounter with children on Saturday evening on the Plaza de la Paz, Pope Benedict XVI's Sunday was dominated in Mexican Leon by something uncustomary for European ears, and a courageous commemoration of the anti-Catholic persecution and resistance of the Cristeros.  The Pope recalled and reawakened the threatened spiritual and  clerical roots of Mexico, which he stressed at his Angelus.  The threat also comes today "from the drug bosses, the crisis of values and criminality."

In a spontaneous action, the Pope received eight families outside of the official program, who had been victims of the drug bosses.  Despite the threats of some political parties, Pope Benedict XVI did not shrink back in fear from demanding religious freedom as a fundamental right.   Mexico is readying itself for its next election and the appearance of the Catholic Church's Leaders causes increasing nervousness for some parties and have brought blatant anti-religious emotions to the surface.

The Pope Recalled the Persecution and Struggle of the Christeros

Upon the "Angel of the Lord" the Pope recalled the anti-Christian persecution in Mexico and the armed struggle of the Cristeros, who fought for the freedom of the Church and religion in a bloody war 1926-1929.  Benedict's desired address breaks a central taboo in Mexico.  In political and public life in the Middle-American country it was virtually forbidden to speak of the horrific persecution of Christians in the previous century,  when the people were ready to name Christ their true Lord,  the Mother of God and to give everything.

"In the times of trial and of suffering many of you were called to be martyrs, who with the cry. 'Long Live Christ the King and Mary of Guadalupe' bore lasting witness to the truth of the Gospel and the devotion to the Church."  With the revival of the battle cry of the Cristeros "Viva Christo Rey! Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe", Benedict XVI impressed his special and completely unexpected stamp and broke a decades long taboo.

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Bishop Conley,  Apostolic Administrator of Denver, wrote this, here.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Austrian Media Continues to Slander Intrepid Priest

Edit:  Father Skoblicki is the former pastor of the Linz parish who was run out of town on a rail because the Austrian media and a few villagers hated the amazing success he was having there.  Full church, young children and adolescents in the pews, long confession lines and a strong emphasis on the truths of the Catholic Faith were there.  The harassment continues.

Hangman's journalism against Father Skoblicki:  the agitation paper 'Kurier' slandrs the clergyman, without consulting him.
Fr. Skoblicki with new Pastor Helmut Prader
© Pressebild  

( The anti-Clerical newspaper 'Kurier' continues to engage in polemics against the former Pastor of Kopfing, Fr. Andreas Skoblici. Since February the clergyman has been chaplain for the community of Neuhofen and der Ybbs in the Diocese of St. Pölten.

Lying Nursery Tales

The scandal sheet 'Kurier' is spreading the lie that Fr. Skoblicki has characterized two eleven year old boys as "disgraces and threats" before God.

One of the boys is supposed to have confessed to having forgotten to pray once.  The other is said to have quarreled with his brother.

These sins are supposed to have "infuriated" Father Skoblicki -- finds the 'Kurier'.

Windy Evidence

It is telling that the schmier paper had spread these lies without first talking to Father Skoblicke.

The paper refers to its anonymous denouncer, Hermann G.  He is described as the grandfather of one of the children.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Crush the Society of Pius -- Abort from Germany

Editor: Previously last week, the Society of Saint Pius X organized a substantial demonstration at the abortion clinic run by the Nazi-founded abortion provider ironically named 'pro familia'. Apparently, this angered some of the local leftist hooligans who decided to vandalize the chapel there.

The Catholic Mass Celebrated in Freiburg-Adelhausen

Why are the leftists all so eager for violence? Rather than explaining the left position with arguments, why not do it with a black eye instead?

( The anonymous and anti-Constitutional website '' made this known yesterday:

"Early today we covered the chapel 'Saint Antonius of Padua' belonging to the clerical-fascist Society of Pius in Betzenhausen with pink and purple paint."

Betzenhausen is a part of the city of Freiburg.

The aforementioned website is driven by church-, people- and socially contemptible political criminals.

