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Monday, April 21, 2014

Protest Day Against Gender-Ideology in France -- Participation Doubles

(Paris) On March 31, the second day of protest to the French parent initiative Journée de l'école de retrait (Jre) took place, which is supported by Printemps francais. In protest against the socialist re-education policy on the basis of gender ideology the parents are keeping   their children  out of school  one day a month. The initiative is one of the actions that have arisen in the course of the protest of the civil rights movement Manif pour tous against "gay marriage".
On  the first day of protest 17,924 students stayed at home, then  on March 31, there were 31,548, almost twice as many. The parents' initiative may include only those cases that have officially joined the initiative. The actual number of students who were kept  home deliberately by  the parents, is therefore estimated  to be even higher.

Twice as Many Children Kept From School

The second protest of the Journée de l'école de retrait was  a  "great success" said the initiator, the writer and filmmaker Farida Belghoul. "The participation grows. The reprisals scare the families less and less. The more time passes, the more parents despise the illegal and senseless pressure from national school board. The stronger the identity of the parents, the more they are connected to their traditions and the more heroism they demonstrate  by taking part in the protest days. "
44.8 percent of students who were kept at home, attend kindergarten, 40.2 percent of primary school. These figures confirm that the parents' main concerns were the government indoctrinating the youngest, says Belghoul.

No to "ABC of Equality"

Farida Belghoul and Béatrice Bourges are the two women who have organized the unusual parents protest, which is directed against the state school program ABCD de l'égalité (ABCs of Equality), which was introduced by the Hollande government  in the autumn of 2013. It it supposed, according to information provided by the government, to "eliminate prejudices and stereotypes" because this could be the supposed starting point for "discrimination". The gender ideologues have so interpreted this   that children are to be "educated" as early as the age of six to "choose their sexual orientation." There is no natural sex and not  merely a husband and wife. The sex could be "selected" by themselves and indeed,  from any of a variety of "gender". The socialist re-education program provides on the one hand, for the destruction of marriage, family and sex as "artificial constructs" and at the same time provide for the promotion of aberrosexuality for"Marriages", "family" and gender. These textbooks are employed like "Father Wears a Skirt" or "Bill's New Dress".

"Irrational Movement" is Becoming Increasingly Popular

France's Education Minister Vincent Peillon, socialist and Freemason, has been trying for months to downplay the resistance against the state sexualization and re-education program. Participation in the protest was  something he only considers to bee "marginal" and the initiators of an "irrational movement."  But more and more parents are joining the protest and are rejecting the government's attempt to "keep changing the mentality of the students" with the coercive authority of the state, as Peillon  had stated as an objective of the government initiative "ABCs of Equality" in a letter to the school directors.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: Jre

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Würzburg Vicar Hw. Thomas Eschenbacher and Protestant functionary Kirsten Oldenburg Jointly Organize an Ecumenical Sideshow

New liturgical element: "ecumenical" dialogue
 sermon in rhyme; Picture: Press Office Diocese of Würzburg / Mohr
Once there had been a happy hour in the land, as on the 17th of January 2013 of the first Carnival Society of Elferrat Würzburg publicly held this years church conference in Neumuensterkirche.

"In the thick of things" is the Würzburg Cathedral Vicar with the Protestant official, who -- as explained in preparation -- had decided on the somewhat looser form of Liturgy of the Word,  probably in order not to completely ignore the liturgical progress of the Church.

"Vanishing Justice" of the Preaching Dialog

A modern, zeigeisty innovation, perhaps even according to the invocation of the "sprit of Vatican II" Fr. Eschenbacher put the liturgical elements of the preaching dialog in rhyme:  "... that only talking's not enough, where justice takes a puff" was clearly the dialogs choice piece.

It had been a balancing act, said the Cathedral Vicar.  "I can also understand, that not everyone found it enjoyable."  But: "everything took place with dignity."

Joy of the Instructor of Pastoral Theology

A Pastoral Theologian was also completely overjoyed (a kind of miracle in the Post-Conciliar Church): "Carnival belongs to the life of the people just as to the Church.  I think the connection between them both is very exciting."

In the Diocese of Wurzburg the main goal of the Pastoral Theologian, "the consequent search for the outline of our vocation in the transform of the structures in the Diocese and with thus connected pastoral tasks and focal points.

Exit of the Fool

At the end the fool was applauded to the church door -- and in the midst of it all the Cathedral Rector.

Link to

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baltimore Archdiocese Apparently Makes no Provisions to Protect Spiritual Legacy

 (Baltimore Sun photo by Kim…)
Edit: St. Peter the Apostle Church in the decaying Archdiocese of Baltimore  has been closed.   It was built over 170 yeas ago.   Now that it's been closed, there are serious concerns about integrity and oversight since it seems there is no coherent policy in place with respect to sacred objects of churches within the diocese which have been and are to be closed in futre.  Diocesan representatives are completely unaware of or at least uninterested in revealing what plans they have for disposing of a parish's res pretiosa.

