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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Boston Globe Dumps Crux

Edit: John Allen will never report the real etiologies, goals and malignant personalities behind the sexual abuse scandal.

BOSTON — The Boston Globe has said it will no longer be running its Catholic news site as of April 1. Vatican analyst and associate Crux editor John L. Allen Jr. says he hopes to continue the site with other partners.

The announcement comes after less than two years of operation for the Catholic site. The Boston Globe cited financial reasons for the decision. It said that Allen is “exploring the possibility of continuing it in some modified form, absent any contribution from the Globe.”

Allen, a longtime Vatican reporter who is widely respected in his field, told CNA that he and Crux Vatican correspondent Ines San Martin will continue the site.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

[Don’t] Get Your Conclave News from Vatican Radio, Not NBC or Whatnot

Update to the Update GMT 18:23:  Here’s decent coverage from them on the Vatican website:

Edit: don’t get stuck listening to crappy coverage from NBC, BBC or Nazi originated Spiegel.  Listen to the Vatican Broadcaster, as chaotic as it is.  Their site is horribly constructed and I can’t find live streaming, but here’s a link for an MP3:

You also may have to download a viewer/player in order to get into the Vatican Site.  There are various  sites to access live streaming, but the English ones appear to be broken.

Just listening to the morning news now, and it’s got Father Thomas Reese SJ, disgraced former editor of America on.  Can’t they find someone who’s Catholic?

Ok, forget Vatican Radio in English.  Here’s live streaming coverage on Youtube:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Protestant Media Expert Criticizes Ecclesiastical Conformity to the Modern

Media Theoretician: Editorial journalism supports "radical anti-Clericalism"

Bonn ( Prof. Norbert Bolz (Berlin) has leveled sharp criticisms of an ecclesiastical "superconformity to the modern". This is the case especially for the Protestant Church. "That is the accomodation, which is merciless and knows no boundaries -- which kills the Church", said the Protestant to a colloquium about the Christian media presene in Germany on the 1st of May in Bonn. The Catholic Institute for Social Science in Walberg was invited.

As an example of ecclesiastical accomodation Bolz described the straining after "political correctness". As the Professor continued, there is in the place of the impenetrability of living conditions in the globalized world, an "ever greater necessity for absoluteness." There is an opportunity for Christianity in that. A problem therefore, that one can only get the complexity of the Christian belief through the media with great difficulty. In television programs or in newspapers, "in which dependent clauses are almost never used", it is difficult for the Church to be done justice by the media.

Christianity with its good news is "principally uninteresting" for the media, since they are interested in bad news. For that reason Christianity is said to have "nothing new to say". Bolz also criticized even a "pronounced editorial jounralism" in Germany, which supports a "radical anti-Clericalism" and prescribe for the Church how it should proceed in the modern world.