Thursday, June 4, 2020

Breaking: Slandering Thug Brother Fired From Job for Hate Speech

Edit: bummer dude.  Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!

by: Robert Price Posted: Jun 4, 2020 / 06:19 PM PDT / Updated: Jun 4, 2020 / 07:08 PM PDT

Garces Memorial High School has apparently dismissed a theology teacher after more than 100 students, parents and alumni signed an online petition complaining that he’s been spreading “unacceptable messages of ignorance and hate” on social media and in the classroom.

Garces teacher Timothy Gordon has some strong opinions about Black Lives Matter, about sexual orientation and about street violence, and they seem to have cost him his job.

Americans watch, and in many cases participate in the marches for social justice taking place in their communities, viewing them through the lens of their own experiences and biases. Gordon is no different in that regard. He expresses those views often too — on Twitter, Instagram and in his own regular webcast, Rules for Retrogrades.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Disagree with him all you want, but is it really necessary to adopt the "Hate Speech" language of the left? Furthermore, take a moment from your apparent glee at his dismal to offer a prayer for his severely disabled daughter, who will likely now suffer even more through no fault of her own.

Again, I understand you disagree with him but reveling in this seems beneath this blog.

Tancred said...

That's exactly what happened to the slandering SOB. Describing that someone is murdered doesn't make you a murderer, silly goose.

Laramie Hirsch said...

Welcome to South Africa.

Not sure I'm too sympathetic, though. He and his cadre of anti-SSPX peeps would smile with gladness to see SSPX folk fall into ruin in the same way.

Frank of Queens said...

Thanks you Sud Afrika for weighing in. Hopefully, we will hear from the Southern Cone of S. American soon.
It is unfortunate what happened to Gordon but he misunderestimated his enemy one too many times.

fitzhamilton said...

This is insane. The man has six children to support. The people attacking him are probably also coming for you. For us. We should be praying for both Tim, and his enemies..

We're Christians. Our Master told us to bless those who curse us, to forgive our enemies. What has Tim done to you that you cannot forgive him? That you cannot sympathize with him and his family? That you cannot pray for him when he needs our prayers?

Why is the Catholic Right so damned uncharitable? Are you witnesses of Christ, or satan? When the devil comes for you, who will you turn to, in your spite?

Steve said...

Imagine if you had the courage to put your name on anything, Tancred. Maybe I should publish it for you...

Peter Marmaros said...

The corner of America inhabited by the loud mouthed redneck racists, bigots and knuckle draggers of the AltRight is the most dangerous place on earth. And they think it's Christendom.

Tancred said...

Maybe the Thug brothers can get a real job now to support their families instead of e-grifting and slandering real Catholic commentators like E. Michael Jones?

Tancred said...

Ok, Holy Steve.

Tancred said...

Speaking of knuckle dragging leftists, I seem to recall you disparaging Damian for his Indian heritage.

Anonymous said...

THank you Tancred!

This is probably a stupid question....but I really don't read many other blogs except Church Militant(which I am turning against because they have gone after the SSPX for supposed pedophiles among their ranks, and have insulted the Traditional Mass), and also The Remnant Newspaper web. Was this Timothy Gordon speaking in favor,or against, all the protests.
I think the brutal but accidental death of George Floyd was a tragic event, but it does highlight the brutality of some policemen, who perhaps let their own personal hatred of a particular race all for them to be more brutal with them, than others of a different group. This needs to be weeded out of the police force and corrected. But the violence in the aftermath of Floyd's death is unacceptable. Tragic as it is, it does not warrant vandalism, looting, and burning down neighborhoods. Because more often than not, it turns out they are burning down their own neighborhoods.
One day of protest I think was warranted, especially because one particular race seems to bear the brunt of police reaction harder than others . But I think the continued violence and the planting of stacks of bricks to throw at the cops is the work of groups like ANTIFA and others, whose main purpose, among other things, is to bring down President Trump and everything he stands for. This same group of people have been against him from the beginning.
Archbishop Gregory is a worthless scumbag queer who siezed what he thought was his moment in the spotlight to condemn the President for visiting the JP II Shrine, and now its backfiring badly on since the statement by Archbishop Vigano and others who are condemning him. He deserves it.
But lets hope this is all over soon. A tragedy has occurred in our country which was entirely unnecessary and uncalled for. But even George Floyd's family have stated that the violence that has followed this brutal death is not warranted. It is being fanned by leftist others intent on perhaps bringing down the government, and it has to be stopped.This is a great country, and I would not like to see it collapse into economic, political and social ruin because of this one event which could have been avoided in the first place.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Tancred said...

