Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Conservative Priestly Fraternity St. Pius X Starts New School in Antwerp

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The school - kindergarten and the grades of primary school - is open to boys and girls. The school days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
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In the brochure about the new school was spread, it states that it is a 'free Catholic school with a traditional pedagogy, which has paid off and with a family atmosphere by the support of parents." The leaflet also refers to several articles from the canon law, especially to Canon 1374, which stipulates that:

        "Catholic children should not frequent non-Catholic, neutral, or mixed schools, namely, those that allow non-Catholics to attend. Only local Ordinaries can make decisions in accord with instructive norms from the Apostolic See concerning circumstances of things and any necessary precautions that will prevent the danger of perversion, [and] whether these things can be tolerated and such schools used."

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