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Monday, June 6, 2022

New Springtime: Monastery in Berlin Closing -- Interfaith Initiative Attempts to Keep it "Spiritual"

The initiative "Pro-Kloster Gabriel" is intensively committed to continued spiritual use and also has concepts ready.

Berlin ( In the former monastery of St. Gabriel in Berlin, school lessons will take place instead of worship in the future. The so-called "Rosa Sisters", as the Steyl missionaries were affectionately called in the vernacular because of their delicate pink habit, had to leave the monastery at the beginning of the year due to problems with – new vocations reported []. It was unclear for a long time what would become of the monastery building, which belongs to the Order and is under monument protection.

Already in October 2021, when the planned closure of the monastery became known, the initiative "Pro-Kloster Gabriel", an association of different denominations and backgrounds, was formed with the aim of continuing the spiritual use of the church and monastery, especially in the sense of a place of prayer including care for the poor and disadvantaged. Religious from Africa are ready to start working in Berlin immediately; because especially in times of great mental and physical distress, people need prayer, fellowship and grace, says the initiative. To this end, a petition was launched to Berlin's governing mayor and the Superior General of the Order and a benevolent open letter was written to an interested party, the private Berlin Schele School, with the request to refrain from buying.

The background is that the Schele School would not use the building for spiritual purposes, but would offer school lessons. This would contradict the founding spirit of the monastery, whose initiator is Blessed Bernhard Lichtenberg, who was killed in action for Jews and other persecuted people and in the resistance against the National Socialists. According to "Pro-Kloster Gabriel", the handover of the buildings to the operator of an old people's home could already be prevented. The initiative continues to rely on the power of prayer and hopes for insight from those responsible, for the benefit of the city of Berlin. 


Trans: Tancred


Monday, April 28, 2014

Cardinal Dolan Has New York’s Traditional Latin Heritage in the Crosshairs

Eugene O’Neill’s Birth Parish Headed for Destruction?
Edit: We’ve just been informed that Cardinal Dolan is probably going to close down the Latin Mass center of Holy Innocents and the Padre Pio Shrine.  Holy Innocents is also known as the “actor’s church”.  Strange choice to base your Traditional Community, but it might help preserve it.

Maybe more thespians need to start having children and going regularly to Mass?
Among the locations being considered for closure by the committee, which is scheduled to issue its final blueprint to archbishop Cardinal Timothy Dolan in June, are the Church of St. John the Baptist and the Church of the Holy Innocents in Midtown Manhattan, according to internal documents obtained by Capital New York. Both would be consolidated into nearby St. Francis of Assisi on West 31st Street, which could take a new name.

St. John the Baptist, also on West 31st Street, is directly across from of Pennsylvania Station and a well known parish. It is run by the religious order of the Capuchin Franciscans and is home to the Saint Padre Pio Shrine, which attracts devotees to the 20th century saint. Holy Innocents on West 37th Street, the oldest building in the Fashion Center, was once known as the “actor's church.” Playwright Eugene O'Neill was baptized there in 1888. Some Masses are still celebrated there in Latin.
There’s no word as to what plans there are for St. Francis Xavier parish and its amazing outreach programs, and "loyal opposition” to the Archbishop and Catholic teaching.   At this point, the Cardinal seems enthusiastic about what’s happening there, and less so about what’s happening elsewhere, if these closures are any indication.

As usual, we invite those who live in NYC to comment on this.

Here he is being wildly enthusiastic about sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance…  or so it appears.

Link to Capital...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

As 800th Anniversary of the Founding of the Dominicans Nears, Birthplace of Thomism is Closed

Empty Halls of the Dominicans
(Rome) The Dominican Order is one of the most glorious orders of the Catholic Church.  Officially recognized as a religious order in 1215, its members devoted themselves to living in poverty as preachers of the Community of Saint Dominic to combat the Cathar heresy and for the conversion of the Cathars. Just before the Order could celebrate its 800th anniversary, one monastery after another must be closed due to shortage of young workers.  Including traditional-worthy  houses in Graz, Florence, and in Friesach the oldest monastery in the German-speaking areas and in Naples even the monastery of Saint Thomas Aquinas.
The monastery in Graz, Austria has been abandoned after 547 years. The history of the monastery was as changeable as the times. Founded in 1466, a move took place in the 16th Century. The oldest Dominican Church is an urban parish church today. The new monastery was lost in the "Cloister Storm" of the Enlightenment and was expropriated in 1807 by the Emperor. The former Dominican monastery now houses a convention center whose premises can be rented. The Dominicans then were referred to a third location in the city and took over the also abolished Augustinian Hermitage at Münzgraben. In 1832 they had to hand it over to the Jesuits, but were able to return in 1857. In 2012  the decision of the South German-Austrian Province of the Order of St. Albert, was made to dissolve the monastery and in the summer of 2013 it was abandoned.

