Friday, May 6, 2011

Crush the Society of Pius -- Abort from Germany

Editor: Previously last week, the Society of Saint Pius X organized a substantial demonstration at the abortion clinic run by the Nazi-founded abortion provider ironically named 'pro familia'. Apparently, this angered some of the local leftist hooligans who decided to vandalize the chapel there.

The Catholic Mass Celebrated in Freiburg-Adelhausen

Why are the leftists all so eager for violence? Rather than explaining the left position with arguments, why not do it with a black eye instead?

( The anonymous and anti-Constitutional website '' made this known yesterday:

"Early today we covered the chapel 'Saint Antonius of Padua' belonging to the clerical-fascist Society of Pius in Betzenhausen with pink and purple paint."

Betzenhausen is a part of the city of Freiburg.

The aforementioned website is driven by church-, people- and socially contemptible political criminals.

The Society of St. Pius X is by far the most famous Catholic organization in Germany.

The political criminals justified their crime like this: "In the Society of Pius they unite Catholic fundamentalism with populist-nationalist Ideology".

That's actually, partially, correct.

Because the Society is on a solid Catholic foundation.

It is in any case not bound to any "populist-nationalist Ideology", rather it is internationally oriented.

The founder of the Society, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre († 1991), was not a German People's Party member and spent the largest amount of his life in Africa.

His father was MURDERED in a Socialist concentration camp.

The reason for the damage to the Church is based in that representatives of the Society in Freiburg are against the violence of abortion and marched for the right to life of every person.

Socialists Defend National Socialists

It is sufficent to say that the leftist strikers were throwing themselves in the breach, because they are in favor of the abortion firm 'pro familia'.

This was founded and directed for many years after the Second World War by the Old-Nazi Hans Harmsen († 1989)

The Socialists downplayed the organization's Nazi background as "an information center for sexual self-determination".

The prayers and songs of the Society of St. Pius appeared to them as "anachronistic and laughable".

Because: "What they attribute to God, is for others the >>Volksgemeinschaft [racial community with Nazi implications]<< or place of Germany".

Monstrously the damage which has happened to the church, since it happened thereto, is being handled, therefore, as a part of German normalcy, that would deal with politics as a trivial offense.

The article ended with the exclamation: "Piusbruderschaft zerschlagen. Deutschland abreiben." [Beat the Priestly Society. Abort them from Germany.]

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Anonymous said...

"Piusbruderschaft zerschlagen. Deutschland abtreiben" means "Destroy the SSPX. Abort Germany."