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Monday, July 22, 2013

Damian Thompson's Outraged at Father Zuhlsdorf's Condemnation of the Sin of Sodom

Edit: I've long been a critic of Damian, one whose name he bears is probably shaking his head, and I have observed the things for which he most often will raise his blade. He's not just interested in pretty lace vestments, incense and the sensual cadences of the canon sotto voce as the beeswax candles flicker in the gloom, he really does believe that those who commit the sin of sodomy in word or in mind, deserve special status and bristles venomously when he senses these dainties are portrayed as they are. The subject was an article by Father Zuhlsdorf, who usually gets the Damian lace chasuble sign of approval, where Father portrays such people perhaps as they are. Heaven forfend that a Catholic priest should condemn immorality and teach:
I've long been a fan of Fr John Zuhlsdorf for his measured defence of the traditional Mass; I know that, like many US traditionalists, he's very much opposed to the "homosexual agenda" – but nothing prepared me for the article he published today. Never have I changed my mind about someone so fast. It's a revolting piece of work, using the wicked murder of a devout Catholic lady to imply all manner of horrible things about homosexuals in general – "this is what 'they' are like, you know". (NB: when Z fisks the CNS article, the emphasis in bold type is his; his own comments are between square brackets.) Its rhetorical style reminds me of old-fashioned racist propaganda.
Link too Damian's relativizing blog...

Let's not forget, either, who the author of the slur racism was and why.