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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Manif pour tous: "We say no to Macron" -- Rothschild, Grand Orient Freemasons and Grand Mosque

"Manif pour tous" say "No to Macron".  "His politics are
anti-family, the exact continuation of the politics of the last five years."
(Paris) France is preparing for the presidential elections. Last Sunday, the electorate succeeded in what the opinion research institutes had already said in the weeks before. In four months the establishment, with the help of the mass media, succeeded in catapulting a former socialist baggage carrier, the Rothschild banker and minister of the outgoing president François Hollande as a "wonder worker" in a few months.The civil rights movement Manif pour tous warns against Macron and has published an denunciation: "We say no to Emmanuel Macron on 7 May."
While the government of Hollande lost all citizens' credibility and their official candidate Hamon could barely earn more than a disastrous six percent of the vote, Emmanuel Macron seems to be bursting with reliability.

Storybook career und stroke of genius: Who can, he does

Macron would be the eighth President of the Fifth Republic, but he would already be the second employee of the Rothschild Bank in the highest state office. The other was Georges Pompidou, who on 3 January 1973 prohibited the Banque de France by law from lending money to the state. Since then, the latter has had to squeeze money from private banks at high rates of interest and interest rates, including the Rothschild Bank. The four-year interim  at Rothschild made Macron a millionaire. Hollande took him as an advisor to the presidential chancery after his election victory, while Macron "qualified" among the "Young Leaders" of the 2012 Graduate Class of the French-American Foundation as a Euro-Atlantic lobbyist for higher offices. In 2014 he took part in the Bilderberg meeting in Copenhagen and was promoted shortly thereafter as Minister of Economic Affairs.
The stroke of genius by the French establishment with Macron, captivating sociologists and political scientists, if they are left free and uninhibited, will continue. The masterpiece shows the importance of PR agencies, programmed image campaigns that have been thoroughly studied. It also shows how helplessly large parts of the population are at the mercy of the media manipulation of those who control the opinion-forming media. When even provincial papers from other countries, uncritically celebrated Macron after the Sunday election as a "young high flyer" of politics, they only repeat that which they themselves are fed by others. The election campaigns have long had nothing to do with reality. As a clever head said, "If elections were to change something against the will of the establishment, they would be forbidden."
Macron has a picture book career behind him, his work history reads impressively, but can not, on closer inspection, conceal the fact that he was a protege during his lifetime. And precisely as such, he is now standing as a candidate for the Elysée Palace for others who have held their protective hand over him.

Representatives of the voted out socialist establishment

On the evening of the election, the representatives of the establishment had tended to assure Macron of their vote. The citizens movement Manif pour tous , however, warns of Macron's voice, because "it is openly anti-family."
The citizens' movement had arisen from the resistance to the socialist social policy which Hollande began to enforce with uncompromising harshness after his election victory in 2012. Whether promoting abortion, legalization of gay marriage, legalizing euthanasia and  "surrogacy", introduction of adoption rights for aberrosexuals and gender ideology, to kindergartens and schools, whether the criminalization of the pro-life movement or Manif pour tous, whether the open declaration of war against the Catholic Church by Socialist Ministers, Macron had never heard a word of contradiction. As a socialist party soldier, president, and minister, he was unconditionally involved in the campaign against the natural order of the family and the state.

Grand Orient of France: "We choose Macron"

So maybe a look at those who support Macron? This is yet again the freemasonic Grand Orient of France. The Grand Master of the Grand Orient, Christophe Habas, who has been influential in France, left no doubt. On Monday he declared:
"We choose Macron."
On June 21, 2016, Macron, at that time still a socialist party member and an economic and industrial minister, had presented himself at the headquarters of the Grand Orient of France. Before the fraternal brothers, he was allowed to give a lecture on "Is globalization compatible with progress?" This was a non-public event. There can hardly be any doubt that it in fact involved his bid as a potential candidate for presidential elections. Two months later, he resigned party membership and ministry.

Manif pour tous: "Macron is the continuation of the policy of the past five years"

Manif pour tous, the movement which gathered millions of Frenchmen to rallies in opposition to the anti-family policy of the Hollande government, published the statement "No to Macron!" For the families, for the children, for the upcoming election. The future we will say no to Macron on 7 May," said Ludovine de la Rochére, the chairman of the movement.
"The Emmanuel Macron program is a continuation of the anti-family policy that has been imposed on France for five years."
A victory Macron means the "destruction of civilization" with "new injustices and inequalities for women and children." Politicians are bound to the general good. Macron's program represents "other" interests, "which is why we call upon all to go to the polls and vote against Macron."

Candidate of Islam

Macron is not only the candidate of the Rothschild Bank and the Grand Orient of France, but also of Islam.The Grand Mosque of Paris called on the Muslims of the country to elect Macron at the election on Tuesday. Macron stands for a policy of "openness," which primarily means "open borders" for the Muslim umbrella association for mass immigration.
Text: Andreas Becker
Photo: Manif pour tous (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Family Day 2016 on Italy HUGE Success

Edit: despite the indifference of the Vatican, if not outright hostility, this event in defense of the family is turning out to be an enormous success which is sure to dismay those forces of intransigent degeneracy.  Let the adocates of gender ideology in this papacy tremble!

Organizers and some in the Catholic media are reporting two million participating families, people, who do not want the "gay marriage" bill set to debate this week.

