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Monday, March 6, 2017

1.5 Million Peruvians Demonstrate Against Gender-Ideology in the Schools -- Leave the Children Alone

Anti-Gender Ideology Demonstration in Lima Last Saturday
(Lima) Peru is defending itself against the state's compulsory inclusion of gender ideology in the schools. After months of resistance at all levels, from rallies before parliament to parliamentary debates, from newspaper articles and television discussions to signature collections, a million and a half Peruvians went on the streets on 4 March.

The gigantic popular movement was initiated by the movement #Conmishijosnotemetas (hands off my children). In many Peruvian cities, large-scale demonstrations were held. The biggest demonstration took place in the capital Lima.

The Peruvian government wants to transform the entire curriculum at public schools in the sense of gender theory starting with the coming school year, with effects on the children from the most tender age. Cardinal Cipriani Thorne speaks of "ideological colonization." The organizers described the gender-compliant curriculum as "ideological brainwashing for the new generations." The curriculum is a serious attack on parental rights, which should be given priority in the education of children.

The March for Life in Lima.The attack on life is the other
side of the same coin.

The President of Peru has been Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Godard since July 2016. This son of a German Jew and a Swiss Protestant is Catholic. The director Jean-Luc Godard is his cousin. Peru is a semi-presidential republic. The President of the State appoints the government. Parliament can overthrow the government by a vote of no confidence. However, this has not yet happened. In parliament, Kuczynski's party has only 20 out of 150 seats. The absolute majority is held by the party of Keiko Fujimori, whom Kuczynski had just narrowly defeated. Fujimori is the daughter of former Peruvian president, Alberto Fujimori. The Peruvian left supported Kuczynski as a "lesser evil" against Fujimori.

Kuczynski is a dazzling figure. The investment banker, who became Minister for the first time at the beginning of the 80s, took part in the Bilderberger Conference in Tyrol in 1988. After his election as president, he dedicated Peru to the heart of Jesus and the heart of Mary. He implements the gender agenda, which is run by international institutions, including several UN agencies, without hesitation. The will of his people and the convictions of the vast majority of the Peruvians do not seem to bother him.

Beatriz Mejia, the spokeswoman for #Conmishijosnotemetas, called on Kuczynski to take a step backward and not to impose on the people anything that they neither want nor need.

Massively present in this mass uprising against gender ideology was the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. It was led by Cardinal Cipriani Thorne, Archbishop of Lima and Primas of Peru. The next date was just announced at the rally: the March for Life on the 25th of March. The right to life is the other big front, which is attacked from the international side.

There was massive criticism of the mass media at the demonstration, which barely offered space to cover the popular protest against the gender ideology, or downplayed and ridiculed it. The media follows a script that similar popular movements in other countries have experienced: from Manif pour tous in France, the Family Day in Italy and to the Demo Fuer Alle in the Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

"The civil society of Peru proves to be healthy and ready for battle. Will the political power be ready to listen to the citizens?" This is the question asked by Notizie Pro Vita which also formulated an indictment against the prevailing distortion of representative democracy, as can be seen not only in Peru.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Il Timone / InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred
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Friday, February 12, 2016

"Catholic" School President Wants to Expel Catholic Students: "Catholic Jihadis"

.- Amid uproar over comparing struggling students to bunnies that should be drowned or shot, Mount St. Mary’s University president is now under fire for criticizing expressions of the Catholic faith at the school.

Already facing turmoil, the second-oldest Catholic university in the country is now seeing alumni and former faculty members publicly expressing their concerns over President Simon Newman’s disparaging remarks about the college’s Catholic identity – even reportedly calling some students “Catholic jihadis.”

Thane Naberhaus, a tenured professor who was recently fired from the Maryland university, told CNA that the president wanted to downplay the school’s Catholic identity because, in his words, “Catholic doesn’t sell.”

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Driving out Clergy in Schönborn's Church

Friday, August 15, 2014 From the local "Conciliar Church"

Cleric eviction in the Schonborn Church 

As the Archdiocese stabs of one of its own, faithful religious teachers and seminarians, without any factual basis  in the back 

For the Socialists under anti-pope-monger Faymann (so the prosecutor has been interested in the former SJ-leader) is Christine Mann, director of the Archdiocesan Office of Instruction and Child Development of the Archdiocese of Vienna, a "reliable partner, representing what is in  common, [ note, Socialist education policy] over that which divides [i.e., the Catholic beliefs]"- Quote of the then socio-Secretarry Easter Mayer with explanatory as well as interpretive editorial comments. In July 2013 Mrs. Mann was honored by the Socialists. Just a note: The shirt hangs on her as a sign of "modern church" apparently wanted  to wear  the out. [Image and citation: Archdiocese Vienna]

Theologian, Priesterseminarist and Religion Teachers

Professor D. (his name is known to us and he can be addressed here at any time) is religion teacher. Or, more accurately, he was.