It is legitimately feared that these objects will fall into the hands of those who have no respect for them. Especially since calls to the Diocese reveal that the staff has very little understanding of either the significance of sacred objects or their proper disposal and sale.  We'll quote again the appropriate canon: [cf. Western Catholic Reporter]
The law of the Church (canon 1171) indicates that blessed objects and those used for worship should not be put to inappropriate use, even if privately owned. These objects should be transferred to the diocesan offices where they may be given to another parish or otherwise properly disposed of. 
In the seventies, there was a lot of church building  and not so helpful renovation.  Now, after years of abortion on demand and a birthrate barely above replacement, Catholic institutions are being closed down and sold off.  Of course, the abuse-hoax doesn't help.   Also, many churches were denuded of much of their sacral character in this time period, as a new vogue of trendy ritualistic minimalism and a spirit of experimentation and curiosity took over the scene.

It needs to be said that no other institution, religious or otherwise, has had to bear the legal burdens the Catholic Church has.  Sex abuse scandals against public schools just don't get the attention, for obvious reasons.  Apparently, even the large publicly owned school districts can become targets for such litigation.

Litigation aside, Catholic Diocese are selling their properties and along with them, the sacred objects.  Unfortunately, these are not likely to be disposed of properly.  They are likely to be sold to secular parties who likely as no are eager to use the objects for disrespectful, indeed, sacrilegious purposes.

This was the case in Baltimore recently, where for the last seven years, a bar  called Ale Mary's has appeared which features Catholic sacred objects such as chalices, a monstrance, a holy water font which are used in a kind of faux-church setting where patrons often mock Catholic rituals, objects and personalities.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Seattle's Jesuit Perversity Chapel

Edit: we cited an abstract creche earlier, which was on "display" in Los Angeles recently thanks to the Archdiocese there. [Reported on AQ as ‘Haute Sphere’ Nativity artwork debuts at Cathedral ] Although we got a new ordinary, it seems as though Cardinal Mahony never left.

Deacon Candy says it looks like a family portrait of the Jettsons. Well, it can be anything you want, and that's the principle of abstract art. It's a solvent to true culture, to family and religion. It actually makes a mockery of the real spiritual aspirations which possess true artists to design beautiful things. Here's another thing. It's a perversity chapel.

It's been built by one of the most evil and corrupt Jesuit Provinces in the Western World, and that's saying something.

The definition of perverse from Merriam Webster: obstinate in opposing what is right, reasonable, or accepted : wrongheaded.

Despite the fact that non-Catholics were more inspired by Catholic art and literature before church officials attempted to undermine Catholicism, this architect is being paid good money to basically put his own personal agnosticism into stone as an official representation of Catholic art with the blessing of a supposedly Catholic organization.
Father Cobb: Non-Catholics might be consoled to know that in 1995 we asked Steven Holl to design a chapel that would be “engaging for people of all faiths or no faith or faith-under-crisis.” The poet Rilke once advised that when people disappoint you, you should turn to nature because nature will not disappoint you, and I feel something similar about the Catholic Church. When it disappoints you, which is likely to be every day, you can turn to places such as the chapel where God’s saving presence seems tangible and life-giving.
Link to Seattle's new "Catholic" Diversity Chapel.... It's so bad that even Mark Shea gets it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Degenerate and Blasphemous Art Continues to Appear with Your Tax Dollar

Edit: Apparently, the only group systematically protesting this is the TFP who sent out some e-mails about it.   But Bill Donahue has said something too.  It's still ongoing. Still, there's only one group I know of that does anything effective against this determined evil.

Check out the poll in the article below.  Most people who've voted feel Christianity is unfairly singled out by the Arts. 

[New York Daily News] An avant-garde video of ants skittering over the crucified Jesus is enraging Christians who say an upcoming Brooklyn Museum art exhibit is sacrilegious.

"Ants were crawling on the image of the crucified Christ," said Msgr. Kieran Harrington, a spokesman for the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, which sent a letter asking for the video to get yanked from the exhibit. "Certainly we don’t think this would be tolerated if this was the image of the Prophet Muhammed or any other religious symbol."

"A Fire in My Belly" is a short, unfinished film created by the late David Wojnarowicz. The Brooklyn Museum intends to show a four-minute edit of the video, which is about suffering.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Methodist Minister Under Fire by Denomination for Approving Same-Sex Unions

Edit: This man has plenty of allies in the local Catholic Church. It's surprising that no Catholic priests that are known took part in the planned media event.