Oldest Dominican Convent in the German Area Only "Pastoral Station"

The oldest Dominican monastery in the German-speaking world, the monastery in Carinthia Friesach,  was founded in 1216 just one year after the order was recognized, has been dissolved in 2010 by the Province of the Order. Friesach still exists as a Dominican pastoral station. In Austria there is thus nothing more than one Dominican monastery, the one in Vienna. In the Province of Southern Germany-Austria also gives you some monastery convents in Freiburg im Breisgau, Munich and Augsburg.
The prestigious convent of Naples was closed. San Domenico Maggior has been  a spiritual center of scholasticism since 1302. St. Thomas Aquinas took the Dominican habit at the age of 19 there in Naples. In this monastery he wrote a large part of his Summa contra Gentiles in 1259, founded a general study in 1272  which is  what we now know as the Faculty of Theology, and in 1274 wrote the third part of the Summa Theologiae.  The  great saint lived till 1274 in the convent of Naples, when he set out for the Council of Lyons. He could not come back because he died on the voyage.
His theology remained in the monastery  and developed from there a positive effect on the church. The Second Vatican Council strongly recommends the Saints as  teachers ( Optatam Totius, No. 16 ) and to follow the footsteps of the Holy ( Gravissimum educationis, No. 10 ). Church law especially recommends following "the doctrine of St. Thomas" to follow (for the formation of clergy Can. 251.3 ).

Monastery of Saint Thomas Aquinas Will be Closed Down - Not an Isolated Case

But now to the monastery where St. Thomas entered, had been formed,  lived and worked, will be abandoned. A similar decision was taken by the provincial chapter of the Order. The monastery church of San Domenico Maggiore, in the historic center is one of the main churches of Naples. The graves of leaders over 800 years are in it. Many artists such as Titian and Caravaggio have designed their interiors. The Monastery was for centuries the seat of the Province of the Order Regni utriusque Siciliae that covered all of Southern Italy and Sicily, equipped with a Faculty of Theology and a rich library. In this monastery renowned theological and philosophical journals were published. It was only 23 years ago that was Philosophical Institute St. Thomas Aquinas was established. "The fact that after 800 years, this center with such a heritage is put to quite an unspectacular  end, is something incredible in itself," says Mauro Faverzani of Corrispondenza Romana .
"A tragic incident, but not an isolated case," said Faverzani. Almost at the same time, the closure of the monastery of San Marco in Florence, it was decided by another Dominican Province, where the Order had been since 1436. Another center of asceticism, of art, of intellectual debate, which housed the co-patron of the St. Antoninus of Florence, as well as Maxim the Greek, whom the Orthodox venerate as a saints, but also Savonarola, Cosimo de 'Medici, Pico della Mirandola and the St. Philip Neri. Part of the monastery, the first renowned library of modern times, which was opened to the public in general, as an apothecary of European importance. Now this monastery is also dissolved, although only recently extensive and costly renovations were performed. The Provincial Government is of the opinion that two convents in Florence (the other is located at the Church of Santa Maria Novella), is a "luxury". However, an abandoned site is to be managed by the future surviving pastoral location. Reference is made to the lack of friars.
In Rome there are also two convents in two monasteries, which are close together, both are only a few brothers. Nevertheless, it holds by the Rule on both, addressed by Fratres ibique habitualiter degentes   (Constitutions No. 260.1).

On "Spirit of the Council" Follows "Bureaucratic Spirit" - Serious   Research Isn't Undertaken

"In order to justify what is unjustifiable,   bureaucratic thinking has also entered into the spiritual realm," said Corrispondenza Romana . In the interviews given by Dominicans in Florence, therefore, is much talk of "reorganization", "rationalization", "redeployment of resources" as they give to themselves  a business mentality. Believers have now directed an appeal to the General Master of the Order, to take back "the legitimate, but spiritually and culturally deadly decision." The General Master will soon visit all three Italian Dominican Provinces.
The Dominican Order was not only the first order, which powerfully inhaled the "spirit of the Council", but also to the first order, but is among the first that spread this "spirit" abroad with enthusiasm. Leading representatives of the Nouvelle Theology came from the Order of Preachers. Declining vocations, empty seminaries and now the shutting down of the monasteries shows how lethal the "Spirit of the Council" is.

Way Out of Crisis is about Return to the Charism of the Founder

The progressive stream carried by the "Spirit of the Council"  in the Church responded to the crisis "both structurally" with the dissolution of cloisters and the closure of the monasteries. A root cause analysis, as to how it could come to such a disastrous development  within 50 years, has not been accomplished . Thus, a serious search is bypassed for a remedy. There are Dominican forces, which show that there is another way and a return to the charism of the Founder is not only possible, but also represents the way out of the crisis. They are isolated in Europe, but stronger in parts of North America.
Text: CR / Giuseppe Nardi
image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

Monday, December 16, 2013

After Rebuilding the Desolation --- Commissioner Closes Friaries of the Franciscans of the Immaculata

