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Monday, April 17, 2017

Essen: Arabic Man Causes Panic at Good Friday Service

Massive police presence when a suspicious man triggered a mass panic in Catholic during Good Friday Mass - arrest of a 33-year-old - UPDATE: criminal charges against the suspect

Essen ( "During a church service, with almost 500 people were in the church, a man entered, behaved very suspiciously, said some things. As a result, a panic broke out among the faithful, who wanted to get out of the church building as quickly as possible. A woman and a six - year - old boy had been injured as a result. "The police officer Peter Elke describes the incidents during the Good Friday Mass in the Essen district of Vogelheim (North Rhine-Westphalia). It was the Good Friday liturgy of the Croatian Catholic Church of St. Thomas More. According to the police, after the emergency call was received, responded with th "standard" strong force.

The "Rheinische Post" reported that the stranger had "walked through the rows of people," according to some church visitors, "apparently frightening some visitors." After a popping noise, there was a panic, with hundreds of people pushing to the exits," accirding to the presentation of the "Rheinische Post".

The "Bild" quoted an eye-witness: "In the middle of the Mass came an Arab-looking man, who behaved strangely. He ran along the pews. "When the priest and the ministries wanted to carry the cross through the nave, the man had gone forward to the first pew row." Another witness said, 'I was sitting with my children and my husband just half a meter away from him. He stared at us with an irrational glance and scratched the wooden benches. There were already more and more people leaving the church."

Then a loud bang sounded, then panic ensued. Another witness reported the "picture": "I do not think it was a shot. I rather assume the cross had fallen to the ground."

Some of the worshipers overwhelmed the man and held him until the police arrived, who were summoned by an emergency call. The police searched the 33-year-old and arrested him, he was then interrogated, reports the "Bild". Apparently there is the suspicion that the "33-year-old Essen man" is mentally ill.

The "Bild" remarked explicitly: "But the pastor remained firm, remained until the end in the church."

According to the newspaper "Westfälische Allgemeine Zeitung" (WAZ), "most of the 500 faithful" had rushed to the exit, "two women aged 56 and 18 were slightly injured". Some of the elderly worshipers were "externally uninjured," but the excitement had evidently grown too much. Outside the church, they had to be "supported by others; some of them went to medical treatment later because of circulatory problems." According to the WAZ, the police confirmed that the suspect "has Arabic roots" due to his name.

The online portal "Der Westen" reported that the suspect had been released again, that the Essen police had confirmed what the online portal belonging to the radio group had said. The man was probably mentally ill, explaindd the "Westen" further, now he was facing a charge because of disturbance of the worship. It was also planned that the police will show more presence in Vogelheim on Saturday evening than usual.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Redemptorist Monastery Demolished in Essen

The total demolition takes place.  Soon the gruesome work will be complete.  by Fritz Kraussmann.

(  The former Bochumer Redemptorist Cloister 'Maria Hilf' serves now as a picture of desolation.

The destruction was planned for a long time.

Already on the 3rd of March 2010, said Father Johannes Roemelt - the Superior of the German Redemptorists -- to the 'Westdeutschen Allgemeinen Zeitung', that the renting of the cloister buildings to another order is impossible.

The Conciliar Church has brought about the destruction of the Faith.

The Tower as the Last Epitaph

What the Nationalist Socialists couldn't accomplish during the Second World War, is being completed by the Conciliar Church.

The Cloister which had been completely rebuilt after the war will be destroyed by the Redemptorists and the Diocese of Essen.

Only the 144 year old church tower stands alone amid the desolation of ruins, where until recently an old cloister building stood, which -- like the 144 year old church "Maria Hilf" -- showed no structural deficiencies.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Germany: The End of a Monastery Church

Edit: what was painstakingly rebuilt with much sacrifice after the war will disappear in a short while.  The Diocese looks like a beneficiary of the end of a century of religious life in this locale.  Spiritual capital frittered away...

What took generations to build will now be destroyed.  The last thing the Pastoral Council implements is the bulldozer.
A Case for the Bull Dozer?

(  For the people of Bochum it is gruesome to see, how a work, which has stood for a century will be destroyed.

It is the monastery church of the Redemptorists at Imbuschplatz in the town of Bochum.

It was erected in the years between 1868 to 1870.

Destroyed in the War

The Cloister church was completely  burned in the confusion of war through the bombing of the Anglo-American air forces in 1943.

Immediately after the end of the war the rebuilding began immediately with greatest sacrifices of the remaining parishioners.

Dr. Ing Huber Vieth was foremost in the effort then.

In a blameless situation

Initially, 18 years ago the eastern front of the giant nave was completely sheathed in copper.

The windows were double paned.

The was in a intact condition and had no structural deficiencies.

Under the laws regarding monuments in the city of Bochum there was no inducement to put the newly completed construction under protection.

Consequently things took their course.

The Demolition Work Has Begun

The last eight Redemptorists under the leadership of Father Wolfgang Gerhards (71) have given up the cloister already in January of 2011.

The youngest of them was 60, and the eldest 91.

The order has suffered the loss of much of its dynamism since the Pastoral Council.

Bishop Franz Josef Overbeck of Essen clearly had no interest or possibility to hold the cloister.

Thus, the demolition work has begun.

The Lazy Fruits of the Council

Who knows, who hides behind the new bearer --- perhaps the Aachen Residential Building Association, that the Diocese of Essen has a 61 percent share in?

It was the case with other church demolitions in the Diocese of Essen.

