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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Manif pour tous: "We say no to Macron" -- Rothschild, Grand Orient Freemasons and Grand Mosque

"Manif pour tous" say "No to Macron".  "His politics are
anti-family, the exact continuation of the politics of the last five years."
(Paris) France is preparing for the presidential elections. Last Sunday, the electorate succeeded in what the opinion research institutes had already said in the weeks before. In four months the establishment, with the help of the mass media, succeeded in catapulting a former socialist baggage carrier, the Rothschild banker and minister of the outgoing president François Hollande as a "wonder worker" in a few months.The civil rights movement Manif pour tous warns against Macron and has published an denunciation: "We say no to Emmanuel Macron on 7 May."
While the government of Hollande lost all citizens' credibility and their official candidate Hamon could barely earn more than a disastrous six percent of the vote, Emmanuel Macron seems to be bursting with reliability.

Storybook career und stroke of genius: Who can, he does

Macron would be the eighth President of the Fifth Republic, but he would already be the second employee of the Rothschild Bank in the highest state office. The other was Georges Pompidou, who on 3 January 1973 prohibited the Banque de France by law from lending money to the state. Since then, the latter has had to squeeze money from private banks at high rates of interest and interest rates, including the Rothschild Bank. The four-year interim  at Rothschild made Macron a millionaire. Hollande took him as an advisor to the presidential chancery after his election victory, while Macron "qualified" among the "Young Leaders" of the 2012 Graduate Class of the French-American Foundation as a Euro-Atlantic lobbyist for higher offices. In 2014 he took part in the Bilderberg meeting in Copenhagen and was promoted shortly thereafter as Minister of Economic Affairs.
The stroke of genius by the French establishment with Macron, captivating sociologists and political scientists, if they are left free and uninhibited, will continue. The masterpiece shows the importance of PR agencies, programmed image campaigns that have been thoroughly studied. It also shows how helplessly large parts of the population are at the mercy of the media manipulation of those who control the opinion-forming media. When even provincial papers from other countries, uncritically celebrated Macron after the Sunday election as a "young high flyer" of politics, they only repeat that which they themselves are fed by others. The election campaigns have long had nothing to do with reality. As a clever head said, "If elections were to change something against the will of the establishment, they would be forbidden."
Macron has a picture book career behind him, his work history reads impressively, but can not, on closer inspection, conceal the fact that he was a protege during his lifetime. And precisely as such, he is now standing as a candidate for the Elysée Palace for others who have held their protective hand over him.

Representatives of the voted out socialist establishment

On the evening of the election, the representatives of the establishment had tended to assure Macron of their vote. The citizens movement Manif pour tous , however, warns of Macron's voice, because "it is openly anti-family."
The citizens' movement had arisen from the resistance to the socialist social policy which Hollande began to enforce with uncompromising harshness after his election victory in 2012. Whether promoting abortion, legalization of gay marriage, legalizing euthanasia and  "surrogacy", introduction of adoption rights for aberrosexuals and gender ideology, to kindergartens and schools, whether the criminalization of the pro-life movement or Manif pour tous, whether the open declaration of war against the Catholic Church by Socialist Ministers, Macron had never heard a word of contradiction. As a socialist party soldier, president, and minister, he was unconditionally involved in the campaign against the natural order of the family and the state.

Grand Orient of France: "We choose Macron"

So maybe a look at those who support Macron? This is yet again the freemasonic Grand Orient of France. The Grand Master of the Grand Orient, Christophe Habas, who has been influential in France, left no doubt. On Monday he declared:
"We choose Macron."
On June 21, 2016, Macron, at that time still a socialist party member and an economic and industrial minister, had presented himself at the headquarters of the Grand Orient of France. Before the fraternal brothers, he was allowed to give a lecture on "Is globalization compatible with progress?" This was a non-public event. There can hardly be any doubt that it in fact involved his bid as a potential candidate for presidential elections. Two months later, he resigned party membership and ministry.

Manif pour tous: "Macron is the continuation of the policy of the past five years"

Manif pour tous, the movement which gathered millions of Frenchmen to rallies in opposition to the anti-family policy of the Hollande government, published the statement "No to Macron!" For the families, for the children, for the upcoming election. The future we will say no to Macron on 7 May," said Ludovine de la Rochére, the chairman of the movement.
"The Emmanuel Macron program is a continuation of the anti-family policy that has been imposed on France for five years."
A victory Macron means the "destruction of civilization" with "new injustices and inequalities for women and children." Politicians are bound to the general good. Macron's program represents "other" interests, "which is why we call upon all to go to the polls and vote against Macron."