(Rome) After the Order revived monasteries that were abandoned by other orders, the monasteries  fall now again to degradation by the Apostolic Commissioner. A Catholic layman, who was led back to the Faith by the Franciscans of the Immaculate, sent an e-mail recently. In it, he laments the closure of a monastery of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. "I want to begin by saying that I'm a nobody and I feel as last among the faithful. But I also feel a great pain, seeng the Franciscan Friarss of the Immaculate Conception given the ax by  his hand. "
The Monastery of Sassoferrato in the Marches had been abandoned by the Franciscan Order for lack of  growth. The Franciscans of the Immaculate revived the monastery a few years ago new as they are ever thus also known for taking over  abandoned monasteries of other orders because of their numerous vocations and bringing them  to new life. At last count the  convent of Sassoferrato has 60 brothers.
The  Apostolic Commissioner Father Fidenzio Volpi being used by Rome, has now dissolved the monastery. The same fate will be met this week by the monastery of Colfano also a friary abandoned by the Franciscan Order in the Marches, which was  founded during the lifetime of St. Francis of Assisi. In July 2012, the Franciscans of the Immaculate encamped there and led the Franciscan life, which had filled the friary of Colfano for 800 years (see separate report New Monastery of the Franciscans of the Immaculate - Flowering Religious Tradition ). Now even this convent will be  dissolved by the Apostolic Commissioner. The Order of Father Stefano Maria Manelli had,  in an exceptional counter-movement to the general trend, reached vocations as  high of 800 religious  when the religious congregation intervened.
"The novices and seminarians are disoriented, the brothers in perpetual vows are being destroyed by agony,"  says the believer in his e-mail. "They are treated as if they were heretics."  It was Pope Benedict XVI., who opened access to the traditional rite of the Order as with all religious, priests and lay people. "With the arrival of a new pope,  the Order may not be as familiar to them as to  Benedict, 'someone' has gone over to the attack, with the result that is now in front of everyone to see." Now, every priest must ask permission to the to be able to celebrate the Old Rite, and if he wants to do it in front of the faithful, he must also apply for explicit permission each time. "Anyone who knows the history of the Capuchin nun Sister Veronica from Fermo or those of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, knows how strong the attack of calumny can be, to fight and brake mystics."
What can these brothers "have done that is so criminal? They pray, do penance and rebuild  abandoned monasteries again. "
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Messa in Latino

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Priest Celebrates Vigil of Marian Feast as Transvestite

(Madrid) In the Archdiocese of Santiago de Compostela a diocesan youth meeting was held on the eve of the Solemnity of Mary Immaculate Conception a diocesan youth meeting. A priest appeared here as a transvestite.

It was widely reported on the website Pastoral Santiago in the Archdiocese. Spanish historian and Catholic blogger, Francisco de la Cigoña described it as "tasteless" that a priest would dress as a woman, as you would expect from homosexual transvestites. "It may even be that the priest had the best intentions and sought access to the youth. But why is it either necessary or appropriate to dress as a woman. And certainly not for the Vigil of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception," said de la Cigoña. "Obviously, in the Diocese, some are of the opinion that this kind of Catholic youth care, is funny.... But what about the dignity of the priesthood?" Says the historian.

After de la Cigoña published his criticism and had asked the Archbishop to put the website into other hands, the images were still deleted from the Diocesan page.

You can see the slideshow here at Katholisches...

Friday, August 9, 2013

Dominicans Abandon Priory in Graz

The Former Dominican Church St. Andrew which the Modernist
Pastor Glettler -- insofar as memorial protection allows -- vandalized.
Declining numbers "force" the Dominicans to abandon convent they've held since in Graz since 1466. The former Dominican church of S. Andrea is among the modernists priest Fr. Glettler - if it makes the monument - defaced [image: cross-net] Almost 550 years in Graz

The Dominicans have worked in Graz since 1466.

At this time came from Emperor Frederick III. gave the Corporis Christi Chapel built in 1439/40, to the Order of the Dominicans.

They extended to the chapel and built a church and monastery.

The Church of the Holy Blood was erected in 1586, one year after the Dominicans had moved to St. Andrew's Church, the parish church. The St. Andrew's Church was renewed under the Dominicans and was built as a baroque church and monastery, in which the Order in its heyday established Universities for Styria, Carinthia and Hungary.

Enlightened Fury

The enlightened Emperor Joseph II abolished the monastery to the detriment of the country in 1786.

The priory, located in the alley named after the venerable poet-priest Ottokar Kernstock, about ten years ago it was marred by being converted into apartments.

In 1807 the Dominicans were dispossessed.

The Convent moved to the parish of St. Anne's church, which it aquired from the Augustinian hermits Münzgraben, where Abraham a Sancta Clara preached in earlier times.

The Order remained here - with an interruption from 1832 to 1857 - until its dissolution.

The current Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Schönborn, who worked as a priest for two years at the Catholic university community, lived in the convent for two years.


With the Feast of St. Dominic, on the 4th of August celebrate in the Münzgraben Church, the Order departed.

So you chose - probably because it was a Sunday - the traditional feast day of St. Dominic (4 August), not according the reform of the Roman calendar (since the 8th of August, 1970).

