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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Persecution of Christians in Austria: For the Sake of State Security

Persecution of Christians in Austria

A house search against two upstanding clergymen faithful to Rome, allegedly because of offering their opinions on or, was in reality to get insight into their activities and personal back ground. 

Commando Raid Against the Clergy

According to press reports two ordained dignitaries, in Vienna and Upper Austria, are supposed to have been the object of house searches by the security forces.

The State Prosecutor in Feldkirch in Vorarlberg in cooperation with the Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution.

There are "mountains of admissible evidence secured" that have been secured.

Only: Admissible evidence for what? In order to prove that clergy have drunk coffee in a Café? Or even purchased a newspaper?
St. Veit was burned in oil. He refused to offer
sacrifices to the false gods.  Altarbild von Franz Xaver Palko
 (Ausschnitt), Sankt Veit am Vogau [Bild: kreuz-net]

Catholic -- and Not Homosexual

Both dignitaries will be charged, for the honor of strictly rejecting homosexual depravity ("Sins against Nature", see Moral Theology) not only conducted, but from theological grounds --- following the Introduction of the Holy Father Benedict XVI.

This "crime" will be made more severe by the fact that they are supposed to have spread the teachings of the Church on the internet.

Since the -- apparently Christian -- Volkspartei conspiring with the political Left, made homosexuality into the treasured divinities of the Republic by way of a sedition paragraph, aberrosexual activists and haters of the Church, are trying to criminalize Catholics for holding their faith.

Catholic -- and Against the Murder of the Unborn

There is a circumstance which is attached to both clergyman: they weigh -- still in public and with evident success via the internet -- against the liquidation of unborn children.

If one still considers this, which business the abortion advertisers are opposed, that human life is inviolable and protected by (actual) human rights, one understands the outrage behind the interest:

In one single abortion facility in Vienna the abortion Dr. Radauer boasted that in her practice of one branch, she killed a child almost daily: high estimates are 13,000 unborn. 13,000 child murders per 300 Euro add up to 3,900,000 Euro: a "powerful" Republican argument.

Catholic -- and Against Euthanasia

Next noticed there is also for the two Catholic clergymen that the value of human life doesn't boil down to a "break-even-point."

Thus, they reject every form of euthanasia. That makes them even more suspicious.

Clearly "Unteachable"

The "enlightened society" had turned loose their most ravenous hounds -- the Journaille -- on both clergymen: Instead of putting them on the grill, they were brought into public by the most powerful extra-parliamentary entity in the land.

Even with a cue from the National Socialist past on the part of the media Führer Cadres. But the pressure of the media was not effective enough, both clergymen remained -- clearly "unteachable" -- Catholic.

Strong "Tobacco"

If "good" advice doesn't work, "more persuasive" methods must be used.

Perhaps they had once said "Neger" or "Faggot" -- or at least thought it? Or even implied it?

That is some luck, that the original Catholic website "" can be used as an angling point by the media-interested Republicans.

Could the both not simply once have called up this web site? Or sent a report denouncing a clergyman to the Email address Or even mentioned an un-Catholic intrigue by the Vienna Cardinal?

You really have to study -- the best site!

And so it happened that they came: the ladies (?) and gentlemen of security -- the State Security Police and the Anti-Terror Squads.

"Terror" of the Catholic Faithful Needs Anti-Terror

Qualities, "unteachable" Catholics really constitute a danger for the basic values of an "enlightened" society: for abortion and homosexual depravity!

Really that Helps -- the Sedition Paragraph

It actually "grabs" here: both clergymen were charged with expressing "falsity": they had published "possibly" "radical right", "anti-gay" and allegedly anti-Jewish" articles. Even if it isn't right.

With the character assassination words "radical right", "anti-gay" or even "anti-Jewish" the uninvolved , "self acualized" world citizen really accepts that the State Security was being a little "snoopy". Only just a little.

That's to make to order the freedom of speech again: the freedom of Catholic opinions.

The Grist of the Matter

The journalism is a copying and hack job apparatus, has been known for a long time. With blooming flowers like the "Kölner Stadtanzeiger", which entitled an article on the 11th of August 2013: "Searchers have confiscated material from". Usually such flights of fancy are "seen" in court.

This manner of proceeding (not only in the media) is clearly: through the matching up of terms rejected in society with the names of persons or internet platforms to destroy the reputation of both.

As a rule that functions also very well.

As a "collateral effect" one may snoop through the private and business background of the affronted.

And these manner of actions have an instructive effect -- for the other Catholics: Don't adopt any Catholic positions (at least not persistently), otherwise we will come "to visit".

In the service of State Security, naturally.


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Saturday, August 10, 2013

State Police Invade Offices of "" in Vienna: Priest Suspects on the Run!

Ed: here's one for Amnesty International.  Sounds like the police even roughed up the sister of one of the suspects while she was trying to keep them from steeling their computers and rifling through their offices.  I wonder how many would have that kind of courage?

The Austrian government definitely needs to be made ashamed of this.

According to "Kronen"  news, the national justice gave the green light for it.  A house search in Vienna escalated the situation.  Computers were confiscated and evidence secured.  It also involved "".