In the Diocese of Essen more than 130 churches have been simply locked up already by the order of the Bishop.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

German Police Harass Priest

Friday morning at 9:30 they rang my door. by Sedevacantist Priest, Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen.

[Kreuz] Last week two policemen in uniform with their squad cars came by looking for me.

They were sent by the court of Dorsten,  in order to ask if I had received the court summons for the date of May 26th.

It was related to an alleged misuse of titles.

Threatened with Arrest Warrant

The summons was on April 15th as an "official notification" -- which means, with certified mail -- sent to me in my mailbox.

On 17th of April more people protested with faxes against the persecution of the Catholic Faith by the so-called District Court of Dorsten and the so-called Public Prosecutor's Office of Essen.

Thus this made it clear that this "summons to a court date with the issuance of an arrest warrant".

On April 28th I disseminated on the Internet and by fax a press release "court appointed attorney by reason of the difficulty of the case  or legal situation".

I insisted that the  main hearing of the absolute will to injustice -- concretely in the persecution of Christians and the destruction of the Church by the BRD -- will be made clear:

"The author asked for that reason as possible many volunteers, who could be witnesses in the trial and the world, that the BRD has oppressed here in the worst way the absolute indisputable human right for the avowal of the true religion.

Why is the Court asking me at all?

When I asked the police if the defendants are usually asked if they will appear to a court date, I received the answer, "No!"

Then came the key question: "Have you ever been a violent person?"

Naturally I'm not a thug and to that effect also have never been identified that way.

Objectively I have no previous convictions.

The both offenses attributed to me -- "abuse of title" or "libel" -- are groundless.

I understand that it is usually done for notorious lawbreakers or violent types to admonish them to appear at a court date.

But I am never advised as to my conflict with the law -- rather completely the opposite, only with the charge.

Otherwise: Is this expenditure for this procedure really justified because of an "abuse of title", really?

I would actually like to remind that I am a permanent fraud in the eyes of justice with limited chance for a reduction in criminal responsibility.

Would that the court really believe, neither would they require my appearance to the summons nor for anything it at all.

A demonstration of power

With that it's clear that the "question" of the local court is not on the grounds for information.

They appear to be conceived as a pure demonstration of power.

I see myself therefore strengthened in my conviction, that the BRD would shrink from no method, no matter how brutal, to damage the Church.

The BRD is a land where those who beat people unconscious and murder can run free.

At the same time they send there two uniformed policemen to ask a respectable Catholic priest after a post delivery instead of pursuing actual lawbreakers.

Here we could point out that the BRD has room for improvement.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Diocese of Essen: A Farewell Toast for the Church

The Old Liberal, tired and secularized Church in Germany is giving  itself away.  translated from Valeria Kurz's original German.

( In the Diocese of Essen they are intensivly occupied with harvesting the bad fruits of the Second Vatican Council.

Ever since the conversion of German it's been unheard of that a Bishop should preside as a bankruptcy attorney.

The most recent victim was the church of he Redemptorists, Maria Hilf in the down town of Bochum.

It has been for decades a church where many of the faithful go for confession and penance.

Actually last Sunday, it was closed after 143 years.

Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck celebrated his last Holy Mass in the cloister church.

The remaining Redemptorists have been moved away.

In Bochum at present there are still five priests.  In the gold old days there were eleven. There wasn't a single young priest in sight.

On Sunday no one responded to the question why there is no growth in the Order -- Msgr Overbeck, neither.

Only some words of gratitude were sufficient -- garnished with some shibboleths: "Out of all that is history, is a new departure."

Actually, considering departure, is the Old Liberal, tired and secularized Church in Germany is hardly to be seen at all.

Both clergy and faithful have lost their will to live.

Instead of fighting for the church, one celebrated a Requiem for the Redemptorists -- with a farewell toast. is the original...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Bishop of Essen warns Perverse of Eternal Damnation

Bishop Overbeck is friendly with the traditional Society of St. Peter, and doesn't intend on backing down when it comes to the teaching the traditional Catholic Faith given to us by Christ and passed down to the Apostles.

Whoever dies as an unrepentant homosexual, goes to Hell. The Bishop of Essen can not abolish the 10 Commandments: homosexual perversion is a mortal sin.

[, Essen,June 10, 2010] Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck of Essen had delineated his diagnosis of homosexual perversion in a talk show on an evening in April, and yesterday during a town-hall meeting in his Cathedral

In April the Bishop had said "the first" on television: "Homosexuality is a sin, we know this very clearly and precisely, that it is that. It contradicts nature. The nature of man is applied in the unity of man and woman."

The Gruesome Homosexual Perversion is a Mortal Sin.

Msgr Overbeck specified then, that it would have been better to say, that "expressed" homosexuality is a sin.

That's how it is written in the "Catechism of the Catholic Church."

The Bishop continued, that he holds the Church's traditional Faith, which holds that the married unity of partnership and love is between a man and a woman.

He sees also "an opposition" between Catholic moral and degenerate western society.

The Church must, therefore, specify how a happy life could led.

It occurs not as a life-style choice and freedom from all norms. It must come from Christ within God-given norms in order to life a fulfilling life.

Anti-Democratic Homosexuals Rioted in the Cathedral

While the Bishop spoke about Sodomy, some unnatural homosexual storm troopers attempted to rob the Bishop of freedom of speech in his own Cathedral.

The Homosexuals shouted and heckled during the Bishop's explanation.

The moderator attempted to explain to the sodomites the limitations. A talk with the public was not planned impossible because of the acoustics in the Cathedral make it impossible.

The naive Bishop offered the anti-democratic homosexual hecklers, to meet at another time.

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