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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Document Involving Bishop’s Crimes Implicates Francis

The document proving that the Vatican had been aware of the sexual wrongdoing of Bishop Zanchetta for years - long before Francis promoted him to the high post in the Vatican.

(Rome) It is not just the case involving former Cardinal McCarrick that has been putting Pope Francis in distress for months. This also applies to the case of the Argentine bishop Gustavo Oscar Zanchetta. Francis is silent and seems to be hoping that the storm may soon abate. He does not give a good example.

So far, the bill has been upheld because the leading mass media are still sparing Francis. Since the fall of January 2018, the fall of the Chilean Bishop Juan Barros Madrid exploded, the image of Francis nevertheless took some damage. Since then, the responsible head of the Church has not been liable for the scandal of sexual abuse by bishops who are close to him. The Barros case was followed by further cases in Chile, in Honduras, then the McCarrick case and the Pennsylvania report in the United States of America.

Through the dossier of the former Apostolic Nuncio in the USA, Carlo Maria Viganò, Francis fell directly into the line of fire. In late August 2018, the archbishop publicly accused him of being informed of McCarrick's sexual misconduct since June 2013, but he nevertheless rehabilitated McCarrick and allowed him influence on bishop appointments in the US and the Vatican China policy.

Last December, another case was added, that of the Argentine bishop Gustavo Oscar Zanchetta. The Argentine newspaper El Tribuno and the international press agency AP are publishing a joint report that the Vatican was already aware of the Bishop's sexual transgressions in 2015 and 2017, but did nothing. On the contrary: Zanchetta, who disappeared overnight from his diocese in the summer of 2017, suddenly reappeared in the Vatican half a year later. Two days after Zanchetta's descent, Pope Francis resigned without giving an explanation to the irritated believers in the diocese of Oran. Moreover, after Zanchetta reappeared in the Vatican, Francis promoted him to a high position in the Apostolic Property Administration (APSA). He still sits there today.

The background of his escape from Argentina was unclear. The reason given was the shattered finances he left behind in his diocese. With this justification, Francis already deposed far less traditional bishops. The "Franciscan friend" Zanchetta (El Tribuno), on the other hand, was promoted and of all people to an office dealing with goods management.

It became known through the El Tribuno and AP reports that the real reason for Zanchetta's disappearance was a gay double life, and the bishop sexually corrupted seminarians of his own seminary.

Since the case of Barroso, Pineda (former Auxiliary Bishop of Tegucigalpa), McCarrick and Zanchetta, there is the question of how Pope Francis keeps himself from covering up sexual misconduct. While publicly denouncing the cover-up as an unacceptable evil, he still owes answers to more questions than any other high dignitary of the Church.

El Tribuno, the daily newspaper on the occasion of the Vatican Abuse Summit, published a document dated April 26, 2016, featuring five high-ranking prelates of the diocese of Oran, including the Vicars General, Chancellor and Rector of the Seminary, and other Monsignori, who informed Pope Francis  about the unacceptable misconduct of their bishop. The five-page document provides detailed information and bears their signatures.

The last page of the document containing five signatures.

Only so much is said: Bishop Zanchetta gave the chancellor on June 21, 2015, the order to publish photos of some events on his mobile phone on the Facebook page of the diocese. On the bishop's mobile phone, the shocked chancellor also found pornographic footage of homosexual acts by adolescents and nude selfies by Bishop Zanchetta, which he had shared with third parties through WhatsApp.

The pictures were saved and the Vicar General informed. Finally, in April of the following year, the five prelates and the chancellor sat down and set out the document they sent to the apostolic nuncio in Argentina, Msgr. Emil Paul Tscherrig.

The subject of the letter was also the authoritative treatment of the bishop with his priests and the financial mismanagement he caused.

Bishop Gustavo Oscar Zanchetta was named Bishop of Oran in 2013 by Pope Francis, although he had previously left a mess in administration and finance as Vicar General in the Diocese of Quilmes.

What credibility can Pope Francis claim for the abuse scandal, as long as he does not answer the questions about his role in those cases?