Photo: Missainlatino

Check out the photo collage:
Ht: DM 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

"Gay Marriage": Bishops Uncertain About Pope's Course -- Which Led to Defeat in Argentina in 2010

(Rome) The Family Day, which is the planned demonstration for the 30th of January, organized by the Italian Manif pour tous, and the Pope's attitude about it, has set off a battle royal in the Italian Bishops' Conference -- between its President Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco and the General Secretary Bishop Nunzio Galantino.  Additionally it's still being discussed in Argentina to this day whether Jorge Mario Bergoglio, had favored the introduction of "gay marriage"  when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires and Primate of Argentina in 2010.
The president  of the Italian Episcopal Conference is automatically the pope as Bishop of Rome. However, he appointed as representative  both a delegated President [He was voted in by a majority vote, which was then considered a snub to the pope.] as well as the Secretary-General. Cardinal Bagnasco was acquired by Pope Francis from his predecessor. Bishop Galatino, however, was introduced by him and is considered a "man of the pope". On the first Family Day, on June 20, 2015   a million people took part to protest against the introduction of "gay marriage" and against the gender ideology in schools.  Now the debate begins in Parliament, which is the reason for a second Family Day, to tell the representatives of the people what the Catholics and other people of good will do not want.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Even Though the Pope Doesn't Want it, Throngs Will Oppose Gender-Ideology in Rome

(Rome) Italy is currently experiencing what France experienced 2012/2013, and is gearing up for another popular demonstration against the introduction of "gay marriage" and the gender ideology in schools and kindergartens. The rally will be held, although Pope Francis gave to understand that he which does not wish it and has tasked papal Adjudants in the Bishops' Conference to  pressure against the rally. The question is of European importance, because the issues are the same everywhere. After the defeat in France, such should be prevented in Italy. Yesterday, the date for the rally was announced. In only twelve days, the organizers are hoping for a mass mobilization. 
On January 26, the Senate of the Italian Parliament starts debate on a bill, the DDL Cirinnà, named after a left democratic senator.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Far Exceeding Expectation One Million Demonstrated in Rome Against Gender Ideology

One Million Demonstrated in Rome for the Family Against
Gender Ideology and the Government
(Rome) The rally was called "Defending our Children" and not Manif Pour Tous as in France, but it was an Italian Manif Pour Tous and what a one it was. One million Italians got up last Saturday for the defense of the family and   protested against the gender ideology of the left-wing government. The magnitude is sensational for Italy. It was only for 18 days that  the organizing committee had appealed to the public to mobilize against a government decree.
"Let us defend our children" is a Catholic initiative, which has also joined with secular forces. But the impetus came, as the Manif pour tous in France, from the Catholic heart. That does mean something. The organizing committee wanted to act independently and, therefore, had not appealed to  any parties and who therefore could not also collect revenue. This new independence contributes considerable fruit in Italy.  The same has been happening for several years already  with the March for Life, which brought 50,000 people to the streets in Rome in May. These are orders of magnitude, which would have been unthinkable before, when the pro-life movement was hedged institutionally between Bishops and Christian Democratic Party.
The million that rose on Saturday to defend the children which so impressively raised its  voice, exceeded all expectations. The organizing committee deliberately chose before the Lateran Basilica, the Piazza San Giovanni, the traditional parade ground of the Italian left, which holds its May 1 celebrations there.  It's a  provocation against those who want to introduce the gender ideology with little discussion, but also a challenge to the organizers. The challenge was mastered brilliantly and the provocation succeeded. "The people are one step ahead, the politicians should take a pause for reflection," said Archbishop Luigi Negri in a first reaction. The Archbishop of Ferrara was one of the few bishops who had publicly called for participation.
All, especially the ruling Left were surprised. The surprise was so great that even the house journal of the Italian left-wing government, the daily newspaper La Repubblica , the event devoted  three pages to it. Likewise, the Corriere della Sera and other major newspapers in Italy. Giacomo Galeazzi's headline in La Stampa said: "A really impressive sight, beyond any expectation".  The gigantic participation was a bitter thorn in the eye to many editors. The anti-clerical tabloid Il Fatto Quotidiano headlined furiously: "The bigoted rights returns".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: NBQ
Trans: Tancred

Friday, March 20, 2015

Cardinal Caffara: "Insult of Christ on the Cross by Diabolical Perfidy"

Most "Harmless" Photo From Blasphemy
(Bologna) The Archbishop of Bologna, Cardinal Carlo Caffarra strongly condemned the action of the local gay organization Arcigay. The organizers spoke of a "heretical and superstitious" evening with "Enttaufungsstelle".
Cassero  calls itself Arcigay -Local in Red Bologna. The recent initiative of the gay organization is called "Venerdì credici", a "heretical and superstitious" evening which was advertised for with posters, flyers and advertised on the Internet with photos in which three men can be seen that are dressed as Christ and the two are thieves, but commit degenerate acts and mime the abuse of a cross. A reproduction of the image is impossible. The most "harmless" was  selected.
On a "ponta sbattezza" (debaptism place), visitors of the event could be "debaptized". (It's a formal process of renouncing one's religion, usually Catholicism, in Italy.)

