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Monday, May 22, 2017

Stronger "March for Life" in Rome -- The Hush About it Begins in the Church

(Rome) This year's March for Life took place in Rome on Saturday. Tens of thousands of participants once again put a strong appearance for the right to life of unborn children. Since the March for Life in Italy has evolved into a major event within a few years, the mainstream media have moved to a new strategy. Since it is not possible to make fun of the March for Life because of lack of success, it is silenced - because it is too successful.
Daily newspapers and television, which, when politically appropriate, report about rallies from a handful of people, conceal the Seventh March for Life with thousands of participants. They have concealed it in advance, so that as few citizens as possible can know about it and come up with the idea to take part in it, and they conceal it afterwards. Success and failure are also driven by this. At least an attempted influence is also to be seen in it.

March for life Media Out, march for immigration media In

While the March for Life is largely ignored in the reporting, a simultaneous March for the Immigration in Milan found the greatest media attention. In Milan - no matter what the media acrobatics - hardly any more people took part than the march in Rome. The difference? The march for boundless immigration, organized by numerous leftist groups and some left-catholic associations, obviously fits better into someone's mind. This is not an ideological antithesis, one would like to make believe that the proponents of life are against the advocates of the immigration. It is to understand that life itself is always holy and unconditionally holy, 
Thus, too, Catholicism is by no means is Catholic. The director of the Italian National Broadcasting Service frequents certain Catholic circles who were involved in the pro-immigration march in Milan, but could not be seen in the pro-life march in Rome. Correspondingly, the reporting failed. The millions of children murdered since the legalization of abortion are considered taboo in these circles.
When the march is concealed for life, this has nothing to do with the media (and those who have influence on the media). It starts in the Church itself. Behind the scenes, the legalization of euthanasia appears to be a matter of fact. Since then, the Church has been silent, as has been the case for years on the subject of abortion. If she has to talk about it, then it does not receive too much notice in the public. Above all, she does not go out into the streets for the unborn children: one should not exaggerate  "the love of life", for the question is decided that the Zeitgeist is the same, the fight against it an overwrought thing of past times. Certain faithful and traditional Catholics remain, who do not want to accept the modern taboos.

Pope and bishops remain silent on abortion in Western Europe

As in the German-speaking world, the Church is also silent on abortion in Italy. This silence, of course, contains the necessary minimum, here and there a fleeting clue to signal that the Church still thinks as she always thought. Is this true? Is she really doing that yet? Doubts are appropriate. A real concern is that neither Pope Francis nor most West European bishops are concerned about the law of life. The homoeopathic dosage with which they employ themselves is lacking any initiative spirit, which is expressed elsewhere. It seems to be more a matter of appeasing those Catholics who have preserved an idea of the holiness of life. If these have occasionally dared to criticize, they may be referred to by this and that only casually.

Cardinal Caffarra: "With abortion and homosexuality, Satan challenges God"

In the run-up to the March for Life, the Rome Life Forum took place last Friday. Cardinal Carlo Caffarra said that "Satan challenges God with abortion and homosexuality". The history of mankind is a constant clash between these two forces. The final victory has already been decided, but up to that point, each man should decide, on the basis of his free will, in this struggle for one side or the other.
Today the consciousness has evaporated, "abortion is an obvious sign of the anti-creation," so says Cardinal Caffarra. The diabolic rebellion against God, which manifests itself in abortion and homosexuality, is a "sign of the apocalyptic times" that we experience, according to the Cardinal. We are not to talk about it at all. One must only have to accept and remain silent.
Riccardo Cascioli, the chief editor of Nuova Bussola Quotidiana , wrote in connection with the March for Life :
"It is no coincidence that there are voices about the establishment of a Vatican Commission even for the review of Humane Vitae. In the case of the two episcopal synods over the family, more than one bishop has raised such a demand. It is no coincidence that at the head of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia was put in charge, a bishop who immediately set about destroying the work of John Paul II. Even the embassies of the Italian Episcopal Conference on the Day of Life avoid talking about abortion, although the day was introduced as a direct response to the abortion legalization of 1978."

Cardinal Burke and Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider

Among the participants of the March, Cardinal Raymond Burke and Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider were again present this year. Pope Francis sent a greeting message, which can be seen as progress, in view of the coldness with which it has encountered in the past several years of the right to life initiative. At first the March for Life took place on Sunday and was led to St. Peter's Square to participate in the Regina Coeli with the Pope. Francis greeted various groups, but not the March for Life. In the meantime, a decoupling of the two events took place. Obviously the Vatican entertains a meticulous distinction between a brief papal greeting from the State Secretariat and a personal greeting from the Pope in Saint Peter's Square,
Despite the opposition of the abortion lobby, the March for Life quickly became the most important date for the Life movement and the most visible event for the unborn children in Italy. Delegations came to Rome from 20 countries on Saturday to emphasize the international importance of the commitment to the right to life.