The Dominican Provincial Fr. Christophe P. Holzer of Augsburg also took part in the celebration of Mass. "Due to the lack of young people in Europe, the Order can not maintain each establishment."

The accidental death of the prior, Fr. Max P. Swoboda, a year ago accelerated the decision to repeal of the convention.

The Consequences

The four Dominicans living here to move into a house of the Elizabethinan Sisters, a priest goes to Switzerland and Father Miroslav remains as a hospital chaplain in Graz.

"The Dominican Presence in our city is not to coming to and end," said Bishop Kapellari at the farewell Mass.

The property of the Dominicans will be transferred to the Benedictines of Admont, the church is penned as a gift to the Diocese of Graz-Seckau.

The complex will benefit Admont as a student residence.

In Graz, there are yet 187 men and 490 women acting as religious of various religious orders.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chicago Parish of St. James to be Destroyed

Edit: another story from the Agent Provacateur from Chicago, where other churches, part of the ancient church's legacy to this dark age, are being demolished as the auto-destruction of the Church continues. The photo gallery speaks volumes, and there's no telling into what curio and junk shops the various furnishings, statues and altar pieces will find themselves.

[Chicago Tribune]To the dismay and anger of congregants of the historic, 133-year-old St. James Catholic Church in Bronzeville, a crane hoisted a flexible arm to the top of the front of church Wednesday morning, as it prepared to poke a symbolic hole putting an end to a fierce fight from congregants to keep the church intact.

About a dozen congregants of the St. James parish tried to block the entrance of the church, questioning the expiration date of a demolition permit.

But police showed them a current permit and demolition preparations were underway by 9:45 a.m. Crews were not expected to do major demolition work today, but started work to ensure the permit remained valid.,0,3570488.story

Monday, January 28, 2013

Cabbalistic-Occult Rituals in a Catholic Retreat House

(Buenos Aires)  In various Argentine retreat houses, Catholic religious communities may offer Magic Seminars, in which occult teachings are introduced.   Here are "alchemistical and cabbalistic rituals" which even yet profane the chapels and altars of the retreat houses.

The most recent incident took place last weekend in the Contemplative House of St. Francis of Assisi of the Capuchins in the Diocese by the same name in the Province of Buenos Aires.  From the 24th to the 27th of January was "Maga Hania & Conspiradores" in the retreat house "in accion".  An equivalent of 420 Euro allows those interested to be introduced to the "cabbalistic rosary" and "alchemistical novenas",  in order to become acquainted with the "Alchemy of Love" and the occult secrets of the attractivenss of "Venus Aphrodite".

The seminar program also included a "magian night ritual" in the "clothing of Aphrodite" in the swimming pool of the contemplative house, in order to obtain the "energetic controls" of the "currents of magnetic love".  All of this are naturally for the "enlightenment of the world and of people".

The Argentinian writer and "Maga" Hania Czajokowski explains on her website, that after taking "spiritual journeys" to Brazil, Africa and Polynesia and  she had then been "consecrated in occult secrets",  which she then wants to give back "for the healing of the earth".  The home cooked, business oriented cocktail of esoterica, occultism, a bit of Marian cult and Padre Pio, a dash of Buddhism, a healthy portion of cabbalism is available naturally for a corresponding payment.  For a  payment the Catholic contemplative house is apparently opened for occultists, including their magic rituals at the altar.

Such contemplative events by Maga Hania and her "conspirators", as she calls her adepts herself, and other purveyors of occult practices already have taken place before till 2009 in the Catholic Casa de Retiro San José in the Argentinian Diocese of Lomas de Zamora, till the Bishop there prevented them.  They still found however a new location.  The operators of the seminar are included in the dubious "Universal Parliament of the Religions of Argentinia".  Yet it doesn't operate like a federation of religions, but clearly as a private circle of pompous names of religious "activists" doing their own thing.  Among them there are also by his own description an Argentinian convert to the Orthodox Faith, who calls himself "Bishop Alexandros" the "Autocephalus Catholic Church and of Orthodox Content" and is industriously consecrating more "bishops".

In Assisi House of the Capuchins, seminarians of the order were included, who in the nearby Jesuit led seminary are preparing for the priesthood.  Because of the lack of growth the house was put to other purposes.  It belongs to the order, but is led by the laity, who clearly allow every paying customer to use it.  A reaction from the current Bishop of San Miguel, Msgr. Sergio Fenoy, who has been notified of the occult seminar offer in the retreat house of San Miguel, is not known at present.  "The current Catholic authorities in the Diocese are showing little discernment in its easy commerce with the occult business practices", says Pagina Catolica.

Link to katholisches....


Friday, November 30, 2012

New Spingtime: Dominicans to Give up Oldest Cloister in German Speaking Area

Edit: The closings are continuing.  Rorate Caeli just reported about the closing of the Monastery of St. Bernard in Switzerland.

