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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh, But Cardinal Schönborn Can Criticize the Council

If the Society of St. Pius X had said the same, then all hell would break loose.  But the Viennese Cardinal one knows, that he will say everything and especially the opposite of everything.

Kardinal Christoph von Schönborn
© Pressefoto 
( July 20th the Old Liberal Viennese Porn-Cardinal Christoph Schönborn had an appearance at the neo-conservative Jungfamilientreffen [Young Family Gathering] in the 2000 population community of Pöllau in the Diocese of Graz-Seckau.

As if the World Were Still in Order

The Cardinal previously entered the Order of the Dominicans in 1963.  With him were 18 novices.

Then the instruction was in Latin, he recalled.

He is supposed to have received a classical Dominican education.

With the Second Vatican Council the Crisis Came

During the Council -- in the years 1964 or 1965 -- the "great Church crisis" began.

There were unbelievable "upheavals, ruptures, but above all ruptures".

The Church had seen ruptures, launches, transitions and beginnings, spluttered the well-spoken Cardinal.

Total Collapse

In the novitiate of the Dominicans the most recent reports from the Council were read during mid-day.

An unbelievable mood of enchantment reigned.  The largest however:

"Withing a few years, the Cloister almost lost half of its number.  The vocations dropped radically.

Brothers who had been years in the Cloister, married and went away.

Within ten years 80,000 priests in the Catholic Church left their offices to marry.

You must understand that my euphoria about the rupture of the Council simply from that, what I had experienced, is very defined.

It was much more in view of the rupture, but it was a powerful rupture. It was a powerful downturn, also."

The Council Heralded the Decline

Cardinal Schönborn explained that the Austrian Dominican Province had closed the three of its four cloisters:

"From the four Dominican cloisters, which were in Austria, only one would remain."

Much of it which was then existing in the 50s and 60s are today, lost.

A Clearly Non-Existent Generation

Catholic children and youth found themselves to be in a minority.

The Cardinal noted this from his own experience in the parishes.  There are "sometimes" even individual youth.

Upon asking the children, who had more classmates in the school, who regularly went to Mass on Sunday, he received the answer:  "I am the only one".

The Cardinal concludes from that one Generation - obviously non-existent - may grow, which is experiencing a radical experience of practicing Christianity as a minority.

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