Blasphemous photos end up at the prosecutor

There were many protests against these blasphemous representation, including the right-wing opposition parties, but also the Catholic wing of the ruling Democratic Party (PD). It especially caused offense hat the homo-organization is funded by the city government under Mayor Virginio Merola with public funds for "cultural" events.
The homo-associations showed zero sensitivity and understanding, much less consideration for the injured religious sentiments of Christians. Franco Grillini,  President of Gaynet only made more insults and taunts on Facebook with "Hands off the Cassero! The religious police of our Ayatollahs have run to the prosecutor's office because of a banal satire against religious oppression." Grillini continues: "A month ago, they were all Charlie Hebdo, but today all Al-Baghdadi!"
Only after fierce criticism came did there come a half-hearted apology from the person in charge of Cassero, which reveals little insight: "Some people felt offended by those photos: out of respect for these people - and not for an ideology or a command - we apologize. Those who call for sanctions  by taking advantage of an opportunity to strike Cassero, they are the real blasphemers. "

The Opinion of Cardinal Caffarra

Bologna archbishop, Cardinal Caffarra, strongly condemned the images and the event: "The photos of the evening edition of 'Venerdì credici' in Cassero of Bologna are an insult of unprecedented baseness and diabolical perfidy of Christ on the cross. For such a contempt of the Christian religion and of those who profess it, did not even spare the death of Jesus on the cross, which is represented by a despicable vulgarity. It hurts, but not surprisingly, it attempts by these means by trying to spread the idea that Christianity, and especially Catholicism, are the enemies of freedom, justice, scientific progress, secularism and democracy. Any ideology that does not manage to subdue the Church, they brutally persecute, either by killing Christians,  or ridiculing what is most precious to them. And it looks correct: in a Church that is faithful to the Gospel, they would not find the unconditional and blind support needed for their every lie, in order to survive. And what is to be said at this moment when the Cassero drama is desecrates  Calvary and the cross and other Christian symbols, and  on the other   shore of the Mediterranean, the Islamic State has destroyed churches? If one refers to the freedom of expression to justify a freedom to insult, one has to wonder if the end of democracy is near. And one also wonders under what title the city government can provide free public buildings to groups, which they use to turn them into places of insult and mockery,"  said Cardinal Caffarra.

The display

Today, several opposition councilors of Bologna and members of the regional parliament of Emilia-Romagna have filed a complaint with the public prosecutor. "It is unacceptable that such kinds of events with which the Catholic Church and the Christian religion are ridiculed, are financed with public funds from community funds and a building is provided free of charge to the value of EUR 100,000 annual rent," said Galeazzo Bignami, the Group President of Forza Italia in the regional parliament.

Homo-association involved for years in programs of school sex education

Manif pour tous Bologna declared in a press release that the aberro organizations should no longer be allowed to participate in school programs. "Whoever despises the values of others, has no place in our schools." The leftist  city government has allowed the aberro organization Cassero, "access to public schools, to teach our children about sex education for years" and "to enable them to deconstruct the stereotypes of sexual identity" and "provide accurate information about sexual orientation, to mediate  gender identity and gender roles," cited Manif pour tous from the self-promotion literature of the homosexual group.  "Such an attack against the family by promoting homosexualization may no longer be tolerated," said the family rights organization.
Text: tempo / Giuseppe Nardi
image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred

Monday, October 6, 2014

500,000 At Pro-Family Demonstration in Paris

Edit: Tiberge reports on the Manif Pour Tous demonstration this weekend.  Once again, it's being downplayed by the authorities.

So far all I know is that it was a successful demonstration with about half a million in Paris and thirty thousand in Bordeaux. As always, these figures are subject to change. I know of no incidents yet. The Front National was there in force, with Aymeric Chauprade and Marion Maréchal Le Pen, without Marine Le Pen, but that is not new. One of Sarkozy's favorite ministers Michèle Alliot-Marie was there too, as were many UMP members. No doubt they are gearing up for a fight to restore the image of their party.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Roberto de Mattei: Catholic Resistance Against Abortion and For the Family

(Rome) in Italy in recent years a radical upheaval in the right to life scene in progress. The situation is different in each country for cultural and historical reasons. Nevertheless, the Italian example offers, with references to the U.S. and France, some interesting elements for the German-speaking world, where the situation in the individual countries also have similarities and differences.

Beginning in 2011 the Italian March for Life, the pro-life movement, has regained its ability to act and has been freed from the suffocating embrace of a mere fig leaf function for (Christian Democratic) policy and the Bishops' Conference. The new pro-life movement is completely independent. Regardless of party, regardless of the Bishops' Conference and it's independent of other organizations.

The March for Life in Italy goes back to the initiative of traditionalist Catholics, including the recently departed legal philosopher Mario Palmaro. Traditional Catholics also gave the initial impetus for the French civil rights movement Manif pour tous. And the founder of the March for Life, the largest March for Life was buried in the Old Rite in Washington in 2012. This is no accident, as Roberto de Mattei says.

It's not only the right to life, but the family was in total released for departure, is now discussed in the context of building a movement to defend the family. The view is primarily beyond the Alps to the west, where in France with the civil rights movement Manif pour tous a movement has risen within a very short time with a mass basis.

Opinions differ about the ways in which the goal could be achieved. Recently, the repetition of was Family Day suggested, as it took place on 12 May 2007. In contrast, now one of the initiators of March for Life, the well-known historian Roberto de Mattei has asked to speak. "It will not be the Bishops’ Conference and the policy makers that nurture the Pro-life movement.“ Fact is that the family is besieged and attacked from all sides. Here are the further remarks of Roberto de Mattei on 11 June published in the daily newspaper Il Foglio and is indirectly a response to Martin Lohmann and his controversial invitation of Donum vitae to represent the March for Life in Berlin.

by Roberto de Mattei

The family is under unprecedented attack, not only in Italy but worldwide. This process, which was initiated by the '68 revolution, had its symbolic beginning in our country with the referendum of 12 May 1974, which confirmed the divorce law Fortuna Baslini of 1970. The way was thus paved for the next stages, which then led to the legalization of the new family law, abortion, artificial insemination and the recent attempt to institutionalize the homosexual partnership and to suppress dissenting voices with the new offense homophobia.“

The Family rooted in human nature, developed antibodies

The adoption of the quick divorce by the Chamber of Deputies, with which the times are reduced for the dissolution of marriage at six months, shows the direction the Renzi government will take. The institution of the family is shattered, but because it is rooted directly in the nature of man, it produces Anti-Bodies.