(Friesach) The Dominican Order is giving its oldest lasting Cloister in the German speaking area.  The Dominican Cloister of Friesach in Kaertnen will be sold, as the Order Provincial told the Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung.  Negotiations with the city of Friesach are already in process.  The city administration is considering the use of the Cloister facility as a senior home or a youth center.  A sale is not in question due to reasons of cost.   For the Nicholas Church, the Diocese of Gurk-Klagenfurt has expressed interest, as the General Vicar Engelbert Guggenberger has stated.

A transfer of the Cloister property has been under discussion within the Order for years.  Already in 2006 the Provincial headquarters has reached a conclusion.  Today there are still two friars living in the Cloister.  The superlatives do not appear to have stopped the order.  Cloister Freisach is the oldest settlement of the Dominican Order in the German speaking area, as the Cloister church of St. Nicholas built in 1251 is the longest in use in Kaernten.

Already in the year 1217, only two years after the founding of the Order in France had still not taken place, but at the same time had come from the recently freed from heretical Albiginsians in Toulouse came the first Dominicans to Friesach,  with which formed the seed of the new community in the German speaking lands during the lifetime of St. Dominic Guzman himself (+1221). At its highest point there were 100 brothers in the Cloister. Then the Cloister went into decline, and there were times of spiritual deforestation of the Enlightenment.  They escaped the reforms of Emperor Joseph II. Through that time the Cloister lived through the French Revolutionary Spirit at the beginning of the 19th century in its decline.  In 1858 because of a lack of growth it had to be sold to Dominican Sisters of the Tirolean city of Lienz.  Through the recovery of the Order the Dominicans through the initiative of the Apostolic Nuncio Andreas Cardinal Fruhwirth, himself a Dominican, moved back to the Cloister in order to live again.  112 years later there is a second closing facing them.

Link to Katholisches...

Text: Giuseppe Nardi

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

400 Years of Capuchin Tradition Ended in Hesse

Decline and Fall:  Fifty years after the end of the Second Vatican Council, the lame and poisonous fruits have been yielded by the Conciliar Church.

( What was reported in April, happens now.

The Capuchin Cloister in the south Hessian city of Dieburg will extinguish its lights at the modern feast of Christ the King.

With that ends the 400 year history of the Cloister.

Today None Come

Currently there are still four monks in the place: the guardian, Fr. Berthold Oehler (61), Fr Joachim Wrede, Fr. Eckehard Krahl (76) and Br. Friedhelm Bielefeld (58).

The suit and tie priest Mathias Doll (69) -- who is active as a priest in Schmerlenbach near Aschaffenburg -- also belongs to the convent.

The website of the Diocese of Mainz cited the guardian of the dying cloister on November 7th:  "When one went away before, another came along."

Today none are coming.

Fall into the abyss

At the Council there were 850 German Capuchins.

Today there are about 150.  Most of them are of retirement age.

The Council was to "renew" the friars with its grandiose claims.

Galloping Collapse

The Capuchins have only four novices at this time in the German speaking areas.

The Capuchin Convent of St. Joseph in Munich will be the next to be closed.

Two other closings are planned.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

News -- A Powerless Church is Under the Power of the World

A powerless Church is under the power of the world -- Church vandalism: increasing bell thefts -- Jewish right-wing extremists bar Arab farmers -- A victim of the Conciliar Church -- 

A powerless Church is under the power of the world

Italy.  On Sunday the Italian historian Roberto de Mattei commented in the Milan news 'Il Giornale' on the occasion of the 1,700th anniversary of the Battle of the Milvian Bridge (312).  Then, the Emperor Constantine (+337) saw the cross in the sky.  He was victorious and led Christendom into Rome.  Mattei insisted that today's Old Liberals like the Communists are calling for a Christendom without power.  Only: when Christendom ceases to change the world, then it will be changed by the heathen world.

Church Vandalism: increased bell thefts

Germany.  Metal thieves are stealing church bells because of rising commodities prices.  The German bell museum in the 17,000 population community of Gecher in western Munsterland warned on Monday.  The museum asked for better security measures.  The perpetrators would destroy valuable cultural artifacts for raw materials.

Jewish Right-Wing extremists block Arab farmer out

Occupied Palestine.  A group of Jewish settlers blocked about ten dunums (10,000m^2) of farmland near Qarount in the vicinity of Nablus with barbed wire so the owner, Mohamad Najim (66) couldn't enter his unharvested fields on Sunday.  A so-called security post of a larcenous band of settlers warned Najim sternly of further approaches to his property and warned him of "attacks by robbers".  The Right-Wing Radicals had already cut down ripe olive trees 14 years before.  Then they informed the farmer that they wouldn't be responsible for his fat, if he attempted to enter his land.

Another victim of the Conciliar Church

Belgium.  The Carmelites in the 100,000 population city of Mons -- in the western Belgium Province of Hennegau -- must close its cloister.  The community is too old and has no growth.  In the next weeks the remaining sisters will settle in the other Belgian closter.  The Cloister in Mons has existed since 1607.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

News Bytes: The Rotten Fruits of the Council -- Will the Church Become a Mosque?