Sorry Damian, but the arrest was anything but brutal. George Floyd was a lifelong, violent criminal who just emboldened a lot of other brutal criminals to prey on people with impunity. The people I have sympathy for these days are the present and future victims of black criminality and violence. Tim Gordon can't be wrong about everything. He was fired for criticizing the holy protesters.

bvs said...

Agreed. This glee at the misfortunes of others is schadenfreud and frankly it's author need to go to confession

Tancred said...

bvs, rash judgement needs confession.

Tancred said...

Slander needs confession.

E. Michael Jones and the Society of Saint Pius X haven't received an apology or an amends from the Thug brothers or the AIDS victim and his Budgie, so I don't think that a little amusement at some just deserts rates high in the catalog of sins.

It's certainly not as high as being a pious fraud.

bvs said...

Tancred, killing someone by kneeling on their neck for 8+ minutes while they die slowly beneath you is a demonic act. And yes it is brutal. Deeply confused by the fact that this man's skin colour prevents you from seeing that anarchist type behaviour and complete disregard for the law from the police force is NOT acceptable in a democracy, no matter who the victim is or whether you believe he deserved it or not.

bvs said...

No, wrong judgement requires confession.

Tancred said...

Restraining a hardened criminal who was on lethal doses of methamphetamine and fentanyl was what happened, and the officer looked beyond bored as he restrained the violent meth addict, so not particularly brutal.

Surely, being bereft of some important facts, you could be excused for talking out of your hat.

bvs said...

Tim's arrogance or the fact that he can be a huge twit really is his problem. It makes him unpleasant at times that's absolutely true. Pleasure at another's misfortune is a vice we have to fight in ourselves. It's gross and hurts Our Lord and is just more sin to add to His horrific suffering. Is that worth it? I only started to suffer from it recently myself. I think it arises from being disillusioned with the priests and bishops. Still i for one fight it hard and
I hope you will too. It only makes for a dark and bitter soul for which we will have to spend yonks in purgatory, that's if we don't get so hard hearted we end up in southerns climes forever

Tancred said...

I'm not experiencing pleasure so much at his misfortune, sue me, I'm really experiencing pleasure at justice served, baby.

This is what happens when you get high on your own gas supply and blab incontinently on the internet, but presently, there are a lot (Or a few big donors from questionable sources? Hmm?) of paypiggies who are loading Thug Gordon's coffers with e-shekels, so not a problem.

I'd be interested to know who Tim's donors are and what their political aims happen to be.

Butthead Lies said...

AIDS victim and his Budgie That was great.

Payback is female dog.

PS: I think Steve was an agent provocateur. The real Holy Steve doesn't want to throw rocks from his glass house at people who care enough to throw them back

Fertilizer Sifter said...

1). The officer who knelt on Floyd George's neck was wrong and deserves prosecution. The "protests" are BS, because 99% or all decent people in America, regardless of skin color agree with this. Invoking political or race reasons are even weaker, given that the attorney general of Minnesota is black and both he and the governor are Democrats. Enough said on that.

2). Floyd George's toxicology report showed evidence of methamphetamine, cannibas and other intoxicants and he was even POSITIVE for COVID 19 (not that that's a crime). He had a rapt sheet that included terrorizing a pregnant woman in her home at gunpoint. It's insane to turn an unrepentant criminal into a martyr.

3). Neither Tim Gordon, nor his brother are "thugs" and those who are so offended by some of his Tweeter posts certainly demonstrate a double-standard by indulging in their own name-calling. We seem to be overlooking the fact that America has become so dumbed=down and our culture has become so beholden to a false god of never saying anything controversial and we are so conditioned to marching in lockstep with the language demands of militant feminists, that anything that strays from that template is demonized by all the "gentle disciples of tolerance" (Pabulum-puking liberals). We are living in an age when good is considered bad and bad is considered good. Fr. James Martin is EVIL. He lies about the Church, he lies about same-sex attraction and he is setting up souls for a takedown to Hell. While I myself might not indulge in publicly shaming this priest, one can hardly blame Mr. Gordon for doing so. It takes guts to speak out against the moral inversion of this sick world. It hardly surprises me that anyone who would do so is verbally crucified and deprived of any means of supporting himself. After all it's far more important that priests who do evil enjoy a good reputation. What hypocrisy.

