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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Vienna's First District Bans the Distribution of the Koran

The first district of Vienna, Döbling, now prohibits the distribution of complimentary Korans by a controversial Foundation [The First District, is the center of the city, where many of Vienna's cultural and religious treasures referring to its glorious historical past are located.]

Vienna ( The first district of Vienna, Döbling, now prohibits the distribution of complimentary Korans. This was reported by the "Kron" [Left-Wing Broadsheet]. The ban was the result of protests from local residents and a request from the Freedom Party controlled district council.

This is so that no more of the Koran's "Lies!" will be allowed to be distributed by the Foundation in public places in the district. The Foundation is, according to media reports, also accused of recruiting members to ISIS through their work.

Previously, the Foundation had started distribution campaigns already in the center of Vienna on Mariahilferstrasse and at Stephansplatz. But only in the civil district of Döbling. has the district administration  now cracked down.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Martyrium of Oriental Christians and Europe's Loss of Identity

In the Midst of the Old City in Jerusalem is a
Memorial to Christians Murdered by Muslims

(Jerusalem) While little is seen and read in the Western mainstream media   about the fate of the persecuted and murdered Christians in the Middle East and North Africa,  the Coptic Orthodox Church has set an example in the middle of Jerusalem. At the 6th Station of the Via Dolorosa, the way of the Passion of Jesus Christ to Golgotha, there is  a big banner which laments the murder of Coptic Christians by the Islamic State of (IS).
Europe wants to help, offering a rather helpless and naive image. An irresponsible "welcoming culture" appeals to a  voluntary solution for the serious problems of the country. The attacks in Madrid, London, Brussels, Paris and Graz speak for themselves. The reason is that Europe through the progressive de-Christianization of its own identity is no longer clear. It has never been clearer than in the case of boundless immigration, that there is no longer a Europe without Christianity.  A de-christianized Europe is like a shapeless toy ball without identity  at the mercy of ideologies and non-European forces. The ideological upheavals of the 20th century were the forerunners of this truth. At that time they paid a psychic price, now physical.
In contrast to the externally colorful,  but internally, increasingly colorless Europeans, the Christians of Egypt and the Middle East know who they are, what history they have, and they are aware of their position. The Christians of Europe could learn a lot from them in terms of Islam and its relationship to Islam. In Europe, the Christians of the Levant are largely ignored, to maintain an equally wrong as much as romanticized, embossed in the German-speaking world with a  Karl May image. In this misconception,  the Arab world is only Muslim. At best, there is still room for Yazidis and of course since 1948 for the Jews of Israel.
Whether the Western view of the Middle East is now appreciated the Islamic or has the Jewish-Muslim conflict in focus, the Oriental Christians play hardly any role for Europe.  A form of haughty self-denial, as is also expressed in the indiscriminate opening of borders, while identifying  illegal mass immigration as a "humanitarian emergency" of "refugees."
Veneto's President Luca Zaia said just a few days ago, that at least two thirds of the "refugees" who are pushing daily into Europe are not refugees. At the same time the Italian police arrested several Muslims, sometimes living many years  in the country, who are accused of having recruited Islamists for jihad and recruiting new terrorists. This is a reality as it manifests itself in all European countries. The difference in the best case, is with what emphasis the opinion-forming media downplays or hides this reality.
That the persecuted Christians in the Middle East do not belong to the precious immigrants of the "welcome cultures" and that they are the same key media who report little about the fate of Christians in the Middle East, completing the vicious circle.
Text: Andreas Becker
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Identity Crisis: Will Europe Awake?

(Rome) Europe is in deep crisis. People feel it and look to the future with confusion.  In many ways there have been attempts to suppress this feeling or to drown it. This includes the frenetic exuberance in the celebration of the moment. The subsidized conversion of the old Roman motto bread and circuses can not hide the crisis. Will Europe awake? Will the European culture survive or irretrievably perish together with its people?  wise and truly free minds, who are not in the pay for any purposeful optimism face this question. This includes the Catholic historian Roberto de Mattei. On 13 March 2008 he spoke at the European University of Rome at the conference "Identity Crisis: Will European Culture Survive? 'A speech, which we publish in English translation due to its unbroken topicality. The intertitles are from the editorial staff. [and translated by EF]

Identity Crisis: Will European Culture Survive?

by Roberto de Mattei 
I would like to begin with a clue we can safely assume. A part of Islam today considers the West as an enemy and seeks to clash with it. Here is not the place to determine whether this part of the Islamic world is a  majority or minority of opinion or whether this attitude is derived directly from the Qur'an or whether it represents a betrayal of its principles, nor whether there a greater threat emanates from fundamentalist Islam or from so-called moderate Islam. What is certain is that Islam or a part of it, presents a problem to Europe. It is not the first time that this has been the case in European history. It is the first time that Europe and the challenge of Islam does not witness its religious and cultural identity. This is the core of the problem.