Vienna ( A number of days ago in Vienna, police executed a search warrant on the facilities of the internet website "".  This was reported on Saturday by the "Kronen" news.  According to the report, it was directed against two priests from Lower Austria and Vienna.  The charges are serious.  According to "Krone" it was related to an article with radical right as well as anti-Jewish and homophobic contents, which had been published on websites "" and "".

In Germany and also in Switzerland there have been investigations ongoing for some time.   Now the Austrian judiciary has given a green light.  The situation has been escalated by a house search in Vienna.  According to "Krone" the sister of the accused priest is being charged, for attempting to erase computers and obstructing the officials by taking the PCs with her.  An official is said to have been injured.

At present the national police are surveying the confiscated computer as well as the secured evidence.  The suspects were sought at churches, according to "Krone".  They are, in any case, still at large.

Edit: remembering when all of this happened to earlier this year.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Voting Till You Get the Right Result -- Schönborn's Unacceptable Comparison

(London) Vatican Radio reports: "The Anglican Church has announced plans to test the recognition of the Episcopal ordination of women again." In other words, in the Anglican "Church of England" the motto is "democracy instead of truth" voted on as long as needed until the result desired by progressive circles results.

Vienna Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schönborn said in mid-May, in a speech at London's Royal Albert Hall for an Anglican organized Ecumenical Leadership Conference of a "peculiar similarity" between the election of Pope Francis and the choice of Justin Welby as the Archbishop of Canterbury and thus the Primate of the Anglican Communion. He described the "similarity" even as "a small miracle" and as a "sign of the Lord" .

The comparison of the Conclave with the election of the president of the Anglican Communion by the Austrian Cardinal seems more "strange". Observers of the development of the "Church of England" and the Anglican Communion speak of hard battles as a direction was found for a sufficient majority for a candidate. The majority determined, and wanted a new "Primate", which is precisely a moderate progressive. No conservative, but not a candidate who accepts homosexuals as bishops. At least not now.

The current goal in ascendent liberal circles is namely the enforcement of women bishops. Welby meets all the criteria of what is currently considered moderately progressive in the "Church of England": He explicitly rejects homosexual bishops, but spoke even before his election explicitly for the admission of women to the episcopate.

Welby's choice was the result of calculated, painstaking negotiations, of tactics, the massive lobbying majority of majority shoppers, of compromise and lengthy inventions by democratic majority, i.e., human rules. The Holy Spirit can hardly recognize it.

The Archbishop of Vienna's statement on the election of Welby and equating it with the election of Pope Francis is all the more incomprehensible because his statements on the simultaneous connection with the Conclave, relatives the work of the Holy Spirit in the Sistine Chapel.

Text: Martha Weinzl Image: RV Trans: Tancred

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Noteworthy Words of the Nuncio About the True Council

Die Pummerin läutet zum Abschied von Papst Benedikt XVI. [Bild: kreuz-net]
Pontifical High Mass in the Cathedral of St. Stephen in Vienna at the end of the Pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI.  

On the evening of the 28th of January in the year of the Lord 2013, a Pontifical Mass for the end Benedict XVI’s Pontificate was given in a completely filled Cathedral and Metropolitan Church, St. Stephen in Vienna by the Apostolic Nuncio of Austria, Archbishop Peter Zurbriggen for the end.

The Liturgy -- the Novus Ordo -- was meagre;  the vestments were unlovely; the musical arrangements could have been better arranged; what was certainly a noteworthy cause for joy were the words of the Nuncio, who praised the deeds of Benedict XVI. and at the same time remained in no way thoroughly empty and inert.

In the German National Church in Rome, at the grave of Pope Hadrian VI.: there is an inscription which reads significantly, that even the best man of the time, in which he is put, will leave an important mark on his efforts.  Zurbriggen noted that this is applicable in a certain way also for Benedict XVI., who was called to the Papal throne in difficult times for the Church.

The Nuncio cited Benedict’s speech on the present Dictatorship of Relativism, against which the Pope has ever encouraged to reach for Christ, that very trust in God, to which Jeremiah also called upon, from which the reading of the Mass was chosen.

Interpretation of Vatican II

The three Encyclicals of the Pope were mentioned, his work on “Jesus of Nazareth” and Benedict’s efforts toward the correct understanding of Liturgy and for the correct interpretation of the Second Vatican Council,  which also must not be meant as a break,  according to which it is completely different, as it has been near to the almost 2,000 years before that.

So it is also even misleading to speak of a Pre-Conciliar and a Post-Conciliar Church.  Every false interpretation of the Council has brought us to each crisis, in which the Church today finds itself, as the Nuncio clearly formulated: and he still significantly noted, that for us, the true value of the Council, and every true and valid Council, will only then be solved, when the modernist rubbish heaped till now has been thrown out.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, shortly before the Consecration, the Nuncio stopped, as the solemn silence within the Gothic Cathedral the bells began to toll to signal the beginning of the elevation, at the same time of the voluntary end of this Pontificate. Tears welled up in the eyes of some.  Doubtless a historical moment.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Tragedy of the Sisters of St. John and St.Dominic

A big storm around the contemplative women's branch of the Community of St. John.  In the background there was a struggle about changes in the charism and questions of power.   There are vocations of young women still in the drive way.