Tancred said...

You're wrong, Fertilizer. LOL

Chauvin did nothing wrong, but trying to mollify certain parties with racial agendas isn't going to work. All they want is the loot anyway, and perhaps the advantage over the police that this will give them as the months follow.

And BVS, I guess I say with the Pslamist:

Thou hast multiplied thy magnificence; and turning to me thou hast comforted me. For I will also confess to thee thy truth with the instruments of psaltery: O God, I will sing to thee with the harp, thou holy one of Israel. My lips shall greatly rejoice, when I shall sing to thee; and my soul which thou hast redeemed. Yea and my tongue shall meditate on thy justice all the day; when they shall be confounded and put to shame that seek evils to me.

Tancred said...

Also Fertilizer, American Catholics, apparently, are so dumbed-down that they don't know slander when they see it and continue to cheer on and paypig their favorite e-whore skateboarder even when he attacks institutions and individuals unjustly and lies about them in an attempt to destroy their reputations.

And yes, threatening to beat people up who disagree with you irl is not only gay, but it's thuggish.

Do you know what thug means, Fertilizer?

Terence said...

E. Michael Jones has had his disagreements with the Society, he still thinks he won the debate with Michael Davies, but he never slandered them, and, in fact, Williamson stayed with him for a while, compared to other bishops he's pissed off he says that "schismatics don't hold grudges"

Tancred said...

I'm far from EMJ in many ways, but I've always found him to be honorable and uplifting. I feel that I benefit in many ways listening to his talks, not least of which is getting out there and working and praying.

Anonymous said...

2). Floyd George's toxicology report showed evidence of methamphetamine, cannibas and other intoxicants and he was even POSITIVE for COVID 19 (not that that's a crime). He had a rapt sheet that included terrorizing a pregnant woman in her home at gunpoint. It's insane to turn an unrepentant criminal into a martyr."

THank you Tancred, and the contributor who posted the above comment. I have made the mistake of watching the liberal radical news (which used to be just the ordinary, pro-America, pro-family, pro-religion regular Evening news on CBS,NBC and ABC. I wasn't around when there were only those three, I grew up with cable....but I don't remember the new being so radicalized as now. All the channels boo-hooing about George Floyd. I had no idea he was such a criminal. If he was full of lethal doses of the drugs described, maybe that's what did him in, not the policeman kneeling on his neck.
Reading about the kind of person George Floyd really was, I take back part of my post of it being a brutal death, etc. He didn't deserve to die, but apparently he was a criminal.
Thank you for presenting an honest description of what he really was.....not the model citizen, saint and martyr the evening news etc. is portraying him as.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Terence said...

EMJ is also slandered for being an anti-Semite but his material comes from Jews themselves and many have encouraged him to write the things that he does and he has also brought many many Jews into the Church.

Tancred said...

Amen Terence.

As Catholics, we may not be required to renounce all joy as the puritans would have it, but we do have to love our enemies, even Jews.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, the vast majority of Americans want the military to be sent in to break this stuff up; even 40% of blacks do.
But not a Catholic school.
Weird times we live on.

Tancred said...

I'm sure if Gordon were more up front and proud for Gay Pride than he is and maybe, idk, sang the praises of James Martin, they wouldn't have dared fire him.

I hope he hires a good attorney and sues them for wrongful termination.

Anonymous said...

Slander is a legal term. There is a reason why SSPX have not filed suit, and it isn't out of charity as evidenced by this blog

Tancred said...

Are you a legal expert, anonymous?

Mitch Banano said...

That sounds very Gary-the-Fairy Voris-like, dude.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Tancred:

We should prepare for more outrage regarding the death of Mr. Floyd. (RIP) So far there are three autopsy reports. Two for the prosecution. One for the family. All three found no evidence of injury, trauma or even bruising to Mr. Floyd's neck. They did find that he had a serious heart condition along with drugs in is system.

Reportedly he Police Department's policy allows an officer to place his knee on a suspect's neck as long as the officer in doing so does not cause injury.

