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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Archdiocese of Saint Paul: Agitator Shows Signs That She Sympathizes With Aberrosexuality

Edit:  Currently, there's a significant media attack being levied against the Archdiocese of St. Paul, its Archbishop, loyal priests and laity.  A look into the background of those making the charges and who is associated with whom should give even a casual reader insight into what is behind this attack, and the sheer vindictiveness of it.

Father Michael Tegeder, long-time dissident who is also close to an accused sexual abuser himself, Deacon Joseph Damiani, has an interesting advocate in the form of the canon lawyer who blew the whistle against the Diocese, Jennifer Haselberger. (An investigation was reopened in June against Damiani and he was removed from ministry pending the investigation.)

Despite the fact that there are more sexual predators at large in Collegeville, Minnesota, than in the Archdiocese, Jeff Anderson's efforts are focused on the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of St. Paul who himself opposed same-sex marriage.  Could it be that Anderson's own sympathies for "marriage equality" are determining the targets of his righteous indignation?

Haselberger was among voices who unjustifiably accused Father Paul Marx OSB of anti-semitism during an HLI Mass at the Cathedral, where she essentially joined herself to gomorrist counter-demonstrators  who carried signs with blasphemies and committed indecent acts in 1997 on the Cathedral steps. The attorney, Jeff Anderson himself is a very significant donor to the American Civil Liberties Union.  Their championing for the destruction of the family is well documented.

Whistleblower Haselberger, who is collaborating as a witness for Jeff Anderson's crescade against the Catholic Church, recently issued an affidavit about Father Tegeder and the Archdiocese which strikingly demonstrate where her sympathies truly lie.  Bishop Cozzens merely says that her views don't necessarily coincide with the Archdiocese.  As reported in Columbus, Ohio's, The Republic:

[Minneapolis] In a sworn statement released Tuesday, Jennifer Haselberger alleged that a former top deputy to Archbishop John Nienstedt proposed declaring the Rev. Michael Tegeder disabled to silence his opposition to the archbishop's efforts to promote a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage. She said in her affidavit that the archbishop is the only person with the power to declare a priest disabled, and no medical diagnosis is necessary. 
Tegeder told The Associated Press that the affidavit was the first he'd heard of the idea of silencing him.
"It's laughable. ... That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard," [Not as laughable as misrespresenting yourself as a Catholic priest in good standing.] said Tegeder, who serves as pastor at St. Francis Cabrini Church in Minneapolis and has been calling for Nienstedt to step down for some time.
Surely, traitors merit the hottest places in Hell?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Catholic Animism? Priest and Deacon of Archdiocese Adore Earth Mother "Rocks"

Thou Shalt Have no Other Gods Before Me 

Edit: this is a continuation of videos documenting some liturgical abuses and occult rituals on Holy Saturday in 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.   The Archdiocese is well aware this has been going on for years and has not done anything about it.  These sorts of abuses happen there every week.

In this video, a priest and deacon in good standing with the Archdiocese, engage in occult pagan rituals.   The rocks here being blessed  by Deacon Joseph Damiani and Father Michael Tegeder, are in the animistic American Indian parlance, "grandmothers" or "grandfathers", depending in some cases on the gender of the person idolizing them. They are said to be the bones of the "Earth Mother" and are heated up by fire for the use in sweat lodges and accompanying spirit journeys.   

These pagan rituals are justified by appealing to "inculturation", but how these practices are justified to be imposed on a Catholic Mass as is the case here, is impossible to imagine.  It looks a lot more like a violation of the First and Second Commandments.

It's such a relief that they're in good standing with the Archdiocese!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Modernist Priest Demands Resignation of Archbishop

Edit: the Archdiocese intends to continue preaching the truth about homosexuality, but it will apparently do that without the help of Father Tegeder, the long-haired Old Liberal priest from the parish of St. Francis Cabrini who continues to promote Sodomy. This from the Start Tribune:

“The Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis will continue to build up this community according to our principles, including giving voice and unwavering defense to the unborn, the poor and forgotten, the abused and the lonely. And we will continue to work to strengthen marriage, and defend it against all forms of its weakening, for the good of all society. We can do nothing less than continue to propose and do our best to live out what we believe.”