After completing his degree he moved at first to Austria, in one of the hereditary Catholic lands. He entered the seminary of the Archdiocese of Vienna and began teaching at a secondary school there.

Unfortunately, the  director, likely very modern oriented, was not among his friends; there can be speculation about the reasons for this.

Disciplinary Minimum Standard

 One day Professor D. saw a common situation in today's school life  - he was tattled on. In the classroom. Since it was his religious education,  Professor D.  prevented this. This resulted in  a complaint from a sensitive mother of one of the  pupils, who did not wish that the teacher would mix as such in the privacy of her daughter.

This complaint was  taken up by the administration to explore a possible act of violence by the teacher against the student.

The Archdiocesan School Administration Disavowed Its Own Cleric 

The Archdiocesan school administration was immediately involved (a Schönborn confidante known for controversial personnel decissions ) and the rector of the seminary (the Schönborn Favorite, Tatzreiter ); and suddenly there was also a corresponding abuse commission (!) dealing with the fact that a religion professor at the archdiocese had attempted to enforce minimum standards of discipline.

All this ongoing effort, one in theory really conceivable (maybe somehow sexual?)  determination if an attack by the Catholic religion professor actually took place after half a year, finally, resulted in the withdrawal of said professor from the classroom and in his exit from the seminary.

Professor D. was simply of the opinion,  that he wasn't willing to offer any longer. He has now turned to more interesting job offers.

Why the Vienna archdiocese Rejects Priests

 What may well have been the reasons that the diocesan internal apparatus in Vienna was apparently intensely anxious, to be rid of this man? A man at the beginning of his middle age; a solid character,  at least on the impression of a long acquaintance with him here in Austria; a highly trained and apparently very experienced teacher who  was also willing to undertake the effort of the priesthood to himself.

Because he is Catholic? 

It may have played a part, the fact that Professor D. had simply been too successful with his teaching, missionary to a certain extent. You know what I mean -   religion and the new age, are just  not really compatible.

And hinder the "Church of the Council", which does indeed become increasingly really hard on faithful views, for these prevent these days, as we know,  today's Christianity's adaptation and submission process.

Faith, therefore, as Christ's command to his disciples, to put it in a "contemporary" language, contrasted  increasingly with the unconditional church functionary contemporary "Yes to today's world" (to quote media reports of the Episcopal meeting with parish councils on June 18, 2014 in Mariazell ).

To sum ​​it up succinctly: Professor D. was probably not incompetent enough and above all, he was Catholic. (a member of the Catholic Fraternity !!).

 Rehabilitation After Examination by the Socialist Town Council

 Professor D. was, incidentally, after a thorough review of his case, fully rehabilitated by the relevant city council . But since, he has, after the successful and fraternal cremation of his reputation, as he himself put it,  fortunately left behind the local intra-Church progressivism of Austria now.

However, he remains Catholic, regardless of all of the pastoral efforts directed at him to exacerbate the shortage of priests. A fundamentalist, quite obviously.

See also: Fairness for Father Fabian...   Shönborn's Sexiest Pastor (Sentenced)....

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Also from Andreas Unterberger...

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Is Pope Francis Ignoring Collegiality to Intervene on Behalf of Dissident University in Peru?

Edit: Some may recall that in Chile, there were attempts to overrule the local ordinary were in turn overruled by Cardinal Bertone in February of 2013. This time, in Peru. Why can’t Pope Francis allow collegiality to take its course, particularly when doctrinal orthodoxy is at question, since they have steadfastly refused, like so many other schools, to implement Ex Corde Ecclesiae.

In the confines of the current Vatican intervention, there is no discussion of bringing the University to heel, but only mediating the two parties. One would think there’s nothing to talk about.”

In a protracted dispute over the Catholic University of Peru, Pope Francis now wants to bring about a decision.

Lima ( / CBA) In a protracted dispute over the Catholic University of Peru Pope Francis now wants to bring about a decision. Francis had invoked the Commission of Cardinals to find a "mutually acceptable final solution", the University PUCP announced in Lima on Monday (local time). The committee will be headed by Cardinal Peter Erdo of Budapest.

In July 2012, the Vatican's only Catholic University of Peru had been forbidden to continue calling itself "papal" and “Catholic”. The background is a conflict over the competence of leadership and Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne of Lima. Erdo had already mediated between Cipriani and the Rector in December 2011, but was unsuccessful. Other members of the new Commission are reported as the Canadian Cardinal Gerald Cyprien Lacroix and the Chilean Cardinal familiar to Pope Francis, Ricardo Ezzati Andrello.