Stockholm Syndrome: The Psychological and Moral Drama of Europe

Europe is experiencing a psychological and moral drama that has been defined as "Stockholm Syndrome",  the phenomenon of psychological submission to the aggressor, which creates a dependency which is a relationship of the victim to the perpetrator that is difficult to understand. Today, one would have to speak better of Copenhagen Syndrome, London's syndrome, Madrid syndrome or Rome's syndrome, to name the psychological attitude towards opponents, by whom one is intimidated, sometimes downright terrorized, but simultaneously attracted to as well, sometimes downright is fascinated. In contrast, the emergence and spread of myths, such as those of Louis Massignon (1883-1962), Edward Said (1935-2003) and Franco Cardini (1940) who want to erase  the millennium of conflict between Europe and Islam from memory in  the name of alleged experiences that are stylized to ideal models. These include the Oriens Felix , the Arab-Andalusian society before the Reconquista, or  Sicilian society at the time of Frederick II., to not even to speak of philosophical musings as the progressive utopia of universal peace or the esoteric myth of a transcendental unity of religions. Some of these myths were of Bat Ye'or in Eurabia. Represented in The Euro-Arab Axis (2005) and Alexandre del Valle in Le totalitarisme islamiste à l'assaut of démocraties  (2002).
In this perspective, not only does the idea of ​​the enemy of the West dissolve, but it also dissolves the ideas of the West, the West and Europe itself, which are seen only as a literary invention, like the theorist of "gender"  considers the natural  distinction between man and woman as a mere cultural construct.

Yesterday Communism, Today Islam - Fifth Column and Useful Idiots

The attitude of Europeans towards Islam recalls the position, which occupied the West in the 20th century against the communism. The Soviet Union threatened the world, but the anti-communism was considered a greater sin than communism. The historian can not be silent about the responsibility of fifth columns in the service of the enemy and the "useful idiots" among civil, political, and religious leaders who criticize, instead of criticizing communism, supported the defamation campaigns against anti-communists and all of this while using talismanic, magic words which did not differ from the present, such as peace, dialogue, peaceful coexistence. In short, the illusion of being able to come to terms with the enemy already by simply displacing it from their own consciousness. A phenomenon Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira wrote about in Baldeação Ideológica Inadvertida e Diálogo (1965, English edition Unnoticed Ideological Transshipment and Dialogue , 1967) has written.

Ideological Root: Moral Relativism and Political Pragmatism

What is the ideological root of this attitude that repeats itself today against Islam? The idea that there is neither a logical dualism between truth and error, nor a moral dualism between good and evil, but that everything is relative in relation to the current needs and interests of the individual. Moral relativism and political pragmatism are two sides of this approach to  reality that does not draw on realism, but utopianism, since it postulates a fictitious and unreal world, which is the feeble will to power of the postmodern individual is unable to conquer.
If Europe wants to survive, it must change these psychological and cultural attitudes. But how can you contribute to this change? Start by reviving the idea that there is good and evil in an objective and absolute sense, and that the truth and the principles on which our culture is based, are not archived as ideas of the past or ideological prejudices.

The Basis of Human Rights is Not Subjectivity, but an Objective Law of Nature

The basis of the rights and duties of man is not subjectivity. In our consciousness there is an objective law of nature that is reflected in the divine law. This law has found its historic, but definitive expression in the Tablets of the Law written by Moses through divine inspiration. The Ten Commandments are the law of nature that every one of us, whether secularist or Christian, feels like a compass that helps us to distinguish between good and evil.
The Decalogue is addressed to all people at all times and all conditions with the same normative value. This value stems not only from the tables of the law, but also by human reason, because God before he let them be carved as positive law in stone, it was already set in the heart of man (Saint Thomas Aquinas: Contra Gentes , II , c 117,. teologica Summa , q 100, a.3). St. Augustine says. "It was written on the tablets (of the law), what people do not read in their hearts; not that they had not written it there, but they did not want to read "(" Non enim non scriptum habebant, sed casual nolebant " Enarratio in Psalmos , LVII, 1: PL 36, 673). Even today, people do not read what is written with indelible letters in their hearts to instead chase the utopia of a boundless world without conflict, without any outside enemies, reality and history.

Collaboration with Islam by Pessimistic World View

Nevertheless, there is a fundamental difference between the attitude that the West had in the 20th century against communism and the one it has today towards Islam. The collaboration of the last century was based on an optimistic view of history, rooted in the myth of an irreversible progress of humanity. The collaboration of the 21st century is, however, clear from a pessimistic view of the world which is nourished by a deep sense of fear and uncertainty. The man of the 20th century fooled himself about the future. The modern man is afraid of the future. He's afraid of himself and fought his own fears by trying to remove his enemies from his horizon of his thought, as if by not naming them was equivalent to their disappearance from reality. It's like refusing to talk about a clash of civilizations to suffice to avert this danger. The ideological source of this psychological process is then as now, Relativism and the dialectical evolutionism that distort each and every truth value.