Meanwhile, the Rev. Mike Tegeder, a frequent critic of Nienstedt, who serves as pastor at two Minneapolis churches, submitted an e-mailed letter to The Star Tribune on Wednesday calling for Nienstedt to vacate his post.

“As a priest of the Archdiocese I would ask our Archbishop, John Nienstedt, to prayerfully consider stepping down from his office,” the letter states. “It would be healing for our state and our church and would show some magnanimity on his part.”

Jim Accurso, a spokesman with the archdiocese, said Wednesday afternoon the archdiocese was not aware of the letter but would take a look at it and possibly respond to it.
Source... H/t: Tom.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dissident Priest Continues to Defy Archbishop on Defense of Marriage

Shown at a previous parish in Bloomington, 
the Rev. Mike Tegeder serves [served] in Minneapolis.
Brian Peterson, Star Tribune

Editor: Whether Father Mark Tegeder and his aging and decaying Cabrini Parish are supporting Leftist causes with front-groups like the ACLU to fight against voter id registration or promoting unrestricted immigration with all that entails, he can also be relied upon, without fail, to attack his lawful superiors and the rulebook by which he's expected to live as a Catholic priest.

We were watching Father Mark Tegeder, the 68er Revolutionary who has, unaccountably, been a Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis for a very long time. Despite frequent attempts to keep him in check by repeated warnings, the outspoken advocate for sins which cry out to heaven for vengeance, [Genesis 11: 13] he continues on, unpunished.  Until now it seems.

The article by the anti-Catholic 'Minneapolis Star and Tribune' doesn't talk about how he mismanaged his parish or fundamentally contradicts the teachings of the Church to which he claims to represent.  They're more interested in portraying Tegeder as a brave hero facing an implacable hierarchy.

Tegeder currently "ministers" to two communities,Gichitwaa Kateri [Which typically serves a dozen aging 68ers, claiming to represent American Indian spirituality was the creation of another Leftist destroyer, Father Notebaart, now mercifully retired] and St. Francis Cabrini which are well-known for Liturgical abuses and deviation from Church teaching.

Father Tegeder is asked "if it will last", we certainly hope not:
"I'm a good poker player," [card cheat?] said Tegeder.
"But I don't need to prove anything. If [Nienstedt] wants to throw me out, I'm fine with it."
"The intensity of his determination I think is very praiseworthy," said Flahavan. "He's ratcheting it up. A lot of current priests believe he's on the right track, but some think he may have gone too far. Some say he's difficult to work with, which means he's sometimes out there alone."
Flahavan compared the struggle of priests like Tegeder to that of Sir Thomas More, "weighing the promise to obedience against wondering when to cross the line."
I asked Tegeder if he had a Plan B. At first he said no. But just before he got ready to bike through the cold to his home in Richfield, he pulled out his driver's license.

A reader responds:  "Tegeder is the exact opposite of St. Thomas More.  He defended marriage against a tyrannical Protestant King and Tegeder is trying to destroy it on behalf of something even worse."

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dissident Priest Attacks Archbishop's Defense of Marriage

Edit: we'd reported earlier that Father Mark Tegeder, who is the pastor of a dissident parish in Minneapolis, Minnesota, just couldn't shut up about the Archbishop's work to defend marriage. Despite threats from the Archdiocese he keep his mouth closed, the Civil Rights priest believes he's on a quest.

Archbishop Nienstedt's been taking on the decadent Monastery of St. John's Abbey, demanding that Father Bob Pierson not speak in his Diocese, but what will become of Zen Garden Tegeder?

He says he's "uncomfortable", but apparently he's not uncomfortable enough. Traditionalist Catholic priests have been suspended and sent packing without their benefits, without anything more than unemployment for merely saying things that are Catholic but unpoular.