The deprivation of the title was the culmination of a dispute of the leadership of the university, founded in 1917. The Vatican Secretariat of State justified this step, among other things, that the University in its activities now follow criteria that are "incompatible with the discipline and morality of the Church." The university did not comply with demands for adapting their statutes. The letter, dated July 11, 2012 was signed by the then Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone.

The prominent University is in conflict with Cardinal Cipriani of Lima, who, in addition to his office as Archbishop of the Peruvian capital, has also been Chancellor of the University since 2007. It's about the right to appoint the rector to lead oversight of the teaching content and to control the considerable real estate assets of the University.

(C) 2014 Catholic News Agency KNA GmbH. All rights reserved

Monday, April 21, 2014

Protest Day Against Gender-Ideology in France -- Participation Doubles

(Paris) On March 31, the second day of protest to the French parent initiative Journée de l'école de retrait (Jre) took place, which is supported by Printemps francais. In protest against the socialist re-education policy on the basis of gender ideology the parents are keeping   their children  out of school  one day a month. The initiative is one of the actions that have arisen in the course of the protest of the civil rights movement Manif pour tous against "gay marriage".
On  the first day of protest 17,924 students stayed at home, then  on March 31, there were 31,548, almost twice as many. The parents' initiative may include only those cases that have officially joined the initiative. The actual number of students who were kept  home deliberately by  the parents, is therefore estimated  to be even higher.

Twice as Many Children Kept From School

The second protest of the Journée de l'école de retrait was  a  "great success" said the initiator, the writer and filmmaker Farida Belghoul. "The participation grows. The reprisals scare the families less and less. The more time passes, the more parents despise the illegal and senseless pressure from national school board. The stronger the identity of the parents, the more they are connected to their traditions and the more heroism they demonstrate  by taking part in the protest days. "
44.8 percent of students who were kept at home, attend kindergarten, 40.2 percent of primary school. These figures confirm that the parents' main concerns were the government indoctrinating the youngest, says Belghoul.

No to "ABC of Equality"

Farida Belghoul and Béatrice Bourges are the two women who have organized the unusual parents protest, which is directed against the state school program ABCD de l'égalité (ABCs of Equality), which was introduced by the Hollande government  in the autumn of 2013. It it supposed, according to information provided by the government, to "eliminate prejudices and stereotypes" because this could be the supposed starting point for "discrimination". The gender ideologues have so interpreted this   that children are to be "educated" as early as the age of six to "choose their sexual orientation." There is no natural sex and not  merely a husband and wife. The sex could be "selected" by themselves and indeed,  from any of a variety of "gender". The socialist re-education program provides on the one hand, for the destruction of marriage, family and sex as "artificial constructs" and at the same time provide for the promotion of aberrosexuality for"Marriages", "family" and gender. These textbooks are employed like "Father Wears a Skirt" or "Bill's New Dress".

"Irrational Movement" is Becoming Increasingly Popular

France's Education Minister Vincent Peillon, socialist and Freemason, has been trying for months to downplay the resistance against the state sexualization and re-education program. Participation in the protest was  something he only considers to bee "marginal" and the initiators of an "irrational movement."  But more and more parents are joining the protest and are rejecting the government's attempt to "keep changing the mentality of the students" with the coercive authority of the state, as Peillon  had stated as an objective of the government initiative "ABCs of Equality" in a letter to the school directors.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: Jre

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

State Sponsored Child Pornography in Switzerland -- Sex Box For Kindergarten, Sex Box for the Prostitute

Edit: the following contains adult content. We're leery about publishing it, but it has to be talked about.  Almost no one else is.

(Bern) In Switzerland, the pedophile is allowed in the schools. At least indirectly in this the case. The Swiss compulsory school sex education should serve  "enlightenment", but the negative consequences of this forced and early sexualization of children are known. Now the sex box comes in the Swiss classroom. This is not a slippery gift from a sex shop, but an "educational" tools for kindergarten teachers to forcibly perform "sex education" on pre-school age to young children.
The Sex Box is currently being used on a trial basis in some cantons. What  currently only applies to the Canton of Basel-City and some municipalities in the cantons of Appenzell and St. Gallen, are to be used in the whole of Switzerland by 2014. The sexualization initiative comes from the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) of the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs in co-operation with the Ministry of Education (Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research).