Coda Nunziante: "A nation that does not promote life is a nation that dies"

This year the march was under the motto "Uncompromising for Life". The President of the Organizing Committee, Virginia Coda Nunziante, said in her speech:
"This place, so abundantly occupied, wants to reveal the beauty of life, but, with a firm determination from our politicians, to demand that our rulers stop financing our suicide with our taxes. Instead of killing our children, we ask for concrete help for the families so that they can raise their children. We are convinced that the economy would also recover. A nation that does not promote life is a nation that dies. And that is the demographic prediction that our country is making true."
She also referred to the 100th anniversary of Fatima Apparitions.
"Fatima is the most extraordinary event of our era. The Mother of God has come and asked us not to offend God any longer. In the hundred years since, however, the situation has deteriorated decisively, because almost all states have laws against life, against the family, and against the nature of man."
Coda Nunziante quoted from a letter that Sr. Lucia dos Santos had written to Cardinal Caffarra in the 1980s. In this letter, the visionary of Fatima said that the final battle between God and the devil will be on the subject of life and family. Coda Nunziante cited it for the March for the Life.
"We face this challenge in the certainty that with the help of God, life will always win over death."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: NBQ
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"March for Life" Embarrasses Pope Francis -- Abortion Is Only a Question of Economic Systems?

(Rome) The sixth March for Life in Rome was a renewed success which gained by tens of thousands of participants to again bring the right to life of unborn children into public visibility. reported on the use for a ban on abortion, but also about the monosyllabic, with the Pope Francis, the tens of thousands of lives protectors saluted. The Vatican expert Sandro Magister now writes of a "repellent Peter's Square" for "those who march for life".

"In the US it's a classic, in Rome Pope Francis would love not to see it"

"In the US, the March for Life at the White House in Washington is already a classic. But in Rome at St. Peter's it's not. Pope Francis does not like to see it show up. That was clear at how badly he treated it was at the 'Regina Coeli' on Sunday, 8 May," said Magister.

"At the conclusion, after which he paused for applause, first the faithful of Rome, then to those of Poland, Francis said leadenly and gravely: 'I greet the participants of the march for life'. But he tried to cover up their applause by the next words, which he repeated twice in the text, which he read to give gestures and smiles immediately afterwards to a group of Roman scouts and a group of the Firm Lingen from Genoa. The latter he even rewarded with spontaneous, friendly words: 'You are loud, Genoese!'"

The March for Life , which took place for the fifth time in Rome, was attended by Cardinal Raymond Burke, Archbishop of Ferrara Negri and Bishop Schneider of Astana. "Three churches representatives of whom Francis is notoriously allergic."

"Osservatore Romano also practiced shunning the whole initiative, not even dedicating a single line to it," said Magister. It's a hush which was followed by the Pope's daily in recent years. The day after the 4th March for Life in 2014 the Osservatore Romano gave space to the Freemason-friendly philosopher Marco Vannini to deny the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but not the March for Life.

"Why this aversion by the Pope" - abortion for Francis important only in anti-capitalist reading?

March for life through the streets of Rome on way to
St. Peter's Square
The Avvenire, the daily newspaper of the Italian Episcopal Conference, controlled by the Pope's confidant Nunzio Galatino, included a short report on 10 May that was hidden only on page 11. "To give an indication of a minimum of papal benevolence for the march, a letter from Msgr. Angelo Beciu, had to serve as the substitute of the Cardinal Secretary of State, which was not addressed to the March for Life in Rome, but to those in Portugal, which takes place on 14 May." The march in Rome was not even honored with a "standard message," said Magister.

"It remains to be understood why Pope Francis cherishes such a dislike, although he has condemned abortion on several occasions," said the Vatican expert.

"One indicator could be the context that the Pope connects these two convictions. It is in the context, of what he calls, throwaway culture '. His real enemy within is not those that kill the young, innocent lives - they deserve mercy - but the international economic powers that have caused such killings out of idolatry and greed."

Therefore, according to Master, "is that outside of this vision of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the March for Life becomes an obstacle to dialogue with postmodernism. Not a benefit to the image of the Church, but a burden."