What will happen when a priest attempts to capture a popular, but morally depraved, movement but utters something uncatholic? Here's the article from "Princeton Eagle"
“Interestingly, though, we have also seen a sharp decline in the amount of politicking in churches (and all places of worship) over the last five years or so, which suggests that clergy have recognized the danger in mixing too much Caesar in place of God,” Campbell said in the email.
Minnesota pastors and religious leaders, while in general not dismissive of the idea that churches can be sullied through political activity, appraise the risks differently.
“I think we’re all uncomfortable,” Pastor Tegeder said.
But churches have always reacted to events in society, he said.
Martin Luther King, the great civil rights leader, came out of the African-American Baptist church.
He witnessed or presided at thousands of marriages, explained Tegeder, and it’s the commitment, not the sexes, that’s sacred.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Archbishop Finn Removes Dissident from Parish: Other Bishops, not so Good

Editor: Archbishop John Neinstedt, the neo-Conservative prelate of Minneapolis, removed his problem priest and put him someplace else. Cardinal George removed the problem, got scared, and put it back. Archbishop Finn just removed the problem. Father Tegeder has been a dissident in the Archdiocese, opposing its policies and openly challenging the Archbishop's authority. Apparently, his predecessor, the homosexual enabling Father Tibesar, will be retiring, happily, on the Archdiocesan dime. We'd earlier reported that Father Tegeder was being removed from his parish, that's true, he's also being reassigned somewhere else. Heaven forbid if Father Tegeder were to want to say the Traditional Latin Mass, he might be put on restriction and quarantined from any contact with the laity at all. As it is, "peace and justice" and campaigning for homosexuality in one way or another, will get you reassigned to a new parish more suited to your strangeness. Father Tegeder is being reassigned to a much more liberal parish, where scarcely a Catholic doctrine or discipline is heard or obeyed.

Bishop Robert Finn has removed a priest from his duties as pastor of Christ the King parish in Kansas City and from all other public ministry, the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph announced tonight.

In a statement released at 7:48 p.m., the diocese said that its review board, which is charged with assessing sexual abuse allegations against priests, had received “credible reports alleging sexual misconduct with minors by Father Michael Tierney in the early 1970s and 1980s.”

One person making a complaint recently met with the review board, the diocese said.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Father Mike Tegeder is Being Relieved of his Parish Duties

There is a controversial Minnesota Pastor at the Parish of St. Edwards who's been flaunting the authority of his employers for a very long time, as long as he's been a priest. He is responsible for having women come into the parish and preach the homily, which is not acceptable. Despite being asked not to do this by Archbishop Nienstedt, Father Mike refused to obey, he said, with the Devil himself, non serviam. The Wild Reed of Australia's going to have a panic meltdown after this. The resident dissident in favor of marriages involving other than a man and a woman has been cheering on the sidelines for Father Mike Tegeder for a long while

We've heard from the usual sources that Father Mike will at least be reassigned and probably won't be doing parish work any more.

There's been no comment from the Archdiocese so far.

We told you Father Mike was paddling into "dangerous pastoral waters".

But Father Mike's not the only one with Lay Preachers in the house.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Father Mike Tegeder is Paddling into Dangerous Pastoral Waters

Stolen From Father T's FB

Father Mike Tegeder is paddling into dangerous pastoral waters on behalf of liberal ideology -- the popular, freeze-dried, liberal, Alzheimer's theologian is crossing the line when it comes to the new rules about unlettered old women lecturing the laity. He's going for broke. Pulled out all the stops.  He is being praised by the liberal media and chastised by the local ordinary for sitting back and letting the laity do all the work, "preaching" in this case. Of course he's not the worst priest in the Archdiocese, is he? He's been brought to us out of the theological backwoods of Collegeville, a runoff byproduct, as it were, where you can watch avant garde plays minimizing the moral severity of pederasty. But who needs the priesthood anyway, someone to moralize to us about right and wrong? We're being Church now. [Isn't that creepy?]

Let us sing Mike's Newchurch into being.

Liberal reporters love to harp on "the priest shortage". They imagine it's been caused by the demands placed on the priest by an unyielding, dogmatic male-centered power structure which is anti-woman and dehumanizing. Freeze dried women and their defeated husbands in tow were "vital" in undermining this understanding as they left behind their children for careers and other forms of "fulfillment" as they tended to move out to the suburbs, practice birth control and send their children to liberal Colleges where they would leave behind the Catholic Faith.

Father Mike Tegeder has created a "ministry" for his gals where they can "preach" like Gloria Steinem on various abstruse subjects...

