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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Meeting of Pope Francis and Hollande: What Was Discussed?

(Vatican) On Friday  French President François Hollande paid the leader of the Catholic Church visit. Little was known about the contents of the conversation between  Pope Francis and the neo-Jacobins in the Elysee Palace. For 35 minutes the French socialist leader spoke with Pope Francis, which was then followed by a conversation with the new Monsignor Pietro Parolin Vatican Secretary of State and "foreign minister" Monsignor Dominique Mamberti. It was the first such meeting for Hollande since his election as head of state in May 2012. What did the two heads of state talk about and especially how did they talk about it?

"Cordial talks," Content  Only Summarily Known

In a close and diplomatically written communiqués by the Press Office of the Holy See from early Friday afternoon it is being described as a "cordial discussions."  It contains  the emphasis of "good relations" between France and the Holy See and the mutual commitment to a regular dialogue between the state and the Catholic Church. Similarly,there is the willingness to work constructively on issues of common interest.
According to Vatican, "the defense and promotion of" human dignity, respect for religious communities, bioethics, the family and the protection of places of worship were  questions addressed during the interview.  Furthermore, international issues were the subject of the meeting: poverty, development aid, immigration and the environment. In particular, the situation in the Middle East and some parts of Africa was discussed and the hope was expressed   that peaceful social coexistence could be restored through dialogue and participation of all sections of society with the same respect and equal rights for all, especially the ethnic and religious minorities  Such was the statement of the Vatican.

Hollande: France "Defends Religious Freedom Everywhere"

A greeting to President Hollande and Pope Francis

François Hollande later gave a statement to the press  to the Institut français near Piazza Navona. He apparently asked the Vatican to receive an opposition "Syrian coalition." "The Geneva Conference should concentrate on the transition process. We must do everything possible to stop the fighting and to strengthen the humanitarian mission." The French President insisted, with the Pope, that he has shared the "same concern as the Pope" for the Christian minority in the Middle East. France is committed to ensuring that the Christians of the Orient remain where they have always lived and not go their way into exile because of the struggles taking place. The Christians of the Orient everywhere must be supported and protected."  Hollande also took claim that France "everywhere defends freedom of religion ", as it is the "homeland of the freedom of conscience" and they defend against any anti-religious act." The host at the Élysée Palace also announced that he has spoken with Pope Francis on  "climate change", because France had planned a conference on the topic in Paris for the coming year. He confirmed that Pope Bergoglio is preparing a text on the subject of environment.
 There was no posititon taken on Hollande, to criticize his private life and his relationship with the actress Julie Gayet and with his official partner Valerie Trierweiler, which deal with the crisis of the media, especially in France. The Catholic French newspaper La Vie wrote shortly before Hollande's visit to the Vatican that  "a Superstar Pope receives a president who is at the low point of his popularity."

French Catholics Waiting in Vain for a Public Signal

French Catholics have waited anxiously for what would be said during the visit regarding the hard-fought Kulturkampf by the Hollande government. In France, the socialist government operates a socio-political revolution by the promotion of homosexuality through the "gay marriage" ( Mariage pour tous ) and the gender ideology and through an open struggle for the elimination of the Catholic Church from public life.  But the Vatican did  not  enact any position, certainly not toward Hollande. The president presented himself as a defender of religious freedom, which was felt to be open mockery by  Catholics in France. In Comuniques of the Holy See, the socio-political and bioethical conflict are summarily listed without addressing the content thereon. Hollande didn't really  mention it. The contrasts in the Syrian conflict were not mentioned by both sides. The Vatican violently criticized last fall  Hollande's determination to intervene in Syria to support the U.S. military in favor of the rebels.

Appeal of 110,000 Catholics Heard?

Before the meeting, more than 110,000 French Catholics appealed to Pope Francis, to bring "clear words", to the anti-Catholic Kulturkampf of the neo-Jacobin government and to renew criticism of the promotion of abortion, euthanasia, surrogacy and homosexuality (see separate report Pope Francis receives François Hollande - 100,000 Catholics ask pope to "clear language" ). A few days earlier, the most active apostolic nuncio to France, Archbishop Luigi Ventura,  conveyed a message of greeting from the Pope to the participants of this year's March for life in Paris. A posture that could not but go unnoticed in the Elysee Palace.
President Hollande brought the French priest Georges Vandenbeusch in his delegation to  the Vatican. The priest was kidnapped in Cameroon and held for several weeks. He had been released because of the diplomatic efforts of France recently. The encounter between Vandenbeusch and the Pope had been a particularly heartfelt during the audience, as the Pope embraced Vandenbeusch  spontaneously.

Interior Minister Manuel Valls, the "hard fist" against Catholic opposition to the Vatican

Part of Hollande's delegation was also France's Interior Minister Manuel Valls, who  brought to life the Catholic civil rights movement Manif pour tous,  is blamed for the hard fist used against opponents of left-liberal restructuring of society (see report France Approves Gay "Marriage" - Make Catholic Rallies of Secularism  and Left Iritability: Another Arresting the Peaceful "Veilleurs" whose "Weapon" is Freedom of Speech and the Rosary  and  Violence of the French government and Police Against "Gay Marriage" Opponents Brought to UN Human Rights Council ). The civil rights movement was also present in Rome. They "welcomed" the French president with a huge banner similar to the logo  logo Manif pour tous in the Piazza del Popolo, near the Vatican. For the second February they are planning to return to the streets with simultaneous rallies in Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Warsaw, Rome, Bucharest and Lyon.
Hollande gave the Pope a book on Saint Francis of Assisi: "This is also your patron," joked the Pope.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Vatican Insider / tempos

