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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Vatican Desperately Holds onto Coronascare Measures and Death Vaxx

(Rome) After a serious 
incident, the Vatican refuses to comment. Cardinal Raymond Burke was barred from Roman Curia dicasteries because his green passport (vaccination certificate) expired in March. The Vatican reacts to media reports in its own way by sticking to the mask and vaccination requirements. Although the pseudo-pandemic has been exposed, the Papal States are pretending to be ignorant. They hear and see nothing because you neither want to hear nor see.

Yesterday the government of the Vatican State and the Holy See decided to retain the FFP2 mask requirement (until recently a mouth and nose protector was sufficient in Italy) and the vaccination certificate (Green Pass) - even in the Vatican Museums.

While green passports and the obligation to wear masks have fallen in most western countries - even in Austria, where a corona-fanatical government made up of blacks and greens has been up to mischief since February 2020 - the Vatican remains in defiant denial of reality. After all, Pope Francis had risen early on to become a global vaccine propagandist, which inevitably presupposes a threat scenario - even if it's just a contrived one.

Switzerland lifted most of the corona measures in March and since April 2nd the mask requirement on public transport. And? What happened? Nothing! The state of Texas had already taken this step on March 21, 2021. And? What happened? Nothing! The state of Florida had already eliminated the corona measures in the summer of 2020. And? What happened? Nothing! Sweden has never introduced such measures. And? What happened? Nothing! Nothing that didn't also happen in the states that took radical to most radical corona measures and that went beyond the normal occurrence of the average flu.

The examples mentioned expose lockdowns, mask requirements, and other forms of discrimination as senseless and also as malicious since they were deliberately arranged. This viciousness is even maintained in some states against children who are obviously intended to be "transformed" on a psychological level. Not to mention the criminal corona madness of the Communist regime in the People's Republic of China, as it is currently being exercised in Shanghai.

Recent decisions approved by Santa Marta

The Vatican's decisions go back to Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin. Although this is not part of the government of the Vatican State, it heads the Roman CuriaIn the Church, which is structured in a strictly hierarchical manner, formal and real decision-making functions become blurred, because in cases of doubt the Holy See decides. The Cardinal Secretary of State will not make such a decision without prior approval from Pope Francis.

Despite figures showing the opposite, the Vatican State and Holy See insist that "the current pandemic situation calls for a special, extraordinary and dramatic approach" to combat the coronavirus. This situation is not just surreal now, it was already in the spring of 2020. Since the first corona cases appeared in the West, tested with a useless instrument called a PCR test, it was clear: neither is the SARS-CoV‑2 a “killer virus nor is the human immune system defenseless against it. As a result, the two false premises that formed the basis of an unprecedentedly insane corona policy were already invalidated in February 2020.

The reasons for these exorbitantly misguided government decisions, whose actual consequences in economic, constitutional, civil and criminal law, psychological and health terms are not even remotely foreseeable, are still in the dark today. Governments refuse to say what information they received from whom and when they took their unprecedented actions.

What is being kept secret, what is to be covered up?

In addition to the wearing of masks in all closed areas of the Vatican, the new decrees also continue to prescribe interpersonal distance, hand hygiene and the regular disinfection and ventilation of all public spaces. Both the Vatican State and the Holy See will continue to demand the green passport

invented by the EU Commission, which shows the vaccination status and, as a mercy, is also valid for six months for those who have recovered. For a few hours, visitors and tourists will also accept a negative result of the unspeakable PCR test, the main instrument of the pandemic staging. The Green Pass
is still required for access to the Vatican offices but also to the Vatican Museums, the Vatican Gardens, the Papal Villas and the Apostolic Palace in Castel Gandolfo, which served as the summer residence of the popes until Francis.

Vaccination with salary suspension and dismissal pressure

For most of the staff of the Vatican State and the Holy See, the "vaccination" with one of the genetically modified Covid preparations is still mandatory. Vaccination is compulsory for all health and safety workers, as well as for all employees who have direct contact with the public or visitors.