The Sex Box of College of Education  Lucerne and Abortion Lobbyist Planned Parenthood

Those responsible for the content are the Health Promotion Center of Lucerne University  College of Education. Its website, -  Sex Education and School provides  insight into the networks and intellectual foundations of  "compulsory sexual education" as  compulsory school sexualization is called in Switzerland. The supreme stooge for the Swiss school sex education program is with the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), an international abortion lobbyist. It defines  "understanding" for its definition of "sex education" as follows:
"Sex education as a right-based approach equips young people with basic knowledge and skills, competencies and values ​​from which are necessary, both physically, mentally and emotionally to experience their sexuality and the joy." (IPPF European Network, 2006a , p 9).
The usual concept of a "responsible" search for pleasure / enjoyment has to be conducted under  the most possible exclusion of children and real love and commitment to the partner. Pregnancies have to be prevented or aborted. Marriage and family are negligible sizes.
"Continuous sex education throughout compulsory education fulfills the important measures for health-promoting aspect of sustainability. The school allows students to acquire the necessary for a satisfactory, responsible and self-determined sex and relationship life skills. "
According "education" of sexuality must begin as early as possible, because "children are sexual beings from birth  with needs, desires, sexual acts and experiences that result from it."  Darwinism sends greetings: The diction of "sexual nature" refers to the man in the animal world. The children are seen as animals that supposedly can not help in their instinctive action than to satisfy their needs and impulses.

Sexualization of kindergarten children, masturbation and homosexuality for 6-10 year olds

These practical instructions for the sexualization of children are to be delivered in kindergarten:  Playing doctor, pleasurable exploration of her own body, role play, family, getting married, kissing, "possibly sexual intercourse", "intimate friendships", the children are encouraged to subscribe the sex organs. In the next stage, that of the 6-10 year-olds, the children are thus already confronted with masturbation, contraception, condoms and "sexual orientation", for example homosexuality. The relationship between a man and a woman is put on the same level with sexual identity disorders. Even seduction to these specific disorders. The teachers are encouraged to be ready to respond to the supposedly "classical" questions of the children. But of course, assistance in answering is available.  The "educators" of Lucerne University of Education are of the opinion that 6-10-year Swiss children pose such questions  as: "When are you ready to **** for the first time?".   Either Swiss children have no childhood or Swiss educators responsible for school sex education at the Center of Sex Education [Kompetenzzentrum Sexualpädagogik] and School of Lucerne have particularly rotten brains.
You can already imagine the rest: The 13-15 year olds are exposed to homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality "and indeed made familiar with methods of contraception, abortion and the"  different expressions of sexuality " in that order. Teachers should respond to alleged questions like: "How can I become a good lover", "How do I get a girl to orgasm", "Which is the best position for sexual intercourse" (perhaps among men), "Swallowing?" The Swiss educators place the value of semen, indeed, on a high level of education for the children in their care. Of course, the crucial element such as chastity or values ​​such as self-giving love instead of sex, procreation, loving affection are completely absent.

The Pedophile's Shadow Over Kindergartens and Classrooms

The pedophile  is moving at moment  into the nursery and school classes in which he uses the premature sexualization of children. Pedophiles, heterosexuals, homosexuals, however,  lie in wait for fresh meat. The sexualization as an alleged "value" drives them into the arms of the children outright. The suggestion that there is a "limit" that lies where force is used or something done that does not please his other degenerates in the face of such a sexualization program is a purely nominally defensive hurdle. A  sexualized child is tempted to "try".   Paedophilia is thus the constant companion of these state sexualization programs.
The Sex Box contains models of a penis and a vagina . These manuals, which explain that the children should be encouraged to touch, and  be "playful" (which abuse childlike innocence) to "discover the bodies of others." As an aid, the book "Lisa and Jan" is used in the drawings depict graphic sexual acts: A girl masturbating herself while another girl is watching it and mimics, a boy who masturbated another boy and numerous other drawings. The emphasis of all drawings is on the sex organs and explicit poses. Nothing is left to the imagination, everything is explicit. In plain English, the book "Lisa and Jan" is state child pornography being hypocritically packaged. The children are led to a sex slaughterhouse.  The consequences are well known: inability to form relationships, increase in abortions and sexually transmitted diseases, loss of fruitfulness, decomposition of moral thinking and interpersonal relationship in general, increase of homosexuality, pedophilia and all kinds of sexual perversions and increase in sex addiction.

Pederasts and Homosexuals Developed School Sex Education Programs - Why?

The two authors of the book, Uwe Sielert and Frank Herrath were students of Helmut Kentler (1928-2008), who attempted to the play  the negative associations of pedophilia. The self-confessed homosexual and pederast with three adopted sons, was a "fatherly friend" to one of the two authors. From Kentler comes the phrase, "sex with children is not abuse, but a child's right!"  The sex educator Sielert did not call in response to the pedophile scandal among Germany's Greens for a self-critical inventory of primarily of pedophiles and homosexuals designed school sex education programs, but: "We need more people to promote sexual self-determination of children and young people. "
The Child Protection Foundation Switzerland (!), however, has issued a clearance certificate for the book "Lisa and Jan" i and recommends  the book for children over 5 years of age. This Foundation with misleading names is self-editor of the book, in children from 0-6 years  are encouraged to play doctor, engage in auto-eroticism as an early form of self-gratification.