Both the DA and the State AG have warned that it will not be easy to obtain a conviction.
This may play out like the Rodney King case. Let us pray for or country.

God bless

Richard W Comerford

Tom Ryan said...

Would any of you consider doing something construction such as sending Mr. Gordon a Spiritual Bouquet?

Constantine said...

An error in judgement is never a sin.

Tancred said...

Mr. Comerford:

If there is justice in the United States, they’ll find Chauvin innocent. He spent most of his career man-handling derelicts like Floyd and to my knowledge, never had a single legitimate EO or accusation of racial prejudice. He even worked at a nightclub chalked full of minorities in the weekend for years. He was a highly decorated, consummate professional.

Perhaps, before minorities burn America down, cooler heads will prevail with a real solution?

But the party of summary injustice has an ace of spades in the Jesuit waste product, Keith Ellison.

God bless you too,


Augustine Healey said...

Gordon's Go-Fund-Me is now >$45k.
He's probably never made that much
in a year. Let's hope he's not dumb
enough to spend it all having the rest
of his scuzzy body tattooed. ☠️

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

He has only his own self to blame. He is paid to teach theology and he should have known that the woke folk would go after him for what he was saying.

He chose political speech as more important to him than teaching theology.

O, and any Father or Mother who wastes their money and time sending their children to putative catholic high schools like this will be rewarded with Cultural Marxist Indoctrination instead of Catholicism. Hand over to us your hard earned money and we will deliver the serpent of Cultural Marxism to your children

Let those rotten schools wither and die on the Commie vine

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

For those mourning the consequences of what happened to the theology teacher should be wondering why he seems not to understand the virtue of prudence.

One supposes he taught his students the Gifts of The Holy Ghost

The Gift of Fear

The Gift of Understanding

The Gift of Knowledge

The Gift of Wisdom

The Gift of Counsel

The Gift of Godliness

The gift of Understanding

The Gift of Piety

He should have paid attention to what he was teaching rather than thinking it more important for him to enter the political sphere than to cooperate with actualise The Gifts of The Holy Ghost.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...


Just noticed ABS did not receive the Gift of counting...

Tancred said...

Oy veh! Theologians can't talk about politics.

Only Torah scholars may hold forth on political matters.

Idk, ABS, sounds like you have a bit of Freemasonry in your sensus catholicus there.

Slandering Thug Gordon is actually right about BLM.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Tancred. Because Jews control discourse in America, some subjects are taboo. Doesn't everybody understand that?

That is why ABS cited prudence. Of course theologians can talk about policits, but they'd better have tenure.. Despite tenure, look at what has happened to poor Prof Anthony Esolen (sp?)

A Father of children, especially one who is the Father of a handicapped one, had no business jeopardising his business employment by entering the political fray.

He was rash in his actions and he is paying the price. He ought to have known the price to be paid for politicking from an unapproved-by-cult-marxists-perspective. It does nobody any good to pretend there is a constitutional right to free speech anymore - that civil right received the sacramental of secular defenestration a long time ago.

Did The Early Church Fathers waste their time taking one side in the chaos of competing political forces or did they continue to be about the business of Salvation and Sanctification.

Tancred said...

I also retract my initial statement that Thug Gordon was right about BLM. Apparently he wsa fedposting there.

He might have had a legal claim there, but making threats of violence or calls of violence, even if they can be perceived that way, is just stupid.

I hope the Diocese doesn't pay him a cent.

Patsy said...

I knew Timothy Gordon was going to get himself fired, sooner or later. He is always shooting off his mouth on controversial subjects; like condemning working women. Now Gordon cannot even support his own family...and wants money from working women! That makes him a self-rightous hypocrite. No one in America can shoot off their mouth on controversies...and keep their job. He will lose his lawsuit against the school and waste more money.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that everyone one posting here, myself included has been imprudential or lacked judgment at some time in their lives. Which is why it is all the more disappointing to see so many Catholics celebrating the downfall of a brother and rubbing his nose in it.

I hope you're all enjoying your cheap little party.

Patsy said...

I am enjoying the fall of the arrogant, woman-hater, Timothy Gordon. He got what he deserves.

Anonymous said...

"Woman Hater"?

Merely calling something (or someone) a name does not make it so.

I pray that God is more merciful with you than you are with Mr. Gordon. Self-righteously indulging in resentment does no one any good, most especially oneself.