His refusal to address homosexuality, the main reason for the abuse of minors, raises further questions. Does Francis only want to condemn what is being prosecuted by the secular states, but not what is punishable under Church law? Will he continue to protect homosexuality in the Church?

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: El Tribuno (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Friday, February 8, 2019

Cardinal Müller:"I did not like the praise of the Freemasons for the Pope"

Cardinal Gerhard Müller: "What does clericalism mean? Homosexual inclinations are responsible for most of the cases of sexual abuse by clerics "

(Rome) While Pope Francis was preparing to sign a document on "human brotherhood" in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), yesterday he signed his signature with the Islamic Grandimam of Al-Azhar, an authority of Sunni Islam, Nuova Bussola Quotidiana published an interview last Sunday with Gerhard Cardinal Müller, former prefect of the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In it, the German cardinal again criticized the "clericalism" thesis and talked about "the real reason" for sexual abuse by clerics, but also about "the biggest problem" that the Church has today. He rejects allegations that there is "a plot" against Francis and makes no secret of the fact that he does not like the "great praise" Francis receives from the Freemasons.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Corey Feldman to Blow Whistle on Pedophiles in Pizzagate

Edit: we've been following him for a long time, and we've always believed his testimony about this, although he hasn't named any names yet.

We've been trying to help bring visibility to the film, "An Open Secret".  It's amazing that the film can't find distribution.  It's an amazing expose, certainly worthy of awards, but the monsters the film targets are evidently too sacred.

She should have attacked the Catholic Church, she'd be the talk of the town!

Here's Corey Feldman's plea for help in the light of apparent threats on his life:


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

State Sponsored Child Pornography in Switzerland -- Sex Box For Kindergarten, Sex Box for the Prostitute

Edit: the following contains adult content. We're leery about publishing it, but it has to be talked about.  Almost no one else is.

(Bern) In Switzerland, the pedophile is allowed in the schools. At least indirectly in this the case. The Swiss compulsory school sex education should serve  "enlightenment", but the negative consequences of this forced and early sexualization of children are known. Now the sex box comes in the Swiss classroom. This is not a slippery gift from a sex shop, but an "educational" tools for kindergarten teachers to forcibly perform "sex education" on pre-school age to young children.
The Sex Box is currently being used on a trial basis in some cantons. What  currently only applies to the Canton of Basel-City and some municipalities in the cantons of Appenzell and St. Gallen, are to be used in the whole of Switzerland by 2014. The sexualization initiative comes from the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) of the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs in co-operation with the Ministry of Education (Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research).

The Sex Box of College of Education  Lucerne and Abortion Lobbyist Planned Parenthood

Those responsible for the content are the Health Promotion Center of Lucerne University  College of Education. Its website, -  Sex Education and School provides  insight into the networks and intellectual foundations of  "compulsory sexual education" as  compulsory school sexualization is called in Switzerland. The supreme stooge for the Swiss school sex education program is with the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), an international abortion lobbyist. It defines  "understanding" for its definition of "sex education" as follows:
"Sex education as a right-based approach equips young people with basic knowledge and skills, competencies and values ​​from which are necessary, both physically, mentally and emotionally to experience their sexuality and the joy." (IPPF European Network, 2006a , p 9).
The usual concept of a "responsible" search for pleasure / enjoyment has to be conducted under  the most possible exclusion of children and real love and commitment to the partner. Pregnancies have to be prevented or aborted. Marriage and family are negligible sizes.
"Continuous sex education throughout compulsory education fulfills the important measures for health-promoting aspect of sustainability. The school allows students to acquire the necessary for a satisfactory, responsible and self-determined sex and relationship life skills. "
According "education" of sexuality must begin as early as possible, because "children are sexual beings from birth  with needs, desires, sexual acts and experiences that result from it."  Darwinism sends greetings: The diction of "sexual nature" refers to the man in the animal world. The children are seen as animals that supposedly can not help in their instinctive action than to satisfy their needs and impulses.

