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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Great Kapellmeister Cardinal Bartolucci is 95

The Liturgical reform of the 60s was accomplished by dry people: "I repeat >>dry people<<.  I knew them."
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(  Yesterday Domenico Cardinal Bartolucci 95th birthday.

The Cardinal was odained on December of 1939 in the Archdiocese of Florence.

From 1957 to 1997 he Directed the choir of the Sistine Chapel, who were ever younger, singing during the Papal Masses.

In 1997 he was defenestrated as lifetime Director by Pope John Paul II (+2005).

He learned of this during the naming of his successor.

After that, the dissmissed one sank into himself.

He survived John Paul II.

Indeed, the then Monseignor busied himself after that as a composure.   His works fill more than forty volumes.

In 2006 he directed in the Sistine Chapel for a choral piece written for Pope Benedict with the latin title, "Oremus pro Pontifice nostro Benedicto" -- let us pray for our Benedict.

The Pope raised the church musician to Cardinal in November 2010.

Sentimentalism and Craving for Change

The Cardinal is has never once in his priestly life presided over a new Mass.

He doesn't have a high opinion of the alleged liturgical reform of the 60s  in the last century.

It had been made by dry people, he explained in a summer 2009 interview:  "I repeat: dry.  I knew them."

The liturgical reform had been a "fashion":

"Everyone talked about it, everyone >>renewed<<, everyone wanted to be a little pope in the pursuit of sentimentalism and craving for change.

Circus Instead of Liturgy

Cardinal Bartolucci was a critic of the Liturgical decline during the pontificate of John Paul II.

The papal ceremonies and dances with drums had contributed to the process of disintegration.

Just before once such papal Mass Msgr. Bartolucci left it with the words:  "You can call me when the circus is gone."

The Third Eldest Cardinal

Cardinal Bartolucci is numbered among the older than 80 year old honored men, who because of special servicecs to the Church, were raised to the purple.

Currently he is the third eldest Cardinal in the Church.

Older than he are two of his countrymen Fiorenzo Cardinal Angelini (95) and Ersilio Cardinal Tonini (97).

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