Vatican Zero said...


Anonymous, I wouldn't worry too much about that. Gordon is brilliant, well-educated and shows the potential to be one of the great Catholic thinkers for a epoch that needs courageous voices in a Church that has all but castrated itself. He will be just fine and I have no doubt he will land on his feet. I suspect he's praying for all the hateful people who tried to bury him and moving on.

Patsy said...

Timothy Gordon has made many statements insulting and attacking women, in general, and working women, in particular. Gordon's getting fired is doing a lot of good. I pray that you and Gordon learn what mercy actually is. As of now, neither of you understand mercy.

Patsy said...

Intelligent and educated will NOT get you a job...when you alienate half of the population. Gordon is now viewed as a hot potato and no one will hire him, regardless of his law degree. His wife will have to get a job...then he can insult HER for being a working wife!

susan said...

Ok go make your husband a samich.
....oh you're not married (?)
What a suprrise.

Ken said...

Tancred. Can you elaborate on your retraction? Was his criticism of BLM insincere??

AMalek said...

Righto, Tancred. Big George didn’t deserve nice treatment. I think the whole thing was staged. The officer and George worked together for 17 years at an establishment known for illegal activity. Sounds like counterfeiting was one of them and George got careless. Notice how fast Antifa got organized. No way is this event not coordinated. George is having a margerita in the Bahamas right now.

Patsy said...

Susan, how did you get so stupid and so wrong?

Anonymous said...

Like I said Patsy, I pray that God is more merciful with you than you are with Timothy Gordon. I suppose I should pity anyone who boastfully displays such an unforgiving and resentful attitude in public. Sounds like the man hit a nerve somewhere.

James Deipnon said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tancred said...

Too bad Gordon isn’t merciful to all the people with families who rely on the SSPX for reverent Masses and orthodox preaching. Too bad he has more mercy for unrepentant sodomites than he does for Catholics who question Jewish power.

Geoff Acton said...


There's an old expression I hope Gordon will learn. Those who live by the Jew, die by the Jew.

Anonymous said...

Well Tancred, not everyone is going to agree with us about every issue. I certainly disagree with Gordon on his SSPX stance, but I still see the value in much of his work. For all his flaws, Timothy Gordon doesn't deserve such blanket condemnations. He is young and God isn't finished with him yet, as He hopefully is not finished with either of us either.

Tancred said...

Timothy Gordon is a belligerent hipster moron who has viciously slandered people I regard as friends and people I like, like the SSPX.

He’s a big boy, and when big bad boys get ruined because they make immoral decisions based on their hybris, that’s too pretty a word, being high on their own gas supply and lack of self-control, I find it amusing. Things are as they should be.

But this won’t even ruin Thug Brother, there are still a lot of paypiggies who’ll pay their e-whore on her way.

I’ll bet Thug Gordon hasn’t seen a haul this big, like ever... his Gofundme must be over 50k by now.


susan said... do you get so malicious and shrill in your maliciousness?

(btw...malicious = mean, vicious, malignant, vindictive, awful...Kareny, or "patsyish if you prefer)'re welcome.

Tancred said...

@Ken, Thug Gordon was saying things in a jokey manner that he thought were funny, but which will most likely be viewed with disapproval by anyone hearing his case. It looks like he was inciting violence, and so, justified the school’s decision to dump him.

Tancred said...

@AMalek GEorge was a convenient excuse. It could have been any number of other of the 300 or so blacks justifiably killed nationwide every year.

Tancred said...

Karen needs to make me a sandwich!

Anonymous said...

SSPX is the only place he’s right on.

Tancred said...

That’s been demonstrably false.

Anonymous said...

The timeline here is a little fishy. I can't find any anti-BLM statements made by the Thug Bros prior to Tim getting canned. And, I'm not the only one who has noticed.

Mick said...

Ok, I've read enough comments, and now time to throw my hat in the ring.

Patsy - where/when/how did Tim "condemn" working women - concrete proof, please?
Or was he really "daring" to refer to / citing Catholic Moral Theologians, who cover this topic?
eg. Fr. Ripperger addresses such concerns here:

T.G. made a FAIR and VALID point on twitter - ie. OUTSIDE of the classroom, and AWAY from the school that he worked at.