Sexualization of kindergarten children, masturbation and homosexuality for 6-10 year olds

These practical instructions for the sexualization of children are to be delivered in kindergarten:  Playing doctor, pleasurable exploration of her own body, role play, family, getting married, kissing, "possibly sexual intercourse", "intimate friendships", the children are encouraged to subscribe the sex organs. In the next stage, that of the 6-10 year-olds, the children are thus already confronted with masturbation, contraception, condoms and "sexual orientation", for example homosexuality. The relationship between a man and a woman is put on the same level with sexual identity disorders. Even seduction to these specific disorders. The teachers are encouraged to be ready to respond to the supposedly "classical" questions of the children. But of course, assistance in answering is available.  The "educators" of Lucerne University of Education are of the opinion that 6-10-year Swiss children pose such questions  as: "When are you ready to **** for the first time?".   Either Swiss children have no childhood or Swiss educators responsible for school sex education at the Center of Sex Education [Kompetenzzentrum Sexualpädagogik] and School of Lucerne have particularly rotten brains.
You can already imagine the rest: The 13-15 year olds are exposed to homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality "and indeed made familiar with methods of contraception, abortion and the"  different expressions of sexuality " in that order. Teachers should respond to alleged questions like: "How can I become a good lover", "How do I get a girl to orgasm", "Which is the best position for sexual intercourse" (perhaps among men), "Swallowing?" The Swiss educators place the value of semen, indeed, on a high level of education for the children in their care. Of course, the crucial element such as chastity or values ​​such as self-giving love instead of sex, procreation, loving affection are completely absent.

The Pedophile's Shadow Over Kindergartens and Classrooms

The pedophile  is moving at moment  into the nursery and school classes in which he uses the premature sexualization of children. Pedophiles, heterosexuals, homosexuals, however,  lie in wait for fresh meat. The sexualization as an alleged "value" drives them into the arms of the children outright. The suggestion that there is a "limit" that lies where force is used or something done that does not please his other degenerates in the face of such a sexualization program is a purely nominally defensive hurdle. A  sexualized child is tempted to "try".   Paedophilia is thus the constant companion of these state sexualization programs.
The Sex Box contains models of a penis and a vagina . These manuals, which explain that the children should be encouraged to touch, and  be "playful" (which abuse childlike innocence) to "discover the bodies of others." As an aid, the book "Lisa and Jan" is used in the drawings depict graphic sexual acts: A girl masturbating herself while another girl is watching it and mimics, a boy who masturbated another boy and numerous other drawings. The emphasis of all drawings is on the sex organs and explicit poses. Nothing is left to the imagination, everything is explicit. In plain English, the book "Lisa and Jan" is state child pornography being hypocritically packaged. The children are led to a sex slaughterhouse.  The consequences are well known: inability to form relationships, increase in abortions and sexually transmitted diseases, loss of fruitfulness, decomposition of moral thinking and interpersonal relationship in general, increase of homosexuality, pedophilia and all kinds of sexual perversions and increase in sex addiction.

Pederasts and Homosexuals Developed School Sex Education Programs - Why?

The two authors of the book, Uwe Sielert and Frank Herrath were students of Helmut Kentler (1928-2008), who attempted to the play  the negative associations of pedophilia. The self-confessed homosexual and pederast with three adopted sons, was a "fatherly friend" to one of the two authors. From Kentler comes the phrase, "sex with children is not abuse, but a child's right!"  The sex educator Sielert did not call in response to the pedophile scandal among Germany's Greens for a self-critical inventory of primarily of pedophiles and homosexuals designed school sex education programs, but: "We need more people to promote sexual self-determination of children and young people. "
The Child Protection Foundation Switzerland (!), however, has issued a clearance certificate for the book "Lisa and Jan" i and recommends  the book for children over 5 years of age. This Foundation with misleading names is self-editor of the book, in children from 0-6 years  are encouraged to play doctor, engage in auto-eroticism as an early form of self-gratification.