Instead of a Plush Bear a Plush Vagina for Eleven Year Olds - Swiss Education Fantasies

The Sex Box also contains another book, "That's me. From head to foot . " It includes drawings, the two men show cheek to cheek, then a woman kissing another. The "education" of homosexuality is particularly important for  state pornographers particularly. After protests by parents against the Sex Box Pierre Felder, the Director of Elementary Schools Education Department, attempted to calm the canton of Basel City.  What he understands sounded like this: "The models of the sexual organs are made of fur and are by no means for the kindergarten children [...], but only at the middle schools."  Fields and his staff are obviously convinced that an eleven year old child is to go from teddy bears to  "different kinds" of plush items.

Elternintitiave defends himself against sex box according to WHO guidelines

The Swiss Sex Box follows the guidelines of the European Department  of the World Health Organization(WHO), which laid down the  Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe. This makes the WHO "Play Doctor" with the children, including "masturbation awareness" for toddlers. There are many parents protesting against the Sex Box. In Switzerland, the religious instruction is just a voluntary extra subject, the state child pornography however is a compulsory subject. A parent initiative already collected 92,000 signatures against the Sex Box to be passed to the Conference of Cantonal responsible for education.
There was an ever so distant time when the children were told age appropriate fables and fairy tales read aloud with noble princes and beautiful princesses. Stories which enchanted the children and had an educational value. Anyone who has children or can observe up close, knows what kids want. In them the innocent longing still lives for good, according to an intact family with father and mother, a world more secure and of loving affection, which enables them to become responsible citizens of the society.

Sex Box for kindergarten and school class - sex box for street prostitution

Sex Box is the way not only Swiss "school sex education". It bears the same name of the first street prostitution initiative of the Social Department of Zurich. The city of Zurich has set up a "first official line course"  for city prostitution. In Sex Boxes the "Free" can be have well-ordered pleasure with prostitutes.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred
Link to Katholisches...

Monday, February 25, 2013

Catholic schools will be forced to teach about gay marriage

Edit: some may remember when an intemperate Prime Minister threatened the Catholic Church and lectured them about the need to keep with the times.  These aren’t just idle threats, it now seems.

Read correspondence between bishops and Equalities Minister

20 February 2013, 9:00
This week the bishops' conference of England and Wales published its correspondence with Maria Miller, Minister for Women and Equalities, on the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill.
The Government rejected proposed amendments by the Church to its gay marriage Bill, and said the new definition of marriage will have to be taught in Catholic schools.
The Church suggested a number of amendments to the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill during a meeting with Culture Minister Maria Miller in January.
In a letter to Archbishop Smith that was released yesterday, Ms Miller said teachers in Catholic schools will need to reflect the fact that 'marriage is open to both opposite and same sex couples.' She said, however that 'the discussion or criticism of same sex marriage [in schools] would not be ‘of itself' discrimination under the current law,' and that this would only be the case if this took place 'in an inappropriate manner or context' which resulted in discrimination.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Islam Hour in Kindergarten: Coming to you Soon!

Edit: this liveleak video from 2011 shows a German Kindergarten visited by a local Imam.  The SSPX German District website has introduced the story again.  It's interesting to see that some of the children refuse to participate.  It is still topical:

This published video shows how a German Kindergarten (!) is made into an advertisement for Islam.

A women with a head covering gives the children a liquid with which they can rub and probably purify themselves, in order to prepare for Muslim prayers.

A Muslim, apparently an Imam, shows the children the Koran and explains to them how Muslims pray and how Turkish children play.

The muslim who praises the Koran to the German children, is clearly Ömer Akbulut, who is the spokesman for the Islamic community engaged in the building of a mosque with a minarett in Wertheim.  It is also apparent that this leaked video is of a Kindergarten in the vicinity of Wertheim. recommends to readers:  If you have children in Kindergarten, then suggest to the teacher a visit from a conservative, Catholic priest.  Father will show the children how to make the sign of the cross, how one gets holy water and who the Mother of God is.

If the teacher answers, that such is not possible in a ideologically neutral state like Germany, then show her the photo above.

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Original source...

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Stop the Spread of Christianity in the Universities: Directive of Central Committee of China's Communist Party

(Beijing), the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has issued a secret directive to the authorities to take action against the growing spread of Christianity in the universities. This was announced by the human rights group China Aid, which also published the leaked document.

The Central Committee referred in its directive to in the evangelization of the universities as "deliberate infiltration" by the United States with the intent to weaken the growth of the People's Republic of China. The Central Committee has recommended to the authorities to dismiss or exclude, among other professors and students "involved illegal Christian activities".