The existence-threatening clause was also reaffirmed that unvaccinated persons are not allowed to go to their workplace and at the same time non-appearance at the workplace is considered an unjustified absence, which leads to the suspension of salary payments and can lead to dismissal. This malign linkage has served from the start, ever since Pope Francis made vaccination mandatory in January 2021, to put maximum vaccination pressure on employees and staff. The question of why there is such doggedness to drive the experimental Covid preparations into irreversible range is still unanswered to this day.

Italy arbitrarily made vaccination compulsory for everyone over the age of 50. If you don't follow, you have to pay a fine of 100 euros, which sounds rather harmless. More serious is that unvaccinated people were banned from working. In addition, a precedent has been set that tomorrow will allow governments to interfere with the health of their citizens at will with sanctions. Expanding the catalog of sanctions is then easy.

The Green Passport will also continue to be required from participants in Vatican Congresses and from guests in the Vatican Guesthouse Santa Marta.

The measures in force since January 2020, which were last extended in December 2021, would have expired at the end of April.

Fascination with power

The powerful in state and society obviously like to exercise their power and let their subordinates feel it, which is why the governments are careful to extend the measures in good time. The Church, which from the outset failed to present a corrective alternative to secular power, is no exception. Segregation through vaccine apartheid continues.

With the two decrees, the Holy See and the Vatican State reacted in their own way to the media reports about the scandal that Cardinal Raymond Burke, who refuses the Covid preparations for reasons of conscience, is denied access to Vatican dicasteries. The cardinal, who has recovered from Covid-19, has not had a valid green passport since March, since recovery, the normal state of being human, is only accepted by the Corona fanatics for a period of six months. The reason for this discrimination, one of many Corona discriminations, is obvious: It's not about Corona and not about health, but about driving as many people as possible into the gene-manipulating Covid injection, no matter what. Cui bono?

The fact is that the generated Corona hysteria and the subsequent mask requirement, lockdown and vaccination pressure are intended to make people psychologically docile. The past two years have shown how systematically the mainstream media is trying to control opinions. The responsible citizen, as he was called until yesterday, who is aware of his rights and his position as an equal sovereign, is reduced to the status of a paralyzed, docile subject. So from the beginning, someone thought something about it and that goes far beyond Corona.

Lack of empathy

There has not been a word of regret or even an apology for Cardinal Burke's lockout. That fits into the Corona picture: So far, not a word of consolation or sympathy from the Pope for the countless victims of the Corona measures (not the Corona virus) has been heard. As well as when he enforces even the most radical measures against his own employees.

The corona virus is not a threat to humanity, but the corona measures are.

Addendum for Corona believers who do not want to believe

With Alemannic thoroughness, the hospitals in the Austrian Ländle provide the comparatively best figures on the Corona situation in the German-speaking area. They show what is kept secret and veiled in other countries. 

Yesterday, April 20, 52 Covid-19 patients were treated as inpatients in the Vorarlberg state hospitals, 42 of whom are “fully immunized”. “Fully immunized” usually means at least twice, but probably three times “vaccinated” with a Covid preparation that is said to be “safe” and guaranteed “effective” according to the federal government.

The information is a remarkable contradiction, because "fully immunized" should not have to be treated in the hospital. However, the misleading Corona newspeak is being retained because the federal and state governments want it that way in their PR pandemic. The absurdity is thus exposed all the more clearly.

“Around 80 percent of Covid 19 patients are currently being treated in hospitals for another disease, with corona disease being the secondary diagnosis.” 

In reality, there are not 52 Covid 19 patients in the hospitals in Vorarlberg, but only ten. The claim that the other 42 had a “Corona disease” is also part of the misleading Corona Newspeak. In reality, the statement only indicates a positive result of the unspeakable PCR test, which all patients are obligated to undergo. This also refutes the "overburdening" of the health system, which governments have cited as the main reason for their extraordinary intervention.

"6 Covid-19 patients currently have to be treated in the intensive care unit, all 6 are fully immunized." 

Apart from the repeated paradox of intensive care despite "full immunization", it does not say how many are in intensive care because of Covid-19. Possibly only the aforementioned fifth, possibly even none.