If Magister's evidence agrees, this will result in a whole series of questions. Should it be possible that Pope Francis will reduce the killing of unborn children only to a social issue, and thus attempt to force it into an anti-capitalist reading? You change the economic system and there will be no more abortion? The millions of dead children and the millions of women and mothers, allow this mass murder, desire, seek, ask, and all those who urge pregnant women to have an abortion, are only victims of structural injustice and an unjust economic system?

2017 will in any case will bring no embarrassment for Francis, for him to ignore the March for Life. The organizers had first transferred it to a Saturday. This was consciously chosen in order to discontinue the common prayer with the Pope on St. Peter's Square which has been ongoing since 2012. Text: Giuseppe Nardi image: Marcia per la vita

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photos: Marcia per la vita
Trans: Tancred
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Friday, January 22, 2016

Bishop Fellay of SSPX Leads the Way at DC March for Life

Edit: there is no appearance by the local ordinary of the capital [by which I meant to say that I didn't see anything in the itinerary, but Cardinal Wierl was present and said Mass.] but Bishop Bernard Fellay has not only come, but he will even be saying Holy Mass for the event.  Bishop Loverde and Bishop Slattery are also giving their support.  Bishop Zubik couldn't make it because of the weather.

There's also the sermon he gave at Mass.

Where's +++Wuerl?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Roberto de Mattei: Catholic Resistance Against Abortion and For the Family

(Rome) in Italy in recent years a radical upheaval in the right to life scene in progress. The situation is different in each country for cultural and historical reasons. Nevertheless, the Italian example offers, with references to the U.S. and France, some interesting elements for the German-speaking world, where the situation in the individual countries also have similarities and differences.

Beginning in 2011 the Italian March for Life, the pro-life movement, has regained its ability to act and has been freed from the suffocating embrace of a mere fig leaf function for (Christian Democratic) policy and the Bishops' Conference. The new pro-life movement is completely independent. Regardless of party, regardless of the Bishops' Conference and it's independent of other organizations.

The March for Life in Italy goes back to the initiative of traditionalist Catholics, including the recently departed legal philosopher Mario Palmaro. Traditional Catholics also gave the initial impetus for the French civil rights movement Manif pour tous. And the founder of the March for Life, the largest March for Life was buried in the Old Rite in Washington in 2012. This is no accident, as Roberto de Mattei says.

It's not only the right to life, but the family was in total released for departure, is now discussed in the context of building a movement to defend the family. The view is primarily beyond the Alps to the west, where in France with the civil rights movement Manif pour tous a movement has risen within a very short time with a mass basis.

Opinions differ about the ways in which the goal could be achieved. Recently, the repetition of was Family Day suggested, as it took place on 12 May 2007. In contrast, now one of the initiators of March for Life, the well-known historian Roberto de Mattei has asked to speak. "It will not be the Bishops’ Conference and the policy makers that nurture the Pro-life movement.“ Fact is that the family is besieged and attacked from all sides. Here are the further remarks of Roberto de Mattei on 11 June published in the daily newspaper Il Foglio and is indirectly a response to Martin Lohmann and his controversial invitation of Donum vitae to represent the March for Life in Berlin.

by Roberto de Mattei

The family is under unprecedented attack, not only in Italy but worldwide. This process, which was initiated by the '68 revolution, had its symbolic beginning in our country with the referendum of 12 May 1974, which confirmed the divorce law Fortuna Baslini of 1970. The way was thus paved for the next stages, which then led to the legalization of the new family law, abortion, artificial insemination and the recent attempt to institutionalize the homosexual partnership and to suppress dissenting voices with the new offense homophobia.“

The Family rooted in human nature, developed antibodies

The adoption of the quick divorce by the Chamber of Deputies, with which the times are reduced for the dissolution of marriage at six months, shows the direction the Renzi government will take. The institution of the family is shattered, but because it is rooted directly in the nature of man, it produces Anti-Bodies.

Over the past 40 years it has spontaneously formed defenses in response to movements in the world. The oldest is the American March for Life, which has gathered in Washington since January 22, 1974, every year with hundreds of thousands of participants and represents the diamond’s point of the anti-abortion movement in the United States.

The most recent is the French Manif pour tous , which was formed in September 2012 in Paris and in less than two years, millions of people took to the streets to protest against the aberrosexual pseudo-marriage.

Both of these movements are the most significant popular demonstrations in defense of life and the family.

What the March for Life and Manif pour tous Does

In Italy, the Catholic Bishops' Conference initiated Family Day on May 12, 2007 with the goal of adopting better social policies for the family by the Parliament. The initiative was a great success, but without consequences.