Over the past 40 years it has spontaneously formed defenses in response to movements in the world. The oldest is the American March for Life, which has gathered in Washington since January 22, 1974, every year with hundreds of thousands of participants and represents the diamond’s point of the anti-abortion movement in the United States.

The most recent is the French Manif pour tous , which was formed in September 2012 in Paris and in less than two years, millions of people took to the streets to protest against the aberrosexual pseudo-marriage.

Both of these movements are the most significant popular demonstrations in defense of life and the family.

What the March for Life and Manif pour tous Does

In Italy, the Catholic Bishops' Conference initiated Family Day on May 12, 2007 with the goal of adopting better social policies for the family by the Parliament. The initiative was a great success, but without consequences.

Since 2011, however, a spontaneous initiative of several small but mighty associations of of the March for Life have developed, where in Rome 50,000 people gathered on May 4 this year, took to the streets to bring to expression their unconditional No to abortion, without exception and without compromise.

What are the similarities and what are the differences between these various initiatives? The great strength of the March for Life and the Manif pour tous is to be powerful mobilizations although completely independent from political power or the Church hierarchy exert a profound influence on the political and religious institutions of their countries.

If the bishops of the United States belong till now the world's most determined defenders of life, to refuse Catholic abortion supporters Communion, then this is due to the fact that they are getting massive backing from the March for Life and they are at the same time also forced to give a positive witness. The Manif pour tous is non-denominational and politically independent, just like the March for Life, but receives the support of many bishops at the individual level. This has helped to create a psychological and cultural climate that led to Hollande’s crushing defeat in the recent elections to the European Parliament.

Regardless of politics and the Bishops' Conference

In Italy, where there is an entrenched Christian Democratic tradition, for the first points of contact are the bishops or the parties, all the initiatives that arose in the course of time, almost always emanate from political or ecclesiastical structures. The Forum of Family Associations, which officially organized Family Day in 2007, was directly dependent on the Bishops' Conference. It is sufficient to remember that the head of the Office for Family Pastoral of the Episcopal Conference or its representatives are involved, according to statutes. Also well known is the connection of the Movimento per la Vita by Carlo Casini to the Bishops' Conference of the MPV, according Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, it receives 600,000 euros a year, and almost half of the total budget.

The Family Day 2007, which was mainly due to the political intelligence of Cardinal Ruini has arisen within a year and died again, just because it was an initiative from above, lacking the roots in the Catholic people and the Catholic Associations.

Standard-bearer non-negotiable values
The success of the March for Life stems from the use from a variety of large and small realities that are present in all living branches of the society, from the parishes to the Internet. Without the support of the political parties, the bishops or the largest Catholic movements from Communion and Liberation to Neocatechumenate who can lead a compact and numerous army into the field for the March for Life. It is a base which needs to be represented by free and independent men and women, the standard-bearers of non-negotiable principles and hence ideas and are not led by power interests. That's the power of the March for Life.

Not from above, by political or ecclesiastical machinations can be something really built solidly for the defense of life and family, but from the bottom with the help of those myriads of groups, associations and circles, which are usually unknown and unnoticed by the media, who, however, are consolidated and form a compact block. Within this movement, and not as an alternative, it exists and can develop a serious opposition, which is not merely a facade, that opposes those who want to destroy the family.

Introduction / Translation: Giuseppe Nardi

image: Corrispondenza Romana

Trans: Tancred

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Friday, June 13, 2014

[Update] Manif pour tous President Invited to Meet Pope Francis in Vatican

(Vatican) Pope Francis received Ludovine de la Rochere, the President of the French civil rights movement Manif pour tous  yesterday. The Catholic Church leader had invited the plucky French during the morning Mass in the guest house Santa Marta. The meeting took place shortly after. 
This past January 24,  France's controversial President, François Hollande was received at the Vatican. On this occasion Ludovine de la Rochere picked up her pen and wrote a long letter to the Pope, to describe the situation in France. At that time, a Catholic initiative had collected more than 100,000 signatures on a petition within a few hours, which asked  the Pope Francis, to broach issues against President Hollande in which the government acted in flagrant contradiction to Catholic teaching. As far as known, these issues directed to Pope Francis  were not  addressed to  Hollande.  In any case, there  was an invitation for de la Rochere to the Vatican.
Manif pour tous emerged in late 2012 from the protest of millions of Frenchmen against the socialist, openly anti-Christian policy of the Hollande government. Manif pour tous is the answer to Marriage pour tous, and the law legalizing "gay marriage". Manif pour tous fights for  the defense of the family, the right of a child, to have a father and a mother, against adoption rights for homosexuals and against the gender ideology of the government.