The document confirms what was assumed in Christian circles for some time that the main thrust against Christianity comes directly from the most senior level of the regime. It shows that the Communist regime in spite of the change at the top in the near future is not willing to relax its relationship to Christianity.

The Central Committee statement is dated the 15th May 2011 and is marked "Document 18". It was written in collaboration between different ministries, including those for education, public safety, national security and foreign affairs. Also collaborating are the Department of Religious Affairs and the Labour Front.

The document, of which there are only 8330 copies, has been distributed by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council of Higher party, state and government agencies and the Army and the People's Republic of China was never published.

It reads in part: "With the rapid economic and social development of China and the solid growth of overall national strength [...] hostile foreign forces have intensified the exploitation of religion to infiltrate China and advance their political conspiracy, westernizing and dividing China" It continues: "Foreign forces in the universities have the key objective to infiltrate through religion, particularly of Christianity." Vatican Insider/Giuseppe Nardi Bild: Wikicommons

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Holland: Catholic Grade Schools to be Abolished

School Federation:  "The connection to the Church is already minimal at present" -- Auxiliary Bishop:  This enables the foundation of  "truly Catholic" grade schools, which the state had frequently suspended many in existence with disapproval.

Amsterdam (  A large part of the Catholic grade schools in the Dutch diocese of s'Hertogenbosch will remove the description Catholic during the foreseeable year of 2013.

As the newspaper >>Trouw<< online (Monday) reports, that according to the determination of the scholastic board Signum, a large number of the 24 schools will eliminate the word "Catholic" from its self-description.

"The connection to the Church is already minimal now", stressed the Signum president Jan Timmers.  Of a break with the Church one could not say.  "We have been disengaging from the Church for years", says Timmers.  So, the schools will also celebrate the Islamic Ramadan at some time between Easter and Christmas.  Also the description of the scholastic mission statement will no longer be relegated directly to the Catholic Church, but to the "individuality of each child".

The Auxiliary Bishop in s'Hertogenbosch, Rob Mutsaerts, informed the report the following that it is better to
remove the designation "Catholic", because it doesn't correspond any more to the school's concept and moderating content.

This may enable the foundation of "truly Catholic" grade schools.  Till now the state has denied such new foundations and it has adversely managed numerous existing Catholic grade schools.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Conservative Priestly Fraternity St. Pius X Starts New School in Antwerp

Edit: thanks to google x-late and some editing.,
The school - kindergarten and the grades of primary school - is open to boys and girls. The school days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • © epa.
In the brochure about the new school was spread, it states that it is a 'free Catholic school with a traditional pedagogy, which has paid off and with a family atmosphere by the support of parents." The leaflet also refers to several articles from the canon law, especially to Canon 1374, which stipulates that:

        "Catholic children should not frequent non-Catholic, neutral, or mixed schools, namely, those that allow non-Catholics to attend. Only local Ordinaries can make decisions in accord with instructive norms from the Apostolic See concerning circumstances of things and any necessary precautions that will prevent the danger of perversion, [and] whether these things can be tolerated and such schools used."

H/t: MH

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Christendom College Founder Dr. Warren H. Carroll Dies at 79

July 18, 2011
carrollWarren H. Carroll, Founding and First President of Christendom College and Chairman of its History Department for its first twenty-five years, died on Sunday, July 17. Aged 79, he received last rites prior to his death in his home. Carroll was in a weakened condition having suffered several strokes in the last several years and was recovering from pneumonia. Cardiopulmonary failure was the official cause of death.

A native of Maine, Carroll was asumma cum laude history graduate of Bates College, achieved an M.A. and Ph.D. in history from Columbia University, and attended law school in 1962-64. Between 1955 and 1961 he served two years with the U.S. Army Signal Corps, worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, and worked as an assistant command historian for the Second Air Force, Strategic Air Command. In 1967-70 he was a member of the California State Senate staff, and in 1970-72 worked as a staff member for the U.S. Congress.

A convert to Catholicism, Carroll saw what was wrong in modern education a long time before he saw what was right about Christianity. He maintained that the people teaching in the university did not care whether truth existed or not, and it didn’t matter to them. But to him, it mattered a great deal.  In 1968, precisely when “everyone” was leaving, Carroll converted to the Catholic Church under the influence of his wife, Anne

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Great Kapellmeister Cardinal Bartolucci is 95

The Liturgical reform of the 60s was accomplished by dry people: "I repeat >>dry people<<.  I knew them."
© Fondazione Bartolucci, CC

(  Yesterday Domenico Cardinal Bartolucci 95th birthday.

The Cardinal was odained on December of 1939 in the Archdiocese of Florence.

From 1957 to 1997 he Directed the choir of the Sistine Chapel, who were ever younger, singing during the Papal Masses.

In 1997 he was defenestrated as lifetime Director by Pope John Paul II (+2005).

He learned of this during the naming of his successor.