Vienna (  The Community of the Sisters of St. John, the de facto women's branch of the Community of St. John, has been stuck in a deep crisis for years.  The Community has recently revealed this information.  The Community of Contemplative Sisters of St. John was founded on the 8th of December 1982 by P. Marie-Donique Philippe.   The Archbishop of Lyon established it as a Congregation of Diocesan Right, among others there is a Cloister in Austria, that after years of preparation, large charitable gifts and yet even now stands empty.

In essence it happened that the responsible Bishop proposed reforms, these which the majority of the sisters refused, because these were considered to be against their fundamental charism. In order to manage this crisis, a Papal delegate was named, which clearly accomplished little.  Affected, according to information from were clearly more than 230 sisters, who in the mean time have even struggled to undertake a new foundation in Spain.  The Institute of "Sisters of St. John and of St. Dominic" was de facto banned.

The reforms, which from reasons not completely clear were imposed from outside, were endorsed only by a minority of the sisters, which led to a tremendous crisis.  Almost all the Austrian sisters of the Community have rejected the "Reforms".  The situation has been so tense and drastic over the years, that many of the younger sisters are now hanging in the air and don't know how they should continue. spoke with a sister concerned, from Austria, who entered the Order with much enthusiasm.  Sr. N.N. explained in the interview that the disunity over the charism began after the death of the founder (2006).  Originally there were many vocations and Bishops around the entire world worked to get them for their Diocese.  According to this sister, who waited years to make her solemn vows, also desired, along with a small minority of the sisters and the men's branch of the Community to "reform" the Contemplative Sisters of St. John. As to the question which "reforms" were meant,  the sister disclosed that the open attitude for interested parties will be limited.  The sisters are contemplative, but not cloistered.  There has always been an openness to receive new people or also to be active outside, for example for perpetual adoration during a youth meeting.  "The youth of today need the witness of sisters, who have given everything to Jesus and are full of joy over it."

According to sister then there were also significant structural issues.  Obviously it was at the wish of the brothers, that the General Prior of the brothers had the highest authority over all three branches of the Johannine family.  Most of the contemplative sisters wanted, however,  to maintain their autonomy and to live the united of the Johannine family on a spiritual level.  The crisis has been growing since 2009 and began concretely with the dismissal of Sr. Alix, the foundress of the contemplative sisters, by Cardinal Barbarin of Lyon.  It was from outside that new leadership was initiated, which in any case was, according to Sr. N.N., not recognized by the majority of the contemplative sisters.

In the Summer of 2012 there were then a lot of sisters, who were not bound by vows (Novices and sisters on the end of their simple vows) who left and founded the sisters of St. John and of St. Dominic, a community, formed under the authority of the Spanish Bishop, Don Demetrio Fernandez and quickly received 150 young sisters between 25 and 30 years of age.  Actually, on the 19th of January 2013 the Institute was suppressed again on the 19th of January, 2013 by Roman authorities, according to Sr. N.N. the sisters there were never party to, visited or asked.  "I would like to make clear, that we love the Church and would like to remain true to the Holy Father.  So we will obey and give up our habits.  We pray, and don't know,  what the future will bring us, but we place our trust in Jesus and it's all we can do now", said Sister N.N. sadly.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Austrian Caritas Pays Abortion Operation

The Caritas Vienna transferred funds from the contributions of Catholics in the acquiring of the destruction of the weakest of men, the unborn. This according to a report out on "" of November 2010.

In this report, a postal letter from the asylum center of Caritas Vienna (Mariannengasse 11,1990 Vienna) is to see which is addressed to the "Clinic on Fleischmarkt"  (Abortion Institute, now: "pro: woman", Clinic on Fleischmarkt Company, Fleischmarkt 26, 1010 Wien). [Curiously named "Meat Market"]

The document makes a"hearty thanks" to Caritas Vienna, that a client of Caritas had secured a social tarif of 100 Euro for the clinic on Fleschmarkt and that the client had already "received the award" from us (therefore Caritas Vienna) and the amount will be paid in cash.

Caritas is funded by church contributions. According to the financial management report of 2011 by the Church it received 1.5 millionn Euro. The head of Caritas Vienna is Fr. Michael Landau.

Anyone who has doubts about the authenticity of this letter, let him address himself to the responsible bodies, such as the:

- Vienna Archdiocese under Cardinal Christoph Schönborn

- Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna under Fr. Micahel Landau

-or to the President of the Austrian Caritas, Franz Küberl.

No one will deny the authenticity of this letter.

In keeping with the practice of Caritas is the de facto consent of Cardinal Schönborn on abortion to the press at ORF in 2006.

Caritas -- Lair of Leftist Catholicism

One can not avoid the impression that the charity is on the way to turn Holy Church into a money oriented, social club, to soften the nature of Holy Church and decompose it from within. Otherwise it's not comprehensible that the Caritas funds from Church donations by Catholics are put to misuse and contributes to the destruction to make an end of the lives of so many innocent people -- even though it is the express will of God, not to kill!

