Friday, November 30, 2012

Dissident Fr. Helmut Schüller Loses Title of Monsignor

Zivilpriester Helmut Schüller darf keine
Soutane mit violetter Paspelierung mehr tragen.

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Disobedience Initiative

Politics in the Conciliar Church:  doctoring with various honorary titles in stead of dealing with problems.

( The leader of the Austrian "Ungehorsams-Initiative" and the Viennese Pastor Helmut Schuller has lost his papal honorary title "Monsignore".

This was something lamented by the Austrian media bosses who've been carrying water for him.

That his title will be removed from him will be imparted to him shortly.

Secular Priest Without Monsignor Soutaine?

The apostle of disobedience received the title for his activity for the alleged poor relief organization 'Caritas'.

The title "Chaplain to his Holiness" allowed the secular priest Schuller, to wear the soutane with the violette pipping.

The Reason? Three Guesses

Through the removal of the title, Fr. Schuller will not have his "fundamentals shaken".

An explicit reason for the removal has not been provided.

Now he will clarify the situation in the Vatican.

He Returns the Title Himself

The Holy See has only acquiesced to the desire of Fr. Schuler himself.

He explained himself in December 2010 about the title of Monsignor:

"I will send the decree back.  I will write therefore that I don't need the title any longer and: thanks for the appointment."

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