People only die “in connection with the virus”, which can mean anything or anything. This corresponds to the veiled Corona newspeak “with and on” Corona died, which in 2020 served to create the desired Corona hysteria. Since the Covid preparations have been available since December 2020, the actual and supposed Corona deaths have done their duty and only play a marginal role. Otherwise, people might notice that despite "vaccination" there are the same number or even more corona deaths. What would they get if the citizens knew the truth?

The management report lacks information on vaccination side effects and vaccination deaths. Also in this case, because the governments do not want it. 

If you want to see for yourself, you can view the current “Covid-19 Management Report” every day.

Management report Covid-19 from April 20, 2022: The Ländle provides the best figures in the German-speaking area

Text: Giuseppe Nardi

Image : Osservatore Romano/ (Screenshots)

Trans: Tancred


Sunday, May 3, 2020

Evil Grandmaster Who Banned Immemorial Mass of All Ages at Maltese Order is Dead

Grand Master and Prince Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto (1944-2020)

(Rome) On May 1st  in Rome, the Grand Master and Prince of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta died. Giacomo Benedetto Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto, the lackluster 80th Grand Master of the Order of Malta, was elected just two years ago after severe turbulence. The struggle for the oldest knightly order of the Church is open again.

Friday, January 17, 2020

April 4, 2020 - Day of Recollection and Conference on Holiness with His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke, His Excellency Bishop Joseph Strickland, and Reverend Dennis Gill at the Cathedral Basilica in Philadelphia

Dear Friends,

Most of you came to the Conference on Matrimony which we sponsored at the Cathedral in April of 2018 and know what a beautiful and uplifting experience it was. The periods set aside for Adoration and prayer were very important as we reflected on the important thoughts that the speakers that day were discussing.  We invite you again to join us this year for a Day of Recollection and Conference on the Vigil of Palm Sunday for an uplifting discussion of what we must do to achieve true holiness, to which we are all are called.  Please join us for this special day as we pray together and listen to the outstanding speakers, Cardinal Raymond Burke, Bishop Joseph Strickland, and Father Dennis Gill, who will guide us spiritually.

There will be opportunity for confession, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Procession and Crowning of the National Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima, recitation of the rosary and the beautiful Vigil Mass for Palm Sunday.  Lunch will be served and coffee and donuts served at registration with coffee and tea available all day long.

Please pray for the success of this day which is a wonderful preparation for Easter and please help us to publicize it with family and friends.  We would appreciate it if you would post flyers  in your church vestibule with your pastor’s permission and ask your pastor to include this event as a notice in the  parish bulletin.  Priests, sisters and seminarians are admitted without cost and the student fee is $20 a person.  Priests are most welcome to celebrate the Mass and are asked to bring their albs. There will be tables available for vendors and non-profit groups at a charge of $75 per table.  Please contact us if you have any further questions about the event. 

Please click on the link below to our website where you can download the flyer and registration forms and for details about the day.  

We hope you are able to join us!  We welcome volunteers to help at the day of the conference.

Thank you and God bless,

Anne Wilson

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Cardinal Burke is Snubbed at Lourdes by Maltese Order

The presence of Cardinal Patron Burke at the International Lourdes Pilgrimage 2018 is apparently not desired.
(Rome) 160 years ago, in 1858, the Mother of God appeared in Lourdes. This event is being commemorated in the Catholic World in 2018. From the 4th to the 8th May the 60th International Lourdes Pilgrimage of the Order of Malta takes place. According to the current status, 6,500 knights and ladies and their companions as well as 1,300 sick and disabled pilgrims will participate. According to information, Cardinal Burke, although Cardinal of the Order, was not invited.
The information comes, according to the traditional French website Riposte Catholique out of the new religious leadership related sources.
Already in 2017, the cardinal had not been invited, after papal intervention had forced him to replace the head of the Order.