Certain Values Mean Hope for the Future

If there is a security in values, there is also hope for the future. Values ​​certainty and hope for the future go hand in hand. Hope is a natural virtue that consists in the expectation of a future good. For a Christian, it is also a supernatural virtue, but this virtue is the awareness and respect for the natural and divine law required in the Mosaic law, which belongs not only to the Jews and the Christians, but is written in every human heart.  It's no accident that Benedict XVI. dedicated  his encyclical Spe Salvi  to hope.
The Christian hope in Jesus Christ, the God who raised and redeemed, is the hope and even more the confidence in the awakening revival in Europe. Europe is experiencing a deep sleep, lethargy, perhaps provoked by an anesthetic, but sleep is not death. Sleep has an end, it precedes to the awakening. We believe in an awakening in Europe.Therefore, I will reply to the question as to whether the European culture will survive with a confident yes.
Introduction / Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Corrispondenza Romana

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Archbishop Criticizes Gender Ideology: "Direct Path to Self-Destruction"

(Warsaw) Polish bishop finds clear words against the gender ideology and is showered with insults from anticlerical circles. The gender ideology is the "direct path to the self-destruction of our civilization."

The Polish Archbishop Marek Jedraszewski of Lodz defended the differences and complementarity of man and woman at a meeting with young people. The Archbishop tried to reject the attempt to flatten "the great and unique differences between man and woman that God thought of so wonderfully."

"2050 Whites Will be Put on Reservations": "They are planning that they will cease to exist of their own desire."

The archbishop said he could well imagine if the gender ideology should prevail, that "the few who continue to hold to the fact that man and woman are indeed equal as human beings and are fully equal in dignity, but have a different sex, and that's a good thing, will be put as Indians are in reservations by 2050." Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski is known for his vivid and clear language. He told young people at a youth catechesis in Pabianice near Lodz about the importance of accepting one's own gender and to defy every misanthropic egalitarianism.

Gender ideology is an "extremely dangerous ideology"

The former theology professor had put the gender ideology at the heart of his speech, "which has become fashionable in recent years. To be exact, it's the only valid ideology according to political correctness," said the Archbishop. The gender ideology is an attack against "gender identity" of man as male and female and for an attack against the family and the generation of children. "It is an extremely dangerous ideology that leads directly to the death of our civilization," said Msgr Jędraszewski. He could therefore imagine, if he also hopes not to experience it personally, that the few surviving whites, the smallest of the other races here in Europe will be presented as a sensation in 2050. "Behold how the people looked, who once lived there and those who have ceased existing at their own request, because they did not accept themselves biologically." The problem is mainly a problem for Europeans and thus it is also to be found in North America and Australia.

"After Us,  May Come  the Deluge" By Gender Ideology

The denial of God is unmistakable behind the gender ideology, and it is the base engine of this "ideology of self-destruction." For it is God who "created man as man and woman," said Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski. "He created them for a life together, not that each go his way, and not for homosexuality, but for the second unit, for marriage, so that they beget children, continue to give life and rule the world. Then perhaps the deluge might come after us," said the archbishop.

The speech by Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski of Lodz led to savage attacks against Church representatives. Anti-Church papers shower him with criticism and personal attacks. Considering the reception of what the Archbishop says, the Metropolitan had obviously hit the mark.

Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski was born in 1949 in Poznan. After his consecration, he worked in pastoral ministry and as a professor of theology. In 1997 Pope John Paul II appointed him auxiliary bishop of Poznan. In 2012 he was made Archbishop of Lodz by Pope Benedict XVI.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Recent News: Court Victories and Immemorial Masses in Italy

New School -- New Latin Mass --  Court Victory Against Homosexual Activism -- Exorcism

New School

Germany.  The traditional Dominicans of Fanjeaux in south west France will start a new grade school in the Fall.  This was reported by the District Superior of the Society of St. Pius X, Franz Schmidberger, in the most recent edition of the "newsletter".  The nuns will begin their school at  St. Micheal's Priory in Rheinhausen in southern  Baden.

The Old Mass Makes everything New

Italy. Last week Bishop Gualtiero visited Sigismondi of Foligno near the Benedictines of Nursia at a High Mass in the Old Rite.  The site '' wrote about this.  Msgr Sigismondi has entrusted the monks with a new apostolate.  They may celebrate the Immemorial once a month in his Diocesan city in the church of St. Maria Infraportas.  The faithful should grow accustomed to this form again.  Msgr Sigismondi will participate at the old Mass himself in the choir, to underline its importance.  Clearly the Bishop sees this as a contribution to the New Evangelization.

Evil Has no Rights

France.  State privileges for homosexuals are not human rights.  This was the final ruling of the judge of the 'European Court for Human Rights' in Strassburg. It refused two homosexual women.  They had complained to the French court, because  it had banned them from adoption as married couples.

The Germans Think They are Smarter

"Despite the global boom, Germany will continue its taboo against exorcists. [Father] Urluch Niemann (+2008), a Frankfurt Jesuit physician, considers it impossible that this country will ever again have an exorcism sanctioned by a senior pastor. For obsession, the correct way is to accompany spiritual counseling with therapy."

From an article from Markus Brauer in the 'Stuttgarter Nachrichten'