From Caritas to the Anti-Clerical "Green"

So it is no coincidence that the national director of the Neo-Marxist Postmodernist Party "The Greens", Stefan Wallner, who has changed directly from Vienna Caritas to the morally destructive Greens and then from there has raised a visor for the political works engaged in the protection of trees and shrubs, obtaining the destruction of the weakest people, the unborn.

And still further, it is probably no accident that Pope Benedict XVI. has decreed in his Motu Proprio "About the Service of Charity". It says, among other things:

In carrying out their charitable activity, therefore, the various Catholic organizations should not limit themselves merely to collecting and distributing funds, but should show special concern for individuals in need and exercise a valuable educational function within the Christian community, helping people to appreciate the importance of sharing, respect and love in the spirit of the Gospel of Christ. The Church’s charitable activity at all levels must avoid the risk of becoming just another form of organized social assistance
The mission of Caritas is therefore neither abortion, the alienation of church money and the widespread misuse of the Austrian social system, nor the abuse of asylum and the associated degradation of the rule of law.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Is Vienna's Cathedral Pastor a Freemason?

In this broadcast the Viennese Cathedral Pastor Toni Faber was given the opportunity, not just to be defiant of the teaching of Holy Church or to be coquettish with the zeitgeist, but in complete meekness and compliance to Freemasonry.

"That can damage your career!"

Then we learn (rom 6:40), that the Viennese Cathedral Pastor has published a dissertation "Freemason and Church",  which Cardinal Koenig had rejected with the following words: "Know this, young man: let this lay.  This can only damage your future, your career.  Let it lay."

At the latest as to the question, what the Church actually has against Freemasonry, the otherwise  generally  unaccomodating to the teachings of Holy Church Cathedral Pastor: The Church is supposed to have "Thank God, developed further" (Faber) and in Codex Iuris canonici of 1983 no longer threatens excommunication for Freemasonry.

In this anti-Roman/anti-Catholic groove of Faber, continued then the former Grand Master of the Austrian brothers of the apron (Masons wear ceremonial aprons), Micheal Kraus: a Catholic may deplore Freemasonry,  that in a so-called interpretation of the former Cardinal Ratzinger returns a certain ambiguity, if it is now possibly lives in serious sin and put in a unpleasant situation with the Church?  That was never made completely clear, insisted the Freemasonic Diabolos, who would like to load the guilt of Freemasonry on Holy Church.

With great verve, the ever erroneous working Viennese Cathedral Pastor continued in the groove of the Freemason:  "If we follow according to Catholic law, there is [Indicative!] no excommunication there, if we then follow the former Cardinal Prefect of the CDF, then it would [Subjunctive].  A certain ambiguity,  which the Holy Father, Joseph Ratzinger, Benedict XVI., has also not clarified." (at 11:45)

Catholic Minority Among the Freemasons

And Michael Kraus is more precise: "That this conflict is a part of the past, which was exhausting for both sides, and that in today's situation, it's clear that one can live very well with the status quo.  Completely well because the Catholic, who belongs to Freemasonry -- it's not a majority, it's certainly a minority --, they are not completely satisfied with the status quo,  as one could be satisfied,  if one has heard what Herr Cathedral Pastor has just outlined.  Catholics are not completely satisfied with the status quo." [Thank God for that!]

How can Catholics be upright, if they don't subject themselves to the teachings of Holy Church?

The Gist of the Matter: Father  Fabers' Contact with Freemasonry

Faber continues: "I personally know many Freemasons, who are convinced Catholics, who also work in the Catholic Church, but also offer their contribution with the Lodge, to work in it.  And I believe with so many people of good will, who can be found among the Freemasons, we could in the main, work for the common good for Austria."

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Dissident Fr. Helmut Schüller Loses Title of Monsignor

Zivilpriester Helmut Schüller darf keine
Soutane mit violetter Paspelierung mehr tragen.

© Catholic Church (England and Wales), CC BY-NC-SA
Disobedience Initiative

Politics in the Conciliar Church:  doctoring with various honorary titles in stead of dealing with problems.

( The leader of the Austrian "Ungehorsams-Initiative" and the Viennese Pastor Helmut Schuller has lost his papal honorary title "Monsignore".

This was something lamented by the Austrian media bosses who've been carrying water for him.

That his title will be removed from him will be imparted to him shortly.

Secular Priest Without Monsignor Soutaine?

The apostle of disobedience received the title for his activity for the alleged poor relief organization 'Caritas'.

The title "Chaplain to his Holiness" allowed the secular priest Schuller, to wear the soutane with the violette pipping.

The Reason? Three Guesses

Through the removal of the title, Fr. Schuller will not have his "fundamentals shaken".

An explicit reason for the removal has not been provided.

Now he will clarify the situation in the Vatican.

He Returns the Title Himself

The Holy See has only acquiesced to the desire of Fr. Schuler himself.

He explained himself in December 2010 about the title of Monsignor:

"I will send the decree back.  I will write therefore that I don't need the title any longer and: thanks for the appointment."

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

15 Year Old Sentenced in Arson of Neustadt Cathedral

A relatively minor punishment after a million in property damage:  because of the arson at Neustadter Cathedral and severe property damage, a 15 year old has been condemned to conditional sentence for 20 months.