Instead of a Plush Bear a Plush Vagina for Eleven Year Olds - Swiss Education Fantasies

The Sex Box also contains another book, "That's me. From head to foot . " It includes drawings, the two men show cheek to cheek, then a woman kissing another. The "education" of homosexuality is particularly important for  state pornographers particularly. After protests by parents against the Sex Box Pierre Felder, the Director of Elementary Schools Education Department, attempted to calm the canton of Basel City.  What he understands sounded like this: "The models of the sexual organs are made of fur and are by no means for the kindergarten children [...], but only at the middle schools."  Fields and his staff are obviously convinced that an eleven year old child is to go from teddy bears to  "different kinds" of plush items.

Elternintitiave defends himself against sex box according to WHO guidelines

The Swiss Sex Box follows the guidelines of the European Department  of the World Health Organization(WHO), which laid down the  Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe. This makes the WHO "Play Doctor" with the children, including "masturbation awareness" for toddlers. There are many parents protesting against the Sex Box. In Switzerland, the religious instruction is just a voluntary extra subject, the state child pornography however is a compulsory subject. A parent initiative already collected 92,000 signatures against the Sex Box to be passed to the Conference of Cantonal responsible for education.
There was an ever so distant time when the children were told age appropriate fables and fairy tales read aloud with noble princes and beautiful princesses. Stories which enchanted the children and had an educational value. Anyone who has children or can observe up close, knows what kids want. In them the innocent longing still lives for good, according to an intact family with father and mother, a world more secure and of loving affection, which enables them to become responsible citizens of the society.

Sex Box for kindergarten and school class - sex box for street prostitution

Sex Box is the way not only Swiss "school sex education". It bears the same name of the first street prostitution initiative of the Social Department of Zurich. The city of Zurich has set up a "first official line course"  for city prostitution. In Sex Boxes the "Free" can be have well-ordered pleasure with prostitutes.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred
Link to Katholisches...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

German Green Politician Contradicted by Publisher of "The Pedosexual Complex"

Edit: Junge Freiheit is a conservative publication in Germany. They've been on Volker Beck's trail for some time now. Beck was cited in the 80s as being for legalizing sex with minors. He has since denied this claim, insisting that the citation was not what he said, but based on a "free redaction". What remains indisputible, however, is that this was part of the Green Party platform before people were as sensitive to this question as they are now. To our knowledge, there is no outcry for Beck's resignation. Such is Europe.

BERLIN. In the discussion of the article by the Green politician Volker Beck in the book "The Pedosexual Complex", the publisher Foerster has rejected Beck's view, the Greens for their part have prevented a new edition of the work.

On its website, the parliamentary secretary of the Green Party wrote on the matter: "The last printing was unauthorized and adulterated in meaning by a free redaction by the publisher. According to my memory, the legal department of the Green Party proceeded against publisher and/or editor: An enforcement of non-distribution was probably not attainable, but a new edition of the work with this article was prohibited."

He doesn't have any documents from 25 years ago. Today, he is annoyed that he had scripts and other documents of the time, and that they had not been better secured and preserved.

"New Edition Was not Planned"

The Managing Director of the publishing house, Joachim Köhler, however, told the Junge Freiheit, he could not remember a legal battle with the Green Party. "In addition, no new edition of the book had been planned. For this purpose it would have had to be sold out first. That was not the case. On the contrary, we had to pulp the rest of the printing."

How it came about at that time that Beck was taxed to contribute to a book published in 1988, was also, according to Köhler, who has worked for the publisher since 1995, unknown. Either Beck, with the editor Joachim Hohmann (the book was published under the pseudonym Angelo Leopardi) were introduced or he had been invited to write an essay. As Hohmann died in 1999, only Beck can be relied on for information.

However, Beck himself would not comment on this issue for JF. A request for Kohler's statement remains unanswered. (Krk)

Junge Freiheit,....

Friday, August 16, 2013

Pedophile Debate: Alice Schwarzer Attacks Volker Beck

Edit: this has been ongoing for years in the German press, and it looks like it may be getting some traction at last.  Alice Schwarzer is a well-known German feminist who's putting aside the loyalties you might expect of such a person to attack real evil.

Keep the Greens away from children!

 BERLIN. In the debate about the pedophilia entanglements of the Greens, feminist Alice Schwarzer has attacked the parliamentary secretary of the Greens in the Bundestag Volker Beck. Beck could not retire at the mercy of late birth, Black wrote in an article for the taz.