Five Minutes for Manif Pour Tous President

[Update] now published in the Osservatore Romano there is a photo of the meeting between Pope Francis and Ludovine de la Rochere.  Famille chrétienne  de la Rochere said the following: "We had written to the Pope at that time, that the movement Manif pour tous will necessarily  oppose the threat of further legislation by the government. And we have asked the Pope to grant us a sign of support and encouragement. "
From that came the Vatican's invitation to Ludovine de la Rochere.  Pope Francis granted the Manif pour tous President five minutes. A surprisingly short time, considering that the invitation from the Vatican and Pope Francis was  made with Ludovine de la Rochere, certainly the  most important figures of  France today.
In a nutshell,  de la Rochere tried to report to the pope that  "the family is under attack from all sides" in France. As  Famille chrétienne writes,  the Pope replied that he'll think about the best way to send a message to the French.
Ludovine de la Rochere thanked him for the invitation, gave the Pope a Manif pour tous vest with the famous logo of the movement.  It shows without any text, a stylized family, father, mother and two children, who hold each other's hands. The wearing of the vest or sweaters with the logo in the public  will result in incarceration or be denied entrance into public places in France, such is the Jacobin tolerance".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Manif pour tous
Trans: Tancred
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Protest Day Against Gender-Ideology in France -- Participation Doubles

(Paris) On March 31, the second day of protest to the French parent initiative Journée de l'école de retrait (Jre) took place, which is supported by Printemps francais. In protest against the socialist re-education policy on the basis of gender ideology the parents are keeping   their children  out of school  one day a month. The initiative is one of the actions that have arisen in the course of the protest of the civil rights movement Manif pour tous against "gay marriage".
On  the first day of protest 17,924 students stayed at home, then  on March 31, there were 31,548, almost twice as many. The parents' initiative may include only those cases that have officially joined the initiative. The actual number of students who were kept  home deliberately by  the parents, is therefore estimated  to be even higher.

Twice as Many Children Kept From School

The second protest of the Journée de l'école de retrait was  a  "great success" said the initiator, the writer and filmmaker Farida Belghoul. "The participation grows. The reprisals scare the families less and less. The more time passes, the more parents despise the illegal and senseless pressure from national school board. The stronger the identity of the parents, the more they are connected to their traditions and the more heroism they demonstrate  by taking part in the protest days. "
44.8 percent of students who were kept at home, attend kindergarten, 40.2 percent of primary school. These figures confirm that the parents' main concerns were the government indoctrinating the youngest, says Belghoul.

No to "ABC of Equality"

Farida Belghoul and Béatrice Bourges are the two women who have organized the unusual parents protest, which is directed against the state school program ABCD de l'égalité (ABCs of Equality), which was introduced by the Hollande government  in the autumn of 2013. It it supposed, according to information provided by the government, to "eliminate prejudices and stereotypes" because this could be the supposed starting point for "discrimination". The gender ideologues have so interpreted this   that children are to be "educated" as early as the age of six to "choose their sexual orientation." There is no natural sex and not  merely a husband and wife. The sex could be "selected" by themselves and indeed,  from any of a variety of "gender". The socialist re-education program provides on the one hand, for the destruction of marriage, family and sex as "artificial constructs" and at the same time provide for the promotion of aberrosexuality for"Marriages", "family" and gender. These textbooks are employed like "Father Wears a Skirt" or "Bill's New Dress".

"Irrational Movement" is Becoming Increasingly Popular

France's Education Minister Vincent Peillon, socialist and Freemason, has been trying for months to downplay the resistance against the state sexualization and re-education program. Participation in the protest was  something he only considers to bee "marginal" and the initiators of an "irrational movement."  But more and more parents are joining the protest and are rejecting the government's attempt to "keep changing the mentality of the students" with the coercive authority of the state, as Peillon  had stated as an objective of the government initiative "ABCs of Equality" in a letter to the school directors.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: Jre

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cardinal Raymond Burke: "We Need Catholics Without Compromise"