Vienna (  Because of arson at Neustadter Cathedral and severe property damage, a 15 year old has been condemned to a condition 20 month sentence.   The National Court of Vienna/Neustadt gave a relatively mild sentence because of the "very youthful age" of the defendant and and his customarily orderly manner of life and finally his carpentry school.  The defendant has received time to think it over, the judgement is still not executed.  The Cathedral burnt in March of 2012, which reported, and has been closed till the completion of renovation at the end of September.

The youth had initially confessed to the Cathedral Provost after the act, and was forgiven by the Provost and recommended the possibility of accomplishing community service, continued ORF.  In the negotiations the 15 year old had at first denied the act, then however the exact course of events fell to him.  The judge explained in his sentencing, that the most significant concern of the boy had been that he didn't want his father to learn of it.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Laity Spontaneously Supports Küng's 'Call to Obedience'

Bishop Küng on the National Holiday in Vienna's Stepensdom:  and we need priests - but not disobedient priests, rather obedient, humble priests... "  -- spontaneous applause of the laity gathered -- preached: courage on the Austrian way to bioethics.

Vienna (  The St. Polten Archbishop Klaus Kung issued a "call to obedience" at the end of the traditional feast Mass "prayer for Austria" on the evening of the National Holiday of the 26th of October in Vienna's Stepensdom -- and earned spontaneous and enormous approval from the numerous  church people present.

Bishop Küng called upon the church service community: "We need Christian politicians, we need Christian scientists, we need Christian teachers and we need priests, but obedient, humble priests, who are filled with the love of Christ.."

Then spontaneous applause broke from the faithful in the Cathedral!

In his sermon Bishop Küng encouraged a "self-standing Austrian path" in questions of bioethics: "We must not opt out of everything, only because 'others will do it'." Also in the future it will be necessary that values will be defended.  "Who will do it if the Church doesn't?"

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Friday, October 5, 2012

HLI Offices in Vienna Vandalized during World Congress

The Viennese Comrades and their allies in the Old Liberal establishment are silent against the violence of the red lacquered Nazis and are pleased too.

(, Vienna)  Till Sunday the international representatives of  pro-life organizations are meeting at a big "World Prayer Congress for Life".

The organizer of the event is the world-wide pro-life organization 'Human Life International'.

The event is being held in the noble Palais Niederoesterrech in Vienna's center.

The program has a long line of lectures by Neoconservative priests, prelates and bishops.

The Pro-lifers go to the Street

Two events during the Congress deserve some attention.

On Saturday the emeritus Bishop of Feldkirch, Msgr Elmar Fischer, held a New Mass.  After that, he amazingly joined life protectors in a prayer vigil outside of one of Vienna's abortuaries.

On Saturday evening Bishop Klaus Kung of St. Polten held a Marian vigil in the centermost Church in the city.

Then he led a procession of light to the tomb of the innocent which took place in front of the Church.  There he bestowed a Marian blessing.

Vienna's Police Permitted Violence

Abortion fanatics have called for violent counter-demonstrations during the Congress.

One of the hate placards showed a masked woman who was scantily clad, with a weapon in her hand and a bull horn in the other.

The target was described as:  "Vatican"

It is a unimaginable in legitimate countries  that the police -- even among the Communist-ridden Viennese police department --  that such demonstrations are tolerated.

Attack on an Office of 'Human Life International"

The left violence took place in the night on Thursday to Friday.

The antifascist Neonazis effected an attack on the office of 'Human Life International' in Vienna.

The extremists threw mason jars through the glass entrance door of the office.  The doors were completely destroyed.

Politics and the Police Protect the Antifascist Neonazis

The mason jars contained black paint.

It covered a computer, some office furniture and the floor of the office.

One of the jars didn't break.  It was taken as evidence by investigating police officers.

An earlier attack in 2010 on HLI:

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Theological Pogrom Against the Society of St. Pius X

Austria. [] On the 30th of Junuary 2013, the Archdiocese of Vienna is to organize a lecture against the Society of St. Pius X in the confines their Old Liberal "Theological Course". The Viennese Cardinal Christoh Schönborn is himself known to leave the Society outside on the stoop and to treat Old Liberals with great hospitality. The event is being aired under the title "The Society of Pius and the Council". The lecturer is the anti-Church dogmatic theologian, Fr. Wolfgang Beinert (79).

One SSPX newly ordained priest was not able to use the facilities, when a well-intentioned priest of the Archdiocese, Fr. Vasile Ciobanu, wanted to allow him to use his home parish, and was told he couldn't after asking permission of the Vienna Archdicoese. Meanwhile, the Danube Cardinal frequently makes every effort to accommodate dissidents of every variety, like the infamous Pfarrers' Initiative.

Also, Fr. Wolfgang Beinert, who's written an unfortunate book about the SSPX, disparaged a statement by the German District Superior that the truths of the Faith are unchanging as "bourgeois stubbornness", but what one can expect from the Archdiocese of Vienna.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Anniversary of the Battle of Vienna 1683

Edit: awakened by the Austrian Empire's conflict with a Hungarian Protestant, Imre Thokoly, the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet IV chose to intervene on his behalf and promised him the lands of the Hapsburgs for his assistance in conquering these his greatest enemies.  Meanwhile, the French not only refused to send help, but attacked Hapsburg possessions in Alsace at the same time.