After that, the dissmissed one sank into himself.

He survived John Paul II.

Indeed, the then Monseignor busied himself after that as a composure.   His works fill more than forty volumes.

In 2006 he directed in the Sistine Chapel for a choral piece written for Pope Benedict with the latin title, "Oremus pro Pontifice nostro Benedicto" -- let us pray for our Benedict.

The Pope raised the church musician to Cardinal in November 2010.

Sentimentalism and Craving for Change

The Cardinal is has never once in his priestly life presided over a new Mass.

He doesn't have a high opinion of the alleged liturgical reform of the 60s  in the last century.

It had been made by dry people, he explained in a summer 2009 interview:  "I repeat: dry.  I knew them."

The liturgical reform had been a "fashion":

"Everyone talked about it, everyone >>renewed<<, everyone wanted to be a little pope in the pursuit of sentimentalism and craving for change.

Circus Instead of Liturgy

Cardinal Bartolucci was a critic of the Liturgical decline during the pontificate of John Paul II.

The papal ceremonies and dances with drums had contributed to the process of disintegration.

Just before once such papal Mass Msgr. Bartolucci left it with the words:  "You can call me when the circus is gone."

The Third Eldest Cardinal

Cardinal Bartolucci is numbered among the older than 80 year old honored men, who because of special servicecs to the Church, were raised to the purple.

Currently he is the third eldest Cardinal in the Church.

Older than he are two of his countrymen Fiorenzo Cardinal Angelini (95) and Ersilio Cardinal Tonini (97).

Link to kreuz....

Monday, March 26, 2012

Recent News: Court Victories and Immemorial Masses in Italy

New School -- New Latin Mass --  Court Victory Against Homosexual Activism -- Exorcism

New School

Germany.  The traditional Dominicans of Fanjeaux in south west France will start a new grade school in the Fall.  This was reported by the District Superior of the Society of St. Pius X, Franz Schmidberger, in the most recent edition of the "newsletter".  The nuns will begin their school at  St. Micheal's Priory in Rheinhausen in southern  Baden.

The Old Mass Makes everything New

Italy. Last week Bishop Gualtiero visited Sigismondi of Foligno near the Benedictines of Nursia at a High Mass in the Old Rite.  The site '' wrote about this.  Msgr Sigismondi has entrusted the monks with a new apostolate.  They may celebrate the Immemorial once a month in his Diocesan city in the church of St. Maria Infraportas.  The faithful should grow accustomed to this form again.  Msgr Sigismondi will participate at the old Mass himself in the choir, to underline its importance.  Clearly the Bishop sees this as a contribution to the New Evangelization.

Evil Has no Rights

France.  State privileges for homosexuals are not human rights.  This was the final ruling of the judge of the 'European Court for Human Rights' in Strassburg. It refused two homosexual women.  They had complained to the French court, because  it had banned them from adoption as married couples.

The Germans Think They are Smarter

"Despite the global boom, Germany will continue its taboo against exorcists. [Father] Urluch Niemann (+2008), a Frankfurt Jesuit physician, considers it impossible that this country will ever again have an exorcism sanctioned by a senior pastor. For obsession, the correct way is to accompany spiritual counseling with therapy."

From an article from Markus Brauer in the 'Stuttgarter Nachrichten'


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Modernist Monastery to Hire Layman for University President?

Edit: The Benedictines were the tutors of Europe once upon a time. Now it looks like that chapter is closing on yet another Benedictine Monastery which has lost its way in middle America.  Earlier this fall, the Modernist Monastery cut its relationship with its University
They've already cut their ties with the University.  Will they change up what they've done in the past and hire a Catholic president at Collegeville?  Part of the reason is certainly the decline in their population due to lack of replacements and death.
COLLEGEVILLE — St. John’s University has hired a search firm to help find its next president, and for the first time the pool of candidates could include someone who isn’t a member of the monastery.
Academic Search Inc. will assist in the search to find the successor to the Rev. Robert Koopmann, who is retiring. The goal is to have Koopmann’s replacement selected by March; that person will start their job next summer.
Koopmann became president of St. John’s University in July 2009, replacing interim President Dan Whalen, who stepped in when Brother Dietrich Reinhart unexpectedly announced his retirement due to health reasons.
Link to St. Cloud Times...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Boy Missing at Modernist Monastery Almost a Decade

Edit:  they've lied in the past, they will lie in the future.  The University and the Abbey have built an affluent, social worker's paradise, why would they be held accountable for anything?

One of the saddest things we ever heard is how Josh's father lingered around the campus for months looking for his son, listened to conversations, and any hint of what happened to his him.   He feels the School administration withheld evidence from him. In fact, they actually filed a restraining order to keep him off campus.