(Rome) The Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura spoke with unmistakable clarity : "It takes uncompromising Catholics" to oppose the killing of unborn children, artificial insemination and the gender ideology. In an exceptional and very long interview with the monthly magazine Radici Cristiane by Roberto de Mattei, the Cardinal treated in a  Catholic manner, the burning and controversial issues of the current debate over which, anti-Church circles exercise an increasingly radical   cultural hegemony and how  the thinking of Europeans is veritably brainwashed, which  begins in kindergarten. There is no more time to watch idly or to talk about compromise.  Nor is it legitimate to resign.[!] The tacit resignation in the face of a psychological, moral and spiritual destruction thus constitutes a form of compromise with evil, says the Cardinal.
The traditional Cardinal from the U.S. calls on the parents and teachers to decide to act against things  included in the school programs and curricula, which means the "injured innocence of children". These include programs that already want to teach four or five year old children that marriage could have "different forms".
Catholics Should Stand up Against Perversions of Relativism
An end to the silence, an end to the anxiety, an end to the  cowardice. It is necessary to bear witness to the truth of Christ to affirm the natural right to call the healthy Catholic doctrine into memory and stand up to the rampant perversions of relativism and secularism against the Church, against life and against the family, the cardinal said.
A certain laxity in the past decades have fostered the emergence and enforcement of false ideas. The fight against truth, beauty and goodness is in its present severity would have been unthinkable, if the half-heartedness had not come  into the Church, the cardinal said. "A real Catholic believes  entirely in every truth taught by the Church without compromise. The term  of , 'partial catholicity' and 'part catholic' is a contradiction in terms, " said Cardinal Burke.
"Confident No" to Abortion More Necessary Than Ever
Today it is   more than ever necessary   "to confidently say no to abortion and the contraceptive mentality".  In this sense,it was even more so a " resounding no to Communion for politicians, who act against the moral law,  in order, to prevent sacrilege through consistent action  and to protect the faithful from a public scandal."
The schools and the families should have no hesitation to "fight against the dictatorship of decadent gender theory. Parents need to watch over the education of their children so that they are educated regarding human sexuality to the truth and to be protected from false messages that are to be implemented by schools and the media," said Burke.  Parents should avoid having their children participate in classes and extracurricular activities that  undermine the truth about the nature of man as man and wife. "
Resist "Decadent Gender Theory"
The Cardinal treated  the problem of genetic manipulation in the interview: "It is important to emphasize that the resistance of the Church against in-vitro techniques is based on the conception of the natural law and not to a specific Catholic doctrine. Right reason protects the inviolability of human dignity and the procreation of man. "
Against abortion and "gay marriage" the Cardinal  urged the raising of  "the loud voice of protest" and to take to the streets against those governments that violate the natural law. The March for Life in different countries is a very useful tool for it.
Obama Accelerated Spread Perverse Theories
The Obama administration has, said Cardinal Burke, "brought an acceleration of  perverse theories". The policy of "U.S. presidents have become progressively more hostile to  Christian civilization. Many faithful Catholics have responded to the ever more increasing persecution. Unfortunately, there is still  the impression that a considerable part of the population is not really aware  of what is happening at present. "
In France, the population has responded most clearly: "The logo of Manif pour tous is very strong. It aims at the truth. What   the French have implemented  is a model for other countries. The citizens must be ready to act," said Cardinal Burke.
The complete eight-page interview can be obtained from the magazine Radici Cristiane, in Italian.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Radici Cristiane
Trans: Tancred

Friday, March 7, 2014

"Annagate" Rocks France -- Young Russian Girl Extorted to Spy on Manif Pour Tous

(Paris) In France, people are talking  of Anna Gate: the case of a young woman who spied on the civil rights movement Manif pour tous for the government. "You know, we love  KGB methods." 
François-Xavier Bellamy, Vice Mayor of Versailles explains how he has helped the young woman and is pursuing legal action against the state: "In Hollande's France,  it is not enough just to agree with the President in order to be treated like a criminal ".
"I'll never forget Anna's face," said the letter from the only 28 year old, non-partisan, Catholic, Vice Mayor of Versailles, François-Xavier Bellamy, as he begins in an interview with the French daily newspaper Le Figaro .
Anna, the given name of Annagate, is a 19 year old Russian woman. The French police are  doing this, what is called an indecent offer: one can be expelled unless they spy on the civil rights movement Manif pour tous from, but might obtain French citizenship in return.

"We Love the Methods of the KGB"

"When Anna  knocked at my door, she was deeply frightened, because of the threat of deportation and the threat by the police," said Bellamy. "You know, we love the methods of the KGB," said the civil servant. "One can easily imagine how such words must make an impression  on a young girl," said the deputy mayor. "Despite the threat against talking to anyone about the police pact, she had the courage to speak," said Bellamy.

"I am Ashamed of France"

The Versailles Deputy Mayor, said Le Figaro , as he listened to the girl. "In the end I apologized to her for my country. I was ashamed for France, because of such methods, one of which I had never thought of having to encounter in a free society," said Bellamy. He took Anna in and offered her help: "Today she is out of danger. But where  would  she be today if we had not found the courage to trust each other? ".

A "Serious Case"

The publicized case of Bellamy shocked even more the confidence of the French in their current .governing Interior Minister, Manuel Valls .  Meanwhile there is an investigation underway which is to examine the allegations.
Vice Mayor Bellamy described "three reasons why this matter is of particular severity."
"Primarily it is because it proves that the current government has misused the police to identify and spy on citizens just because they are  engaged in lawful and democratic rallies to manifest a different opinion than that of the government." And again further: "The Interior Minister is not  using the police to not guarantee the safety of the French, but to spy on innocent citizens whose only crime is to be opposed to a proposed law  [the "gay marriage"]. I do not mean the individual police officers who carry out excellent work. The culprits are the high officials who force their subordinates to employ methods to  use terrorism against the democratic domestic opposition. "
"The methods are the second reason for the scandal. Is it normal to terrorize a student in such a way? To isolate them to hold without a lawyer and without due process, to separate them from their parents in order to put pressure on them with the brutality of an arbitrary state? Is Mr. Valls ready to get the names of some young people who dare to have a different opinion other than him, ready to destroy the lives of Anna?" said Bellamy.
And third: "The Home Secretary will have some explaining to do. It is not enough to add still another injustice  injustice by letting fall the blame on any police officials, officials who have following a command that could only come from the political side. The story of Anna poses a fundamental problem for our democracy: In Hollande's France  it is enough to have disagreed with the President in order to be treated like a criminal," said the Vice Mayor of Versailles.