The great victory which ensued on September 11th and 12th, under the leadership of the Holy Roman Emperor, Leopold and thanks to the generous outpouring of support from the Polish King and his people, is largely unsung in the American Republic, and even most American Catholics are woefully ignorant of it.

Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I 1683

Photo, from Chesterton and Friends, blog...

A nice historical summary, here...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh, But Cardinal Schönborn Can Criticize the Council

If the Society of St. Pius X had said the same, then all hell would break loose.  But the Viennese Cardinal one knows, that he will say everything and especially the opposite of everything.

Kardinal Christoph von Schönborn
© Pressefoto 
( July 20th the Old Liberal Viennese Porn-Cardinal Christoph Schönborn had an appearance at the neo-conservative Jungfamilientreffen [Young Family Gathering] in the 2000 population community of Pöllau in the Diocese of Graz-Seckau.

As if the World Were Still in Order

The Cardinal previously entered the Order of the Dominicans in 1963.  With him were 18 novices.

Then the instruction was in Latin, he recalled.

He is supposed to have received a classical Dominican education.

With the Second Vatican Council the Crisis Came

During the Council -- in the years 1964 or 1965 -- the "great Church crisis" began.

There were unbelievable "upheavals, ruptures, but above all ruptures".

The Church had seen ruptures, launches, transitions and beginnings, spluttered the well-spoken Cardinal.

Total Collapse

In the novitiate of the Dominicans the most recent reports from the Council were read during mid-day.

An unbelievable mood of enchantment reigned.  The largest however:

"Withing a few years, the Cloister almost lost half of its number.  The vocations dropped radically.

Brothers who had been years in the Cloister, married and went away.

Within ten years 80,000 priests in the Catholic Church left their offices to marry.

You must understand that my euphoria about the rupture of the Council simply from that, what I had experienced, is very defined.

It was much more in view of the rupture, but it was a powerful rupture. It was a powerful downturn, also."

The Council Heralded the Decline

Cardinal Schönborn explained that the Austrian Dominican Province had closed the three of its four cloisters:

"From the four Dominican cloisters, which were in Austria, only one would remain."

Much of it which was then existing in the 50s and 60s are today, lost.

A Clearly Non-Existent Generation

Catholic children and youth found themselves to be in a minority.

The Cardinal noted this from his own experience in the parishes.  There are "sometimes" even individual youth.

Upon asking the children, who had more classmates in the school, who regularly went to Mass on Sunday, he received the answer:  "I am the only one".

The Cardinal concludes from that one Generation - obviously non-existent - may grow, which is experiencing a radical experience of practicing Christianity as a minority.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Viennese Gomorrah Diocese Out of Control: Parish Council Election Overturned

Edit: Vienna's Archdiocese is stonewalling, no pun intended, conservative pastors who are trying to keep parish committees from being stacked with un-Catholic elements.
Pornography Cardinal!

In the case of the homosexual parish council member of Stützenhofen, whom the parish pastor then rejected , only to be overturned by the Cardinal of Vienna, wasn't just a single incident.

 ( On May 3rd the Viennese homosexual pornography Cardinal Christoph Schönborn annuled the parish council election in Penzig.

This was reported by the Pastor there-- Fr. Christian Sieberer -- in an open letter on the parish website ''.

Pastor Sieberer well known throughout Austria for his media work.

The annulment followed as a result of a so-called 'Expert Committee Parish Council -- Electoral Advisory of Vicariats in the City of Vienna'.

It was concerned with the election on March 18th.  This had considerable consequences.

The Archdiocese of Vienna Explains:  The Pastor has the Right of Veto

On the 20th of January Pastor Sieberer spoke in a long telephone meeting about the possibility of a pastor to reject unsuitable candidates.

The Cardinal then explained that a pastor has a right of veto to reject according to his opinion, which he doesn't need to substantiate.

He promised to address the question with the Prefect of the Clergy, Cardinal Mauro Piacenza.

On February 9th Pastor Sieberer received a written answer of the Viennese Ordinariat Chancellor, Prelate Walter Mick.

The Chancellor of the Ordinariat confirmed the right of veto.

He also cited an example where candidates will not fulfill the prescriptions for the right of veto.

The Pastor Used his Confirmed Right of Veto

Pastor Sieber used his right of veto confirmed in writing.

He explained n February 15th that there were objections raised against three people.

These candidates were not placed on the election list.

The Cardinal Breaks His Word

On the 23rd of February the Episcopal Vicar Dariusz Schutzki suddenly requested a reason for the veto of the pastor.

Fr. Sieberer began an "drawn out research", why he had to substantiate his veto.

He found that Cardinal Schönborn had changed his opinion through his Episcopal Vicar.

The Pastor conceded "as a sign of good will".

He offered a thorough reason.

The General Vicar Announced:  Forego Unsuitable Candidates

On the 13th of March the Episcopal Vicar Schutzki cited a discussion with the Viennese General Vicar, Nikolaus Krasa.

In the discussion Fr. Sieberer learned that the persons, against whom he had exercised his right of veto,  will "probably" have their candidacy forgone.