Further, where did he specifically put his hand out to working women?!
He's asking for support from "anyone" that can see the injustice he and his family are facing - and rightly so!
That's NOT hypocrisy, regardless if you want an imaginary axe to grind against him, for "daring" to speak on distasteful truths!

Tancred - what's your beef?
You keep referring to Tim as a thug and slanderer?
Also, what need is there for Tim to apologise to the SSPX?
... and who's the AIDS victim (and his budgie)?
I have a suspicion, but call you out to be accountable for what you allege here.

I see a lot of comments here, that follow the pattern of the hysterical left-wing - name calling, without justification.

That he "dared" challenge one of your pet-love topics, he gets demonised with all the (lack of) logic of a left-winged hyper-ventilating spoilt teenager.

Keep it simple and charitable.
If the facts stack up, and the references / citations check out, support the man... and his family!

Cheap point scoring says a lot...

Tancred said...

Why are you asking me a question when I’ve already answered it several times in the post,
you dotard?

Thug Gordon is a lying, malicious, vulgar and slandering scumbag.

Mick said...

Was that directed at me?

You've made accusations plenty of times - we're aware of that.
Yes, you've thrown a lot of accusations around, Tancred.
However, accusations don't substantiate anything.
I'll put it to you again - EVIDENCE, please?
Hint - ipsi dixit and ad hominem statements don't qualify as evidence.

Patsy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patsy said...

I knew Timothy Gordon was going to get himself fired... the way he throws out gratuitous insults...especially against women. The educational system is very political. Gordon should have known better than to shoot off his mouth, publicly, about controversial topics. Gordon has made himself a "hot potato." No school will hire him now! I wonder how much money he has collected from working wives, whom he condemns?

Patsy said...

Anonymous, like I said: I hope you and Tim Gordon learn what mercy actually is. As of now, neither of you understand mercy. And you don't understand justice, either. What Gordon got is justice for his frequent insults against women and others. He should have had the prudence to keep his mouth shut on controversial topics and support his family. That is his moral obligation. Gordon is a hypocrite.

Mick said...

Patsy, can you please substantiate your claim of how Tim would "learn what mercy actually is", by means of him being on the wrong end of an unjust act?

You have also yet to provide any actual evidence about your claims of Tim insulting women... and here's a tip - him making statements supported by The Church for the good of society, in the right order that God created it, is "not" an insult - to women, men, or any group or individual.

I'd also be careful pointing the finger with the expectation of prudence, then throwing in the title of hypocrite... as well as using the moral obligation line - none of us has the right to detraction...

Patsy said...

You have yet to provide any evidence that Tim Gordon did not deserve to get fired. Gordon lacks mercy because he habitually insults women, especially working women. I am not going to spoon feed you. Gordon's insults are in many of his videos. Find them yourself. You can be as "careful" as you like. I am quite sure of Gordon's hypocrisy and lack of prudence. His getting himself fired is literal proof of his lack of prudence. You should stop being such a Gordon Groupie that you deny reality.

Mick said...

What was he fired for?
Pointing out on twitter that the FBI considers BLM to be a terrorist organisation. Pointing out facts shouldn't result in one getting fired - much less when it's done outside of one's workplace.
THAT is unjust, and therefore answers your first question, 'tho a FAIR assessment can be easily made with a little amount of effort in seeking out such info., so you shouldn't need this pointed out... or have me "spoon feed" you (to use your terms).

When it comes to making accusations, the burden of proof is on you to verify - whether you consider that "spoon feeding" or not, is irrelevant, since NONE of us has a right to make unsubstantiated claims.

I'm not a "groupie", as you claim, but having seen several podcasts of/with him, have yet to come across one instance that supports your claims.
Unless you're content to expect us to just accept your claims "ipsi dixit", then I suggest you provide citations - that's the charitable thing to do.

I'm all for the facts sister - you supply them, and I'll believe them.

Ball's in your court...

Tancred said...

In a bit of revision, Thug Gordon, mendaciously claimed he was fired for criticizing BLM, but it was actually for something else.

He should have been fired for slandering E. Michael Jones and platforming gay false opposition and fawning to them.

Patsy said...

Tancred, you're right! Tim Gordon was fired for a multitude of gratuitous insults that he regularly threw at various groups and persons. I bet the school and 100 parents have a long list of complaints. Interesting that Tim Gordon is not shooting off his mouth any more. Any normal, balanced adult would know he needs to keep his job more than he needs to shoot off his mouth. Gordon will not win any lawsuit against his previous employer. And he will be anathama to potential employers, who don't want the controversy.

