Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Atheist: Catholic Faith is the Least Tolerated Religion

The Catholic Faith is the least tolerated religion in Europe, criticized French philospher Bernard-Henri Levy, who is himself an Atheist.

Madrid [Kath.net/CNA] The Catholic Faith is the least tolerated religion in Europe. This was said by well-known intellectual, Bernard-Henri Levy in an interview with the Spanish newspaper "ABC".

The prominent French intellectual, who identifies himself as an Atheist, is concerned on the other hand about the numerous unjust attacks against the Pope. "The voice of the Pope is very significant, but we have been very unfair to this Pope", he said in an interview to "ABC". "I am not Catholic, but I believe, there is prejudice and an especially powerful anti-clericalism, which has become an enormous exception in Europe", Levy said.

There is a double-standard upon attacks against other religions, criticized Levy. "In France there's a great deal of discussion about the violation of Jewish and Muslim cemeteries, but no one knows that Catholic graves are permanently desecrated", complains the French philosopher.

Naturally there is a right to criticize religions, said Levy. It so happens, especially by intellectuals, considerable injudiciousness. Levy says: "Muslims are defended in the intellectual world, Catholics much less."

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