The first degradation

Cardinal Raymond Burke opposed the policy of Pope Francis to soften the sacrament of marriage during the first Synod of Bishops on the Family in October 2014. The cardinal denounced actions to manipulate the synod and criticized a break with Church doctrine and practice.
After the conclusion of the Synod, Pope Francis suspended him from the then prefect of the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signatura in the course of a purge and removed him from the Vatican. Francis sent the US Cardinal as cardinal patron to the Sovereign Order of Malta. Although this is a prestigious office, it lacks any influence on the leadership of the universal Church.
At the turn of the year 2016/2017 there was a conflict between the then Grandmaster Fra Matthew Festing and his Grand Chancellor Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager. The latter called for help from the Holy See, who jumped to his side. In a less elegant way, the Grand Master was demoted within a few weeks and forced by Pope Francis at the end of January 2017 to resign. Boeselager was again used by Francis as Grand Chancellor and is considered since then the real powerhouse in the Order.

The second degradation

At the same time Cardinal Burke was also disempowered. De jure he remained cardinal patron, thus the official representative of the Pope in the Knights and Hospital Order, but Francis appointed Curial Archbishop Angelo Becciu, as the substitute of the Cardinal Secretary of State, a special representative with the responsibilities of a papal commissioner.
Cardinal Burke was accused of having helped Grand Master Festing to take Catholic morality too seriously. Unlike Cardinal Gerhard Müller, whom Francis showed the door more elegantly (officially after the end of a regular term of office), Cardinal Burke has at least one office on paper.
Last Saturday, the cardinal in Rome participated in the conference "Catholic Church Quo Vadis?" In the main, Cardinal Burke had called not only upon the possibility, but the  duty to criticize the Pope, if he should deviate from the Catholic doctrine and practice.

persona non grata

As early as the 59th International Lourdes pilgrimage of 2017, the new leadership under Boeselager indicated that although Cardinal Burke must be tolerated as a cardinal partron, he was persona non grata in the Order.
After his appointment as cardinal patron in 2015 and 2016, Burke had led the annual pilgrimage and celebrated Holy Mass in Lourdes for pilgrims. Also in 2018, according to the information within the Church, he believes that he is not welcome to the International Lourdes Pilgrimage. The fact that it is the 160th Anniversary of the Marian apparitions, could change nothing. Those who contradict Francis have a difficult time and it is not just persona non grata at the Holy See where they are treated without mercy.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Riposte Catholique
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Cardinal Burke Back at the Apostolic Signatura

Edit: how can the press not criticize Bergoglio for having Daneels, who covered up rampant sex abuse on his watch, in a position of vital importance? Doesn't the Vatican need sweeping andnmopping? [Correction, wrong Daneels!. Anyway, why does Cardinal Daneels still have a position of trust in Bergoglio's inner-circle?]
[Catholic Herald] Pope Francis has reappointed Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke to the Apostolic Signatura, nearly three years after removing him as prefect. 
The Holy See announced Saturday morning that the American cardinal had been appointed to the Vatican’s highest court along with Cardinal Agostino Vallini, Cardinal Edoardo Menichelli, Archbishop Frans Daneels and Bishop Johannes Willibrordus Maria Hendriks. 
Cardinal Burke served as prefect of the court for six years before being removed in 2014 and appointed cardinal patron of the Order of Malta, a largely ceremonial post. It was highly unusual at the time to remove such a high-ranking cardinal without assigning him comparable responsibilities elsewhere. 
He has since become a strong defender of traditional Church teaching and was one of the four cardinals who signed the ‘dubia’ requesting clarification on Amoris Laetitia.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

New FSSP Ordinations in Germany by Cardinal Burke

Edit: this is from the FSSP site with thanks from Accion Liturgica. There are plenty of pictures at the Society site with Cardinal Burke presiding:

The priestly ordinations of this academic end of year were conferred on Saturday, July 1st in the parish church of Lindenberg. The pontiff was His Eminence Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, cardinal-patron of the Order of Malta. 

- Abbé  Thibault Desjars of Keranrouë ( French, 30 years old)
- Abbot  Jakub Kaminski ( Polish, 31 years old)
- Abbé  Edouard Laurant ( French, 26 years old)
- Abbé  Henri Lefer ( French, 26 years old)
- Abbot  Štěpán Šrubař ( Czech, 26 years old)
- Abbot  Roland Weiß ( German, 30 years)

Deo gratias!