Candidate of Islam

Macron is not only the candidate of the Rothschild Bank and the Grand Orient of France, but also of Islam.The Grand Mosque of Paris called on the Muslims of the country to elect Macron at the election on Tuesday. Macron stands for a policy of "openness," which primarily means "open borders" for the Muslim umbrella association for mass immigration.
Text: Andreas Becker
Photo: Manif pour tous (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Friday, January 17, 2014

French Education Minister Visits Kindergarten to Tell Boys They Can Be Girls: Man Dumps Tons of Manure in Front of Parliament

French Minister indoctrinate young children in kindergarten with the gender ideology(Paris), France's Minister is going to kindergartens  in order to explain to the boys that they should play with dolls and the girls that they want to play with the beginning of the program of "ABCs of Equality" . This is an attempt to work "against gender stereotypes" in the age group of three to six year old children. Minister of Education Vincent Peillon and women's rights minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem form  the ideological spearhead of the socialist government, who are going to kindergartens to start yet another  new government program.
The fight against "gender stereotypes" is officially underway in France. In order to put  the ideological re-education in effect, it already starts with small children in preschool. The state takes over the education of children and wants to start as soon as possible with a one-sided indoctrination. The program is based on   gender ideology, which states that  the biological sex is not decisive, but the perceived gender. The left-liberal "liberation struggle" will "liberate" man and woman allegedly from  socially "enforced" gender roles.

Book Recommendation: "Father Wearing a Skirt"

The socialist government program aims to "educate for a culture of equality between the sexes" and  "eliminate prejudices and stereotypes that can be the basis for discrimination."
The government has set up a special website to spread among the teachers "appropriate" instructional material for the support of the ideological perspective of the Socialist Party (PS). The largest teachers' union, which belongs to the left trade union cartel, supports the government and recommends that the teaching staff to use books that are "deconstructing gender stereotypes".  For that reason, books are recommended like "I Have Two Dads Who Love Each Other" or "Father Wearing a Skirt".
Minister Peillon (see separate report France: Jewish Education Minister: "We need to replace Catholic Religion by a Republican Religion" ) and Minister Vallaud-Belkacem (see separate report France: Website of the Government for Abortion and Against Pro-Lifers [German]) are both socialists and firmly anchored in the Masonic network  (see report Hollande's "Charter of Laïcité" Identical with Masonic Proposal - Pure Coincidence ). The two Ministers continued their "struggle" in kindergarten on Monday  "against all forms of self-censorship" and continued by holding highly charged ideological speeches to children aged 3-6 years: "both boys and girls can play with toy cars." Or: "Today, there are many women who make war and are therefore called soldiers." Or, "Are they only reserved to be dancing girls? Can a woman be a bricklayer? Can a boy play with dolls?"  Of course, the minister told the children and encouraged them explicitly to do so.

Euthanasia, abortion, divorce

The fight against "gender stereotypes" is not the only ideological battle front of  Francois Hollande's government.On the day after his two ministers marched out for the first time out in a kindergarten ideologically to coerce infants, the President announced a plan to introduce euthanasia. For the next 13 February, the socialist ruling party summoned their senators to discuss for the introduction of a bill for a "dignified death".
The abortion law will again be debated in the French parliament on January 20th. The government also wants to raise the unpunished killing of unborn children to a "human rights like the others."  According to the Estrela Report, which failed two times at the level in the European Parliament, France's Socialists want to continue the way single-handedly.
Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, is the originatress of the famous-infamous Loi Taubira "Marriage pour tous" , in which "gay marriage" was legalized in 2013, according to the journalist and author Sophie Coignard of the female Grand Lodge 'Grande Loge Féminine de France' (GLFF). A year ago Taubira issued instructions to immediately recognize that children born  abroad  to surrogate mothers are French citizens. A first step towards the legalization of surrogacy which is banned in France surrogacy, which is urged by aberrosexualist organizations. The atheist from French Guiana will now impose the quick divorce as well. If a divorce is based on consensus, they will in future be recognized by court clerks with an informal act.