Tancred said...

I don't mind that Thug Gordon offends people, it might be one of his redeeming features, especially special victim interest group who are low hanging fruit, I just think there's something very wrong with him, not being exactly honest about various things, and starting off with his slander of E. Michael Jones, accusing him of saying that MA was gay, and showcasing preening aberrosexuals like Voris, Milo and Sirico.

I get that you want to interview people, but why fawn over them as Gordon does? Gross!

Tancred said...

Oh, and threatening to beat people up on line is gay.

Mick said...

Your pattern on refusal to provide reference and context to your claims is glaring, Tancred... not to mention boring (yawn!)

Further, was the FULL picture really T.G. slandering E. Michael Jones, or T.G. defending others (eg. Mother Angelica) from Jones???

Michael said...

Tancred's right, is he...?!
That exclamation mark would suggest it's irrefutable proof... except it's not.
Back to the facts - T.G. was sacked for exposing the BLM brigade for the terrorist organisation they are.
That's not a sackable offense - less so when comments are made outside of workplace... so be careful how much confidence you place in your belief that he couldn't successfully sue.

No amount of personal grievances of your own can be added to the real reason he was sacked.

Sure enough, the school might have complaints - he teaches orthodox Catholic Theology, which many "Catholic" schools can't stand these days!

Mick said...

Some questions, Tancred:

Are you without any sinful history?

Are you suggesting Voris couldn't possibly reform from a lifestyle that he now clearly speaks out against.
Was his confession of and absolution for these past sins null and void?

Is it impossible to provide a platform, and give credit where it's due to certain individuals, even if they need reform in other areas (Milo)?

Would you say Jesus fawned over prostitutes, debt collectors, and others frowned upon in society, by the "scandal" He showed in spending time with them???

Is this you throwing the first stone?

Further, here's a challenge for you Tancred, but only if you're up for it, and can prove you're more than just a mere keyboard warrior - for all the stinging rebuke you make of T.G. (and others), provide:

* evidence (citations/references/sources);
* context

... also, see if you can bring yourself to a level of maturity, where you could provide a comment without resorting to Tim as "Thug", or making other
ad hominem attacks against him, or anyone else for that matter.

There's your challenge, if you're up to the task.

Go on - I dare ya!

Michael said...

Source/reference/citation... and context???

Tancred said...

I'm perfect, "Michael" I've never committed a sin in my life.

Are you gay?

Tancred said...

Ok, this isn't for your benefit, "Michael" so much as it is for those who come in here and read your gay ops.

Thug Gordon and Preppy Taylor Marshall performed gay ops on E. Michael's youtube site and got it struck when he attempted to defend himself when they slandered his good name. Many of the people who read this site know about that situation, when Thug Gordon said that EMJ accused Mother Angelica for being a lesbo. When EMJ protested in a video, Preppy Taylor and Timmy Gordon got his channel struck from Youtube. It's very gay, and it's as gay as the stuff you're pulling rn. To date, Timbolina the Amazing Skateboarding Shill still haven't apologized for slandering EMJ's good name. So... it's wonderful to see a little retribution as a sign of divine displeasure and justice.

Michael said...

No, I'm not gay ('tho don't see how putting forward logical positions qualifies one to be gay).

Nor am I perfect as you (supposedly) are...

Michael. said...

First of all, my name actually is Michael.
No need for quotation marks.
It's not that uncommon as a name.

I put a simple challenge out to you, to see if you could bring yourself to avoiding ad hominem attacks. Looks like you weren't up for it. Pity.

I've seen the video clip you refer to, where EMJ is attempting to defend himself.
Now, I'm all for defending oneself, as well as others, if they are receiving unfair treatment. That extends to EMJ, or anyone else for that matter. I'd even do it for you (even 'tho we've never met, and you accuse me of "gay op's")...
First of all, 'tho, look at "why" EMJ was put in that position.
He took upon himself the task of making all kinds of claims about Mother Angelica and Voris in his book (The Man Behind the Curtain: Michael Voris and the Homosexual Vortex).
Is EMJ some kind of pychiatrist or psychotherapist?
Even if he were (and my understanding is that he's "not"), what mandate has he been given by God or The Church to put out such a book, with public claims of "narcissim" against these people???

