Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In the Big Cities in Europe, the Churches Are Empty

Philippe Cardinal Barbarin
Philippe Kardinal Barbarin
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A French magazine is concerned that a French Cardinal has been ungently awakened from the Conciliar madness.

(kreuz.net) On the 27th of September Philippe Cardinal Barbarin of Lyon was suddenly seized by an attack of Conciliar derangement for the magazine 'Paris Match'.

Inner-Church Civil War

When he was asked for a summation of the Second Vatican Council, the Neoconservative Prelate fell into a delirium:

"This renewal was really necessary:  the Liturgy, the inclusion of the laity, the life and the role of priests  and Bishops, our method of working together -- that has deeply transformed everything."

Or:  "The Council had also asked, for the unity of Chrisians and to work for dialog with other religions -- which demanded progress for this."

Everyone Reads and Follows the Bible

The Catholics are to have finally found a taste for the Word of God -- mythologized the Cardinal.

"The Bible appeared to them not long ago as something not comprehensible:  now it's open for all and has awakened our faith."

The Caning 

A well earned caning is followed by the boot:

"Are you avoiding the  Cardinal Martini's testament, for the Church has fallen behind two hundred years" -- said 'Paris Match' said to the exultant Cardinal, trying to draw him back to the Old Liberal reality.

He then quickly noted that he is to have conferred extensively with Cardinal Martini at the Conclave in 2005:

"He spoke to me for a long time about the Church and the Vatican."

And: "He had wished that the Church would awake."

Carinal Barbarin continued: "In Milan and in our large cities, Europe's churches are empty."

What?  Is that the result of the Second Vatican Council?

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when will this come to a head it was all told by Our holy Mother and what waits ahead is not pleasent