"Thank You Anna"

Bellamy   promised Anna not to make the matter public, unless she herself  would be willing to talk about it. "I am grateful to Anna that she has found the courage to speak about it a few months later. I thank her on behalf of France. I thank her on behalf of our community, which must not be robbed of the legacy of their parents, stealing the sacrifice of their blood: the guarantee of a democratic debate, the right to fair trials and freedom of conscience," said François-Xavier Bellamy, young non-party, vice mayor of Versailles.  The 28-year-old Bellamy has a leading function in the traditional Catholic Boy Scouts of France, with the German-speaking world, the  is connected with the Katholische Pfadfinderschaft Europas (KPE). 
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

500,000 Protest the Gender Ideology of Hollande's Socialist Government in Paris

(Paris) Last Sunday, hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in Europe against family hostility, "gay marriage" and the business of surrogacy. The French civil rights movement Manif pour tous had called for rallies. In Paris alone more than half a million citizens took to the streets to protest against the new social order of the left-wing government of Hollande with its  aberrosexual  and gender ideology.
Many journalists and media who have committed to the mainstream left, get worked in a furious rage in the face of such unexpected resistance to "progress" and "modernity". This includes Stefano Montefiori, the correspondent of the Corriere della Sera. In Manif pour tous rallies whole families go on the road, Father, mother and children. Ordinary families without affected implementation and redefinition of nature through the ideological lens. But for journalist Montefiori, he creates from the peaceful rally participants, children included,  a dark heap of "integralist Catholics", and a gang of homophobic Nazis who demonstrate "against the system, the Modern and the Jews." In such a hodgepodge of arbitrary ingredients, you can easily imagine how Montefiore, must have foamed at the mouth,  observing the mass inflow to the rallies. 

Citizens Protest Against Homosexualization and Genderisation by the School

Half a million ordinary citizens demonstrated  in Paris against the policies of President Hollande, to allow Lesbians (solo or in  double packs) access to artificial insemination in order to gain and thus the thus bring children into the world, robbing them from the outset of a father. They protested against the approval of surrogacy and thus the uterus business.  Feminists always demand in the context of abortion: "Get out of my uterus". The unborn child is for them is nothing. But in the context of surrogacy, where the uterus is exploited as a business transaction, the feminists are silent. Manif pour tous therefore considers them "hypocritical" from the start. And finally, the citizens of Paris demonstrated, but also in Lyon, against the new " ABCs of Equality"  of laïcité, with which the Hollande government wants to introduce a new state ideology in schools.
The Pink Lenses  of Hollandists in the Media
For Montefiori, the protest of Manif pour tous is an expression of the "old France", which will be overcome by the new progressive ideology of Jacobinism. The Corriere della Sera made ​​itself the mouthpiece of the French government to promote abortion and homosexualization and to disseminate the gender ideology, but at the same time is never tired of denying all this. They adopt a law that every unborn child can be killed at will of the mother, but but it denies that they promote abortion. They adopt the law that legalizes "gay marriage" and enables aberrosexuals the adoption of children, but it denies that it promotes aberrosexuality. It already prescribes in kindergarten such books as " Father Wearing a Skirt" or "Bill's New Skirt " but it denies promoting gender ideology.

Minister of Education of France Peillon Senior Teacher of Aberro and Gender Ideology

Minister of Education Vincent Peillon sent a circular letter on 4 Januar to all school principals, to support the project  " Ligne Azure" in the classroom. It says: "Heterosexuality is not the only way" with the "invitation" to all the children, to perform a test to "choose"  their own sex. But no, that is, says the socialist government in France and so says the Corriere correspondent Stefano Montefiori, not a  "gender ideology" at all.
And of course, said Laura Slimani, the new chairman of the youth organization of the Socialist Party (PS) Young Socialists never even said last Saturday: "Yes, the differences between men and women are constructed, but gender exists and yes, we will learn it in the schools " (see video below). [Will look for English]

Protest Against Forced Sexualization and Ideology Through the School

But you won't   read from Montefiori,  why thousands of French parents  did not send their children to school to keep up with the scheduled monthly  Journée de l'Ecole de Retrait  to protest against the homosexualization and genderisation of their children through state coercion last January 27th.
Montefiori was silent about the clear line of Frigid Barjot, the initiator of Manif pour tous and Ludovine de La Rochere, the current chairman of the civil rights movement. Both emphasize appreciation of homosexuals as human beings and respect. Their struggle is but directed against a political agenda against the family and thus aimed to destroy the basis of the community. One of the speakers of Manif pour tous is incidentally the aberrosexual Jean-Pierre Delaume-Myard who makes no ideology of his personal sexual orientation and therefore is against the legalization of "gay marriage". In the ideologically confused head of  the Hollandist Montefiori, it is likely he is in reality a closeted homophobe. 
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Manif pour tous

Monday, February 3, 2014

Mass Demonstrations in France Against Same-Sex Marriage: French Government Declaring War on Catholics

On Sunday, tens of thousands took to the streets in the French capital of Paris and Lyon to demonstrate against the equality of same-sex partnerships and in support of their view of traditional family values. Conservatives from all over France participated. Here are photos from Salon Beige, courtesy of Tiberge.

The mass demonstrations, typically ignored in the rest of international news, attracted the attention of the French Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, who compared the Catholics well represented in the demonstrations, with Muslim fundamentalists, from the Tablet.

Mr Valls, who ten days ago accompanied President François Hollande to the Vatican, told fellow Socialist lawmakers that “extreme right-wing Catholics” opposed gay marriage, legalised last year, and current plans to make access to abortion easier. 
This Catholic far Right, which he did not define more clearly, had found allies among political conservatives, he said in an apparent reference to the hundreds of thousands who marched against same-sex marriage last year. 
“We must wage combat because there is a danger,” he told the meeting reviewing the current state of France’s trademark secular system of laïcité.
German news reports "tens of thousands" of protesters in the streets.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Meeting of Pope Francis and Hollande: What Was Discussed?

