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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Finally the Toni-Faber-Fetzen (Rag) is Gone!

God replaced by modernist Pseudo-"Kunst".  Dom of
St. Stephan in Vienna, after the Apostasy

Fast Veils

[] For about 1000 years the view to the altar during Lend has been shrouded by the "Lenten Veil" (also "Hungertuch")  to signify that sinful man is not worthy to see God. 
Often these Lenten veils narrate the life of Christ, so also the Carinthian Lenten veils of Gurk, Haimburg, St. Stefan am Krappfeld or Maria Bichl, dating from the 15th to 17th centuries.

Religious Illiteracy

These Lenten veils were intended to bring the proportion of the population who could not read  (the illiterate), more powerfully closer to the life of Christ in a kind of poor man's Bible. 
Today, the fast veils would have the task to bring the faith closer to the   religiously illiterate of our time.

Faithless Pseudoart

Instead, the Lenten veils have become a field of artsy agitation for those church officials who are obviously weak in faith.
In this way, the St. Andra Church in Graz   modernist pastor, Fr. Glettler, blighted the high altar with a holey carpet, while in the University of Vienna church the image of God was replaced by an image of the (pagan) Karnikels (Hare) .

2016: Waste in the St. Stephen's Cathedral

The masonic affine and former Red Hawks-socialist Fr. Toni Faber, now Cathedral Priest of St. Stephen in Vienna, has a penchant for self-expression, beliefs, and further, pseudo art.
The perverse Hermann Nitsch counts, along with  the Communist Alfred Hrdlicka as the favorite "artists" of Fr. Faber.
For 2016 Fr. Faber has something "special" devised: a fast veil that has nothing to do with beliefs.
It consists of some drop cloths sewn together by a  Slovene "multimedia artist."
"My top installations express the idea through a bond structure and the phenomena of Networked-being, as part of our people, both in our souls and bodies as psycho-biological process, as spiritual phenomena," wrote Fr. Faber citing the pseudo artist on a plaque in the cathedral - what that has to do with beliefs, can not be seen without an apron and compass.
Thus Fr. Faber recognizes the garbage as "art", he has also appointed a (well-paid) curator (three-quarters bald, braided ponytail and goatee).
Neither "artist" nor curator have been noted by a special closeness to the Church - but maybe that's just the ideal selection criterion for the Church pandering to modernity.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Austrian "Bling" Pastor Toni Faber Excites Furor About His Modernist Loft

Dompastor's Designer Chic

Edit: when he's not endorsing for the Freemasons or abusing the Liturgy, buying pornographic art, or honoring famous Communists,  he's relaxing in his sumptuous loft apartment.  A comparable apartment in New York probably  couldn't  be rented for less than $5,000 a month. He even has a personal hairdresser. 

The Vienna Cathedral Priest Toni Faber has always thrown open his door for the media. But now he is likely to have finally shot himself in the foot. He invited the "Standard" to his Viennese luxury apartment. The photos of the apartment have enraged tempers.

Vienna ( The media "friendly" Viennese cathedral minister Toni Faber has probably, finally, shot himself in the foot. After a discussion about lifestyle in which the newspaper has published several photos of Faber's luxurious penthouse apartment, the waves have gone high. Some comments in the social media has been weighed criticism in the newspaper. "Better living with Toni Faber," was tweeted by ORF anchorman Armin Wolf. "Nice to see that the Church-tax is invested so stylishly," it read on Facebook. And poster "Wakman" even described the 100-square meter (1076 square feet) loft apartment as "Faber Manor". For Faber himself the "service apartment" is no problem. To  "Der Standard" he says, "Whenever we (...) invite the media  to the apartment, then there will automatically be the envious, which is one reason why I say quite openly:.. This is a service apartment. The fittings and Art, however, I financed with my private money that I have earned in the last 25 years." According to the newspaper, Cardinal Schönborn is said to be less than pleased about the publication of the photos.

Michael Prüller, his press secretary, explained to the newspaper: "It is debatable whether it is the duty of a minister to present his apartment to the media, but for me this is a storm in a teacup because this is a normal service apartment... the Cathedral Priest live so long and has paid operating costs, as he works." Also, no Church-tax money was used for this, as the house is located in the possession of the Cathedral Parish.

The pictures are at:

Friday, December 20, 2013

Schönborn's "Christmas Nonsense" in Milan -- Church Crisis Manufactured Between Rhetoric and Reality

(Vienna / Milan) The traditional  website  Messa in Latino has been critical of   the appearance of Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schönborn in Milan. He who does not have a handle on his own diocese, can hardly give advice to others, thus the criticism.
Cardinal Schönborn had been invited by Archbishop Angelo Cardinal Scola to Milan. In a crowded cathedral, the Archbishop of Vienna spoke about evangelism in a big city.  Critics of the Austrian cardinal abroad  find clearer words than at home, where the presence disobedient priests, a laity indifferent to Catholic doctrine, liturgical sprawl and moral relativism are widespread. In fact, the Cardinal earned a lot of praise for his Milanese appearance  from almost all sides: "striking hot iron", "in touch with  this time" "strong words" it said in the report. "Fog, honey, applause from the left, and even applause from the right: the Cardinal seems again to have succeeded in squaring the circle, but the reality,"  looks different at home, so Messa in Latino .

