Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Even Though the Pope Doesn't Want it, Throngs Will Oppose Gender-Ideology in Rome

(Rome) Italy is currently experiencing what France experienced 2012/2013, and is gearing up for another popular demonstration against the introduction of "gay marriage" and the gender ideology in schools and kindergartens. The rally will be held, although Pope Francis gave to understand that he which does not wish it and has tasked papal Adjudants in the Bishops' Conference to  pressure against the rally. The question is of European importance, because the issues are the same everywhere. After the defeat in France, such should be prevented in Italy. Yesterday, the date for the rally was announced. In only twelve days, the organizers are hoping for a mass mobilization. 
On January 26, the Senate of the Italian Parliament starts debate on a bill, the DDL Cirinnà, named after a left democratic senator.

The rally from the June 2015

On 20 June 2015,  a million people gathered for  the "Family Day" in Piazza San Giovanni in front of the Lateran Basilica. The traditional parade ground of Italy's political left has been filled that day by Catholics and other people of good will. Under the slogan "Hands off our children," it protested vociferously against government plans to attack marriage through the equality of homosexual relations  who is given a special position in the legal system and thus to cut at the roots of the state. The rally participants have also said no to the introduction of gender ideology in education, early sexualization of  the toddlers in kindergarten, homosexualizing and alienating the family, consisting of father, mother and children.
Now a second rally is to follow in order to give Parliament a clear message from the people that they do not want these sociopolitical experiments. All opinion polls show clear majorities against the objectives of the bill. In 2007, the first rally opposed the then left-wing government making an attempt to introduce "gay marriage".

French experience

The "Family Day" on June 20, 2015

Since the assumption of power by President Hollande in 2012, France casts its shadow on Italy. While in France millions of people were against the legalization of "gay marriage" in the streets, the socialist minority imposed their will with a parliamentary majority. The government even set the police force against them..
The organizers in Italy want to learn from the French experience. Appropriate contacts in France have been long in place to draw up a "European Anti-gender plan" like Filippo Savarese, the spokesman of Manif pour tous-Italy and Generation Family in October 2015, said in a meeting at the Roman Teatro Adriano. "The school is our ally, because we are not fighting against the school, but also for the school," said Savarese.

"Each prevalent government tends to suppress the idea of ​​human nature, because it represents the source of a possible revolt"

On this occasion, the philosopher Diego Fusaro, Professor of the History of Philosophy at the University of San Raffaele in Milan, whose research focuses Karl Marx, Antonio Gramsci and postmodernism said:
"The gender theory is one of the ideologies in the Marxian sense, which claims   something as natural which is anything but natural. In particular, the gender ideology serves to deny the identity of man and woman, it is alleged as a purely cultural decision where the biological element disappears in favor of a purely social element. In this way, the gender ideology has neutralized human nature and thus a possible opposition to the world of techno capitalism. Because if there is no human nature, it is also not possible to assert that human nature will be hurt or killed. Camus wrote about this in  'Man in Revolt'  in a very clear manner. Any form of domination tends today to suppress the idea of human nature, because it represents the source of a possible revolt "
Manif pour tous-Italy was formed in July 2013. Today, the association has more than 80 local groups.  Ludovine de la Rochère, the President of the French civil rights movement Manif pour tous said in Rome:
"Slowly, slowly there arises in European countries and in the world, associations to tackle  gender ideology, because it is the origin of all questions that arise today on the identity of man and woman, the husband-wife relationship, for marriage and to provide for the transmission of life. This ideology has very serious implications. But slowly, slowly associations are forming and begin collaborating and so it is - as you say - the front is prepared.

Print the pastors against the rally

The organizing committee of the "Family Day"

Unlike France, the Italian organizers are, however, under an additional pressure. In Italy, where the bishops have more weight than in France,  since Pope Francis has issued an order to avoid conflict   on the topic of "homosexualization" and "gender ideology" with the state and other social groups. In other words, Catholics should capitulate and leave the field to other forces.
Already in matters regarding Manif pour tous in France, Pope Francis had distanced himself.  While all kinds of people were coming in and out of  the Vatican, it was only after some back and forth and considerable delay that a mini-meeting was agreed to. Ludovine de la Rochère was invited on June 12, 2014 to morning Holy Mass in the Vatican guesthouse Santa Marta. Subsequently, he was able, in addition to numerous others present, to speak very briefly to the Pope.
The Vatican avoided putting the encounter into a picture. From the Vatican Radio -Section it was only reported in French and Italian, even though the baroness has demonstrated how alive the Catholic world, whose obituary is often being happily read, is in reality. Only the Czech section of Radio Vatican published a photo that shows Ludovine de la Rochère at the side of Pope Francis.  Pope Francis'  inclination to leftist thinking goes deeper. That the French protest  Manif pour tous goes back to the initiative of a traditional Catholic,   is likely to cause Pope Francis in any case, not have been more sympathetic.  That's how it looks in Italy. Traditional Catholics are at the forefront of the Catholic rebellion against the ideological tutelage of the state. In France, as in Italy, it was found that they can move a million, transcending well above the traditional circles. Roberto de Mattei, and before him, Mario Palmaro, explained this phenomenon  by the greater intellectual and spiritual alertness of tradition against the "weak thinking" other Catholic circles. Strong thinking moves and the Christian message has the strongest thinking at all.