(Vatican) On Friday  French President François Hollande paid the leader of the Catholic Church visit. Little was known about the contents of the conversation between  Pope Francis and the neo-Jacobins in the Elysee Palace. For 35 minutes the French socialist leader spoke with Pope Francis, which was then followed by a conversation with the new Monsignor Pietro Parolin Vatican Secretary of State and "foreign minister" Monsignor Dominique Mamberti. It was the first such meeting for Hollande since his election as head of state in May 2012. What did the two heads of state talk about and especially how did they talk about it?

"Cordial talks," Content  Only Summarily Known

In a close and diplomatically written communiqués by the Press Office of the Holy See from early Friday afternoon it is being described as a "cordial discussions."  It contains  the emphasis of "good relations" between France and the Holy See and the mutual commitment to a regular dialogue between the state and the Catholic Church. Similarly,there is the willingness to work constructively on issues of common interest.
According to Vatican, "the defense and promotion of" human dignity, respect for religious communities, bioethics, the family and the protection of places of worship were  questions addressed during the interview.  Furthermore, international issues were the subject of the meeting: poverty, development aid, immigration and the environment. In particular, the situation in the Middle East and some parts of Africa was discussed and the hope was expressed   that peaceful social coexistence could be restored through dialogue and participation of all sections of society with the same respect and equal rights for all, especially the ethnic and religious minorities  Such was the statement of the Vatican.

Hollande: France "Defends Religious Freedom Everywhere"

A greeting to President Hollande and Pope Francis

François Hollande later gave a statement to the press  to the Institut français near Piazza Navona. He apparently asked the Vatican to receive an opposition "Syrian coalition." "The Geneva Conference should concentrate on the transition process. We must do everything possible to stop the fighting and to strengthen the humanitarian mission." The French President insisted, with the Pope, that he has shared the "same concern as the Pope" for the Christian minority in the Middle East. France is committed to ensuring that the Christians of the Orient remain where they have always lived and not go their way into exile because of the struggles taking place. The Christians of the Orient everywhere must be supported and protected."  Hollande also took claim that France "everywhere defends freedom of religion ", as it is the "homeland of the freedom of conscience" and they defend against any anti-religious act." The host at the Élysée Palace also announced that he has spoken with Pope Francis on  "climate change", because France had planned a conference on the topic in Paris for the coming year. He confirmed that Pope Bergoglio is preparing a text on the subject of environment.
 There was no posititon taken on Hollande, to criticize his private life and his relationship with the actress Julie Gayet and with his official partner Valerie Trierweiler, which deal with the crisis of the media, especially in France. The Catholic French newspaper La Vie wrote shortly before Hollande's visit to the Vatican that  "a Superstar Pope receives a president who is at the low point of his popularity."

French Catholics Waiting in Vain for a Public Signal

French Catholics have waited anxiously for what would be said during the visit regarding the hard-fought Kulturkampf by the Hollande government. In France, the socialist government operates a socio-political revolution by the promotion of homosexuality through the "gay marriage" ( Mariage pour tous ) and the gender ideology and through an open struggle for the elimination of the Catholic Church from public life.  But the Vatican did  not  enact any position, certainly not toward Hollande. The president presented himself as a defender of religious freedom, which was felt to be open mockery by  Catholics in France. In Comuniques of the Holy See, the socio-political and bioethical conflict are summarily listed without addressing the content thereon. Hollande didn't really  mention it. The contrasts in the Syrian conflict were not mentioned by both sides. The Vatican violently criticized last fall  Hollande's determination to intervene in Syria to support the U.S. military in favor of the rebels.

Appeal of 110,000 Catholics Heard?

Before the meeting, more than 110,000 French Catholics appealed to Pope Francis, to bring "clear words", to the anti-Catholic Kulturkampf of the neo-Jacobin government and to renew criticism of the promotion of abortion, euthanasia, surrogacy and homosexuality (see separate report Pope Francis receives François Hollande - 100,000 Catholics ask pope to "clear language" ). A few days earlier, the most active apostolic nuncio to France, Archbishop Luigi Ventura,  conveyed a message of greeting from the Pope to the participants of this year's March for life in Paris. A posture that could not but go unnoticed in the Elysee Palace.
President Hollande brought the French priest Georges Vandenbeusch in his delegation to  the Vatican. The priest was kidnapped in Cameroon and held for several weeks. He had been released because of the diplomatic efforts of France recently. The encounter between Vandenbeusch and the Pope had been a particularly heartfelt during the audience, as the Pope embraced Vandenbeusch  spontaneously.

Interior Minister Manuel Valls, the "hard fist" against Catholic opposition to the Vatican

Part of Hollande's delegation was also France's Interior Minister Manuel Valls, who  brought to life the Catholic civil rights movement Manif pour tous,  is blamed for the hard fist used against opponents of left-liberal restructuring of society (see report France Approves Gay "Marriage" - Make Catholic Rallies of Secularism  and Left Iritability: Another Arresting the Peaceful "Veilleurs" whose "Weapon" is Freedom of Speech and the Rosary  and  Violence of the French government and Police Against "Gay Marriage" Opponents Brought to UN Human Rights Council ). The civil rights movement was also present in Rome. They "welcomed" the French president with a huge banner similar to the logo  logo Manif pour tous in the Piazza del Popolo, near the Vatican. For the second February they are planning to return to the streets with simultaneous rallies in Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Warsaw, Rome, Bucharest and Lyon.
Hollande gave the Pope a book on Saint Francis of Assisi: "This is also your patron," joked the Pope.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Vatican Insider / tempos