The election must take place in any case, on the 18th of March.

On the 14th of March the Pastor  informed the General Vicar Schutzki by telephone that the number of the twelve chosen candidates had to be reduced to nine, ten or eleven persons.

Election Advisory Confirms Proposals in Last Seconds

One hour later Fr. Sieberer received an e-mail from the Episcopal Vicar that the number of the chosen will be confirmed at nine.

That was not until six hours before the initial end of the nomination.

Pastor Sieberer announced as quickly as possible the candidates and that the election would take place.

The management of the election hired an attorney outside of the parish.

Because the Diocesan direction had given its final confirmation so lately, Father Sieberer could not make certain preparations as director holding the election board.

For that reason a timely announcement of the election and a correct presentation of the candidates was foregone.

Fr. Sieberer simply proceeded, assuming that his thoroughly justified veto against the candidature of three persons was valid.

Because:  The Diocesan direction had never told him otherwise.

Considering that, the Pastor went on the discussion with the General Vicar that the three people concerned would "probably" have their candidacy rejected.

What about an election committee that errs in its own form?

Finally, the parish committee election was annulled because of defects in form.

The short-term confirmation of the number of the candidates by the Vicariate Election Advisory had been unlawful.

Fr. Sieberer countered that the lack of form had been "solely the responsibility of the Diocesan direction and the Vicariate Election Committee".

But: "Probably no one in the Parish of Penzing will understand, why we needed this illegal proceeding >>on our backs<< [Auf unsre Kappe], with all of the expense and the agitation about the election being postponed an indeterminate amount of time."

Fr. Sieberer asked what the purpose of a Vicariate Election Advisory, "when this did not note procedural errors, which it considered after the election as >>massive deficiencies and errors<<."

He would have expected that those responsible in the Archdiocese as experts of their own proposed guidelines:

"I especially would have thought, that all the pretense of an election committee over the requirements of form can be dispensed."

In any case Pastor Sieberer is filing an appeal against the annulment in Rome.

He has also advised that he will file his veto against the unsuitable candidates in the next electin as well.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vienna Cathedral Number 2 Has Account on Homosexual Dating Site

40 Year old Employee of the
 Archdiocese of Vienna on 'gayromeo'

Edit:  In light of the Vienna Cardinal's recent attacks against a priest who attempted to guard his parish against scandal, it seems appropriate to air this.  It's unclear whether or not the "employee" is a member of the clergy or not, but he's clearly not suited to work for any Diocese, not even one as corrupt as Vienna.

An employee of the decadent Archdiocese of Vienna searches a hookup site for homosexual partners, in order to wallow in his depravity.

(  A leading member of the Viennese Archdiocese has a profile at the homosexual  hookup site 'gayromeo'.

Sodomites look for Aids contacts with strangers.

The site is one of the largest spreaders of Aids in the world.

Frequently changing partners in depravity is a sure component of  homosexual degeneracy.

The Number Two Man in Vienna's Cathedral Parish

One of the gommorists, who prostitutes himself on the publicly accessible hustler site, is C. D. H.

He is the chancellery director of Vienna's Cathedral and the right hand of Vienna's alchohol and boulevard Cathedral Pastor Anton Faber.

H. operates a profile on 'gayromeo' with the name "iucundus".

The word "iucundus" is latin.  It means, pleasant, attractive or enjoyable.

For sure

H's user account registers 45 people as "personally known".

On the other hand, he is known personally by 994 people.

The homosexual homepage describes the profile as "guaranteed true".

Only abstinence serves against Aids

Besides his activity in the chancellery, H is active with "Maltese Aids Service".

According to some information in the city center of Vienna, is 1.83 meters high and weights 76kilos.

He smokes and has no tattoos or metal piercings.

He Trusts the Fallible Condom

H. uses the logo of "Dark Angel" on the hookup site.

That means that he will only have sex with the fallible condom.

As a rule only gommorists do this who are infected with the homosexual disease, HIV.

Paint and Leather

H. is looking for partners in fornication between the ages of 26 and 40.

There are things he will not do with strangers, however.

He tells the world that he likes to dress as a punk, soldier or policeman.

Otherwise he loves skin-tight textiles made of paint and leather.

A decided homosexually disturbed person 

In his description he praises himself as "sensible", "careful", "attentive", "clever",  "endowed" and "talented" and "decisive" as well.

He is not one who "quickly and easily makes friends".

But he is "extremely loyal" to his homosexual friends.

H. has to admit that the self-praise might sound "somewhat crass":  but it's "simply" the truth.

Throw life away

The "dream of his life", before putting his finger on his eternal damnation: "I have lived and loved and will be loved".

The visitor to H's hustler site is asked to press the "sex pig" button which is provided.

Those shy perverts can push the button that reads "Only when drunk".