Further, even "if" Tim Gordon was mistaken about EMJ's claims about Mother Angelica, would that make him public enemy #1?
Would you be justified in slandering "his" name (if you're so worried about protecting others' names against slander), and rubbing his nose in his unjust sacking??

"Maybe" TG made a mistake in what he said about EMJ's views of Mother Angelica, however, I would dare say it wasn't malicious "if" it were a mistake. That said, I'm not convinced TG's as guilty as you make him out to be here.
Much can be read in to the claims EMJ makes about Mother Angelica (as well as Voris).
Further, TG used the term insinute/insinuated - in fact, he emphasised that term.

At the end of the day, 'tho, God ALONE knows that heart of us all. It is to Him ALONE that we must answer and give account.

So, on the subject of apologising, have you ever considered this as necessary for EMJ, ie. to offer an apology to Mother Angelica, or Voris???

Tancred said...


Michael said...

Ignorance is bliss, huh?

Avoir une bonne vie...

Tancred said...

You’re a simp whose feelings are hurt.

Michael said...

You've deduced this... how?

Is the best you can come up with, in absense of a mature approach?

Looks like your only "logic" is ad hominen (yawn!)

Tancred said...

The seething pettiness?

Did Thug Gordon attribute a statement to EMJ that he didn't make?

Yes he did.

Your obfuscation and preciousness reveals your semi-hidden gayness, the Rad-Tradness is just a facade.

Tancred said...

And you clearly didn't read all the comments. So you're a liar just like Thug Gordon in addition to everything else.

Michael said...

There's nothing "seething" nor "petty" about pointing out facts or context, or expecting others to give an account for making slurs.

"Did Thug Gordon attribute a statement to EMJ that he didn't make?"
Can you elaborate?
I've already answered your point adequately - 'tho I was referring to TG's actual Baptismal name - something that appears to be beyond you?

You allege that I clearly didn't read all comments - sorry, what am I missing, that hasn't already been addressed?
I'm all for facts, and simply wish to sort fact from fiction.

I also find it laughable that you would accuse me of not reading all comments, when you come back with a dismissive acronym ("TL;DR"), in response to a previous comment "I" made, lol!

In contrast to your hissy-fit responses, I'm:

* not suffering from (or even showing signs of) obfuscation or preciousness
* not gay - whether exposed, "semi"-hidden, or fully hidden
* not a liar
* not any other immature and vitriolic slur you wish to throw my way.

Really, Tancred, your rant only serves to confirm your ad hominem approach... not to mention calamny.
Are you aware that calumny is a sin?
If so, do you not care? Or do you think it doesn't apply to you?
Are you actually Catholic?
If so, are you a "radtrad", or would you consider yourself a Traditional Catholic?

Can you spot the different approach I'm taking?
I'm "asking" - rather than "assuming"/"accusing" - and providing opportunity for you to respond.
Throwing out slurs, assumptions and ad hominem arguments only exposes oneself as lacking in both charity and substance.

So here's another opportunity for you to have an attempt at maturity.

Hopefully you can step up to the plate.

Ball's in your court... ;)

Tancred said...

You're spending a lot of effort to defend slandering Thug Gordon when he attacks people who challenge him, or other fellow Opus Dei waste products, by misrepresenting what they say.

You came in and said that you read the comments, then attempted to troll about there being no evidence when I clearly referred to Thug Gordon's slander of E. Michael Jones. You're a liar.

Taking a different approach? Like the spurned gay approach? The Rad-Trad thing was aimed at your beard, you being a desiccated Thomistic hair-splitter and ditherer. You attempted to enter this gay sperg response about 23 times as it was caught in the site's moderation. That's what I call evidence! Sounds a little obsessive not to mention gay! You're clearly a gay sperg.

The context is that Thug Gordon and Preppy Taylor maintained something about E. Michael Jones that is clearly false and they continue to do so, and Taylor even flagged EMJ's response so it got struck from Youtube. (Preppy Taylor did make a half-assed apology later on.) Go ahead and complain about my tone some more you unhinged poof.

Here's a logic lesson: whining and mewling about me using mean names and questioning my catholicity doesn't mean that Thug Gordon isn't a slandering POS.