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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Schönborn: No Understanding Why There is Resistance Against Pope Francis

Cardinal in prayer for peace in the cathedral: People are grateful world that Francis "exemplifies the Gospel", within the church, there are hostile - Call for "patience" for Vatican ruling on Medjugorje

Vienna ( Cardinal Christoph Schönborn has expressed shock at the resistance from Church circles against Pope Francis: "It hurts me that he faces so much hostility - within the Church. What is this? He is the successor of Peter! He's the pope!" said the Archbishop of Vienna on Tuesday in his homily during the Medjugorje prayer of peace, "Message for you" in the cathedral. Many people in the world are grateful for the witness of Pope Francis. "For his kindness and his love for the poor and the fallen. It is the gospel that he teaches us," said Schönborn.  To learn that the Pope is receiving "so much resistance" from his own ranks, was completely incomprehensible to him. It is important to pray for the Pope.

Regarding the so far not carried out confirmation by the Vatican for the alleged [and heretical] Marian apparitions in Medjugorje, the Cardinal called on the faithful to be patient. You should "persevere and remain faithful in prayer and intercession," said Schönborn, and continued: "I think to myself, God knows why he is linked to Medjugorje, so patience requires of us thus our heart is willing.. " As one of the positive consequences of the events of Medjugorje, Schönborn described the emergence of numerous prayer groups around the world and also in Austria. It was particularly noteworthy that these groups since their inception in the 1980s - the Viennese Dominican Church was then a starting point - would largely continue to exist to this day, said the Archbishop of Vienna. 

The Medjugorje prayer groups were the focus of this year's Peace Prayer again with around  4,000 believers who had come to St. Stephen's Cathedral. Currently I am tempted to link the dozens existing groups in Austria with each other more, explained Christian Stelzer of the prayer community "Oasis of Peace", who had organized the prayer for peace.

Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ibrahim A. -- A Ghanian Asylum Seeker as Church Desecrator


On Saturday afternoon of the 29th March 2014 there were four churches of Vienna which suffered severe, religiously motivated criminal damage, especially statues of saints and sacred objects. Alleged perpetrators: an asylum seeker from Ghana.
Has the Archdiocese of Vienna and kathpress has hidden the (alleged) vandal, Ibrahim A.'s religious belief so as not to mess up the Caritas business with the asylum seekers? [Image: National Police Headquarters in Vienna, image quote by]

Systematic property damage

  • the statue of St. Jude Thaddeus was pushed from its by its marble base, in Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral,
  • in the parish church Breitenfeld four statues was overturned and the lid of the baptismal font destroyed,
  • in the Lazaristenkirche of Vienna in the fingers of a stone statue of Saint Vincent had its fingers chopped off,   all (!) statues in the church damaged or destroyed, the "wooden body a crucifix" (ie Christ) was torn down and demolished while his arms were chopped off,
  • in the parish church Neuottakring there was property damage.
  • The "Kronenzeitung newspaper" reports of possibly three other acts of vandalism at churches in the district of Meidling.

Ibrahim A. - religiously motivated offenders

In a press release from the Police Headquarters in Vienna from 30March 2014   they describe damage to property in St. Stephen's Cathedral: "On 29.03.2014 at 17:15 hours an unidentified man threw a statue of the saint in the church of St. Stephen from its marble base. A moment later the man wanted to leave the church. Many passers-by forced the 37-year-old Ibrahim A. to the ground in front of the cathedral shop  and held him until the police arrived. The accused described religious reasons as his motive. He was arrested."
The Vienna Cathedral Parish Priest Fr. Anton Faber supposed that the offender Ibrahim A. had "been a madman [I], who was playing religious themed music prior to the incident on his iPod." In addition, the offender Ibrahim had suffered a  "psychotic episode" and been seized by an "internal disturbance".
Ibrahim A. was prevented from the destruction of the Sacred Heart image. 

In the course of detention by those present, Ibrahim A. had also injured a person slightly.