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Is a Fraternal Correction Being Planned for a Papal Audience?

(Rome) "The words of the Cardinals are full of respect. It may be assumed that it is their intention, through a direct conversation in a personal audience, to better "distinguish" the intentions and plans of Pope Francis, and possibly to make a fraternal correction in camera caritatis."
These words of the historian Roberto de Mattei confirm that the four cardinals were to confront Pope Francis in an audience about the situation of the Church and, if need be, more fraternally. This is probably the reason why Francis has denied them an audience and thus exacerbates the scarcely more tolerable state which he provoked by his post-synodal letter Amoris laetitia. The Cardinals had presented their Dubia (doubts) to him in September of the previous year . They asked him to clarify ambiguous passages in the papal document. Francis has refused to answer the questions of the Cardinals for nine months.
Cardinal Raymond Burke had said last March :
"We will continue to insist that these serious questions be answered."
Already in January he had confirmed :
"Fraternal correction will come if the refusal of St. Francis continues," because it would be "devastating" not to clarify the questions.
In the middle of April, the Cardinal said in an interview with InfoVaticana that the ruling confusion was "very dangerous," because "with the confusion are the divisions: priests against priests" because of disagreements about whether those who are in a non-valid marriage or another irrational relationship that can receive sacraments.
On this occasion he also took a stand on the fraternal punishment. Whether it would be a public and formal punishment of the Pope "is not yet clear," the Cardinal said at the time. Before such a step, the Pope would be "personally confronted" and he would say to the public that "the situation is so serious that we must correct it". The Cardinal expressed the assumption that the Holy Father would react "at this moment" at the latest.
With the request for an audience, an attempt was made to enter into conversation about the Dubia with t silent pope. As de Mattei suggests, the intentions of the pope should be clarified and, if necessary, a fraternal correction of the Church's head should take place.
Pope Francis withdrew from this confrontation by not giving an audience to the cardinals or responding to their audience's request at all. How long will Francis be able to continue this refusal?
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: MiL
Trans: Tancred

Monday, May 22, 2017

Stronger "March for Life" in Rome -- The Hush About it Begins in the Church

(Rome) This year's March for Life took place in Rome on Saturday. Tens of thousands of participants once again put a strong appearance for the right to life of unborn children. Since the March for Life in Italy has evolved into a major event within a few years, the mainstream media have moved to a new strategy. Since it is not possible to make fun of the March for Life because of lack of success, it is silenced - because it is too successful.
Daily newspapers and television, which, when politically appropriate, report about rallies from a handful of people, conceal the Seventh March for Life with thousands of participants. They have concealed it in advance, so that as few citizens as possible can know about it and come up with the idea to take part in it, and they conceal it afterwards. Success and failure are also driven by this. At least an attempted influence is also to be seen in it.

March for life Media Out, march for immigration media In

While the March for Life is largely ignored in the reporting, a simultaneous March for the Immigration in Milan found the greatest media attention. In Milan - no matter what the media acrobatics - hardly any more people took part than the march in Rome. The difference? The march for boundless immigration, organized by numerous leftist groups and some left-catholic associations, obviously fits better into someone's mind. This is not an ideological antithesis, one would like to make believe that the proponents of life are against the advocates of the immigration. It is to understand that life itself is always holy and unconditionally holy, 
Thus, too, Catholicism is by no means is Catholic. The director of the Italian National Broadcasting Service frequents certain Catholic circles who were involved in the pro-immigration march in Milan, but could not be seen in the pro-life march in Rome. Correspondingly, the reporting failed. The millions of children murdered since the legalization of abortion are considered taboo in these circles.
When the march is concealed for life, this has nothing to do with the media (and those who have influence on the media). It starts in the Church itself. Behind the scenes, the legalization of euthanasia appears to be a matter of fact. Since then, the Church has been silent, as has been the case for years on the subject of abortion. If she has to talk about it, then it does not receive too much notice in the public. Above all, she does not go out into the streets for the unborn children: one should not exaggerate  "the love of life", for the question is decided that the Zeitgeist is the same, the fight against it an overwrought thing of past times. Certain faithful and traditional Catholics remain, who do not want to accept the modern taboos.