France:  The Rotten Fruits of the Council -- Will the Church become a Mosque? -- Homosexual Bullying Bears Fruit -- Went off Quickly Without a Hitch -- Now Come the Clones

France.  In 1961 -- a year before the start of the Pastoral Council -- 35% of the French went to the Latin Mass of the Roman Rite every Sunday.  Fifty years later, after the start of the Second Vatican Council only 6% of the French -- at least once a month -- attend the New Eucharistic Celebration.  This is from a study of the public opinion researcher 'Ifop'.  In 1961 over 90% of Frenchmen were Catholic.  Now about 80% are baptized.  In all, about 30% of those under 35 are approximately 30% heathen.

Will the Church Become a Mosque?

France.  One Church in the 27,000 population city of Vierzon in central France may become a Mosque.  In the city there are six churches and 300 practicing Catholics.  That's why the church, St. Eloi, built in 1955 will be sold.  The buyer shows itself to be the "Union of Moroccans".  It will transform the church into a Mosque.  The Diocese of Bourges explained that it is still not decided to whom the will be sold off for peanuts.

Homosexual Intimidation Bears Fruit

Austria.  On Saturday the Salzburg Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun celebrates his 70th birthday.  On his jubilee, a homosexual website congratulated him.  Msgr. Laun has refrained from commenting on the disorder.  Recently he even expressed himself in friendly terms to homosexuals and spoke of a "loving interaction" with them.

Trial Went off Quickly Without a Hitch

Vatican.  Was there secret fixing involved with the Pope-traitor Paolo Gabrielle?  This question came from the anti-Church German weekly 'Zeit'.  It is incidental that the actors of State Attorney and defense announced the judgment:  "There will possibly be a verdict before the trial's end."  Gabriele's attorney has praised the judgment as balanced.  Also, there is still the big question if there is another suspect besides Gabriele.  The Journalist Marco Ansaldo from the Italian news 'Republica' described the trial as a "fixed trial".

Now comes the Clone

Sweden.  In this year there are two stem cell researchers, the Japanese Shinya Yamanaka and the Brit John Gurdon, who will win the Nobel Prize for Medicine.  They are to receive the dubious honor for the back development of cells of a grown person from embryonic stem cells.  For that it will no longer be necessary to grow and kill more children, in order to experiment with their cells.  Archbishop Anton Losinger of Augsburg warned 'Munich Kirchenradio', that this may lead to the technique of making identical clones.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dissident Priest Continues to Defy Archbishop on Defense of Marriage

Shown at a previous parish in Bloomington, 
the Rev. Mike Tegeder serves [served] in Minneapolis.
Brian Peterson, Star Tribune

Editor: Whether Father Mark Tegeder and his aging and decaying Cabrini Parish are supporting Leftist causes with front-groups like the ACLU to fight against voter id registration or promoting unrestricted immigration with all that entails, he can also be relied upon, without fail, to attack his lawful superiors and the rulebook by which he's expected to live as a Catholic priest.

We were watching Father Mark Tegeder, the 68er Revolutionary who has, unaccountably, been a Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis for a very long time. Despite frequent attempts to keep him in check by repeated warnings, the outspoken advocate for sins which cry out to heaven for vengeance, [Genesis 11: 13] he continues on, unpunished.  Until now it seems.

The article by the anti-Catholic 'Minneapolis Star and Tribune' doesn't talk about how he mismanaged his parish or fundamentally contradicts the teachings of the Church to which he claims to represent.  They're more interested in portraying Tegeder as a brave hero facing an implacable hierarchy.

Tegeder currently "ministers" to two communities,Gichitwaa Kateri [Which typically serves a dozen aging 68ers, claiming to represent American Indian spirituality was the creation of another Leftist destroyer, Father Notebaart, now mercifully retired] and St. Francis Cabrini which are well-known for Liturgical abuses and deviation from Church teaching.

Father Tegeder is asked "if it will last", we certainly hope not:
"I'm a good poker player," [card cheat?] said Tegeder.
"But I don't need to prove anything. If [Nienstedt] wants to throw me out, I'm fine with it."
"The intensity of his determination I think is very praiseworthy," said Flahavan. "He's ratcheting it up. A lot of current priests believe he's on the right track, but some think he may have gone too far. Some say he's difficult to work with, which means he's sometimes out there alone."
Flahavan compared the struggle of priests like Tegeder to that of Sir Thomas More, "weighing the promise to obedience against wondering when to cross the line."
I asked Tegeder if he had a Plan B. At first he said no. But just before he got ready to bike through the cold to his home in Richfield, he pulled out his driver's license.

A reader responds:  "Tegeder is the exact opposite of St. Thomas More.  He defended marriage against a tyrannical Protestant King and Tegeder is trying to destroy it on behalf of something even worse."

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Modernist Monastery Provided A Nest For Alleged Serial Predator Over Decades

It's the New Springtime!