Offender set free - warned by police against renewed arrest

The spokesman for the Vienna State Police, Roman Hahslinger, although the presumption was obvious that the perpetrator was a serial offender, he was not arrested apparently.
Rather, the police didn't   question   Ibrahim A. at the time.  Not until this week will he be asked about the other crime scenes. -  Thus, if he can be found again the police have pre-announced his timely arrest.
Oddly enough the police did not consider the grounds for detention (such as  the danger of recidivism).

Ibrahim A. - an asylum seeker from Ghana

In media reports, the origin and status of the (alleged) church vandal is mostly concealed.
He is the 37-year old Ibrahim A., an asylum seeker from Ghana, who is housed in the care center in Lower Austria Traiskirchen.
How fortunate that he was able to  save, despite the assuredly alleged persecution  in Ghana, his iPod from his African tormentors. Otherwise he would not have gotten the "inspiration",  to "proceed against religious statues." 
The fact that he referred to the Catholic faithful as "puppets", fits well into the picture.

Whitewashing by the Archdiocese of Vienna and the Catholic Press Agency (kathpress)

Characteristically,  the Archdiocese of Vienna and Catholic press was silent on their websites about the origin of the offender and the Cathedral Parish Priest Fr. Faber  himself  and the release of the police referred to the religious motivation of the Ghanaian asylum.
The other assessments of the offender by Father ("seized by an inner disturbance" or "psychotic episode") Faber, however, were cited.
In the OTS- broadcast, the Catholic press (on the following day at 14:02 clock) is rather pointed out that "the uncharacteristic act of vandalism for the otherwise peaceful life of religions in Vienna" and that "also no one was [would be] harmed."
Why is there silence about  the Muslim religious devotion of the (alleged) perpetrator?


For legal reasons, the presumption of innocence for the asylum seeker from Ghana, Ibrahim A. applies. [Naturally!]
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Protest Against Castellucci's Blasphemy at Vienna's Burgtheater -- For Cathedral Rector Faber "Artificial Outrage"

Edit: it's no small wonder that the Mason-loving, Communist promoting Cathedral Rector of Vienna's most ancient edifice condemns Catholics who are outraged that the Faith is being disparaged at public expense.  It's more surprising that the Porno-Rector hasn't  invited Castellucci to perform the play in the Stepensdom itself, with the Danube Cardinal's full approval of course.

(Vienna) Romeo Castellucci's blasphemous piece about the Concept of the Face of the Son of God was listed at the Vienna Festival Weeks at the Vienna Burgtheater. On Saturday night there was at the premiere to massive boos and catcalls. As in Paris and Milan this had occurred because of the blasphemous scenes vehement objections from the public. In Paris, young Catholics had occupied the stage in 2011 and had been taken away by the police. Castellucci's piece is da Messina performed before an oversized picture of Jesus by Renaissance painter Antonello. The representation of the Son of God is smeared with feces and pelted with stones.  From the audience there resounded on Saturday: "Such a mess!", "Stop it!", "Shame on you!"
Castellucci is passed around since the protests against his God insult from the left Kulturschickeria. In Germany, he joined with another piece on already at the Ruhr Festival.
The author talks about a true to life representation of human existence. This also included the rebellion against an overpowering image of God, from which it suffers remanded to Castellucci.
This Sunday there was an "artist talk" between Castellucci and the Vienna Cathedral Priest Toni Faber.  Faber distanced himself from protesting Catholics, their displeasure which was expressed by booing against the insult of the divine persons. The Vienna daily Die Presse quoted the Parish Priest with the words: "I have respect for religious  sensitivities, but we must not  be too self-pitying." The public protests were, says Faber, "perhaps" through ignorance of Castellucci's play "excusable".  An insulted Jesus caked with feces doesn't represent a problem for Vienna's Cathedral Rector. The question was raised "for artificial outrage".
It was a different issue altogether for Berlin Archbishop Rainer Maria Cardinal Woelki, as the piece was performed in March 2012 in Berlin at the Theater Hebbel am Ufer. Cardinal Woelki described the piece as "indecent" because "what is important and holy to people is drawn from people's beliefs and dragged through the mud."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Sacred Palazzzi
Translation: Tancred

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vienna Cathedral Number 2 Has Account on Homosexual Dating Site

40 Year old Employee of the
 Archdiocese of Vienna on 'gayromeo'

Edit:  In light of the Vienna Cardinal's recent attacks against a priest who attempted to guard his parish against scandal, it seems appropriate to air this.  It's unclear whether or not the "employee" is a member of the clergy or not, but he's clearly not suited to work for any Diocese, not even one as corrupt as Vienna.