"He was active in his mid-eighties in the SchwuP (Federal Association of Gays, Transsexuals and Pederasts) and had been there 'once or twice', he says today. The SchwuP was the spearhead in the fight for the liberalization of pedophilia. Beck even called in a 1988 text, for the decriminalization of paedosexuality," stressed the journalist.

Today, Beck considers prostitution a profession like any other. Beck said: "If people offer something that others want to buy and there are no environmental or social side effects that you have to urgently prevent, then I'll take note of that and do not disturb me any more."

Beck Owes an Explanation

According to Black, the parallels are imposed in the discourse surrounding pedophilia and prostitution over normal. "Even today more than 90 percent of those in poverty and forced into prostitution in Germany are denied, and 'consensuality' and 'voluntary' are the concerns.

An article appeared in 1988 in the book "The pedosexual complex" under Beck's name, in which the author himself spoke for the "decriminalization of paedosexuality". Beck today maintaints that the article had been published without his authorization and altered.

The original version of his original text, however, has never been published until today. The Green politician does not wish to answer JUNGE FREIHEIT's questions. Neither, as it appeared in the article, nor exactly at what points the editor had changed his post. An employee merely referred to an opinion on Beck's website.

Dubious Memories

There, writes the German parliamentrian, according to his memory the "legal department of the Green Faktion then proceeded against publisher and / or editor". The distribution of the book was not able to be prevented, but a new edition of the work with the article had been prohibited. He unfortunately had no documents from the time unfortunately. It annoyed him, Beck said, that he had not kept the manuscript.

Beck's memories are, however, one thing. He also writes on his website, "never" had a board of Federal Green Party promoted legalizing sex with children or "agreed to something, which was even remotely in that direction."

This was vehemently contradicted on Tuesday by the Göttingen social scientist Stephan Klecha. "Here, Beck is clearly wrong," he told Bild News. There had been five decisions of the Greens Federal and State elections, in which they called for the abolition of the corresponding penal clause.

Patchy Memory

"In the 1985 state election in North Rhine Westphalia, this decision has even cost the party its entrance into parliament. Many were clearly blocked. On the topic of sex with children, the collective memory of the Greens doesn't seem to work well."

Klecha belongs to the research group of the Göttingen political scientist Franz Walter, to investigate the involvement of the party with the pedophile scene on behalf of the Greens. On Monday was it known that the Greens had already advocated in its first policy statement in 1980 for a broad legalization of sexual relationships of adults with children and wards. (Krk)

Link to Junge Freiheit....

Monday, May 13, 2013

Greens Under Fire in Germany for Working to Legalize Sex with Children During the Eighties

Edit: We first reported on this back in 2010 when we got hold of's story. It's interesting that this report is being covered by Germany's Nazi-founded Spiegel with such frankness. It's also interesting how they can report this in isolation from the usual accusations against the Catholic Church, which to date, has never officially sought legalizing sex between adults and children. They do what they can to show the Green Party's attempt to disassociate themselves from pederasts seeking the legalization of sex between adults and children. Another perverted influence on German society, Volker Beck, who has also campaigned for sex with children in the past, has also attempted to disassociated himself from earlier positions he has taken, even to the point of denying them. It's also interesting that a party

It will be interesting to see if Spiegel gets this into English.

Pedophiles had greater influence with the Greens than previously known. In the early years of the party a working group, according to SPIEGEL information, was open to legalizing sex with children. It was not only tolerated but financed by the Federal and Parliamentary Group.

The Greens gone significantly into the defensive on the debate about the influence of pedophiles in the early years of the party. According to information obtained by SPIEGEL, the Greens have were more widely involved in the eighties on behalf of the interests of pedophiles than is previously known. Thus, the "Federal Association of Gays, Transsexuals and Pederasts" (BAG SchwuP) that openly voiced support to legalize sex with children, was funded directly by the federal party (Bundespartei) and the parliamentary group (Bundesfraktion). This is according to research by SPIEGEL directly from documents of the Green Party archive.