Edit:  here's still more insight into why the decadent monastery of St. John's Abbey won't support the Archbishop's Defense of Marriage campaign, or obey lawful authorities.  It's breathtaking that they can even continue to operate as they do with impunity.  The case of Roger Julkowski is like a horror story, and the very credible testimonies of certain victims implicate the winningest coach in football history of doing nothing while evil men did their work.

Having attended Catholic schools for most of his education, Roger Julkowski became an instructor in the Literature Department at St. John's University in the late sixties where he invited students, both male and female, to live with him in an "experimental" colony known as "The Farm".  Although he was reported by football coach Jim Gagliardi for allegedly molesting a student he was introducing the campus, Julkowski kept his property in the nearby Flynntown enclave of St. John's for the better part of the years we affectionately refer to as the New Springtime where he was able to molest and grope his way through many years of alcoholism and possible suicide when he finally died in 1993.

Despite Gagliardi's knowledge of this man's proclivities, he did nothing as the serial molester lurked around the campus in search of sexual liaisons with students, faculty or whomever.  Age wasn't an issue either.  He was active in fellow molester Msgr Dale Fushek's Teens Encounter Christ, movement, which provided him with easy access to one of his victims.

Ex-Monsignor Dale Fushek 

Here's the account from the Pine Curtain, shocking for many different reasons, including the fact that it doesn't seem it will make it on any of the major news outlets, despite the gravity and obvious impunity with which the predator was able to take advantage of his presence in and around Collegeville, St. John's University and Abbey:

[Pine Curtain] As previously disclosed on this web site, Mr. Roger Julkowski is an alleged perpetrator of misconduct at Saint John’s. His name first appeared on this web site in 2007.
It wasn’t until Saint John’s University football coach John Gagliardi shared a story of misconduct, dating back several decades, that Julkowski was properly investigated.
Meet Roger Julkowski
Roger Stanley Julkowski graduated De La Salle High School in Minneapolis in 1956. He graduated from Saint John’s University in 1960 and received a masters degree from the University of Detroit in 1962.
Yearbooks confirm that Julkowski was a teacher at the University of Detroit during the1962-1963 and the 1963-1964 school years.
Saint John’s University
In 1964, Roger Julkowski joined the English department at Saint John’s University.
According to a family member, Julkowski’s father (a prominent lawyer and politician) loaned Julkowski the money to purchase a home in “Flynntown”, an area just beyond the Saint John’s University campus in Collegeville, Minnesota. [ View Map ]
Red Arrow Marks "The Farm",  Providing
Close Access to Students  -Tancred
Other faculty members, including John Gagliardi, also lived in Flynntown.
During the 1965-1966 school year, Julkowski was faculty advisor for the Sagatagan, SJU’s yearbook. Julkowski had taken over for Father Hugh Witzman, who held the position for only one year.
To the left is a photo of Julkowski from the 1966 SJU yearbook. He is listed as an English professor.
Departure from Saint John’s University
When and why Roger Julkowski left Collegeville in the mid-1960s is still unknown. According to one of the students who worked on the yearbook in 1966, Julkowski “left abruptly”.
Julkowski lived within walking distance to his job as an English professor and yearbook advisor.
Why would he leave?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Newbytes: Archbishop Says Homosexual Politicians Should Stay Away from Communion

Archbishop:  Homosexual Politicians Should Stay Away From Communion

USA.  Catholics and especially Catholic politicians, who support homosexual causes, should not come to Communion.  This was what Archbishop John Myers (71) wrote to the 300,000 population city of Newark in New Jersey in a Pastoral Letter on the Feast of the Holy Cross on the 14th of September.  Msgr Myers finds it dishonest to go to Communion and deny the teaching of the Church.  Christ has strongly condemned people who lead others into error.

Thanks the Inactivity of the Bishops

Germany.  In the Diocese of Munich and Freising, there are 24 priests and deacons who've just established the dissident club "Munich Circle".  This was reported by the German Church-tax agency 'KNA'.  Many of these clergy are inactive.  The ring leader is the Old Liberal Parish Administrator Christoph Nobs of the 20,000 population community of Ottobrunn in the Upper Bavarian suburb of Munich.  The group is made of other dissident socieites from Passau, Limburg or Austria.  Fr. Nobs favors a less "bitter" approach than other Old Liberals.

Navy Against Abortion Ship

Morocco.  A Moroccan warship has intercepted the abortion ship 'Women on Waves' and blocked its path.  The ship was sent by progressive countries, which claim to save human life actually murder children.  A Moroccan police order is preventing on land  monstrous Moroccan abortion propagandists from coming to the ship.

Cardinal: Anti-Catholic Charity Society Rebuffed

Canada.  Catholic aid organizations may directly or indirectly support abortion and contraception in developing countries.  This was explained by Cardinal Peter Turkson, the President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, at a meeting of the Canadian Bishops' Conference.  It is yet to be seen if the words of he Cardinal will not have some effect.  The Canadian Catholic aid organization 'Development and Peace', which belongs to the international 'Caritas', finances the murder of children in the Third World.