Since 2011, however, a spontaneous initiative of several small but mighty associations of of the March for Life have developed, where in Rome 50,000 people gathered on May 4 this year, took to the streets to bring to expression their unconditional No to abortion, without exception and without compromise.

What are the similarities and what are the differences between these various initiatives? The great strength of the March for Life and the Manif pour tous is to be powerful mobilizations although completely independent from political power or the Church hierarchy exert a profound influence on the political and religious institutions of their countries.

If the bishops of the United States belong till now the world's most determined defenders of life, to refuse Catholic abortion supporters Communion, then this is due to the fact that they are getting massive backing from the March for Life and they are at the same time also forced to give a positive witness. The Manif pour tous is non-denominational and politically independent, just like the March for Life, but receives the support of many bishops at the individual level. This has helped to create a psychological and cultural climate that led to Hollande’s crushing defeat in the recent elections to the European Parliament.

Regardless of politics and the Bishops' Conference

In Italy, where there is an entrenched Christian Democratic tradition, for the first points of contact are the bishops or the parties, all the initiatives that arose in the course of time, almost always emanate from political or ecclesiastical structures. The Forum of Family Associations, which officially organized Family Day in 2007, was directly dependent on the Bishops' Conference. It is sufficient to remember that the head of the Office for Family Pastoral of the Episcopal Conference or its representatives are involved, according to statutes. Also well known is the connection of the Movimento per la Vita by Carlo Casini to the Bishops' Conference of the MPV, according Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, it receives 600,000 euros a year, and almost half of the total budget.

The Family Day 2007, which was mainly due to the political intelligence of Cardinal Ruini has arisen within a year and died again, just because it was an initiative from above, lacking the roots in the Catholic people and the Catholic Associations.

Standard-bearer non-negotiable values
The success of the March for Life stems from the use from a variety of large and small realities that are present in all living branches of the society, from the parishes to the Internet. Without the support of the political parties, the bishops or the largest Catholic movements from Communion and Liberation to Neocatechumenate who can lead a compact and numerous army into the field for the March for Life. It is a base which needs to be represented by free and independent men and women, the standard-bearers of non-negotiable principles and hence ideas and are not led by power interests. That's the power of the March for Life.

Not from above, by political or ecclesiastical machinations can be something really built solidly for the defense of life and family, but from the bottom with the help of those myriads of groups, associations and circles, which are usually unknown and unnoticed by the media, who, however, are consolidated and form a compact block. Within this movement, and not as an alternative, it exists and can develop a serious opposition, which is not merely a facade, that opposes those who want to destroy the family.

Introduction / Translation: Giuseppe Nardi

image: Corrispondenza Romana

Trans: Tancred

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Friday, May 16, 2014

The Easy World of Some Prelates -- Looking Away and Adjusting to the Powers of the World

From Giuseppe Nardi
(Rome) The incomprehensible words of Bishop Nunzio Galantino, the Secretary General of the Italian Episcopal Conference has unleashed resentment and disappointment among Catholics worldwide.  Particularly irritating is   the true fact that Bishop Galantino was appointed by Pope Francis and is the strong man in the Bishops' Conference.   Is it not the Pope who continuously criticized careerism and comfort? But what other than comfort, could there be if bishops refrain from the defense of Catholic doctrine and make dialectical tricks to bring themselves into line with the world? Bishop Galantino constructed in an interview with the Italian newspaper Quotidiano Nazionale (QN) a contrast between ethical questions that he played off against each other (see separate report Bergoglio Effect: Secretary of the Bishops' Conference Distances Himself from Pro-Lifers ). He opposed the commitment to the right for the life of children against concern for employment and health.
The bishop revealed that the opposition to abortion has become annoying to  part of the Church hierarchy because it strains  a congenial relationship of the Catholic Church with the ruling forces. Not only the left-wing parties, but also increasingly the bourgeois parties exclude any discussion of abortion legislation. Rather, the consent to abortion has become  a condition for government funding or even for licensing  as is done  in the U.S.. Government by Obama

The powerful want  child murder? Hooray We Cave In

Bishop Galantino  spoke openly about  what not a few bishops have long implied indirectly. The right to life issue and the Pro-Lifers disturb the good relations with those less and less influenced by Christianity in power, politics and the media. To express this, the new Secretary General of the startled Italian Episcopal Conference by not hesitating to caricature the Pro-Lifers in a condescending manner. That and the new Chairman of the American Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Joseph Edward Kurtz kneeling in front of abortion clinics praying the rosary, would be passed over in silence by Galantino. He, for one, will not do it. Not only that, those who do it, disturb the influential prelates. Probably because they are a constant reminder to the conscience.