Friday, February 1, 2013

Is Vienna's Cathedral Pastor a Freemason?

In this broadcast the Viennese Cathedral Pastor Toni Faber was given the opportunity, not just to be defiant of the teaching of Holy Church or to be coquettish with the zeitgeist, but in complete meekness and compliance to Freemasonry.

"That can damage your career!"

Then we learn (rom 6:40), that the Viennese Cathedral Pastor has published a dissertation "Freemason and Church",  which Cardinal Koenig had rejected with the following words: "Know this, young man: let this lay.  This can only damage your future, your career.  Let it lay."

At the latest as to the question, what the Church actually has against Freemasonry, the otherwise  generally  unaccomodating to the teachings of Holy Church Cathedral Pastor: The Church is supposed to have "Thank God, developed further" (Faber) and in Codex Iuris canonici of 1983 no longer threatens excommunication for Freemasonry.

In this anti-Roman/anti-Catholic groove of Faber, continued then the former Grand Master of the Austrian brothers of the apron (Masons wear ceremonial aprons), Micheal Kraus: a Catholic may deplore Freemasonry,  that in a so-called interpretation of the former Cardinal Ratzinger returns a certain ambiguity, if it is now possibly lives in serious sin and put in a unpleasant situation with the Church?  That was never made completely clear, insisted the Freemasonic Diabolos, who would like to load the guilt of Freemasonry on Holy Church.

With great verve, the ever erroneous working Viennese Cathedral Pastor continued in the groove of the Freemason:  "If we follow according to Catholic law, there is [Indicative!] no excommunication there, if we then follow the former Cardinal Prefect of the CDF, then it would [Subjunctive].  A certain ambiguity,  which the Holy Father, Joseph Ratzinger, Benedict XVI., has also not clarified." (at 11:45)

Catholic Minority Among the Freemasons

And Michael Kraus is more precise: "That this conflict is a part of the past, which was exhausting for both sides, and that in today's situation, it's clear that one can live very well with the status quo.  Completely well because the Catholic, who belongs to Freemasonry -- it's not a majority, it's certainly a minority --, they are not completely satisfied with the status quo,  as one could be satisfied,  if one has heard what Herr Cathedral Pastor has just outlined.  Catholics are not completely satisfied with the status quo." [Thank God for that!]

How can Catholics be upright, if they don't subject themselves to the teachings of Holy Church?

The Gist of the Matter: Father  Fabers' Contact with Freemasonry

Faber continues: "I personally know many Freemasons, who are convinced Catholics, who also work in the Catholic Church, but also offer their contribution with the Lodge, to work in it.  And I believe with so many people of good will, who can be found among the Freemasons, we could in the main, work for the common good for Austria."

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vienna's Cathedral Rector Says: The Cuddly Rosary Prayers Are Dying Out

There's a commotion in the Archdiocese of Vienna around Toni Faber: "We are really are closely bound to Rome, but we must go our independent way. Some representatives of the Vatican live in a kind of denial of reality" an "Celibacy may soon be an obsolete model"

Vienna [] A Commotion around the Vienna Cathedral Rector Toni Faber. In a recent interview with the "Courier" he answered questions put to him about reform in the Church: "We are really closely bound to Rome, but we must go our independent way. Some respresentatives of the Vatican live in a certain denial of reality. It is not enough to manage the apparent decline. The encouraging words of Caridnal Schönborn in the direction of the Church's transparency gives hope. The cuddly prayers of the rosary are dying out."

To the question, whether he thought differently than his other colleagues, the Cathedral Rector said, "I try to live without fear and always to be a response station. It is the same whether it's a sideways glance or there are some scraps thrown. I sense however, both curiosity and jealousy. I really wouldn't like to be a head teacher. But we have to use politics and media. If we don't orient ourselves on faithful customers, then the Church will crumble."

Then Faber spoke dismissively about celibacy. He was cited answering the question, how he felt about celibacy: "Celibacy appears to me and many others as increasingly questionable. he may well be soon an obsolete model."

Read the

He was the same priest who buried the Communist Pornographic Homosexual Artist.

Lesung von HANS CONRAD ZANDER(Köln): "Abenteuerlich, lustig, glücklich – Plädoyer für den Zölibat" am 28.10.2010.

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Photo: Flickr Che Guevarra Pumpkin