An employee of the decadent Archdiocese of Vienna searches a hookup site for homosexual partners, in order to wallow in his depravity.

(  A leading member of the Viennese Archdiocese has a profile at the homosexual  hookup site 'gayromeo'.

Sodomites look for Aids contacts with strangers.

The site is one of the largest spreaders of Aids in the world.

Frequently changing partners in depravity is a sure component of  homosexual degeneracy.

The Number Two Man in Vienna's Cathedral Parish

One of the gommorists, who prostitutes himself on the publicly accessible hustler site, is C. D. H.

He is the chancellery director of Vienna's Cathedral and the right hand of Vienna's alchohol and boulevard Cathedral Pastor Anton Faber.

H. operates a profile on 'gayromeo' with the name "iucundus".

The word "iucundus" is latin.  It means, pleasant, attractive or enjoyable.

For sure

H's user account registers 45 people as "personally known".

On the other hand, he is known personally by 994 people.

The homosexual homepage describes the profile as "guaranteed true".

Only abstinence serves against Aids

Besides his activity in the chancellery, H is active with "Maltese Aids Service".

According to some information in the city center of Vienna, is 1.83 meters high and weights 76kilos.

He smokes and has no tattoos or metal piercings.

He Trusts the Fallible Condom

H. uses the logo of "Dark Angel" on the hookup site.

That means that he will only have sex with the fallible condom.

As a rule only gommorists do this who are infected with the homosexual disease, HIV.

Paint and Leather

H. is looking for partners in fornication between the ages of 26 and 40.

There are things he will not do with strangers, however.

He tells the world that he likes to dress as a punk, soldier or policeman.

Otherwise he loves skin-tight textiles made of paint and leather.

A decided homosexually disturbed person 

In his description he praises himself as "sensible", "careful", "attentive", "clever",  "endowed" and "talented" and "decisive" as well.

He is not one who "quickly and easily makes friends".

But he is "extremely loyal" to his homosexual friends.

H. has to admit that the self-praise might sound "somewhat crass":  but it's "simply" the truth.

Throw life away

The "dream of his life", before putting his finger on his eternal damnation: "I have lived and loved and will be loved".

The visitor to H's hustler site is asked to press the "sex pig" button which is provided.

Those shy perverts can push the button that reads "Only when drunk".

Link to original....

Edit: One of the commenters from writes about the self-inflicted nature of Aids in Germany (and presumably elsewhere)

Jubärens 17:30:28 | Dienstag, 24. April 2012 "Over 90 percent of the new infections in Germany are transmitted sexually.  Approximately three quarters of new HIV infections in 2011 were according to estimates from men who have sex with other men;  about 20 percent from heterosexual contacts.  Only five percent of new infections were traceable back to intravenous drug use.  New infections passed on from mother to child were reduced to a few isolated cases."  (Spiegel Online 2011 as a Commentary to the RKI- Press service)   This means that about 75 percent of those infected with HIV are active homosexuals.  The estimated figure of homosexuals in Germany from 2,000 is about 1.6% as well as 2.5 % bisexual.  This means that about the 1.6% of the homosexual population is responsible for 75% of the new Aids cases.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cardinal Schönborn Possessed by His Demons in the Cathedral

For about two years the bare breasted grotesque has defaced the Viennese Stephansdom and the memory of a Nun murdered by the National Socialists.

(, Vienna) On Saturday evening the Old Liberal Cardinal Christoph von Schönborn opened an exposition with the theme "The Cross in Sculpture" in his Cathedral museum.

This was reported by the Austrian news agency "kathpress".

On display are about sixty works from sixteen who hate the Church.

Among them is a satire of the cross, Blasphemers by Alfred Hrdlicka (+2009).