Pope and bishops remain silent on abortion in Western Europe

As in the German-speaking world, the Church is also silent on abortion in Italy. This silence, of course, contains the necessary minimum, here and there a fleeting clue to signal that the Church still thinks as she always thought. Is this true? Is she really doing that yet? Doubts are appropriate. A real concern is that neither Pope Francis nor most West European bishops are concerned about the law of life. The homoeopathic dosage with which they employ themselves is lacking any initiative spirit, which is expressed elsewhere. It seems to be more a matter of appeasing those Catholics who have preserved an idea of the holiness of life. If these have occasionally dared to criticize, they may be referred to by this and that only casually.

Cardinal Caffarra: "With abortion and homosexuality, Satan challenges God"

In the run-up to the March for Life, the Rome Life Forum took place last Friday. Cardinal Carlo Caffarra said that "Satan challenges God with abortion and homosexuality". The history of mankind is a constant clash between these two forces. The final victory has already been decided, but up to that point, each man should decide, on the basis of his free will, in this struggle for one side or the other.
Today the consciousness has evaporated, "abortion is an obvious sign of the anti-creation," so says Cardinal Caffarra. The diabolic rebellion against God, which manifests itself in abortion and homosexuality, is a "sign of the apocalyptic times" that we experience, according to the Cardinal. We are not to talk about it at all. One must only have to accept and remain silent.
Riccardo Cascioli, the chief editor of Nuova Bussola Quotidiana , wrote in connection with the March for Life :
"It is no coincidence that there are voices about the establishment of a Vatican Commission even for the review of Humane Vitae. In the case of the two episcopal synods over the family, more than one bishop has raised such a demand. It is no coincidence that at the head of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia was put in charge, a bishop who immediately set about destroying the work of John Paul II. Even the embassies of the Italian Episcopal Conference on the Day of Life avoid talking about abortion, although the day was introduced as a direct response to the abortion legalization of 1978."

Cardinal Burke and Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider

Among the participants of the March, Cardinal Raymond Burke and Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider were again present this year. Pope Francis sent a greeting message, which can be seen as progress, in view of the coldness with which it has encountered in the past several years of the right to life initiative. At first the March for Life took place on Sunday and was led to St. Peter's Square to participate in the Regina Coeli with the Pope. Francis greeted various groups, but not the March for Life. In the meantime, a decoupling of the two events took place. Obviously the Vatican entertains a meticulous distinction between a brief papal greeting from the State Secretariat and a personal greeting from the Pope in Saint Peter's Square,
Despite the opposition of the abortion lobby, the March for Life quickly became the most important date for the Life movement and the most visible event for the unborn children in Italy. Delegations came to Rome from 20 countries on Saturday to emphasize the international importance of the commitment to the right to life.

Coda Nunziante: "A nation that does not promote life is a nation that dies"

This year the march was under the motto "Uncompromising for Life". The President of the Organizing Committee, Virginia Coda Nunziante, said in her speech:
"This place, so abundantly occupied, wants to reveal the beauty of life, but, with a firm determination from our politicians, to demand that our rulers stop financing our suicide with our taxes. Instead of killing our children, we ask for concrete help for the families so that they can raise their children. We are convinced that the economy would also recover. A nation that does not promote life is a nation that dies. And that is the demographic prediction that our country is making true."
She also referred to the 100th anniversary of Fatima Apparitions.
"Fatima is the most extraordinary event of our era. The Mother of God has come and asked us not to offend God any longer. In the hundred years since, however, the situation has deteriorated decisively, because almost all states have laws against life, against the family, and against the nature of man."
Coda Nunziante quoted from a letter that Sr. Lucia dos Santos had written to Cardinal Caffarra in the 1980s. In this letter, the visionary of Fatima said that the final battle between God and the devil will be on the subject of life and family. Coda Nunziante cited it for the March for the Life.
"We face this challenge in the certainty that with the help of God, life will always win over death."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: NBQ
Trans: Tancred