The Society of St. Pius X is by far the most famous Catholic organization in Germany.

The political criminals justified their crime like this: "In the Society of Pius they unite Catholic fundamentalism with populist-nationalist Ideology".

That's actually, partially, correct.

Because the Society is on a solid Catholic foundation.

It is in any case not bound to any "populist-nationalist Ideology", rather it is internationally oriented.

The founder of the Society, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre († 1991), was not a German People's Party member and spent the largest amount of his life in Africa.

His father was MURDERED in a Socialist concentration camp.

The reason for the damage to the Church is based in that representatives of the Society in Freiburg are against the violence of abortion and marched for the right to life of every person.

Socialists Defend National Socialists

It is sufficent to say that the leftist strikers were throwing themselves in the breach, because they are in favor of the abortion firm 'pro familia'.

This was founded and directed for many years after the Second World War by the Old-Nazi Hans Harmsen († 1989)

The Socialists downplayed the organization's Nazi background as "an information center for sexual self-determination".

The prayers and songs of the Society of St. Pius appeared to them as "anachronistic and laughable".

Because: "What they attribute to God, is for others the >>Volksgemeinschaft [racial community with Nazi implications]<< or place of Germany".

Monstrously the damage which has happened to the church, since it happened thereto, is being handled, therefore, as a part of German normalcy, that would deal with politics as a trivial offense.

The article ended with the exclamation: "Piusbruderschaft zerschlagen. Deutschland abreiben." [Beat the Priestly Society. Abort them from Germany.]

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Protestant Media Expert Criticizes Ecclesiastical Conformity to the Modern

Media Theoretician: Editorial journalism supports "radical anti-Clericalism"

Bonn ( Prof. Norbert Bolz (Berlin) has leveled sharp criticisms of an ecclesiastical "superconformity to the modern". This is the case especially for the Protestant Church. "That is the accomodation, which is merciless and knows no boundaries -- which kills the Church", said the Protestant to a colloquium about the Christian media presene in Germany on the 1st of May in Bonn. The Catholic Institute for Social Science in Walberg was invited.

As an example of ecclesiastical accomodation Bolz described the straining after "political correctness". As the Professor continued, there is in the place of the impenetrability of living conditions in the globalized world, an "ever greater necessity for absoluteness." There is an opportunity for Christianity in that. A problem therefore, that one can only get the complexity of the Christian belief through the media with great difficulty. In television programs or in newspapers, "in which dependent clauses are almost never used", it is difficult for the Church to be done justice by the media.

Christianity with its good news is "principally uninteresting" for the media, since they are interested in bad news. For that reason Christianity is said to have "nothing new to say". Bolz also criticized even a "pronounced editorial jounralism" in Germany, which supports a "radical anti-Clericalism" and prescribe for the Church how it should proceed in the modern world.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Atheist: Catholic Faith is the Least Tolerated Religion

The Catholic Faith is the least tolerated religion in Europe, criticized French philospher Bernard-Henri Levy, who is himself an Atheist.

Madrid [] The Catholic Faith is the least tolerated religion in Europe. This was said by well-known intellectual, Bernard-Henri Levy in an interview with the Spanish newspaper "ABC".

The prominent French intellectual, who identifies himself as an Atheist, is concerned on the other hand about the numerous unjust attacks against the Pope. "The voice of the Pope is very significant, but we have been very unfair to this Pope", he said in an interview to "ABC". "I am not Catholic, but I believe, there is prejudice and an especially powerful anti-clericalism, which has become an enormous exception in Europe", Levy said.

There is a double-standard upon attacks against other religions, criticized Levy. "In France there's a great deal of discussion about the violation of Jewish and Muslim cemeteries, but no one knows that Catholic graves are permanently desecrated", complains the French philosopher.

Naturally there is a right to criticize religions, said Levy. It so happens, especially by intellectuals, considerable injudiciousness. Levy says: "Muslims are defended in the intellectual world, Catholics much less."

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