In addition, BAG SchwuP was assigned to the working group on "Law and Society" of the Bundestag in 1984 and thus had influence on public opinion of the group. In newsletters of BAG SchwuP which also went to the party headquarters, scantily clad boys or drawings of naked boys with angel wings were partially displayed.

"The Greens were the only federal political hope for pedophiles," said Kurt Hartmann, a former member of the BAG SchwuP, to SPIEGEL. "They are the only party who has put their necks out for sexual minorities in the long term." In 1983 in the gay scene magazine "Torso" there was an ad for the Greens, who voiced support to legalize sex with children, unless there is violence in the game and there is no abuse of a relationship of subordination.

"That was the Greens mainstream"

The Green Party Executive Committee will decide on this Monday that independent researchers are to reappraise the influence of pedophiles on the party in the eighties. However, Green Party leader Cem Özdemir stressed to SPIEGEL that pedophiles have hardly influenced the will of the party. "The protection of children from sexual abuse was and is our main concern," he said. "It is not acceptable, though some are now trying to re-interpret a seemingly lax attitude of the Greens against the sexual abuse of children, the positions of individual groups in the past." The debate was kindled in Europe earlier by expressions of Green politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit's intimacies with children. He had already called his comments an "unacceptable provocation" in mid-April, and wished that it "would not have been written".

Cohn-Bendit, challenged the view that legalizing sex with children, with the Greens in the eighties was a minority position. "You only have to look at the proposals for legalization for sex with adults," said Cohn-Bendit SPIEGEL. "That was the Green Party mainstream."

Link to Spiegel...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pioneer of Same-Sex Unions Arrested for Child Porn


Edit: he was one of the pioneers.  It's noted that several of the stories we've read in the sparse coverage this item has received in the national news has avoided associating him with anyone sacred to the cause.

San Francisco is a small place and all of these people know each other.  It would be interesting to see what happens when the sun shines.

Yet it's also interesting, if not to say discouraging, to see the thing perpetuate itself, evidence notwithstanding with the entertainment figures, media personalities and "educators" who are being put in jail.  Despite all of the evidence, figures like San Francisco's own Allen Ginsberg, who served on the board of NAMBLA, still escape the infamy they well deserve.

This champion of unnatural unions was paved the way for same-sex marriage legislation when he was involved in a highly public case against Union Pacific Rail when his partner in depravity died and he was deprived of bereavement  leave.

The San Francisco examiner also left out reports about his e-mail exchanges involving racist diatribes.

Gay rights icon Larry Brinkin has been arrested on charges of child pornography, according to San Francisco police.
Brinkin, 66, best known for fighting for equal rights on behalf of the LGBT community, was booked into San Francisco County Jail on Friday night. He posted bail and was released Saturday, SF Weekly reports.
The San Francisco Police Department seized computers, videos, VHS tapes and a floppy disc from Brinkin and his husband’s [sic] home, according to a search warrant obtained by SF Weekly.
Will others be implicated?  We're sure of it.  It's times like this when if we aren't encouraged by the media, we're at least encouraged by the perseverance of this police.

Note the complete silence on this.  If it had been someone more, say, fitting, we'd probably be hearing more of it.

This parallel case involving a white male is getting more coverage.

Another high profile case involved a white male, which was prominently featured by MSN.  It's unfortunate that neither of these men were allowed to marry.  Maybe, somehow, their situation would have been different.  

Barry McOwen, 67, was charged with 651 total counts including multiple rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, sexual abuse of children, endangering the welfare of children, aggravated indecent assault, corruption of minors, invasion of privacy and drug violation charges.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Alleged Sexual Misconduct by Fr. Mel Taylor at Modernist Monastery

Edit: Father Taylor is an alleged Benedictine who was once active at the Modernist Monastery of Collegeville in Minnesota.  He is presently in the Bahamas, according to the Pine Curtain.  He was born in Sligo, Ireland.  This priest was occasionally and very publicly drunk, he was overly friendly on occasion with the students, especially when he was drunk, occasionally wrestling with them which was odd in a way, but there were times when it was downright embarrassing to see him embrace a boy and cherish him in his arms. He was Residency Dean in the Dormitories and as intelligent, streetwise and vigilant as he was, you'd have to be paid handsomely not to believe he wasn't aware of Father Dunstan Moorse, Father Allan Tarelton, Brother John Kelly's homosexual predations.

