Thursday, March 22, 2012

Austrian Media Continues to Slander Intrepid Priest

Edit:  Father Skoblicki is the former pastor of the Linz parish who was run out of town on a rail because the Austrian media and a few villagers hated the amazing success he was having there.  Full church, young children and adolescents in the pews, long confession lines and a strong emphasis on the truths of the Catholic Faith were there.  The harassment continues.

Hangman's journalism against Father Skoblicki:  the agitation paper 'Kurier' slandrs the clergyman, without consulting him.
Fr. Skoblicki with new Pastor Helmut Prader
© Pressebild  

( The anti-Clerical newspaper 'Kurier' continues to engage in polemics against the former Pastor of Kopfing, Fr. Andreas Skoblici. Since February the clergyman has been chaplain for the community of Neuhofen and der Ybbs in the Diocese of St. Pölten.

Lying Nursery Tales

The scandal sheet 'Kurier' is spreading the lie that Fr. Skoblicki has characterized two eleven year old boys as "disgraces and threats" before God.

One of the boys is supposed to have confessed to having forgotten to pray once.  The other is said to have quarreled with his brother.

These sins are supposed to have "infuriated" Father Skoblicki -- finds the 'Kurier'.

Windy Evidence

It is telling that the schmier paper had spread these lies without first talking to Father Skoblicke.

The paper refers to its anonymous denouncer, Hermann G.  He is described as the grandfather of one of the children.

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