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Monday, March 23, 2020

War: Turkish Security Forces Shoot at Greek Border Guards

As the Corona crisis paralyzes the world, the Islamic rush to Europe continues: Sunday evening hundreds of invaders tried to storm the Greek border. Turkish officials shot over 1,000 tear gas grenades at Greek border officials.

“At the Greek-Turkish border, there were again incidents at the Kastanies / Pazarkule crossing. A group of around 200 migrants felled a tree on Sunday evening and damaged the border fence on the Greek side,” reports Oe24.

"Turkish security forces have tried to help hundreds of Afghan, Pakistani and Syrian migrants across the Greek border," BBC commentator Babak Taghvaee reported on Twitter. "Turkish plainclothes intelligence officers fired tear gas grenades at Greek border guards."

"Is that a declaration of war by Turkey against Greece?" Asked the BBC correspondent. "The video clearly shows that Turkish officials fired tear gas and smoke grenades at Greek border guards to help Afghan, Pakistani and Syrian migrants cross the Greek border."

“On Sunday, Turkish police officers in Evros shot over 1,000 tear gas grenades at Greek border guards in the evenings. This is an attack on the EU's external border. Where's the reporting on that?” Said Petr Bystron, AfD chairman in the Foreign Affairs Committee. “It is always astonishing that the public service broadcaster wants to convince us that the illegal migrants are primarily children and families - although recordings circulating almost simultaneously on the Internet showed that the rush on the Turkish-Greek border was above all, done by young men from Pakistan and Afghanistan and not by families with young children.”

"The Federal Government continues to violate Article 16a of the Basic Law, the Schengen and Dublin rules and the Residence and Asylum Act through the additional admissions. The - purely verbal - ministerial decree of Thomas de Maiziere from 2015, according to which everyone should be admitted to Germany, must be lifted immediately by Interior Minister Seehofer and the effective border control restored,” said Bystron.


Monday, March 2, 2020

Islamic Invaders Ransack and Loot Orthodox Church

Images are emerging of a Greek Orthodox church in Lesvos which was vandalised by refugees.
On Monday, more than 500 refugees grouped together to head down to the port of Mytilini from Moria camp.
The group were confronted by members of MAT (Tactical Police) along the way, and resorted to stoning the Greek authorities in order to continue in their journey, only to be met with chemical and flash grenades.
Residents on Lesvos remain united and are trying to maintain a strong front against the situation unfolding on their island.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Greek Bishop: “Your Atheism Has Brought Down the Wrath of God Upon Us!”

Greek Orthodox Bishop Ambrosios von Kalavrita has accused the Greek Prime Minister of being complicit in the severe fires in Greece

Athens ( Greek Orthodox Bishop Ambrosios of Kalavrita has accused the Greek Prime Minister of being complicit in the severe fires in Greece. "Atheist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is drawing the wrath of God upon us," writes the bishop on his blog. "The atheists of Syriza are the cause of the great disaster! Their atheism draws down the wrath of God upon us!" He emphasizes again. In the forest fires in recent days 74 people have died. But the Archbishop of Athens has emphasized that this is only the personal opinion of the bishop.

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Arrest of Archimandrite Ephrem is a hostile attack against Athonite monks and Orthodoxy

Edit: for years there are forces in Greece that would like to minimize and diminish the influence of the Greek Orthodox Church. One of the most important targets to attack is Mount Athos, for monasticism has always been the living heart of Christian culture and mysticism.

Last week the court ruled to arrest Archimandrite Ephrem, abbot of the Vatopedi Monastery on Mt. Athos, in connection with a large-scale investigation into real estate deals between the Monastery and the Greek State initiated in 2008. On weekend the police came to the Vatopedi Monastery to arrest Fr. Ephrem. After medical doctors had examined the abbot, it was decided to leave him in the Monastery for health reasons. It was reported on Tuesday, however, that Fr Ephrem was arrested and taken away from Mr. Athos.

Metropolitan Hilarion, chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate's Department for External Church Relations, gave his appraisal of the actions of the Greek authorities in his short interview to Interfax-Religion.

- Your Eminence, the Greek authorities arrested Archimandrite Ephrem, abbot of the Vatopedi Monastery on Mount Athos, who has recently accompanied the Belt of the Mother of God in Russia. Please, give your comments.

- We do not and can not know all about the charges in abuses in real estate transactions made by the Vatopedi Monastery in the past filed against Fr Ephrem and other persons. Whether these charges are just, the Greek court will decide; we cannot interfere. However, it is quite obvious that detention under remand of Archimandrite Ephrem, who does not pose any danger, without considering the case on its merits and before a court ruling, is an extraordinary action that surprises us deeply. The authorities arrested nobody but the elderly and ailing priest. This ruling arouses grave concern of believers of the Russian Orthodox Church, puts her hierarchs on guard, and makes us ponder over its true reasons.
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Turkey: Nationalist Protest Against Divine Liturgy on Assumption

Several thousand Greek Orthodox Christians in Turkey arrive on Sunday at the Sumela-Cloister in the East of the Land. There the Nationalists hope to protest against the Christians.

Constantinople (
Several thousand Greek Orthodox Christians in Turkey will arrive according to their Patriarch Bartholomeos I on the this Sunda as "Peace Ambassadors" to the Sumela Cloister in the East of the Land. The Christians have waited for a long time for this day, said the Patriarch of Constantinople in an interview for the daily "Sabah" (Friday Edition). In view of protests by Turkish Nationalists against the Liturgy on the Feast of the "Assumption" said the honorary head of around 300 Million Orthodox Christians in the world, that he trusts in the security measures of the authorities.

The ancient Sumela Cloister in the south Black Sea city of Trebizond is the sanctuary location for a Marian Ikon, which was painted according to legend by St. Luke. After the exile of the Greeks by the Turkish-Greek population exchange in the 1920s the Cloister was abandoned and declared a museum. The Orthodox Christians struggled for years to get permission for a Liturgy to be celebrated in the Cloister. Bartholomaios I thanked the Culture Ministry for this, that this is the first time such an event is taking place.

Right leaning local politicians in Trebizond have been protesting in the past days. They accuse the Christians of using the Liturgy on the 15th of August to summon a restoration of the Byzantine Empire. The Ottomans conquered the then Byzantine Trebizond in 1461 on August 15th which is also the beginning of the uprising of the Kurdish PKK-Rebels against the Turkish State. For this reason, the Liturgy will become a demonstration of "revenge", according to the right national newspaper "Yenicag".

The Police in Trebizond, a bastion of National Rightists, took a local politican and a local journalist into protective custody. The Patriarch has said, that he has no doubt that the security forces will take every necessary precaution.

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