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Amid Calls for Civil War, France is in Turmoil over Government Attack on Marriage

Edit: I just repeated the narrative on Galliawatch below. Amid the calls for civil war and Frigid Barjot now allowing protesters to call for the resignation of France’s President Hollande and the socialist government, there is a tumult that’s shaking all of France. Such is the French people's frustration with a government which refuses to listen to the voice of the people, as they continue to shove something down their throats they clearly don’t want. The police have also gotten more violent as they have in the past, even resorted to using tear gas against pensioners and little children. The events of the past weeks have also been intensified as the French media attacks the Grand Rabbi of France for some minor delicts (if we were to judge him by the same standards as Martin Luther King is generally judged) which seem motivated by the current campaign to show displeasure at any disapproval for the current campaign to destroy marriage.  Here is the report:

[Galliawatch] The Senate passed the bill on "marriage for everyone", i.e., gay marriage and adoption. The country is in an uproar. The bill now goes back to the National Assembly. I am referring you to Le Salon Beige for the photos. I'll try to have a coherent post up by tomorrow.

Click here for a series of photos of today's protest in Lyon (above). The photos can be enlarged by clicking. The police were taken by surprise by this spontaneous outburst of dissent directed at the government and the Senate, on the part of hundreds of citizens of Lyon.

In Paris, near the Luxembourg Gardens, where the Senate is located, thousands (some say 7500) protested. Below, the mayor of Montfermeil, Xavier Lemoine (in the tricolor scarf), carries a long banner that reads "Don't touch marriage. Take care of unemployment." Lemoine has said he will refuse to perform a parody of the traditional marriage ceremony. Click here for much more.


"Only one solution, dissolution".

Below, Frigide Barjot. Her tone was tougher than usual. She is quoted by Le Salon Beige:

"Hollande wants blood, he will have it! Everyone is furious. We are living in a dictatorship. (…) If there are cries for Hollande to resign tonight, unlike the other times, I will not prevent the slogans."
Apparently a deal was cut between the Socialist Party and Sarkozy's UMP party to accelerate the voting process. UMP deputy Philippe Gosselin declared:
"By accelerating the legislative procedure to escape the demonstration against 'marriage for everyone', scheduled for May 26, the president and his majority are readying for the worst: this is an incitement to civil war."

 Below, the "Hommen", a male parody of the Femen, create a fiery spectacle:


Below, Boulevard Saint Germain and the heart of the Latin Quarter.

Below, the police line up with tear gas.

Below, "a victim of Manuel Gaz' police force", according to Le Salon Beige. He's obviously seriously injured. LSB is calling Interior Minister Manuel Valls "Manuel Gaz"

The next Manif Pour Tous has been moved up to May 5 from May 26. This is an obvious response to the calendar changes made by the government.

I'm stopping at this point because the events are too turbulent to properly analyze in one post. But it is clear that this whole protest movement has gone far beyond the issue of gay marriage, although that is still the major focus. The various scandals in the government, the stubborn refusal by the government to listen to the people, and the economy are putting incredible pressure on François Hollande who seems to be inanimate at this point.

(One last note on another topic, the grand rabbi of France Gilles Bernheim has resigned amidst another scandal of lying and plagiarizing. I will try to have more details soon.)

Events are stampeding through the streets of France. The more Hollande resists, the more determined they become.

Monday, November 26, 2012

More News Stories -- Resistance Against French President -- Underground Bishop Dies

Resistance Against the Homosexual Comrades

France.  Two thousand French mayors are asking of French President, Comrade Francoise Hollande, that no homosexual marriages are to be conducted. On Wednesday, the speaker of the Socialist government, that no mayor will be able to fall back on his conscience.

Limburg:  Diocesan Speaker Leaves After Three Months

Germany.  Eva Demmerle (45) is resigning from her post as Press Speaker of the Diocese of Limburg after only three months for family reasons.  This was reported by the site ''.  Frau Demmerele made her decision while on vacation.  She was the Press Speaker of the Emperor's eldest son Otto von Habsburg (+ 2011).

Underground Bishop Has Died

On November 6th the Chinese Underground Bishop Samuel Guo Chaunzhen (94) died. This was reported by Vatican newspaper 'L'Osservatore Romano' recently.  The deceased began in 1944 with his priestly ordination.  After the Cultural Revolution he spent sixteen long years in a work camp and under house arrest.  In 1963 the Communists forced him to work in the food industry, so that he could not be active as a priest.  Then 19 years later he could work as a pastor.  In 1983 he founded a Seminary in eastern China.  In 1988 he was named by John Paul II as the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Jinan.

Hate as an Answer to Truth

Germany.  On Monday the famous Cologne Capuchin, Father Paul Terwitte, in the broadcast 'Hart aber fair" in the forced church tax broadcaster 'ARD' about euthanasia.  In the broadcast Witwer introduced a lady who had been euthanized by a Death Doctor.  The priest asked the husband: "Why should your wife conduct her suicide with the help of a doctor?  Why didn't you find a razor with which she could have cut an artery?"  Already during the broadcast, there was a hate campaign against the critics of euthanasia.  On Wednesday the intimidated priest apologized on ''.  In a forced church-tax broadcaster he should have asked "more sensitive questions".  He still remains, however, an opponent of euthanasia.

Insurance Fund Pays for the Killing of their Customers

Holland.  The Netherlands introduces euthanasia on a health insurance certificate.  The Insurance Fund 'Menzis' has already been working since March together with mobile death teams. The governing body of the Insurer openly lets its members offer euthanasia.

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