Padre Pio and the Power of Prayer

Does  Bishop Galantino  not believe  in the power of prayer when he finds it so inappropriate and  makes derogatory judgments on those who pray against abortion? "Prayer is the best weapon we have. It is the key that opens the heart of God ", however, was what St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina said.
"Bishop Galantino, maybe you should just sit through a prayer vigil where people witness to the faith witness against the greatest crime in human history, while others are comfortably sitting at home," said Pro-Lifers Michele Majno in Riscossa Cristiana . "In addition to the smooth and slick passers by there will always be some stubborn 'Catholics who hold the rosary between their fingers and pray, rather than discuss some documents on socio-political issues, married priests, communion for remarried divorcees, tacit acceptance of abortion and vocal recognition of homosexuality, because they know that priests do not marry, sacramental marriage is indissoluble, and that homosexuality and the murder of innocent children are abominations that cry out for God's vengeance, "  said Majano.

Many bishops in Europe have remained silent too long

Bishop Galantino invented instead the assertion that he seems to have brought over one to one from Pope Francis, that the Church, so to speak has talked  too much   about abortion and could not constantly continue so one-sidedly.

From the words it is clearly apparent that life issues seem to get on Galantino's nerves.  The mass murder of unborn children isn't bothering him, but that there are Catholics who still point it out, although the rulers of this world have but decided on  their laws and therefore want to kill undisturbed. 

Actually,  Bishop Galantino has claimed the exact opposite to be true. Many representatives of the Church, except the Popes (only since Pope Francis whose  pontificate's  papal attitude seems on the whole ambivalent) have been silent for decades on the subject of right to life. If they take a stand, then it is quite stealthily, so there's not too many to remember. An indictment against the biggest, industrially organized mass murder in human history you do not get to hear from the vast majority. It is much faster to enumerate the few bishops who have seriously  raised their personal voice against child murder with conviction, not as the tentative opinions, or roundabout explanations of the Episcopal Conferences.

Demonstrate with Abortion Lobbyists - Distancing from Pro-Lifers?

Bishop Ludwig Maria Schwarz of Linz, that Austrian diocese, which is a prime example of undersierable internal developments in the church in the German speaking areas, traveled to Vienna in order to participate last Wednesday at a "vigil" in front of the Federal Chancellery. He thus demonstrated against government cuts for NGOs for development cooperation. "We have a duty to provide assistance," rightly said the bishop. However, for the bishop it is not a problem   to show solidarity without distinction with organizations whose "development aid" participates in the promotion of abortion (keyword "reproductive health") . 
Bishop Schwarz, however, was not seen on the street in order to demonstrate for the right to life  or to pray in front of an abortion clinic. An opportunity  would be available in Linz on Saturday, 17 May, where Human Life International Austria and the club Yes to Life invites you to a prayer vigil and among other things to the General Hospital of the city and the rosary for the right to life of mother and child pray against infanticide.

Questions to the Bishops

Bishop Galantinos "slip" was a few days after in Rome 4 March for Life was held in which more than 50,000 people took part, to demonstrate for life and against abortion. The lifers have thus provided evidence that the street does not belong only to those who demonstrate for the death. Is Galantinos  message to be understood in response to the March for Life? Therefore some questions to the bishops of the West:
1) Are the tens of thousands of people, priests, religious, children, adults, women, men and the elderly (including those who came in wheelchairs and on crutches), who drew representatives demonstrating marching for two hours in Rome's  Republic Square to St. Peter's Square  finally finding political recognition? Will the bishops relate a clear position, not only abstract,  for life, but specifically against the daily threat of abortion and the abolition of abortion murder laws?
2) From the 5th to the 19th of October, 2014, the Vatican Synod of Bishops will be held on the theme: "The pastoral challenges of the family in the context of evangelization." In the chapter Code of Canon Law (CIC) states to synodal assemblies (Canon 346.2): ​​"Convened for the Extraordinary General Synod has to deal with matters that require a timely resolution." Do the concerns of lifers belong to the "affairs" that "require timely resolution"  (this is really a matter of life or death)?
3) The Pope said at the Angelus in St. Peter's Square to the 50,000 participants in the March for life in Rome (which  made   all the great Catholic lay associations and movements stand out  by their absence): "Good luck and forward".  When will the bishops follow the example of Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke and go at the first opportunity on the street to take part in the March for Life prayer vigils in their country and in front of abortion clinics and  appeal uncompromisingly for the right to life?
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Riscossa Cristiana / Diocese of Linz (Screenshot) / La cigüeña de la torre
Trans: Tancred