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Edit: One of the commenters from writes about the self-inflicted nature of Aids in Germany (and presumably elsewhere)

Jubärens 17:30:28 | Dienstag, 24. April 2012 "Over 90 percent of the new infections in Germany are transmitted sexually.  Approximately three quarters of new HIV infections in 2011 were according to estimates from men who have sex with other men;  about 20 percent from heterosexual contacts.  Only five percent of new infections were traceable back to intravenous drug use.  New infections passed on from mother to child were reduced to a few isolated cases."  (Spiegel Online 2011 as a Commentary to the RKI- Press service)   This means that about 75 percent of those infected with HIV are active homosexuals.  The estimated figure of homosexuals in Germany from 2,000 is about 1.6% as well as 2.5 % bisexual.  This means that about the 1.6% of the homosexual population is responsible for 75% of the new Aids cases.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Austria: Homosexual Counsel Member's Pastor Resigns

The clergyman stressed that he has a priestly conscience and respects divine and ecclesiastical law -- in opposition to the Viennese Porno-Cardinal.

( Fr. Gerhard Swierzek has submitted his resignation as pastor of the community of Stutzenhofen in the Archdiocese of Vienna.

He submitted it -- according to reports from news agency 'APA' -- to the Viennese Cardinal Christoph Graf Schönborn.

The clergyman had tried to defend the Stutzenhofen Parish Counsel against the illegitimate election of a homosexual provacateur, Florian Stangl (26).

Fr. Swiezek will continue serving the other two communities.

The Cardinal Has to Travel

The clergyman explained that it makes him "saddened" that throughout the scandal, he was unable to have a meeting with Cardinal Schönborn.

Instead, the Porn Cardinal met with the shameless homosexual boy and his unreasonable Aids-infected partner and invited them to the table on the 24th of March, thus encouraging them in their mortal sin.

Now Father Swierzek hopes for a meeting with the Cardinal "after his trip abroad."

Honesty is the Best Policy

Fr. Swierzek explained that he couldn't remain active in a parish, whose members wanted their right at any price.

He has a priestly conscience and respects divine and ecclesiastical law -- as opposed to the Cardinal.

The clergyman referred to statements by Pope John Paul II and the 'Catechism of the Catholic Church' concerning homosexual immorality.

Living in sin is not considered to be the norm in a Catholic Church community.

It is much more the task of a priest to bring a sinner to penance.

Fr. Swierzek Swiezek is convinced that the people themselves want an honest priest.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Glowing Heart of Religion: Cardinal Schönborn on Corpus Christi

Editor: Actually, Josephism is a heresy, not a "tradition" as Cardinal Schönborn puts it. He knows better, but then, he's always up to something.

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn at his Corpus Christi Sermon: From the "Disposition of the prayer lost to self" follows from a "inner Joy, the Joy of God himself, Who helps to bear all hardships."

Vienna ( Cardinal Christoph Schönborn recalled in his sermon at the Josef Square in the center district of Vienna the tradition [sic] of Josephism going back to the Emperor Joseph II. The "temptation of Josephism", said the Cardinal, is still with us today, namely, "to measure religion according to its social and communal usefulness". "And then we all play industriously along, in which we put all the importance of the Church for its usefulness to the State and Society."

For that reason this produced a "complete balance of success" -- the Cardinal identified, among other things, Catholic Schools, the distribution of Charity, the ecclesiastical cultural goods and the lobbying for development -- for which "we also show our thankfulness as a sign of esteem and the recognition of the side of the State, as approximately the most recently conclusive natural sign of the marketability of the Church's contribution" [which "isn't a privilege for the Church, rather the recognition of its contribution to the good of the whole"].

"Aimless, but supremely meaningful"

it is therefore a "great other: religion, faith, church as a society of faith, may not be understood according to its use. The burning heart of Religion is the purposeless mystery, and if it does not live any more from this secret, then its burning center is extinguished." The Eucharistic Adoration, therefore in the Monstrance which carries the Host, which according to the Catholic understanding is Christ himself actually present, says Cardinal Schönborn, "purposeless, but supremely meaningful". "The Mystery is adored that is present in this small piece of bread.... must have no balance of usefulness." "Finding God according to God's will! Jesus Christ is honored and adored in the form of his Eucharistic presence: That is the meaning of today's event", the "living kernel" of the Corpus Christi tradition.

"Freed from a self-justifying ritual"

Finally Cardinal Schönborn focused in his sermon at the Josefplatz, "not intended but all the more important side-effects" which "comport the purposelessness of giving adoration": First, "that we are released from this sometimes painful ritual of self-justification". Here the Cardinal recalled that many efforts of the Church for Society are actually numerous, and are gratefully recognized, "but we may not inform ourselves, that we, for that reason, are the only and the best." Even the secular society has "fantastic schools, good hospitals, fantastic social services -- without religious motivation."

"Free for Service to Neighbor"

Second, following on the "Demeanor of the selfless adoration" an "inner joy, which is the joy in God Himself, who helps bear all hardships. Finally to be free of the self-forgetful adoration of the mystery, free from one's self, free for God, free for the devoted service to neighbor." "Our duty" on Corpus Christi, "This purposeless procession, these moments of adoration bring the source to approachability, which flows from our society with new power", concluded Cardinal Schönborn his Sermon.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Western Mass Sacrilege Three Years Running in Vienna

Editor: Fr. Tony Faber, the one who helped Cardinal Schönborn bury a Communist homosexual in the Cathedral graveyard, is at it again. The up and running "Western Theme Mass" is apparently approved from HQ. He made the point that the Cardinal has approved this "Mass".