One student in particular would frequently come to Father Moorse's bedroom suite and even had a key. This student was, it was said, suffering from a profound personal loss.

The student was frequently seen unlocking Father Moorse's door and letting himself in at various hours of the day and night as he passed through  the common areas.  Father Moorse has multiple accusers.  Here's the story sent to the Pine Curtain:

Fr. Mel Taylor used his master key to enter my locked dorm room without my permission. Looking back, I am certain that Fr. Mel knew I was in the room and in my bed enjoying some “private time.” I believe this to be true because he unlocked my door, entered, locked the door and was sitting on my bed … before I was even able to fully pull up my underwear.

Statement from Victim of Fr. Mel Taylor
June 29, 2011
My name is XXXXXX. I am XX years old and currently live in XXXXXX.
Part of my high school education was spent at St. John’s Preparatory School in Collegeville, Minnesota. While attending the “Prep School” in the early 1980s, I lived in the dormitory with dozens of other male Prep School students.

Fr. Mel Taylor, a monk from Saint John’s Abbey, was one of several adult male supervisors, or “prefects”, who lived in a separate section of the dormitory building. During my junior year, Fr. Mel’s official title was “Residency Dean.”

On one occasion during my junior year, Fr. Mel Taylor used his master key to enter my locked dorm room without my permission. Looking back, I am certain that Fr. Mel knew I was in the room and in my bed enjoying some “private time.” I believe this to be true because he unlocked my door, entered, locked the door and was sitting on my bed, all in a matter of seconds. Precisely, before I was even able to fully pull up my underwear.

When Fr. Mel sat down, I was sitting up in the bed without a shirt and had the sheet up to my waist. Fr. Mel began rubbing my chest and then my nipples. He was obviously trying to keep me aroused. He must have sensed that I was uncomfortable because he kept saying things like: “relax” “calm down” “this is ok” and “you are too tense”.

It was difficult for me to react to Fr. Mel’s advances (given his position as priest and prefect) and it took me a few moments to process what was happening. It was clear that Fr. Mel was trying to convince me that his homosexual advances were something I desired though I had never before, nor since, desired such contact. Fr. Mel continued to touch me and it was apparent that he was working himself up to something I knew I did not want.

When I finally did react, I pushed Fr. Mel off the bed. I got out of the bed, with Fr. Mel facing me, and pulled up my underwear. When Fr. Mel didn’t leave, I pushed him physically toward and out of the door.

I never reported this before. I was too embarrassed to deal with the incident or talk about it at the time.

After the incident, I had many questions. Did I do something to provoke Fr. Mel? Why did he choose me? How did he know what I was doing in the room?

At the end of my junior year, I was asked to not return to the Prep School. No specific reason was given other than I was a not a positive influence in the community. I believe that Fr. Mel was part of that decision process. I was allowed to return for my senior year, though under a performance contract.

Fr. Mel Taylor did not return as Residency Dean for my senior year. There were rumors about Fr. Mel’s drinking and about the special attention he paid to his favorite students.

During my senior year, I became more rebellious. My issues with authority increased and I was ultimately kicked out of the school. I graduated from XXXXXXX High School in 19XX.
I cannot help but wonder how many other students were victim to Fr. Mel’s inappropriate homosexual advances — and how many of those young men weren’t able to react in time. And I still wonder how he was able to know what I was doing in the privacy of my own room.
When I found out that Fr. Mel Taylor was still an active priest (in the Bahamas) I felt compelled to tell my story. Fr. Mel Taylor should have been removed from ministry a long time ago.
It has taken years for me to start addressing the issues Fr. Mel created for me. I do not wish this pain or confusion on anyone.
Name Removed

Phone Removed

Regarding Misconduct by Fr. Mel Taylor