Forces within the Methodist Church which are challenging this pastor's right to do this don't have much of a leg to stand on unfortunately since their church was founded on a radical departure from yet another radical departure from moral and hierarchical objectivity.

John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, dissented from the Anglican Church and the Anglican Church was founded upon the adultery of Henry VIII. Life goes on, you can keep going and keep your Catholic faith whole, but leaving Her and remaining outside in the pursuit of a fleeting and material goal is a substantial part of the tragedy. Henry VIII did not successfully father a healthy male heir, and the Tudor dynasty did not survive his daughter, Elizabeth I.

United Methodist leaders have filed a complaint against a Minneapolis pastor, calling for an investigation into whether he conducted ceremonies to bless same-sex unions during Gay Pride Week last month.

On Monday, Bishop Sally Dyck announced the complaint against the Rev. Greg Renstrom, pastor of New Harmony United Methodist Church. The five-member cabinet of the Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church formally lodged the complaint June 29.

Renstrom said he "participated in services of blessings" on June 25, five in Minneapolis' Loring Park and one in Blaine. All the services were held in public parks, and none took place in Methodist churches or properties, he said

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Homosexual Propagandist Abused Boy: Priest Sentenced Ten Years

Editor: It certainly bears repeating.  There is a confluence between liberalism and the sexual abuse of children by homosexuals.  It also goes hand in hand with what the Holy Father said recently.

This priest has fought publicly for the widening of homosexual perversion in the Church.  Actually now, he's behind bars.

Fr. Pezzini on the Website ''
(  Fr. Domenico Pezzini (74) has been sentenced today to ten years in prison in an abbreviated trial for the charge homosexual abuse.

He must also pay his victim 50.000 Euro.  This has been in the Italian media.

Fr. Pezzini who was always clothed as a civilian was known as the "Priest of the Homosexuals".

He is been in jail since his apprehension in May.

In June a Judge refused a release on bail because of the "alarming way of carrying on" of the Priest and because of his numerous contacts with young men from the third world.

His condemnation was based on the serious sexual abuse of a pubescent male from Bangladesh.

Pezzini had repeatedly raped him between the years of  2006 to 2009.  The abuse began when the boy was 13 years old.

The victim lived in the street and was picked up by the priest in a park.

During the investigation he requested one more foreign victim by undercover Police.

It was clarified that the homosexual priest was to have abused a boy younger than fifteen years old.  This misdeed was in any case barred from taking place.

Fr. Pezzini was a professor for English Linguistics at the University of Verona and was also an instructor at the Catholic University of Milan.

For years he promoted the homosexual ideology in the Italian Church.

He founded homosexual groups and fought for Church rectification of homosexual perversion.

One of his last books bore the title: "The Hands of the Potter:  a homosexual son.  What must be done?" [If the book title sounds like it's creepy, it probably is.  Reminds us of "Father" Richard Rohr, who advocates getting naked on retreats.]

In the past the abuser criticized the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger for the uncompromising repudiation of homosexual perversion.

So he said in 2005 for the newspaper "Corriere del Veneto':  "In homosexual circles, even among Catholic homosexuals, the name Ratzinger doesn't sound good."

The priest's house yielded  an abundance of homosexual pornographic materials.

The earlier preisident of the largest homosexual organization of Italy, 'Arcigay', Arelio Mancuso, pretended to be surprised at the arrest of Fr. Pezzini:

"In this moment there are a lot of discouraged homosexual Catholics , who knew Pezzini personally or through his deeds."

Homosexual lechers  could "always" depend on the attentiveness of the priest.

The abuser is said to be "a defender of the worth of homosexuals within the Church."

Translated from

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

UK's Legal System Falls Further into Decay

In the Passion, Pontius Pilate offers the crowd a choice to set Christ free, who is innocent, or Barrabas free who was a murderer. The crowd chooses to release Barrabas instead, who then goes free while Christ is sentenced to death.

More recently, the telegraph show a video made by John Hirst, a man convicted for chopping his landlady to pieces with an axe, celebrated the decision in England to allow convicted felons, that is,, murderers, rapists, pedophiles, arsonists and so on the right to vote. His delight was fueled by enjoying a bottle of champagne and a marijuana cigarette. He seemed particularly enthused about the fact that these evil men would be free to exercise their voting rights, as if by some additional madness all the prisons were opened and these men suddenly belched forth from the prisons where they were kept to spread their wickedness through the world unhindered by walls and bars.

It's difficult not to see the parallels between these two events, or the diabolical nature of Mr. Hirst's glee as he ridicules the well-to-do politicians who tried to keep himself and his fellow felons from voting. So, once again, as it was in the time of Jesus Christ, it is democracy at work.

Telegraph article, here...