Archbishop Nienstedt, for his part, has been very adamant about this suburban pastor following the rules. It's been a wait-and-see approach. When Father "Mike" decided to have a Zen garden where people's cremation urns were placed, the Archdiocese acted and Father "Mike" Tegeder dodged a bullet and presented papers indicating that his Zen cemetery garden is canonically and civilly legal.

The article below talks about an alleged "priest shortage". Actually, these kinds of illicit pastoral initiatives, including altar girls and women lectors, are surefire vocations killers. It's why comparatively few men go to Mass in the first place. Take a look around you next time you go to Mass. You'll see a few young women, small families with a few children and a bunch of freezedried, Alzheimer's theologians who are busy running the parish, into the ground, behind the scenes.

Young women who are looking for a good husband at church probably aren't going to find him. He's fast asleep at home on Sunday morning, probably because Father "Mike" told him that the institutional isn't all there is. Probably because some priests, possibly Father "Mike", told him that it doesn't matter what religion you belong to. Not much of an incentive, and why get married anyway? That involves rules, don't it? Father "Mike" don't follow the rules. He even insults his boss and gets away with it. I think I'll stay in bed on Sunday to recover from last night.

[CBS Minnesota] So why did it take the archdiocese four years to begin enforcing the 2004 Vatican policy change?

Tegeder said he believes the new archbishop had a hand in ending lay preaching. Archdiocese spokesman McGrath said Flynn's letter had nothing to do with Nienstedt, whose adherence to orthodox church doctrine has engendered fierce criticism from Tegeder and many Catholic lay people.

"We're a 2,000-year-old institution and sometimes things move kind of slowly," McGrath said. "I don't know what the pattern was in other archdioceses and dioceses. It just takes a while sometimes to implement changes."

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pro-Homosexual Pastor Fears End of Pension Plan

Pontificating from one of Minnesota's ugliest churches, Father Mike Tegeder, the Archdiocese's most outspoken non-Catholic has come out with guns blazing against the Archdiocese for its attempt to recover legal costs for an abuse claim against one of its alleged homosexual predators; he's right in a way, but wrong in so many others.  It's ironic how this demonstrates the tension which exists between the heterodox homosexual enablers within the official structure of the Church and the ACLU abetting Cultural Marxists on the outside.  The one provides a drum with which the other can perpetually beat.  As with the Scottsboro Boys, never mind them, the outrage of people against the Catholic Church caused by the abuse of innocent boys and children by homosexuals is priceless.

Father Tegeder goes on to also criticize the "Indian Liturgy" at Gitchitwaa Kateri, brainchild of hyper-relavent interior designer of ecclesiastical chic, the now mercifully retired, Father Notebaart:

Second, a letter was sent to all parishioners of the Native American Catholic parish in south Minneapolis, Gichitwaa Kateri, by their pastor suspending all Sunday Eucharists until further notice. He said he was doing it in the name of the Archbishop. The Archdiocese sent out the rather confusing clarification: “... due to a misunderstanding that resulted from efforts to address concerns proper to Gichitwaa Kateri, the Archbishop has directed that Mass not be offered ... until the pending matters might be resolved.” Denying the Eucharist over a “misunderstanding” is unprecedented.

In regards to that alleged "Liturgy," it's unfortunate that it wasn't closed down earlier or that it was allowed to exist for as long as it did.  It would  be an understatement to say of it that it constituted one continuous Liturgical abuse, and it is the only occurrence we know of today where the Archdiocese has closed down a modernist parish rather than the various conservatives ones, despite the false pretext offered that they were not financially sound.

 In any event, Father Tegeder goes on also to lament the issue of the pension plan that is drying up because of the collapse of the stock market.  A solution might be to cut liberal priests like Tegeder loose and let them fend for themselves on those Great Society programs they're so fond of campaigning for.  If you payed a settlement to liberal priests who refused to sign and solemnly swear to the Syllabus of Errors, that they hold none of those errors, some of them might actually not do it, and so, an enterprising and prudent Prelate could save tremendous amounts of money and we wouldn't have listen to insufferable sniping from the supporters of the Archdiocese's homosexual subculture.
H/t: Stella Borealis. 

Read further about the Diocesan retirement plan cutbacks, here.