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Friday, May 30, 2014

Canon Stephan Burger new Archbishop of Freiburg

Edit: this priest has just been appointed to one of the most powerful sees in Germany. He replaces the Old Liberal Archbishop Robert Zollitsch. We guess he’ll get a cardinal’s hat before than Moraglia, the Patriarch of Venice. More later.

(Freiburg im Breisgau) The Archdiocese of Freiburg im Breisgau has a new archbishop.The successor of Archbishop Robert Zollitsch is the former head of the Archdiocesan Offizialat [Chancellor], Canon Stephan Burger. Archbishop Burger was born on April 29, 1962 in Freiburg. There he studied theology at the Theological Faculty of the University and was ordained priest on 20 May 1990 for the Archdiocese. After parish ministry, among others, in Tauberbischofsheim and Pforzheim, he obtained a degree in canon law in 2006 at the University of Münster. In the same year he was appointed to the archiepiscopal church court. At the same time he was still active in parish ministry in Kaiserstuhl-Burkheim. In 2013 he was appointed canon of the cathedral chapter.
Tutilo, the brother of the new archbishop is Abbot of the Benedictine Beuron.

Monday, April 8, 2013

SSPX Protests Holds Prayer March in Freiburg Against Abortion

Leftists Weren’t Able to
Stop Them
Edit: it’s interesting to take note from time to time about the Society’s efforts in Germany where they still play a significant role in culture and politics on behalf of the Church against Her enemies.

[] On Friday, April 5th, the Society of St. Pius X held their yearly prayer march against abortion in Freiburg city center.

Lefto Fascists attempted to interfere with their free speech by disturbing the prayer march.  Through the professional intervention of the Freiburg police, the officially approved demonstration was allowed to continue without any further problems.  Left radicals, who put themselves in the way, were dispersed by three appeals to their sensibility with a special unit of police.

During the procession through the city center, the estimated 200 Catholics -- most young -- continued with their prayers and songs for the children murdered in their mother’s wombs.  The interlopers were kept well in check by the police.

Herr Walter Ramm, president of Action Leben, held a concluding speech at the Kartoffelmarkt.  From afar, the horns and shouts could still be heard.

See the collage at

Friday, May 6, 2011

Crush the Society of Pius -- Abort from Germany

Editor: Previously last week, the Society of Saint Pius X organized a substantial demonstration at the abortion clinic run by the Nazi-founded abortion provider ironically named 'pro familia'. Apparently, this angered some of the local leftist hooligans who decided to vandalize the chapel there.

The Catholic Mass Celebrated in Freiburg-Adelhausen

Why are the leftists all so eager for violence? Rather than explaining the left position with arguments, why not do it with a black eye instead?

( The anonymous and anti-Constitutional website '' made this known yesterday:

"Early today we covered the chapel 'Saint Antonius of Padua' belonging to the clerical-fascist Society of Pius in Betzenhausen with pink and purple paint."

Betzenhausen is a part of the city of Freiburg.

The aforementioned website is driven by church-, people- and socially contemptible political criminals.

The Society of St. Pius X is by far the most famous Catholic organization in Germany.

The political criminals justified their crime like this: "In the Society of Pius they unite Catholic fundamentalism with populist-nationalist Ideology".

That's actually, partially, correct.

Because the Society is on a solid Catholic foundation.

It is in any case not bound to any "populist-nationalist Ideology", rather it is internationally oriented.

The founder of the Society, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre († 1991), was not a German People's Party member and spent the largest amount of his life in Africa.

His father was MURDERED in a Socialist concentration camp.

The reason for the damage to the Church is based in that representatives of the Society in Freiburg are against the violence of abortion and marched for the right to life of every person.

Socialists Defend National Socialists

It is sufficent to say that the leftist strikers were throwing themselves in the breach, because they are in favor of the abortion firm 'pro familia'.

This was founded and directed for many years after the Second World War by the Old-Nazi Hans Harmsen († 1989)

The Socialists downplayed the organization's Nazi background as "an information center for sexual self-determination".

The prayers and songs of the Society of St. Pius appeared to them as "anachronistic and laughable".

Because: "What they attribute to God, is for others the >>Volksgemeinschaft [racial community with Nazi implications]<< or place of Germany".

Monstrously the damage which has happened to the church, since it happened thereto, is being handled, therefore, as a part of German normalcy, that would deal with politics as a trivial offense.

The article ended with the exclamation: "Piusbruderschaft zerschlagen. Deutschland abreiben." [Beat the Priestly Society. Abort them from Germany.]

Saturday, April 30, 2011

SSPX Organizes Pro-Life Procession in Freiburg

From the District Website: The yearly demonstration for unborn life has taken place in Freiburg!

With the approval of the police, the Society of St. Pius X organized an event for the prayer demonstration in front of the Abortion Clinic 'Pro Familia' in Freiburg on Wednesday on 27. April. There were approximately 200 faithful praying the stations of the cross and drawing finally through to the city center. The concluding speech was given by the Pro-life Movement, President Walter Ramm.

There were at times eighty policemen present to protect the pilgrims.

And from, the following:

If the defense of the violence of abortion is obviated, then the National Socialism of modern Germany can be swallowed without a problem.

(, Freiburg)The day before yesterday about two hundred brave defenders of human rights demonstrated against the violence of abortion.

It involved a democratic demonstration of the healthy forces among the people.

It was organized by one of the most famous Catholic groups in Germany -- the internationally active Society of St. Pius X.

The abortionists know only one argument: violence

The human rights advocates brought about two dozen of the leftist defenders of the violence of abortion to burning white hot. They had flocked together to fight against democracy and human rights.

The enemies of children violated the personal rights of the democratic demonstrators with a fanatical howl.

They were even encouraged in this to assault the human rights demonstrators with condoms.

The enemies of children found powerful allies in the media bosses.

So, the 'Baische Zeitung' played down the left fascist street violence.

The paper of the regime also underrated the number of the demonstrators down to "120“.

Stupidly they weren't in agreement with the anti-life fascist online news site ''.

Because this one reported -- even still evasively-- twice as many human rights protesters than were there.

'Badische Zeitung' downplayed the fascist racism

The courageous life defenders prayed in front of an abortion "clinic" of the German child murder firm, 'Pro Familia'.

This company was founded after the Second World War by a National Socialist, Racist.

The 'Badische Zeitung' unscrupulously downplayed the company's function by saying that they provide a place where, "in 'pro familia' pregnant women are advised".

The peaceful human rights demonstrators carried posters in order to call people's attention to this manipulation.

There we were to learn, for example: "What does an abortion cost? Not much -- a human life".

Or: "A right to choose to kill?"

A large police force had to protect the human rights defenders from the leftist rowdies.

These disturbed the prayers and songs of the human rights activists with their demonic choruses.

The police officials escorted the human rights activists in their prayer procession with two rows.

Two violent child haters were arrested by the police.

Link to original, here.