"For us is the struggle is for God's victory"

Messa in Latino mobilized for "Marcia di San Giovanni" (March of St. John), an allusion to the venue iin front of  the Lateran Basilica and  rallying the resistance against church hierarchs rally with the slogan:
For us the struggle is for God's victory.
Regardless of who participates, whether atheist, traditionalist or Neocatechumen:. For the family of a man and a woman
It doesn't matter who it was who has betrayed, even if he dresses violet or purple, or whatever color whatsoever.
Irrespective of the outcome of the fight.
We will try to be there.
It's a word that the writer and journalist Costanza Mirana (Rai Vaticana, Avvenire, Il Timone, Il Foglio) has taken up:

"Stop Gender - We defend our children," June 20, 2015

"This event  will be really crucial. We can change the history of our country and I do not exaggerate when I say that we can even change the history of the Western world: if Italy stops the law, which  gay propaganda calls the "law of civil rights", but in reality will legitimize disordered desires, we will put a face to the European Heart. Then we will stop the loss of humanity in the cradle of Western civilization, as we bring back the sense of reality and say: The fact that the men are begotten by a father and a mother, can not be overturned except at a  terrifying price, to make the most vulnerable  pay for it and to put the very existence of humanity in jeopardy. We  say,  from the perspective of the State, every adult is free among his peers to love whom He wills, and live out his sexuality, because that is his private thing that everyone must answer for himself, but never will this be a constitutive principle of our civilization to transform desires into law. And we say that the state institutions to support those and are obliged to acknowledge those that put thsemselves at the service of life and therefore the future, because they make an objective contribution for the common good, by giving life to children, giving them a stable and safe haven   in which they can grow.
It is time to change the story. Alone we can achieve nothing, we are, according to applicable standards a 'run-down' people, we have no media, no television on our side, not even support from those whom one would expect. We have none of those to help up there, who help us, give us one euro, devise strategies and pave the way for us. But we are not alone, we have enjoyed the company of our brothers, moving friendships that are closer in the new trenches - and we have a powerful ally. For us it is to fight. For God goes the victory."
The rally participants will gather on 30 January from 10 O'clock in the Circus Maximus.  At 12 O'clock the march towards Piazza San Giovanni starts to move.  At 2 O'clock the final rally starts in Piazza San Giovanni in front of the Lateran Basilica.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: La Croce / mil (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred


Sean said...

Would you proved direct evidence especially quotations from Pope Francis' speeches or writings which would support your proposition?

Anonymous said...

I hope they get millions. I also hope after assembling at St. John Lateran, they march en masse down to St. Peters underneath the scumbag Pope's Francis' window and chant/scream epithets at him that describe him and his gang in the Vatican for just what they are.
Actions of these of Pope Francis are making the Italian people hate him all the more...which is a good thing in the long run!
Damian Malliapalli

Sean said...

'Scumbag' Pope Francis and other epithets?
You're outdoing your notional Italians in the intensity of your invective, Damian.

Anonymous said...

As a human being, as a Christian Pope Francis probably is a decent person, but as a Pope with his agenda, gestures, initiatives, he is 'a scumbag", as are his associates. The word merely means someone who is despicable or worthy of contempt...and as Pope he is such. It doesn't imply hatred, just an opinion.
Damian Malliapalli

P.J.David said...

Hope the Pope gets the message loud and clear . Catholics through out the world are realising that those cardinals who elected him are done a biggest injustice not only to the whole Catholic faithful but to the whole humanity .These Cardinals are accountable to God for their betrayal.
Soon God's terrible punishment will befall . Pope Francis looks like is an agent of devil by his Liberal and Modernist thoughts and teachings. May he repent and be converted by the Mercy of God.

Anonymous said...

That is true. Even a few years ago, some of the Cardinals who voted for Francis began to regret it.
It is well known that the Latin American Cardinals, the French, some Americans, and the Germans especially pushed for the election of Bergoglio. A lot of the campaigning for Bergoglio...which is illegal in the conclave but was done anyway was lead by the German Cardinals, especially Cardinal Kasper...who was 80 at the time and not supposed to even be in the conclave to vote. All cardinals over 80 are supposed to be excluded.
Which is why I thiunk it was all a set-up, already planned to force Benedict XVI out so they could elect someone who rather than being a traditional minded Catholic and true Pope, would be a radical liberal on the verge of being a heretic.
A group of Cardinals lead by the late infamous Jesuit Cardinal Carlo Martini orchestrated the whole thing. But by the time it actually happened, Martini was dead(2012). Benedict was forced out in Feb. 2013 and Bergoglio elected in March 2013.
Bergoglio was a strong runner-up in the 2005 conclave. Can you imaging the damage he would have done had he already been in 11 years!
Thank God for small favors.
Damian Malliapalli

Nicolas Bellord said...

More specifically Cardinal Daneels has told us about the Sankt Gallen group that actively campaigned against Benedict XVI and subsequently for Francis I. Cardinal Cormac O'Connor was a member of that group and openly campaigned for Francis I.

Anonymous said...

It's all in the link given in the first paragraph - to, unfortunately in German. The Pope has said far too little, and only to the already converted. During this pontificate sodomy has become legal/accepted in more and more countries, virtually unopposed by the Pope. Please name one example where the Pope called a Politician (Congress/Parlament) to uphold the moral law? Or where he, in no uncertain terms, condemned governments for introducing same sex marriage? Cecilia

Gabriel said...

Church history is not at all opaque about the track record of scheming, lobbying, plotting, vote rigging and other Olympian manoeuvres by factional interest groups to have 'their man' installed in the Vatican.

The Sankt Gallen group were no more secretive about their views, wishes and intentions than Cards Pell, George, Bertone & co were about getting Ratzinger on the papal chair.

Anonymous said...

At least Ratzinger was/is a Roman Catholic, and acted like a Roman Catholic as Pope Benedict XVI. Too bad he is still not on the Throne of St. Peter. I have read now and again that he has told intimate co-workeras and associates that he regrets resigning.
I am sure he does!!!!!
Damian Malliapalli