Council of Catastrophe: Decline Without End

"The lower birth rate has manifested itself in a decline of the number of priests. In 1990 there were 19,707 priests, in 2011 there were 14,800.  In this time frame the number of church members has also shrunk from 28.2 million to 24.2 millions, still not at the same rate as the priesthood.  In the year 2010 126 young men in German wanted to become Catholic priests.  Ten years previously there were almost twice as many.  In the Archdiocese of Berlin there wasn't a single priest ordained."

From an article in the anti-Church Berlin news, 'Tagesspiegel'.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In the Big Cities in Europe, the Churches Are Empty

Philippe Cardinal Barbarin
Philippe Kardinal Barbarin
© JaHoVil, Flickr, CC-BY-SA

A French magazine is concerned that a French Cardinal has been ungently awakened from the Conciliar madness.

( On the 27th of September Philippe Cardinal Barbarin of Lyon was suddenly seized by an attack of Conciliar derangement for the magazine 'Paris Match'.

Inner-Church Civil War

When he was asked for a summation of the Second Vatican Council, the Neoconservative Prelate fell into a delirium:

"This renewal was really necessary:  the Liturgy, the inclusion of the laity, the life and the role of priests  and Bishops, our method of working together -- that has deeply transformed everything."

Or:  "The Council had also asked, for the unity of Chrisians and to work for dialog with other religions -- which demanded progress for this."

Everyone Reads and Follows the Bible

The Catholics are to have finally found a taste for the Word of God -- mythologized the Cardinal.

"The Bible appeared to them not long ago as something not comprehensible:  now it's open for all and has awakened our faith."

The Caning 

A well earned caning is followed by the boot:

"Are you avoiding the  Cardinal Martini's testament, for the Church has fallen behind two hundred years" -- said 'Paris Match' said to the exultant Cardinal, trying to draw him back to the Old Liberal reality.

He then quickly noted that he is to have conferred extensively with Cardinal Martini at the Conclave in 2005:

"He spoke to me for a long time about the Church and the Vatican."

And: "He had wished that the Church would awake."

Carinal Barbarin continued: "In Milan and in our large cities, Europe's churches are empty."

What?  Is that the result of the Second Vatican Council?

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Holland: Catholic Grade Schools to be Abolished

School Federation:  "The connection to the Church is already minimal at present" -- Auxiliary Bishop:  This enables the foundation of  "truly Catholic" grade schools, which the state had frequently suspended many in existence with disapproval.

Amsterdam (  A large part of the Catholic grade schools in the Dutch diocese of s'Hertogenbosch will remove the description Catholic during the foreseeable year of 2013.

As the newspaper >>Trouw<< online (Monday) reports, that according to the determination of the scholastic board Signum, a large number of the 24 schools will eliminate the word "Catholic" from its self-description.

"The connection to the Church is already minimal now", stressed the Signum president Jan Timmers.  Of a break with the Church one could not say.  "We have been disengaging from the Church for years", says Timmers.  So, the schools will also celebrate the Islamic Ramadan at some time between Easter and Christmas.  Also the description of the scholastic mission statement will no longer be relegated directly to the Catholic Church, but to the "individuality of each child".

The Auxiliary Bishop in s'Hertogenbosch, Rob Mutsaerts, informed the report the following that it is better to
remove the designation "Catholic", because it doesn't correspond any more to the school's concept and moderating content.

This may enable the foundation of "truly Catholic" grade schools.  Till now the state has denied such new foundations and it has adversely managed numerous existing Catholic grade schools.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Redemptorist Monastery Demolished in Essen

The total demolition takes place.  Soon the gruesome work will be complete.  by Fritz Kraussmann.

(  The former Bochumer Redemptorist Cloister 'Maria Hilf' serves now as a picture of desolation.

The destruction was planned for a long time.

Already on the 3rd of March 2010, said Father Johannes Roemelt - the Superior of the German Redemptorists -- to the 'Westdeutschen Allgemeinen Zeitung', that the renting of the cloister buildings to another order is impossible.

The Conciliar Church has brought about the destruction of the Faith.

The Tower as the Last Epitaph

What the Nationalist Socialists couldn't accomplish during the Second World War, is being completed by the Conciliar Church.

The Cloister which had been completely rebuilt after the war will be destroyed by the Redemptorists and the Diocese of Essen.

Only the 144 year old church tower stands alone amid the desolation of ruins, where until recently an old cloister building stood, which -- like the 144 year old church "Maria Hilf" -- showed no structural deficiencies.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another Benedictine Abbey Closes

Blue Cloud Abbey, a monastery and retreat center in northeast South Dakota, is closing.

Benedictine monks have voted to close the center in Marvin, with a farewell gathering to be Aug. 5. The vote was May 29, sponsors said today.

An announcement from the abbey said the facility is closing because of a lack of vocations and the aging of community members. The abbey has succeeded as a retreat center for groups and individuals, but the monastery has not been able to draw enough new members. No public liturgies will occur after Aug. 5, and all scheduled retreats will be canceled, sponsors said.

Argus Leader...