Considering the fact that Collegeville has long upheld a pretense of Catholicism and been a nexus of Liturgical abuse, doctrinal dissent, disobedience, homosexual activism,  radical and frankly seditious attitudes toward the United States, it's pretty well within the realm of the possible that they could also be responsible for the disappearance of a young man.

When family members wanted to have a march to recall Josh's memory, these Collegeville frauds wouldn't allow it to take place because in their words:

“would not be productive, and that the speculation and conjecture likely generated by such a march could in the end be more harmful to the efforts to find Josh.”
Speculation is legitimate because St. John's Abbey houses at least eleven credibly accused homosexual predators who, despite the Abbot's insistence that they are "on restriction", travel all over the world and enjoy the lifestyle of unmarried, affluent, single males.

At present, one monk who died under suspicious circumstances fits a profile by law enforcement.  His name is Father Bruce Wollmering.  The Sheriff's file related to what was found on Wollmering's computer and in his effects is sealed. As Pine Curtain reports:

There is speculation that the sheriff’s file on Wollmering is sealed because it contains information related to the disappearance of Jacob Wetterling or the disappearance of Joshua Guimond, or to both.

It would be interesting to know if Josh had Wollmering for a class or had visited him for counseling.   There also seems to be a connection with Josh's disappearance and the disappearances of many young men like him throughout the Midwest along Interstate Highway 94.

Any information about his whereabouts can be sent to the e-mail at this link.

MAPLE LAKE, MN — As the seventh year anniversary approaches for the disappearance of missing college student Joshua Guimond Nov. 10, his family is preparing for a “Justice for Josh,” march to keep his memory alive.

In addition to the march, the family has few kinds words to say about the university.  According to Joshua’s father, Brian Guimond, “One of several new facts regarding Joshua’s disappearance that we need to explore involves 11 known sex offenders who resided on campus when Joshua disappeared. If that is the case, we may never know the truth. The University and Abbey have a long history of withholding information from the public and law enforcement authorities.”   The public needs to be aware of this.

Guimond disappeared after leaving a small card party as a student at St. John’s University in Collegeville in 2002.
Link to article...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gradeschoolers Are Corrupted with Porn in English Schools

Editor: Why worry about the Catholic Church abusing your kids when the British Educational System and Government will do it for you? There are some concerns coming from parents and associates of the 'Christian Institute'. Some of the photos can be seen at This is sex abuse being presented under the guise of education. There are even some examples of child pornography. Why a five year old needs to know these sorts of things, even in England, is unclear, but many parents are justifiably angry and trying to opt out of this program.

Despite children being unprepared for this sort of thing, at least as far as some of the experts are concerned, homosexuality gets special mention:

Prof Almond, commenting on the materials highlighted in The Christian Institute’s report, warned: “There are comic-book-style pictures of different sexual positions, cartoon explanations of masturbation and orgasm, and crayoned drawings that are supposed to explain the difference between heterosexuality and homosexuality — with anal sex getting a special mention.”

Sex education resources should be licensed to ensure they are age-appropriate, an MP has said, following concern among parents about “inappropriate” materials.

Andrea Leadsom’s comments come in the same month that a report by The Christian Institute highlighted shocking resources being pushed by public bodies for use in schools.

One such resource encourages primary school pupils to learn about anal intercourse, oral sex and prostitution.

Mrs Leadsom, the MP for South Northamptonshire, asked if the Education Secretary Michael Gove was “aware of the great concern of some parents about the inappropriate material being shown to their five-year-old and seven-year-old children under the guise of sex and relationship education”.

She added: “Will he take steps to start a licensing regime to ensure the material being shown is age-appropriate?”

Education Minister Tim Loughton replied, saying he shared some of her concerns. He noted the current Government review into personal, social and health education, of which sex and relationship education “is a key part”, and said he would “welcome” the MP’s “further input into the review”.

Mr Loughton also commented: “It is crucial that whatever we do should be age-appropriate”.

Read further at home page of 'The Christian Institute'

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Swedish Father Jailed for Homeschooling

As with a lot of things, a government monopoly is not a good thing.  In this case, the Swedish government doesn't like competition for its educational system and practicing the art of free enterprise is a dastardly crime.

PURCELLVILLE, Va., Dec. 6, 2010 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christer Johansson, the father of 9 year-old Domenic Johansson, and husband of Annie Johansson, was recently jailed by Swedish authorities after taking his son home for a short but "unapproved" overnight visit.
"The Swedish government has created an intolerable situation for this family, and have overreacted to Mr. Johansson taking Domenic home for the overnight visit." said Michael Donnelly, HSLDA staff attorney.   
One and a half years ago Swedish police boarded a plane where the Johanssons were leaving the country for Annie's home country of India. The police had no warrant and did not charge the Johansson's with a crime.  
 Check it here.

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