Hrdlicka considered himself to be an admirer of the Soviet murderer of peoples, Josef Stalin (+1953).

Cardinal Schönborn is enchanted by Hrdlicka's blasphemies.

Old Catholic Baptism as an Opportunity

For his opening speech, the Cardinal went especially to Hrdlicka's botched works.

He struggled to describe Hrdlicka's parents, who had been slaves of Communism, as victims.

So they had allowed their son to be baptized Old Catheolic for that reason, so that their six year old son would not suffer any disadvantages during the glorious government of martyr and Bundes Chancellor Engelbert Dolfuss (+1934).

Actually, Dolfuss didn't belong like Hrdlicka or the Cardinal, to an Old Catholic or Old Liberal sect, rather the Church.

He was murdered by the National Socialists.  Even that would have been -- had he lived in this time -- not have happened to the opportunistic Cardinal.

Hrdlicka was always demonstrably atheist.  He was buried in 2009 by the Viennese scandal pastor, Anton Faber, in an enormous and public Catholic Funeral.

Cardinal Praises the Grotesque

Even more striking the Cardinal mentioned a shameless 80,000 Euros which was paid in 2009 for the Hrdlicka ordered Demon Display which hangs in the Cathedral today.

The figure defaces a memorial of the Holy Nun, Sister Restituta Kafka (+1943).

Se was murdered by the anti-Catholic National Socialists.

The bust in the Saint Stephen's Cathedral shows a black haired whore with bare breasts.

The names of Communist political prisoners are engraved on it.

Heaven and Hell Can Not be Together

Cardinal von Schönborn  praised the disgraceful connection of the saintly nun with the Communist hooligans.

That shows that Sister Resituta was hung "in the middle of Communist street car workers in the Brigittenau" [20th District of Vienna].

The crucial difference between the two was not noted by the Cardinal:  while Sister was received into heaven, the executed Communists who went to their deaths despising God did not."

Communists Hate Mercy

The prince of the Church found touching words for the political criminals.

As they supposedly  had committed "only crimes" in the eyes of the National Socialists, the Cardinal determined that the crosses on the graves of the "colleagues" could have been placed:

"In the Christian understanding, this deed was an act of mercy" --  as the Cardinal had a misfire.

Sister Restituta was supposed to have grown very close to the Communistic dregs in prison -- slandered the Cardinal.

Hrdlicka had memorialized this connection, in which he engraved the names of the Communists on the bare breast of his representation of  a witch.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vienna's Cathedral Rector Says: The Cuddly Rosary Prayers Are Dying Out

There's a commotion in the Archdiocese of Vienna around Toni Faber: "We are really are closely bound to Rome, but we must go our independent way. Some representatives of the Vatican live in a kind of denial of reality" an "Celibacy may soon be an obsolete model"

Vienna [] A Commotion around the Vienna Cathedral Rector Toni Faber. In a recent interview with the "Courier" he answered questions put to him about reform in the Church: "We are really closely bound to Rome, but we must go our independent way. Some respresentatives of the Vatican live in a certain denial of reality. It is not enough to manage the apparent decline. The encouraging words of Caridnal Schönborn in the direction of the Church's transparency gives hope. The cuddly prayers of the rosary are dying out."

To the question, whether he thought differently than his other colleagues, the Cathedral Rector said, "I try to live without fear and always to be a response station. It is the same whether it's a sideways glance or there are some scraps thrown. I sense however, both curiosity and jealousy. I really wouldn't like to be a head teacher. But we have to use politics and media. If we don't orient ourselves on faithful customers, then the Church will crumble."

Then Faber spoke dismissively about celibacy. He was cited answering the question, how he felt about celibacy: "Celibacy appears to me and many others as increasingly questionable. he may well be soon an obsolete model."

Read the

He was the same priest who buried the Communist Pornographic Homosexual Artist.

Lesung von HANS CONRAD ZANDER(Köln): "Abenteuerlich, lustig, glücklich – Plädoyer für den Zölibat" am 28.10.2010.

Listen to the audio...auf Deutsch...

Photo: Flickr Che Guevarra Pumpkin