Protest Against Government Policy

"The killing of an unborn child will be reduced to a trivial solution, to which one could have access at any time," said Archbishop André Cardinal Vingt-Trois of Paris, criticizing the new abortion plans of the government. Regarding the express divorce, he said: "This is a serious way to conceal the harmful consequences for society. Because people are acting as if there were no consequences."
Meanwhile   a man unloaded several tons of manure to protest against President Francois Hollande outside Parliament in Paris. On 2 February the civil rights movement Manif pour tous is back on the streets in Paris to protest against government policies.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Rumors of a Coup in the News and Internet to Unseat Hollande Government

Published at 12:01AM, June 6 2013
Edit: the French Army hasn't been paid in months, and the sounds of discontent can be heard, bringing with them rumors that the Hollande government should be done away with. There have been several uprisings in France, in addition to May of 1968. Many Frenchmen feel that since that time, they have had enough of the Revolution and want stability.  Perhaps Catholic France wasn't as dead as many suppose?  Here are some of the highlights from La Voix de la Russie:

Movement Bloch. Addressing fellow citizens in a letter published on Francetvinfoin, a group of young officers who define themselves as such, have sworn oaths to belong to a different corps of the French army, pledged to defend their countrymen and the interests of France. Referring to Marc Bloch, these young officers rely on the spirit of resistance within the army, who has became their ideal today. For the record, we read in the letter that the Movement "Bloch denounced the maladministration of the army and the neglect of the French elite in the 1930s. Bloch was also an exemplary officer during two world wars, and part of the Resistance till when he was shot by the Nazis. We claim him because he was a true soldier and a lucid analyst through that precipitated the defeat in France." As a Dreyfusard, it's rather difficult, to say nothing of ironic, to link him to French Traditionalist Catholics, but that won't stop anyone from doing so. Still, it's easy to associate cries for the stability of the nation's defense with the reaction, and with legitimism in France.

Destruction of the French army. Already during 2011,we have read that 10,000 soldiers were deprived of their pay. "Premiums for dangerous missions are not paid, which represents a significant shortfall", complained the soldiers' families. In 2012, there are thousands of soldiers who have not yet received their salaries for the month of December, which could only tap into their savings to pay for Christmas. Regularly, many soldiers receive 150 euros a month to live. Debt, many people have been thrown into a catastrophic financial situation from bank overdrafts and having to live with their parents. The worst is that these civil servants are forbidden to give their personal opinion on the situation subject to disciplinary sanctions. Invideo posted on its website, which also evokes the secret defiance Lys Noir, General General Vincent Desportes explains that "in Mali, the Army fought with 40-year old equipment and with vehicles without air conditioning. Only 10% of the Army is up to standard. The French army is in the hands of the United States. That the United States will soon drop the need to save France and the French army because when you do not have defenses, you are attacked. The version of the White Paper in 2013 shows that the army will not be modernized."

Among the Spring demonstrators for France are the Veilleurs (Those keeping vigil, scroll down) who were arrested by the police, there are children of soldiers of the French army and many Catholics. These children of soldiers whose parents are responsible for sacrifice for France can not now accept and swallow that in their country they are treated like criminals. "The Veilleurs and 750 demonstrators were arrested during the French Spring" they say. Although the discourse in the online magazine Arsenal seems to go far in the hope of a military coup, it does not hide in how much of a deep malaise, the society is actually divided.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hollande Refuses Speech at Art Museum Because of Christian Art Background

[Tempi] The location from which he was to have given his speech was in front of a large painting with Christian themes. When the museum officials wouldn't move or cover the "offensive" painting, Hollande then canceled his visit.

The Right and Left, the unemployed and protesters of gay marriage, all opponents of Francois Hollande had gathered April 28 in front of the Museum of Fine Arts in Rouen to protest against the policies of the socialist government. Here the French president was to inaugurate an exhibition on Impressionism accompanied by three government ministers two days ago, however, Hollande has canceled the visit.

AVOID THE DISPUTE. The French newspapers have advanced two hypotheses for the cancellation of the visit. The first is political. To avoid disputes, Hollande preferred to postpone, given that among the demonstrators there were many unemployed people ready to accuse the socialist president that unemployment in France has hit a new record: 3,000,000 and 224,000 French people are looking for work, according to data released yesterday by the national employment poll.

RELIGIOUS BACKGROUND. The second hypothesis is of very different character. In view of the president's visit, a government delegation made a visit to the museum to check where Hollande would have to give his speech. Since the "pulpit" was placed right in front of a huge canvas with a religious background, Christian to be precise, the delegation asked the organizers to move it. Impossible task, given the size of the painting. He was then asked it to be covered with a giant blue canvas.

Hollande AND CHRISTIANS. According to some newspapers, Hollande would have canceled the tour in order not to talk behind a Christian painting. Assumptions are unconfirmed but that would not be a unexpected, given that the socialist president is less than happy in his relationship with the Christian religion.



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